Final eBay Suspension / Suspended Account Guide

Read the updated eBay Suspension guide, eBay Stealth. It is written by me and kept up to date. Good luck everyone! – Aspkin

I have posted two eBay suspension guides on how to create a new eBay account after being suspended; both have had great success, so this will be my final guide with all the details, strategies and facts I’ve gained about eBay suspensions.

What happens when you become suspended by eBay? You lose all your auctions; your eBay fees are immediately due; your IP address, credit card number, website URL, email address, physical address, phone number and any other information you have giving eBay will now and always be used to recognize you as a suspended user. If you try to create a new account with any of this information, you will immediately be flagged as a suspended user and the new account you created will be suspended. So your goal in creating a new eBay account is to become someone else, stealth as it were.

There are a few steps to take in order to create a new account. These steps are easy compared to the traps you don’t want to trip to keep your account active. The steps to create a new account must be followed exactly in this order without missing a step. If you miss a step, try to take a short cut, or feel you know a better way, you run the risk of eBay detecting who you are and losing your account. Remember this is the easy part. 

The steps that need to be taken to create a new account after a suspension are in this order:

  1. Delete your browser cookies and saved passwords
  2. Uninstall any 3rd party eBay software i.e. Turbo Lister
  3. Change your IP address
  4. Create a new email address from Gmail or Yahoo
  5. Add that new email to your Paypal account
  6. Create a new eBay account with the Gmail or Yahoo email
  7. Create a seller account with a new Credit Card and Bank Info

Remember you goal is to change every aspect of your account to fool eBay into thinking you’re someone else. Any information that can be tracked back to you will link accounts and trigger a suspension. There are many ways to mess this up. I’ll try to explain the above list in more detail and show you what eBay does to link your accounts together and ultimately suspend you.

1. Delete your browser cookies and saved passwords – – The reason to delete your browser cookies and saved passwords is because eBay leaves cookies on your PC with your eBay username and password and this is used to link you to your account. If you fail to delete cookies and accidentally log into a suspended account using the same IP address for your new account, both of your accounts will be linked together and suspended. Therefore never log into suspended accounts once you’ve created a new account, you’ll run the risk of having your new account suspended.

2. Uninstall any eBay software i.e. Turbo Lister – – The reason to uninstall Turbo Lister is because just like an internet browser, this software will sometimes automatically try to log you in to eBay and link accounts. If you try to use this software after you create a new eBay account and it auto logs you in, any new eBay account you’ve created will be linked and suspended. In order to reinstall Turbo Lister and use it without any problem, you’ll need to install it in a new file directory; doing this will make sure you won’t use any previous databases or information from the previous Turbo Lister. Your CSV files are okay to use.

3. Change your IP address – – Your IP address is the easiest way eBay can track who you are and even where you are located. So changing your IP address before you create a new account should be your primary concern. Changing your IP address is fairly simple depending on how you connect to the internet. I’ve had a ton of questions on how to change IP addresses on my last two eBay Suspension guides so I’ll try to explain this a little better.

Depending on what type of ISP you have there are a few ways to change your IP address. First if you are using dial up, don’t even worry about trying to change your IP address. Every time you connect to the internet your IP address is different.

Cable modems (IPs) stay the same until you reset your modem. To change your IP address, simply unplug the power source for 30-60 seconds and plug it back in. If that doesn’t work try this: Go to Start >> Run >> type in CMD; a black prompt screen will pop up. Type in “ipconfig /release”, without quotes; this will release you current IP address. Once this is done unplug your modem’s power source, wait a couple minutes and plug it back in. This only works if you are directly connected to your modem.

If your modem is connected to a router there’s a little more work involved. You must reset your router to accept the new IP address from the modem. DSL modems are basically the same too. If you’re still unable to reset your IP address, I recommend researching your hardware setup on how to change your IP address or try calling your ISP for help.

4. Create a new email address from Gmail or Yahoo – – Once your eBay account is banned, eBay will log all your information used to create the account as suspended. If you try to create a new account with ANY of the same information you will be linked and banned. This means email address too! Do not use your own domain name for your new eBay account either. I know it helps with advertising… i.e. [email protected] If I were to try to create a new eBay account with [email protected] after [email protected] was suspended, eBay is not dumb and will link my accounts together and I will be suspended. This is not the case with widely known email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. So just make sure to use a widely known email provider for your new account and you’ll be okay.

5. Add your new email address to your Paypal account – The reason to add your newly created email address to your Paypal account is because you won’t be able to use the same email address eBay has suspended to send or accept funds from eBay. It has been logged as a suspended user’s email address, and trying to accept funds to your suspended email address will cause your new eBay account to be suspended.

In other words you’ll need to add a second email address to your Paypal account to use with your eBay account. Go to your Paypal account >> Profile >> Email and select to add a new email address. Once this is done, Paypal will send a verification email to that email address for you to verify. Once verified the only thing you have to do on eBay’s end is to add your paypal email address to your auctions and you’re good to go. Do not select to link your eBay and Paypal accounts via ‘eBay Seller Account'; this will cause your account to be suspended. It’s fairly easy, don’t overcomplicate it and you’ll be okay.

*Note: This method won’t work anymore as PayPal has been purchased by eBay. You will need to create a new PayPal account using the same strategies as your eBay Stealth account. If this is confusing read the full eBay Stealth guide for more details.

6. Create a new eBay account with the Gmail or Yahoo email – Once your cookies and saved passwords have been deleted, Turbo Lister uninstalled (you can reinstall in a different folder), your IP address has been changed and you have created a new email address. You are then ready to set up your new eBay account. Quick tip: Since you’re trying to become someone else, and using your old information will have you suspended. Don’t use your same name or street address. If your name is Marcus Miranda. Be sure to change a few letters around. You’re new name would be Mark Miranda. You can actually use any name you want. It’s your choice. Just remember to never use your same name or address. Be sure to keep your city and country the same however. You don’t want to draw unwanted attention from eBay. Trust me on this.

7. Create a seller account with a new Credit Card and Bank Info – If you’re seller, which I’m guessing 90% of the people reading this are, then you’ll want to be able to sell again. This step is tricky and requires a few more steps. For US sellers, you’ll need to verify who you are before eBay gives you the keys to a seller account.

Here are the steps!

Step One! You’re giving the choice to either submit a new credit card or debit card of yours, or establish proof of identity with their ID Verify, which I don’t recommend. So you’ll need to use a credit or debit card that has no ties to eBay in order for you to create a seller account. Fortunately you’re reading this and have my vast knowledge and expertise on your side. You don’t need to use any of your current credit cards if you don’t want to. I found that prepaid credit cards or virtual gift accounts with either Visa or MC logos work the same and are safer to use. There are several sources to obtain prepaid credit cards or virtual gift accounts. I recommend the VCC sellers in our support forum here or you can search Google for prepaid credit card or gift cards, you’ll have a lot of options for you. Any card which has a MC or Visa logo that you have not used before with eBay will work when creating the account.

Step two! Once you obtain a new credit card you’re ready to create your seller account. When entering your credit card details – your personal information should automatically be entered, your name and address. Try to use this information first when submitting your credit card, 90% of the time eBay will accept this information which should be your bogus name and address. Never use your same name or address on any eBay account; be sure you to use your same city and country for IP reasons. Once your credit card has been accepted you’ll need to enter your banking information.

Step three! Unfortunately the only way to create a seller account is to have a bank account and since 90% of the people reading this has had their bank account information black listed by eBay. Meaning if you enter your old bank account information, eBay will link your eBay accounts together and suspend you. The only way around this is to obtain a new bank account or use a virtual bank account, prepaid cards that have attached bank accounts.

Important! Frequently Asked Questions and more information on specific details you’re going to ask me!

  • Do not host your own gallery images. Have either eBay host your images, where you upload your image to eBay or use a 3rd party image hosting website. Example if I host a gallery image from and was suspended; eBay will blacklist my domain for GALLERY images, not auction images. Meaning if I try to host a gallery image again from the, my eBay account will be linked and suspended. You can however host auction images from any domain including a suspended one without risk. I could successfully use images from in my auctions. Meaning I link directly to the images within an auction description. This has been proven over and over again. Please trust me with this. Read this again if you don’t understand, at least 100+ comments from my previous eBay suspension guides were specific to this. I hope you understand.
  • The way eBay and Paypal currently work is that they do not share the same information. They work separately for the time being. That being said, you can use any name and address for your eBay account(s) without Paypal being a problem. The only thing you must worry about from paypal is your email address. Once your email address is banned from eBay, you can no longer use it to receive or send payments to eBay. Meaning you must add a new email address to your Paypal account and use this for your new eBay account. Trust me on this! *This is not the case anymore.
  • If you’re having trouble changing your IP address, please contact your ISP or research your specific online connection. I can’t possibly help everyone with their specific changing IP address issues.
  • EBay can not grab your IP address unless you actually log into your eBay account.
  • The difference between a prepaid CC and one that you apply for and have credit with is just that. I real credit card gives you credit to use for future purchases, a prepaid card is basically the same but you have to pre pay before you use the card. I recommend using a prepaid card because they’re easier and faster to obtain then a regular credit card. You can use either-or when registering an account, the main difference is the credit card number its self. That’s what eBay really monitors. There are other benefits when using a pre-paid credit card, but I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.
  • The max number of products I have found safe to upload per day is 100, with a max quantity of 3-5 each item. If you spam with thousands of auctions and 99 quantities that’s a red flag and eBay will ban you.
  • When adding a new email address to your Paypal account, you do not have to make it your primary email address. All you need to do is confirm it and you’re good to go.
  • Do not link you Paypal account to your eBay account. Note from Johnny be Free, If you use your new eBay account with your old paypal account you’re fine (for now) unless you link the two together to use the Paypal shipping feature.
  • One time payments are your best bet to pay your eBay balance.
  • Never log into old suspended accounts after creating a new account.
  • Listing Description and Titles. You’ll want to change these around a little bit to make sure they’re not an exact copy of your previous auctions.
  • Here are a couple websites that will describe what an IP address is and how they work. Wikipedia IP address; How stuff works.


If you’re still reading this and you actually comprehended what I have written. You should have gained knowledge on how to set up a new eBay account after you have been suspended and how to keep it for the most part.

Want to read the full and updated guide, eBay Stealth? I show you step by step in DETAIL how to create a new stealth account and how to protect your account for the long haul. I had so many questions about creating stealth accounts that I figured I would just write a full blown 50 page guide on the subject. As you can see with all the comments below, you’re not the only one with an eBay suspension problem. It’s a big issue! If you want to get back on eBay by the end of day, read eBay Stealth. Stop wasting time trying to gain bits and pieces of knowledge here and there.. your time is valuable. Read the complete stealth guide and get back to selling today.

  • 23 Ways to Get Suspended By EBay! And How to Avoid It!
  • Account Limitations / Suspension Reinstatement FAQ
  • Best Giftcards to Use – How to Use Them and Other Options
  • Invalid Phone Number Q&A
  • IP Address Q&A – Proxies, AOL, VPN, Broadband – IP Tracking
  • Paypal Alternatives Guide
  • Pros and Cons of Becoming a eBay Powerseller
  • The Feedback Question!! Is it safe to buy feedback?
  • Step-by-Step Guide to a new eBay and Paypal account.

And much much more packed in over 40 pages of detailed information.

To view our latest eBay Suspension Guide go here:

Get the eBay Stealth guide.

Good luck!

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  • Jason Karrels

    Love the information, I tried all of this so we will see what happens. I got suspended in october and have been suspended 3 times in a row so hopefully this new info will put an end to that. THANKS!

  • JohnzZ

    Hey, I want to ask this. I have created a new account following your steps. HOWEVER, I was at the seller’s option and was entering my Credit card information. I accidently entered my OLD BANNED number (and it was rejected).
    My question is: If I enter my new credit card number in, will they know?

  • aspkin

    Hi Dave,

    I’m not sure what you’re doing without more information, I’m guessing you’re able to create a new account, but after a short while you’re getting suspended again. If you continue doing the same thing that got you suspended in the first place its hard not to become suspended again. What are the reasons eBay has suspended you these 4 times. If it’s because they say your account has been linked to another then you’re missing a step, or either you’ve done something to alert eBay you belong to another account. If it’s because something else, let me know I’ll try to figure it out.


  • aspkin

    HI JohnzZ,

    Yep they have caught you, simple reset you ip address, delete you cookies and try again with the new card.

  • Dave

    I’ve tried making new accounts 4 times since you started posting this information. I’ve followed your instructions to the letter AND I HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED EVERY TIME. It’s not like I’m selling anything bad, I only sell packing supplies like boxes tape and bubble wrap! Any ideas?

  • Nigel

    On the address preference page can you change the delivery and payment address back to your original address (ths being the one e-bay has suspended you on). But leave your primary one to the false one?

    Thank you.

  • Steve

    Hi Dave,

    Good stuff, however post account creation there is more steps to be aware of with the artificial intelligence (FADE) now running the show on Ebay. Do you have any insight on listing on High Risk areas (e.g. Automotive) where you’ll get the Ebay Abuse letter real FAST. Are you listing 3 – 5 – or 7 day auctions as a newbie (

  • Melissa

    Hi, I loved your info! This will be my second go-around with an eBay suspension, and hence third account. (I did everything but the IP & cookies, the first time and made a successful buyer account. Well I got cocky and decided to try a sellers account. Immediately after listing my 50 auctions I was suspended!) The Simon site is awesome!!!! I got my visa# and tested it on a small online purchase with Amazon. Worked fine! (And I used the first and last name “Nouveau Spirit”) Before I register, following your advice, I have some questions regarding PayPal. This part confused me. I really would like to use it for shipping purposes. I could get a new bank account with minor headache but of course rather not. Can you please elaborate on the part about maintaining my existing PayPal account and not getting suspended for using it with my eBay account? If I don’t link the ebay Id to the paypal account, how do I receive payments through ebay? Does this cause undue difficulty to my buyers? My concern is that the credit card and checking account I used to register for the seller account is tied to the PayPal account. Do you think I should just go for a whole new PayPal account before I register with eBay? If your steps and advice work, there will be a donation in your future!
    Thanks in advance!
    Melissa in Phoenix

  • steve

    Hi Aspkin..
    Very usefull information. I have a few comments on the IP address and email topics 1. I have had many ebay account over the years on and have had a few supsended. I’ve always used my own email domain to re-register though and never found it a problem. Is the linking of email adresses a new thing do you thing or are you just presuming ebay looks for accounts registered on the same domain? I work in IT and most of my coleagues have ebay accounts but when my account registered through my work email got suspended no one at work had a problem as far as i know.

    2. Recently i had one account suspended and it did get 4 of my other accounts also suspended and also my girlfriends – which is not linked in any way to my account other than she logs onto ebay at my house. I presume that the link was the IP address. The strange thing is though my other 2 account are not suspended. I have one old account that is still fine. I’ve logged onto my suspended account and this one a few weeks ago but its still there. Is it just a matter of time?

  • steve

    sorry.. theres more. :o)

    I had one buyer account supspeded for unpaid item strikes, which brought down my other 4 buyer account s (as mentioned above) but i managed to get this acount reinstated by getting a seller to remove a strike. My other accounts were all reainstated after i contact ebay to tell them that the account they were ‘linked to’ is no longer supended. The thing is I also had a seller account that was suspended before for a different reason. How do you think ebay keeps track of all this. If they are reinstating some of my accounts and blocking others then surely their IP bots must be having a nervous breakdown!

    Surely ebay cant suspend all IP linked accounts? What about cyber cafes / librarys / places of work / anywhere where computers are shared..? And if i have accounts that ebay has reinstated themselves and some that are banned all on the same IP then how can ebay deal with that? do you think that ebay bans some IP linked account until one is reinstated and then that stops the bots looking for more?

    Maybe i should get a job at ebay and then i can enliten us all to exactly how this all works.

  • Johnathan

    I don’t think you can change your email address on Paypal and don’t expect Ebay not to find out. You cannot use the same Paypal account you also need to open a new Paypal account.

  • telboy

    Appologies for the little test above but I just wrote an essay and it didn’t sumit.

    Firstly I must say what a great site aspkin.

    Now I would like to pick your brains a bit with regards to the credit card section.
    I have other credit cards not used on ebay which I would prefer to use rather than the prepaid ones, but my concern is that even though the numbers will be different my name is the same on the unused cards as the cards submitted to ebay. Are you 100% sure that the credit card number is not checked against your real name and address and the bogus name and address will work ok, as you state that 90% of the time it works…What about the other 10% ? What are the possiblities?
    I just want to make sure before I go ahead a give it a try.

    I would like to offer another alternative to prepaid credit card for the viewers of this site and that would be to report the one on file with ebay as lost or stolen so that you receive a new one which of couse will have a new number and will also prevent ebay from taking off the old one. Then just cut your old one up.
    I have read some horrible storeys of ebay continuing to take money out of suspended accounts, it’s worth a thought!

    I not sure if my next question is appropriate for this site (please edit if not) but what should one do once the account has been suspended to prevent ebay from taking anything from your paypal account?

    I look forward to your reply!

  • aspkin

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late response, I’ve been sick with the flu the last few days. I’m feeling better now so I’ll try to answer everyone’s questions.
    Nigel to tell you the truth I have no idea; I don’t use eBay to buy items. I only sell on eBay, so it doesn’t matter what my address is, but I’ve seen where eBay has been able to link accounts because of the shipping address.
    Melissa maintaining your current Paypal account is easier then you think. There are a couple steps to do this.

    Fist; add the email address you used to create your eBay account to your Paypal account.

    Go to your Paypal account >> Profile >> Email and select to add a new email address. Once this is done, Palpal will send a verification email to that email address for you to verify. Once verified the only thing you have to do on eBay’s end is to add your paypal email address to your auctions and you’re good to go. Do not select to link your eBay and Paypal accounts; this will cause your account to be suspended. It’s fairly easy, don’t over complicate it and you’ll be okay.
    Hi Steve in regards to the email address, I’ve found using a widely known email address has less problems then using one from you own domain but if it’s working for you, great! I believe the reason I was caught was because I used my email address within my auction description’s it self and eBay was able to track it this way.

    Second you’re girl friend’s account was suspended because she used the same IP address you used for your accounts and eBay linked the accounts together; and with you’re older account if you logged into that account with the same IP address, it should have been suspended as well. That’s kind of odd that it wasn’t.

    Databases are handy!

    And last seems you’re really thinking and trying to figure out how eBay works, I’m glad. I’ve said this in all my eBay articles, eBay is not dumb. They wouldn’t be the giant they are today if they were.
    Jonathan you’re wrong, try it before you tear it down.
    Telboy, 10% of the time the credit card is not accepted by eBay until you enter a closer match to your name and address and yes that’s not a bad idea about the stolen credit card, eBay will continue to take what they want from your credit card, but this is one of the reasons I suggest a prepaid credit card. They can’t take what you don’t have. If you don’t know what I mean, research more about pre paid credit cards on Google, you’ll thank me later. I like the way you think. In order for eBay not to take any funds from your Paypal account, simply remove the email address used with eBay account. Believe it or not, eBay will not charge your Paypal account you’re remaining balance unless your eBay account and Paypal account’s are linked together; which you do not want to do anyway because this will cause a suspension.
    Okay that’s enough for today.
    Hope this helps you guys.

    Good luck!

  • Simon

    hi aspkin..
    Great advice!! can I pick your brain about fees on a suspended account?
    I got my account suspended – I got the old ‘linked to a suspended user’ thing, and i had a few auctions that cost around £20 to list.. £63 listing fees in total! Im a bit miffed as nothing sold on those auctions before my suspension, but ebay want me to pay the fees. If i set up a new acconut as detailed above would you pay the fees on the old account? What might be the consequences if i don’t? Just annoyed ebay did that, as if those auctions were left the run i could have easily covered the listing fees with the sales.

  • Telboy

    Hi aspkin,
    Thanks for your speedy reply!
    Sorry to hear you were unwell but good to know you are on the mend.

    By not having your papal and ebay accounts linked, does this mean that we are unable to insert paypal prefered or paypal accepted logos into the auction listing?
    What about paypal verified logos and other stuff that may help a buyers’ decision in trusting you?
    If so, what happens with the end of auction email and the pay now with paypal button?

    I am just a little confused as to how one would get paid with paypal if the accounts are not linked, as I have always done things the legit way over the past 3 years until they suspended my 100% perfect feedback account for knowing a shill bidder.

    Cheers, Telboy.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for the tips! I have the same questions as Telboy regarding paypal. I’ll look forward to your answers.
    Also, I have not created my eBay account yet because I can’t change my IP. I use cox cable and it seems this is a common problem. The ipconfig/ renew doesn’t work. I have called Cox a couple times and they say they can’t force it. My lease renews every 24 hours but it always goes back to the same IP. Would a router or wireless router disguise my ip for eBay purposes? My IP renews every time I log on. I tried leaving everything unplugged today and when I logged in it shows the lease at the time of the pc boot and expiring in 24 hours. Any additional suggestions on how to change it would be great. The only other thought I had was to buy a new cable modem. I hate to do that since mine works great and I don’t have the money to spare with out my eBay sales. However, the new mac address should cause Cox to issue me a new IP address. If anyone here has suggestions regarding Cox Communications IP addresses, I really could use them!

    Thanks again!

  • robert spremni

    I have read and agree on your info on my past experience I to just been suspended and losing business, I have one questions I am not to sure about maybe you can help I have got a account up and running but worried to put my bank details up in the item description and not to sure about if iam able to msg thru eBay my bank account details, as I was doing this before and they might have it on records??


  • JohnzZ

    Hey Melissa, why don’t you try and change internet services? I believe it would work. I had SBC yahoo before, and when I unplug the modem it always give me a new ip every time. I don’t think eBay tracks your mac address.

  • Telboy

    Hi Melissa,

    I was wondering if you or anyone else here has tried a payed version of any of the IP Blockers available on the internet that supposedly allow you to sign in anonymously.
    I tried a couple of free version ones which get you through to the home page of yahoo but once you click the sign/in link nothing happens, I think it is something to do with SSL.
    If anyone has had any success in creating a new ebay account with an IP blocker your comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • Telboy

    Sorry last message should have read “they get you into the home page of ebay” NOT YAHOO!

  • Michelle

    Thank You so much for this wonderful info and all your help!!!

    I too have a few questions and would really appreciate the help??

    I unlike many on here had my problems actually start with PayPal in the beginning. When I opened my very 1st PayPal acct about 3 years ago and was brand new to selling on ebay, I offered shipping Worldwide (BIG MISTAKE) and about 6 months into selling had a lady in Denmark claim to never have received the item. Well, being as no insurance was purchased and Paypal would not accept the claims receipt copy as proof of shipment thay sided with Buyer and issued her a refund. This put my acct in the negative and when they tried to pull the funds from my checking acct there was not enough to cover it and so shortly afterwards the lovely Limited Account flag was added to my acct.

    Now every since it has been a complete battle with them. I sent in all the info and paid but,they never lifted the limitation and so goes the story of 2 years of opening new PayPal accts and them getting limited. Over and over and I have done the whole thing about ip and prepaid card and everything and yet they always get me!! Sometimes it take awhile and sometimes its only a few days.

    So, the problem is this, I have never had problems with Ebay until recently. I have had 1 acct with them closed due to unpaid funds, otherwise I have had the same acct for 2 years. The past 6 months I have literally had to open about 7 different Ebay accts!

    The reason they are giving me is that my acct is being suspended due to UNRESOLVED ISSUES WITH PAYPAL!!!!!!
    So, somewhere along the way I am doing something wrong or else PayPal and Ebay have integrated their systems and are sharing info.

    What I would like you to help me with is this:
    I was scrolling through and realized that about 2 years ago I opened an Ebay acct for purposes of Buying and the other for Selling. This other acct has no feedback, but has been open for 2 years. I went to the library yesterday (as to be COMPLETELY sure that nothing on my computer would give me away) and I added a pre-paid cc to that acct. I am planning on NOT ACCEPTING Paypal and going to try AuctionCheckout instead.
    1. Is it OK to use library computer to access your acct? Meaning No Red Flags being waved?
    2. Since this acct is 2 years old, will they be less likely to look so closely at it?
    3. Can they track your Ebay Toolbar I have installed on my computer?
    4. I have never done listings through Ebay, I have always used like Spoonfeeder or Auctiva and used their picture service, is that OK or do I not need to use them? When I was at the library and added the cc, I also got a different Auctiva and Andale acct and got my Ebay token there (again to try and not link anything to my home computer).
    5. Also, when I went to create seller acct with this older acct it only asked for cc info and not bank acct. info

    I hate to ask so many questions and I would greatly appreciate any help? I would like to try and get back with Ebay and not have my acct linked with PayPal.

    Thank You

  • Wassily

    I tried to change my IP address but for some reason it won’t release it. I called Comcast too but they said since each IP address is assigned theres no guaranteed it will change. I did the release/renew it at least 10 times and it didn’t work. Any other suggestions? I don’t really want to go to a proxy server because it runs slower than the norm.

  • Dawson

    I received a new credit card from AMEX.
    And they replace the old one with a new one…. but ONLY 2 of Last 5 numbers is different….

    eg) the old 5 numbers of CC – 10001
    eg) the new 5 numbers of CC – 00010

    Do you think I can use this new CC?

    Thank you again.

  • Melissa

    I really don’t want to change service. Cox is actually cheaper in my area then DSL because it is packaged with TV and phone services. In addition, it is lightening fast. My friend has a t1 line and I noticed almost no difference in speed. I guess I’m in a good area for cable. I have been reading on other boards that the mac address on your modem is what the company assigns the ip to. If I were to break down and buy a new modem, ideally I should get a new ip. What if I don’t?

    I have not tried the paid IP blockers. From what I’ve read here and on other sites they would not be useful. It seems they are foreign, quickly shut down, and in general a big eBay flag. I’m in Arizona if I had an IP from Finland, they will surely suspend me. I am so stumped on the whole IP thing, it truly frustrates me.

    Anyone else have any suggestions on cable modem Ip changes?

    Thanks again!

  • Sam

    Hi, Thank you so much for the info.
    I followed the steps and I’m selling again! I have a questions, I add a new email address in my paypal account. Can I use paypal shipping feature, print shipping label?

    Thanks again!

  • Sam

    If I login payapl with my new email address and I use paypal shipping feature to print shipping label, will they caught me?

    Thank you so much!

  • JohnzZ

    I have comcast and likely I was unable to change my IP. I have two computers and both have the same IP addresses. Which I think it means that having different modem won’t work. One thing I haven’t tried yet is to change my router. I’ve heard that everything our ip changes the router automatically turn it back into the old IP or something like that. Perhabs you can purchase a new router and try it; and if it doesn’t work you can always return it.

  • JohnzZ

    Hi Dawson,
    Seem like Aspkin is sick and unable to answer fully to everyone’s question. I can try and answer some. For your question, of course you can use your new credit card. Even if one number changed then it is okay. I believe that as long as it is not exactly the same as before then it’s legit. Just follow the steps and you’re fine.

  • aspkin

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late replies, I’ve been extremely busy with my job and unable to do anything else for the past few days. If any of you know an answer for another visitor’s question, we’re all ears. I was thinking of creating a forum but since I won’t have the time to monitor it… this is my only option at the moment. It’s not bad! :)

    Simon if you had the option, I wouldn’t pay for the eBay fees but if your credit card is on file, eBay might just take the funds. You can still fight for the fees with a chargeback, but I believe that would be you only option.
    Telboy, yes I believe that is correct, eBay needs to actually link your eBay account to your Paypal account for you to get those logos, but what’s the point. People tend to trust eBay auctions based on how they look. If you have a dark, gloomy auction with misspelling and syntax errors, people won’t trust you. If you want someone to trust you, make sure your auctions look professional and are bright colors indicating your not hiding anything and also give as much information as possible. Answer every question before someone asks. Ultimately people surf the internet for information; maybe it’s the reason you’re here. I don’t know. :)

    Also having your eBay and Paypal account’s linked together only give you a couple additional features to you. I’ve had my eBay account suspended a couple times for this reason, and so have other people. I haven’t really tried to get around this because there is no reason for it other then the ‘Buy it Now’ feature that requires it; other then that for me it’s not worth giving eBay another way to track me down. Follow my advice on adding your email address to your paypal account and this is all you need to do to receive funds from you eBay account. Don’t trust me; try it out on test auction. I’ll add this to my ‘to do’ list and see how I can get around this linking accounts. I have a few ideas. I’ll get back to you on this.
    Melissa a router will not hide your IP address; it shows it clear as day. I’m not too clear on how Cox cable works, I use Road Runner and it easily resets on demand. If you’re connected to a router or hub, try to direct connect to your modem and try again; other then that I would keep bothering Cox technical support on how to change your IP address. You may also want to search Google for help changing your IP. Good luck, I know it can be a pain.
    Robert if you mean eBay email systems they have for sellers and buyers, eBay does not monitor this. You’re free to use this as you will.

    1. Is it OK to use library computer to access your acct? Meaning No Red Flags being waved? Yes, you’ll be safe for at least one eBay account. Make sure you don’t log into more then on account with their computers. Their computers are most likely on a network sharing the same IP address, be mindful about that.

    2. Since this acct is 2 years old, will they be less likely to look so closely at it? I’m not sure about that, I believe they treat it like any other account. EBay has been known to judge punishment for breaking rules based on your history with them. If you have been with them for a long time and have no warnings in the past, they’ll probably give you a warning first before a suspension.

    3. Can they track your eBay Toolbar I have installed on my computer? If that tool bar keeps track of your eBay account auctions and sales, then yes.

    4. I have never done listings through eBay; I have always used like Spoonfeeder or Auctiva and used their picture service, is that OK or do I not need to use them? When I was at the library and added the cc, I also got a different Auctiva and Andale acct and got my eBay token there (again to try and not link anything to my home computer). Sounds good to me, anyone not affiliated with eBay will be okay to use with your accounts.

    5. Also, when I went to create seller acct with this older acct it only asked for cc info and not bank acct. info. Maybe you entered you bank information a long time ago? Or since it’s an old account, a bank account wasn’t required at that time. You could be grandfathered in with that account. It’s a classic!
    Wassily, I would recommend searching Google for your specific set up. Research! Research! Research!
    Dawson, yep you can use them. As long as your credit card number has changed by at least one number, you’re good to go!
    Melissa you could try a new modem, though I doubt it would help but it’s a start. If it doesn’t work return it?
    Sam I’m not totally sure about that, I’ve never used this feature with my auctions but if it has anything to do with linking your eBay account to your Paypal account, you should stay away from it. For now at least, I’m going to try a few things to get around this in a day or so.
    JohnzZ, routers will retain IP information from a specific modem until the router is reset. Try this first. Direct connect your PC to your modem, and try to reset your IP address. Follow my steps above and if this works, then it’s your router holding you back. You have to reset your router to accept the new IP address. Easy! Easy!


  • Ozy


    Some good info on here so far. I was wondering does all this info only apply to auction listings?… Or can I set up buy it now & featured listings as well? Will there be any problem setting up ebay shop, using selling manager pro?


  • Lpetunia47


    Wonderful information here! I have a question. My paypal acct was limited first. Then about two weeks later my ebay acct suspended. Paypal told me that my acct was limited as it was linked to another acct that unresolved issues. Does anyone have any ideas how to set up a new paypal acct before I try to set up a ebay acct? Does paypal use the same tracking information as ebay does?

  • dee

    heres the thing. my friend’s account got suspended bc they were selling “copyrighted” stuff or whatever, about 3 weeks ago. and i was using her account to sell some other things for myself, like electronics (legal). i also have my own account, that i was also using to sell my own things. so im just wondering, my friend registered for ebay on her computer, and because i was also using it at my house, does it mean that i can’t log into my own ebay account either, because somehow i’m associated with them, even though my account was registered in my house, so different IP. and also, if i can, would i still be able to use the same paypal account i’ve been using (which is also mine) to receive and pay for ebay items? what can i do, because i really need to get back on my ebay acocunt, but i’ve been avoiding it because i don’t know if they’re going to suspend my account also. HELP!!

  • dee

    oh yeah, and also i’ve also had to log into her suspended account a couple times in order to pay part of the ebay fees through my paypal

  • Melissa

    Ok So I have created my new sellers account! I followed your steps to the T so we will see what happens. In regards to my IP, turns out it was my router that was screwing me up. I did a hard reset (held the internal button down with a paperclip). I then unplugged it all. Plugged the modem right into the pc. Ipconfig renew & release and boom, new address. I then hooked my wireless back up and configured it to the new address. Thank you and everyone else for your tips.

  • Blake

    Quick question and thank you so much for this info !!

    Q. ) I have a credit card that has never been used in the suspended ebay account. However, it is linked to the address . Can I still use it ? As long as it is a different card / card # ?

    THANK YOU !!!!!

  • Janet

    Hi, thanks for the info! I have some questions regarding PayPal. This part very confused me. If I don’t link the ebay Id to the paypal account, how do I receive payments from buyers? Does it mean my buyers cannot click the “pay” button on the invoice and pay? Does it mean I have to email my buyers about my paypal email address and let them send payment manually?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  • steve

    Hi Apsen ,i dont know if you got my last meassage ,i had 4 ebay ids get suspended because they were afiliated with a very old account which i owed a payment .i wish they would give the option to pay a dept.thinking about it i deleted all my cookies because prlobems with another site a few days before they suspended you think ebay may have connected the dots when they put a new cookie back on my computer ,it just seems that it happed a few days after that ?
    i have a couple of accounts left do you know why they were not suspende as i use the same computer to log in.Thanks

  • Lpetunia47

    Hello again,

    I do have another question. You talk a lot about not selecting to link your ebay and paypal accts together. Is there somewhere in paypal that you check or uncheck to do this? I am a little confused or is it the primary email being the same that links them. If I just choose my second email address in paypal to match my ebay acct does that mean the accts will not be linked? Thanks.

  • steve

    Hi Aspkin ,can you recommend a pre paid credit card to get ,there are so many types and they have hidden charges i dont know were to start.Thanks again for your great help

  • aspkin

    I have to keep it short there is alot of work to do and not enough time. :)

    Ozy this information is good to recreate your account after you have been suspended, anything else you do after that is okay.

    Lpetunia47 I’m not sure about that, I personally have 3 paypal accounts with no problem using either of them at one time. I’ve also never had any of my Paypal accounts suspended but I’m sure if something happens to one account they’ll all have problems because of the shared IP address between them.

    Dee I’m not really sure what your problem is, can you be more specific.

    Blake yes you can, you would just need to use a different address and name when entering your information for eBay. I’ve posted more details about this within the article.

    This is for Janet and Lpetunia47, sorry I mean within eBay there is a feature to link your eBay account to your Paypal account. I’ve found and other users have found that when you do this, eBay is able to link your account with your past eBay accounts and suspended you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. It’s to do with your seller account eBay information.

    Steve the best way for eBay to link your accounts together is your IP address. When logging into multiple eBay accounts using the same IP address, eBay is able to track the person logging in as the same user; thus linking the accounts together. So when something happens to one account, it will also happen to the other accounts that are linked. Hope you understand.

    Steve I personally use virtual gift accounts.

    Good luck guys,

  • dee

    no problem. well, i was using my ebay account AND my friend’s ebay account to sell stuff on ebay. and a few weeks ago, my friend’s account got suspended. and i was just wondering if i can still log in and use my account, or will ebay consider me an associate of the suspended account, even though that account was registered from a different computer (which means different IP address), and under a different name and address and credit card. but because i logged into it on MY computer also would that mean that ebay is associating my IP address with the suspended account also, so i won’t be able to log into my OWN account without getting that suspended? and also, since my friend’s account was suspended, i have had to log into it to pay for the ebay fees through MY OWN paypal account. so i don’t know what to do. i have been avoiding logging into my ebay account because i’m not sure if they’re going to suspend my account also. and if I CAN log into my account, would i still be able to use the same paypal account, considering it was associated with the suspended account also, although there were about 3 different paypal accounts linked to that suspended account. hope this makes sense. =|

  • Saul

    I read every post u made aspkin, and got everything down. great info! I only have one question tho.

    If I used a proxy as a public one, and someone else used it before me and had the same idea with ebay, and that proxy adress got baned from ebay. Wouldnt that make me banned also. Also I would more likely need to find private proxies? When you said use one ip to keep track did u mean also to play it safe with one proxy adress to not use alot and land on one bad proxy address that got banned? Reason im asking this is because alot of people use proxie’s for rapidshare.

  • aspkin

    Dee if you logged into a suspended account and then into a account that is not suspended using the same IP address, eBay will think both the accounts belong to the same user and link the accounts together. Now if something happens to one account, it will also happen to the other. Change your IP address and you should be okay to log into your non suspended account without any problems.

    Saul the thing about proxy IPs is they don’t last long. Some will last a few weeks or even a month, and then you’ll have to find a new IP. Its true sharing an IP with a suspended account will cause your account to be suspended as well, but you have a very small chance of that happening. Our group uses proxies all the time and we have yet to have any problems with them.

    Good luck,

  • dee

    i think im screwed!!! =|

    i had to log into my friends account (the suspended one) a couple weeks ago to pay for my part of the ebay fee, paid through my paypal with my credit card. then yesterday, my own account, that isn’t suspended, automatically took funds out of my credit card from paypal to pay for my ebay fees, even though i thought i cancelled the automatic payment like 3 months ago. so now does that mean ebay is going to think that i’m associated with the suspended ebay account because the fees for both accounts were paid through the same credit card?? the thing is, for my friend’s suspended account, there are 3 different paypal accounts linked to it because several people used it, which means that the fees were paid through several different paypal accounts through different methods. so i really don’t know what ebay is going to do, because the way they assume accounts are linked is just ridiculous!!!!!! am i going to get suspended now?????

    and if i do get suspended, would i be able to appeal and get it re-instated considering that i am a different user from the suspended account, and explain that my friend used to log into their account on my computer sometimes? i’m so confused!!

    also, how to i change my ip address if i’m with bell sympatico high-speed (canada)?? i have 3 different computers at home sharing it wirelessly, and i have no idea where to begin?


  • dee

    also…..i have a friend who got his ebay account suspended because of unpaid strikes, and he started using his friend’s ebay account to buy and sell things, and he never changed his ip address, but his friend’s account never got suspended. he’s been using it for a really long time now. so why didn’t the other account get suspended too???

  • Dave B.

    If you bell sympatico (which is dsl), then I believe you have a log-in manager to connect to the internet..all you have to do is log out then log back in to acquire a new a google of ‘what my ip’ and check your ip before and after you try this to confirm…another alternative is to get a new nic card and connect your internet through that.

  • jack

    Hi Guys…
    Wow~we~Wa~Wa..Awesome Info…Gracias!
    Just wanted to ask.. Are there any legal troubles we can get into for re-opening new ebay accounts once we are suspended? I hate to ask but these huge companies scare the crap out of the little guy and wanted to know if I should just go for it and manipulate the ebay monster or bite the bullet and say adios to my ebay days for good.. Need some self-esteem guys.. anyone have any positive thoughts..

  • jack

    Hi again guys~

    Has anyone ever had a trusted family member or friend who does not use or have interest in ebay open a new account for them? Considering it. Another issue.. If that individual opens up the account for me from a totally different computer , account info, name etc BUT I work on this new ebay account from the computer that the suspended account was associated with, will this new account that was opened from a different ip still be suspended.. ? Make sense? Gosh I hope so. .Thanks to all of you for the help.. ASPKIN whom ever you are.. You are a GEM!
    Happy Holidays..

  • aspkin

    Hi Jack,

    EBay has too much to deal with, and not enough information on one person to seek any legal claims. When you’re giving away your SS# that’s where you better play by the rules. Just keep it to a minimal and you’ll be okay.

    Second if you log into an eBay account using an IP address eBay knows as a suspended users IP, then eBay will link your accounts together and suspend them. You have to change your IP address first and clean up your computer before you log into a fresh account.


  • Dave B.

    Has anybody tried ebays customer support phone number? Via email, trying to converse with their trust/safety dept. is a nightmare because it sometimes takes days between their responses. And the live help is useless..Maybe speaking to a live person would help if you have a good case? Anyone had experience with this?

  • Wassily

    Hey, I have a quick question. Will my eBay account be detected if I register the same name from a suspended user but with a different address, credit card, bank account, and IP address? I decided to just sign up for a PO Box and get a Wifi internet access. Let me know, Thanks a bunch!

  • jack

    Hi Aspkin…
    First let me say Thank you for helping so many people out.. I think what you are doing may sometimes feel like a thankless duty but on my behalf and I think many others.. Thank you!Thank you! For those who made an honest or stupid ebay error that lead to suspenion, this info is really priceless..

    Ok..I tried to unplug my modem service etc for 10 hrs last night hoping the ip address would pick up a new one as I was told.. It did not. Should I buy a new modem, change my service provider.. I currently have timewarner. Can you assist.. I will purchase things if I need to.I have followed all your other instructions…

  • jack

    Everytime I ask you a question I must THANK YOU before-hand. Thank you ;-0
    Anyhow.. We are on the phone with TWC and I think we will be up-grading our account to a business account that will provide the static ip address.. We will end up paying more but this is our business and we are willing to do so unless you can let me know of other options to ask them..Is this what I need?
    Very sincerely yours for all eternity..

  • aspkin

    Dave B. I’ve never had anything good to say about eBay customer service. The only thing I like is there Live Support Chat system, which can help with little things.

    Wassily, I would recommend changing your name around a little bit, I’ve used the same name in the past and everything else different, and I was okay for awhile but I don’t recommend it. At least change one letter to be on the safe side.

    Hi Jack, no problem, we should all be able to help each other in one way or another.

    It’s not your modem; it’s probably your computer holding on to that IP or if you have a router that may hold on to the IP too. If you’re directly connected to your modem try this: Go to Start >> Run >> type in “cmd” a black prompt screen will pop up. Type in “ipconfig /release”, without quotes; this will release you current IP address. Once this is done unplug your modem’s power source, wait a couple minutes and plug it back in. This only works if you are directly connected to your modem.

    If your modem is connected to a router there’s a little more work then that. You must reset your router to accept the new IP address from the modem.

    Resetting an IP address can be a real pain sometimes. If you’re still unable to change it, try calling TWC technical department for help; be sure to ask for a higher level tech person.


  • dee

    i tried disconnecting and reconnecting my internet, but it didn’t change the ip address, although for some reason the one that is connected to the modem downstairs has a different ip address than my computer upstairs that is using it wirelessly. my question, by doing that cmd ip release thing, and also needing to reset my router, in what order should i do it in? do i go to iprelease first, and then reset my router? also, after doing this, does it change the ip address for the other 2 computers in my house that is using internet wirelessly? thanks

  • aspkin

    Hi jack,

    You don’t want to get a static IP address, this means your IP address will stay the same and you won’t be able to change it. You need to keep your dynamic IP address in order to change your IP. Trust me on this. Try to direct connect to your modem and use ipconfig /release again, then unplug your modem for a couple of minutes. If you’re connecting to a router, do the same thing but reset your router to accept the new IP. There should be a reset button on the back of the router, hold it for 30 seconds and release. This hopefully helps you jack and Dee.

    ipconfig /release
    Unplug modem for 1-2 minutes
    Reset the router
    Plug back in your modem wait 2-3 minutes
    Press and hold reset on the back of the router again… I have a D-Link :/
    And you computer should automatically detect the new IP for you.

    And yes resetting your router/modem and changing your IP will affect any computer using the router. You’ll need to restart those computers or use ipconfig /release on them too.

    I know it’s a big pain, it was a big pain for me too until I bought a second modem from my ISP. Now I direct connect and have a modem for my router as well. It’s now easy for me to reset my IP address when needed.

    Good luck guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • MANI

    currently i have 1 seller ebay account. It is safe to open another seller ebay account ?? And have them both link to same paypal a/c but to 2 different email addresses. eg first seller ebay account to email address A and 2nd seller ebay account to email address B. Of course the seller information such as name, address, Credit card details, telephone number are all different

  • jack

    Hello My Dear ASPKIN!
    Great News!!!
    Our New IP popped up and we got it! Success!!! Now because I am super- hyper-over the top paranoid of another suspension I want to ask..
    The last 3 numbers of the ip address changed.. we now have 3 new numbers… This means new IP address correct? The old one is gone and once we log onto ebay this new one will be what ebay registers… correct? I am just triple checking with you since honestly, you have been the only person witrh REAL SOLID advice and info.. You are my secret, trusted source! Is there anything else we need to do.. we are not taking any chances and opening all new info under my Fiance name…
    all new paypal, ebay, address, etc Please let me know if we are good to go.. I will await your OK..

  • MANI

    Hi aspkin, its me again. Do you have any advise on how to open another Paypal a/c? when our seller ebay a/c get suspended, should we delete the suspended email address from our PAYPAL a/c ?

  • Roger

    Great information…thanks for taking the time to prepare a list of step-by-step details. A few questions…

    Isn’t it a little risky to associate your new email address with your old PayPal account? It seems like a central theme of your writeup is obviously doing your best to avoid any association with your previous account, so wouldn’t using your existing PayPal account for eBay transactions after simply adding a new email address trigger a number of red flags?

    Second, do the prepaid CCs like those available from Simon allow the addition of a name on the card? If not, how does eBay use a CC for identification if there is no name associated with the CC account?


  • aspkin

    MANI, yes this would be okay if you are using different IPs per eBay account. If I were you I would only focus on one eBay account at a time. :)

    And second you don’t have to delete the suspended eBay email address from Paypal. Paypal won’t connect you to a suspended user in this way. You can keep your email or delete it, but you can’t use it again for another eBay account.

    That’s good news Jack, I know it’s a pain to change your IP for the first time and yes if at least one number is changed on your IP, you’re good to go! Just make sure to follow my steps above to set up your new eBay account and you should be alright. To protect your eBay account in the future, make sure to change your auction listing habits to better thwart any future problems. Meaning you’ll need to find the reason and understand why eBay suspended you in the first place and try to fix the problem to make your account bullet proof. That’s another article for me! ?

    Excellent questions Roger! Believe it or not, eBay and Paypal databases of information are not in sync, and this leaves a hole where we’re able to dance a fine line without being caught. I’ve found that you can simply add your new email address to your paypal account to accept funds from eBay easily without any linking of accounts. Just make sure you don’t choose the option within eBay seller tools to link your eBay account with your Paypal account, and you’ll be fine. Trust me on this!

    Second Yes! That’s the great thing about the cards. They’re gift cards in which you can name who the card goes to. They are prepaid visa gift cards which work the same as regular credit cards but they have limited funds. Check them out, they’re great!


  • jack

    Can I ask something.. How do you know all this stuff? It’s mind boggling that you are so genius?

  • Roger

    Thanks for the quick reply, Aspkin.

    Regarding the Simon credit cards, do you associate a name with the card, or do you (or is it even possible to) leave the field blank? Also, something I don’t understand is that if it is possible to verify an account using one of these cards, what exactly is eBay actually verifying with CCs if these virtual cards with no ties will work? You also mentioned that any Visa/MC not previously used with eBay will work, but doesn’t eBay ask for the name appearing on the card when it verifies the card/account?

    In terms of an address, is setting up a PO Box perhaps an even preferable method of obtaining a new (and legitimate) address?

  • Nick

    Awesome guide. It looks very helpful and promising.

    My account was suspended for shill bidding on one of my auctions. What happened is my father wanted to buy what I was selling but I told him i couldn’t end the auction for him. So in the last few seconds of the auction he bid and ended up winning. He had no idea this wasn’t allowed. We both live in the same house, probably share the same ip address as we have a router, and a month later we both got suspended for shill bidding.

    The email says its a minimum 7 day suspension, which i can then appeal. What exactly does this mean? Will I be unsusended if I ask 7 days later? Or is it more complicated than that? Should I even bother trying to appeal?

  • aspkin

    Lol Jack, it’s my job, I’m an Internet Marketer and as part of my job I must find ways to expand our business, eBay being one of many ways. :)

    Roger eBay doesn’t actually verify the cards. They just make sure it has no ties with any existing eBay member or suspended user and that the card is valid. Yes eBay asks for credit card names, but when entering this information, eBay actually doesn’t verify the name is correct, they do verify for the city, state and country though. Never use your same name with your address. Trust me on this. :)

    Sure a PO Box will work, but why? Unless you’re buying something they’re pointless.

    Nick I would try the appeal since you seem like you only buy from eBay. If you do decide to create a new account, keep your address the same, except add ‘st’ or ‘dr’ at the end of your street address. This way it will be harder for eBay to match up your address with your suspended account.

    Good luck guys,

  • jack

    Hi Aspkin
    Thanks again my friend for everything! Have another complicated question. We did not take any chances so we opened up a whole new account in paypal, e-mail, ebay, and of course the ip change.. Now this may sound super paranoid but we are. We would like to send money form another paypal account that is asscoiated with a suspended account to the brand new clean paypal account. in order to purchase items, pay fees etc. Is there any way of getting in trouble doing so.. I don’t think that ebay monitors the paypal transactions like who is sending money to who and for what reason..Do you think that is over the top worrysome? Your help is appreciated..

  • dee

    hi, i seem to be having one problem after the next with ebay. lol. alright, well my account got suspended because i was stupid enough to lend my id and password to a friend, and then he got caught shill bidding. i should’ve known!! =/ …so it says that i can appeal after 7 days, so i was wondering, that if i do appeal, and granted the re-instatement, would my ip address still be associated with the suspended account of my other friend’s, that i mentioned before?

    i tried to change my ip address yesterday, and i dont know what happened but after i tried my internet just stopped working, and i realized after it was the router when i reseted it, something must’ve went wrong or something. =/ i finally got it up and running again, but i dont think my ip changed. i was also wondering, say i do change it, and then i go through the process to change it again, is there any chance that it would pick up the previous/old ip address from before again??

  • Nick

    Hi Aspkin.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Actually I do intend to sell. Ebay shut down my account when I still have over $1100 worth of stuff I was planning to sell this holiday season to make myself some money. I have resorted to asking friends to sell for me and paying them because I know I would get shut down again if I started selling “high risk” items as Nintendo Wiis and Tickle Me Elmos as new user. If I was reinstated would ebay pay more attention and monitor my account more closely?

    Say I decided to start a new account. I was thinking of using my schools library computers to do it. I did a bit of research and discovered every student on every computer gets the same ip address. I have logged into my now suspended account there and have also tried while it has been suspended. Is this a problem? Most of my close friends all use ebay and have logged in on the same computers with the same ip and they’re all fine.

    And one tip for everybody reading this that I discovered.

    Once you make a new account never open any emails ebay sends to your old email about your old account. Apparently ebay sends tracking images in those emails. If you load the images in the email ebay can trace your ip and if you’re using a new one ebay tracks it back to your old suspended account and your new account gets banned too. If you absolutely must open their emails make sure you set your email account or outlook to block images in emails so you manually load images in emails.

  • Susan

    Hi, I’ve tried all of your advice more than once and it finally worked. I opened a brand new paypal account before I actually got back on ebay and not bumped off in 24 hours. I waited for about a week (I didn’t buy anything during this time) and then listed some items but within hours I was suspended for “abusing ebay” with no other real explaination. Any idea on what went wrong or what I can do? I’m assuming I have to start all over again. Please help as I was previously making a living on ebay. Thanks.

  • Nick

    Hi again Aspkin.

    Sorry to ask so much, but i only have two more questions.

    1. Could i just get a friend to use their computer to make a new account under their name and then just change the contact info after they make it?

    2. Is it any safer to use a site like to sell things? I was thinking yes because its their ip that logs into ebay and posts your items to sell, not your computer’s.


  • aspkin

    Jack I don’t believe you’ll have a problem sending money from one paypal account to another, but be aware paypal monitors IP address the same as eBay and will link your accounts together. If I were you, I would just use the same paypal account to save you trouble of becoming confirmed and verified… and setting up a new back account. You’re able to use the same Paypal account fairly easily using the steps I’ve talked about in my guide. I’ve been using the same Paypal account for countless eBay accounts. Either way, you’ll be okay from Paypal.

    Dee, once eBay has cleared your account, any information they suspended will be unsuspended including your IP address, though if any other eBay accounts were suspended then you’ll have to appeal for reinstatement as well. All you would need to tell them is that the account is not yours and that the suspended account was unsuspended.

    Nick, yes eBay keeps logs of warnings and suspensions on accounts; so if you mess up again, they might not be as forgiving when it comes for reinstatement.

    If you school computers are all sharing the same IP address, then you’ll have a problem, but in most cases the IP address won’t be shared with more then 10-20 computers on one router. I would be careful, you could have your friend’s eBay accounts linked to yours and suspended. It makes sense to me that they would be suspended as well… but from what I’ve seen it usually doesn’t happen. It could be that eBay follows the edu networking and other large networks to make sure this doesn’t happen, but I’m not sure.

    And with the emails, I haven’t seen any connection to suspensions and opening eBay emails. The only thing is you never want to click on a link to log into your account from one of those emails. That could link your accounts. That’s another reason to use different email address.

    Susan abusing eBay is a generic suspension response. That means they didn’t link your account with a suspended one, but they don’t like either what you’re listing or how much your listing. If your listing more then 100 auctions a day, that’s a red flag and that could lead to suspension, if you have quantities greater then 5 per auctions, that’s a red flag too for new users. Listing the exact same auction that got you suspended in the first place is also a no-no. Change your auctions around, list small in the beginning, and gain eBay’s trust. The longer you have an account with them, the more they trust you and they’ll try to give you a chance and send you warnings before suspending you. I bet it’s what you’re listing.

    Nick your first question does make sense, though I’m pretty sure eBay doesn’t just check at sign up wither your a suspended user or not, they have filters that look for anything suspicious, and they’ll knock you down within hours. Use a fake name, it’s the best bet. Second I’ve never actually used any third party auction listing services, but if list auctions from their servers and their IP’s, and if your auctions don’t look like your suspended auctions, it sounds good to me.

    Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good night!


  • jack

    If I use the old web site design company who designed my headers listings etc.. They did not host pics.. again to design new headers down the line is this a red flag. I know they work with many ebayers selling there designs and services in auctions. Also.. If I use paypal to send money to other paypal accounts and use the IP blocker software while doing so is that full proof or linkable down the line? I am almost ready to give up on ebay before actually trying again but as long as you keep giving me the ok I just might try again..Thanks
    PS.. Do yo u know anything about taxes and ebay and the IRS? Now that my friend you could write about and most likely help even more people then you did with this guide!

  • aspkin


    If it’s widely known, almost duplicated then no, this won’t look suspicious to eBay.

    The only way you’ll have problems with Paypal is if you don’t give your customers what you promise. Linking of your Paypal accounts won’t matter either, and you don’t need a new Paypal account, trust me on this! You can easily use your old Paypal account with no problem. My company has been using the same few Paypal accounts with many different eBay accounts for years. Even today we have eBay payments being sent to different emails on our Paypal accounts with no problem. It’s not necessary for an IP blocker when dealing with your Paypal account. Even if you do use one, this could be a red flag for Paypal because they heavily monitor IP address for fraudulent access. I have users in China accessing my Paypal account for customer service reasons and I received a call the first day I setup a user account for them. They suspended my account until I could verify I authorized their access (a couple days). We do millions of dollars a year in sales. Trust me.

    The only thing I have to say about taxes and eBay, and especially Paypal. Pay your taxes! Don’t mess with the IRS; they will come to your house and take any and everything you owe them if you fail to pay. You don’t want to mess with their money. If that’s what you mean. :)

    Good day,

  • John

    So, if I sign up for a new Ebay account with my credit card and bank account info but use a false name Ebay won’t know that?

    You name isn’t verified by the credit card or bank info at all?

    Thanks for your time

  • chris

    hi how can i accept payment by paypal for an item i sold on ebay ? when i add a new emaill address to my paypal account if i link it to my ebay account with my new email i added will they find out and suspend me ? if so how can i take payments by paypal if they write paying for item number ### then they will link this to my account and suspend is this right ? so i cant take payments from paypal anymore ? if i can please explain thanks chris

  • jack

    Hi again Aspkin..
    Bad news our new account was suspended after 7 days . I will ask this.. We are selling items that numerous ebay sellers sell.. just clothes accessories etc. Now how is it that they caught us.. we used a whole other persons info and identity. My partner who did not have an ebay account. We changed everything down to the ip and blocking ip software. our old e-mail address was still receiving e-mails from our last account for customer questions via ebay. they would come like this.. ebaymember…then I would open the e-mail and respond with your item was sent etc.. Is that our error. I know you said to never open an e-mail from ebay on the suspended account. We did not log into ebay. We awnsered the questions through our e-mail but those did come from ebay. Or could it be the items…we change the auctions too.. we changed everything. What do you think happened this time?

  • John

    I would say that was your mistake.
    If I was you I wouldn’t reply AT ALL to anything on the old e-mail address.

  • Steve

    I’ve heard that if you open an email from Ebay, they can grab your IP address. Is this true?

  • Steve

    Also, does anybody know anything about a site called that sells packages to get back on Ebay? They have a really nice website, but have not answered any of my emails. Weird.

  • John

    Steve, I wouldn’t buy any of them deals to get back on Ebay.
    Most of them are scums, and you don’t need them anyway, just follow the directions and the rules.

    Also, I noticed something else that I don’t think was mentioned.
    When you open a new Ebay seller’s account, DON’T PUT UP SHORT AUCTIONS(like,1-3 day auctions)!

    I seem to get suspended everytime I do that.
    Like, what was already said, start slow, get their trust.
    Don’t put really high dollar items up at first either.

  • Steve

    I have sold on Ebay for years and never use PayPal because its too expensive. I always have the buyers send checks and MO’s. These obviously have to be in my real name or they can’t be cashed. If I’m using a fake name on Ebay, how do I tell people to send me checks in my real name?

  • Saul

    Hey aspkin, i got another question this one is a good one. Well i know that you need 5 feedback to do buy it now for listings well thats important lol. Ive been suspended 3 times alrdy cuz i abused ebay to much with the one cent auction so i know im doing everything right. Its just that its the feedback. Well what is the fastest way to get feedback in 2 days? The first time i got banned was cause of to many one cent… the 2nd was because I used the same proxy addres! >,

  • Saul

    hm didnt get it all lol, well continuation of my question

    3rd time was because i ended the one cent auctions early to gain feedback… Well im wondering is it because of the one cent auctions that im putting or is it cuz im ending them early after 30 minutes to gain feedback. What if i made other listings like random ones ebook’s and ended them early to gain feedback. I need feedback bad lol… And would it matter if its the same person from before who gave me feedback on the last banned account…yah…. Well what is the fastest way to gain feedback in 2 days?…. thnx in advance!

  • jack

    So if we start over and change the ip address again.. this should work? I just feel so defeated like it’s more then th IP.. does ebay perhaps have a higher level of security on their end? Something that traces old ips even when replaced with new ones? If we completely cancel our current provider with TWC and sign up for something like net zero dial up does that clear us up? We listed about 185 items in the week but they are simple clothes etc… I know you are swamped with this stuff but can you put some extra thought into my reply and help me out. Everyhting has been so appreciated… As for the site.. went on it.. no replies.. seems like a scam so far.. PLEASE HELP.. This has really caused me such depression.. it’s our livlihood…




  • jack

    Steve Or Aspkin…
    Ok.. So now I have more great info now that you have shared the FADE news with me..Now does anyone know if ebay detects all the computers IPS that were ever logged into on the suspended account IE. I open my account from home, they have that ip now suspended.. I logged into that bad ip at a friends home computer a few times over a few weeks several months ago to do some work. Does ebay now track that IP and flag it? Should they also change their ip to avoid suspensions on their account or again am I going to far? I can’t stress enough how this mess has hurt my families entire income and now at Christmas.. Oh my gosh.. all I want to do is curl up and cry.. I feel like a terrible mom.. Suspended for the stupidet seller error to begin with..
    H~E~L~P!!!!! S~O~S!!!

  • dee

    ebay has agreed to reinstate my account for shill bidding. so i was wondering, is my ip clear to log in now? the thing is, i never logged into my account at any point from before and during the suspension, as my friend was using it, then notified me of the suspension, so i never actually logged on, so does ebay still know that it was associated with my ip? and also, like ive mentioned before, i logged into one of my friend’s suspended account several times, to pay ebay fees and so forth, so is my ip associated with their suspended account and not my own since i never logged in during the suspension? and if i log in now, will ebay think that i’m the same person from the current suspended account of my friend’s? i know this is really confusing to understand, lol. please help, cause even though MY OWN account is getting reinstated, i’m still afraid to log in because i’m afraid my ip is still linked to the suspended account, and was never associated with this one.

  • dee

    oh one more thing, i’ve used my paypal to pay for some of the ebay fees on my friend’s suspended account, and then a few weeks later, apparently my paypal was still linked with MY ebay account, so it paid the fees automatically on my account, both were through the same credit card. does that mean i can’t use the paypal anymore?

  • Steve

    My understanding is when you open an email from Ebay on a suspended account, it plants a suspension cookie on your computer. Then when you log onto Ebay in your new account, it see’s the suspension cookie and suspends the new account also. It only takes one screwup and your toast.

  • Saul

    ok another question to sry…. ok I use really awsome and great it instantly tells you what you buy and everything really great! I recodmend this site. But what I do is I take the money out the card Fyi this is a virtual card i leave like 1 cent in it lol. Cause I want my money back. If i let ebay check it and they get denied from it since they take out a dollar and reverse would that matter? Or they just want to check it checkkk it to see if its even valid. Because im not paying for my fee’s with it im using my paypal. Which reminds me just to clarify, you can still use paypal to pay the fee’s but it wouldnt hurt you cause they dont link the adreses when paying for fee’s correct? Because theyll see my name when I pay the fee’s for my ebay. Saul blaah blah. Will I still be safe?

    thnx in advance and anyone who can answer my questions.

  • aspkin

    Hi guys,

    John, for the most part this is correct. Though for your address you need to keep your city and country the same to have eBay accept it. Never use your same name and street address; eBay will be able to match you up with a suspended account a lot easier and suspend you if you do.

    Chris this is what you need to do: “Go to your Paypal account >> Profile >> Email and select to add a new email address. Once this is done, Paypal will send a verification email to that email address for you to verify. Once verified the only thing you have to do on eBay’s end is to add your paypal email address to your auctions and you’re good to go. Do not select to link your eBay and Paypal accounts via ‘eBay Seller Account'; this will cause your account to be suspended. It’s fairly easy, don’t over complicate it and you’ll be okay.” This enables you to receive and accept eBay payments to your Paypal account, this is really easy and it works.

    Jack I don’t know if you remember reading this within any of my articles but creating a new account is the easy part, keeping it is the problem. From what you wrote, it seems the only connection you had to your other suspended eBay account was that of your email replies; this may or may not have caused it. Though eBay is able to monitor if you open an email address and what links you click on within the email address, I don’t believe they’re able to grab your IP address, but if I were you I wouldn’t chance it and take this as a learning experience for any future accounts you create. Also what excuses did eBay give you for the suspension? If it’s because they “linked your account to a suspended eBay account” then something you did caused your account to be linked to your suspended eBay account. I (my company) have stopped being suspended all together. After being suspended probably 25-30 times in the early days, we were able to fix our problem, find out why we were suspended and try again. Though I hope you don’t have to go through what we had to go through just to sell on eBay, that’s one of the reasons I created this guide to help other people and to help people in my business combat eBay suspensions.

    I got off topic a little, depending on what reason eBay has giving you for the suspension; this will help you determine what went wrong, and how to fix it. I can’t really say what went wrong until I know the reason eBay have giving you for the suspension.

    I’m agreeing with John on this one, once an account of mine was suspended I stop replying to the emails just as a safety precaution, you might want to do the same.

    Steve, I hardly doubt they will be able to grab a person’s IP from an email address, but it’s a good idea to not open theses emails with the same computer you’re using with your new eBay account just in case.

    Steve the only thing useful I see from is the 10+ Feedback eBay Account, because that takes a decent amount of time to achieve. Everything else looks like a waste of time and is over priced. EBay credit card?? 39.95 USD when you get one you’re self for $20 at The Secret eBook? Oohh! Probably all copied content from sites like mine. If they’re not answering your emails that doesn’t sound very user friendly… I wouldn’t waste your time or money on them.

    And with your Checks and MO you could try sending an email to the buyer and let them know who the make the Check/MO out to. You should try Paypal; they’re actually not that expensive. EBay is more expensive then Paypal.

    Saul this is a problem with new eBay users. There is no easy way to gain feedback fast besides buying small auctions, 99 cent auctions, maybe an ebook of some sort or having a friend with an eBay account help you out with buying some small auctions of yours. It’s a big pain.

    Jack read Steve’s post on F.A.D.E. SOFTWARE, this totally makes sense. Opps reading the next post down seems you did. Good job. Okay second hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s easy to create a new eBay account and continue selling, but if you mess up just once… you’re screwed, and you have to start over and hope for the best. You have a business, and if you only rely on medium to reach your customers you’re bound to have problems. I’m sure you already know this but think of your business as a chair or a table. If you only have one leg keeping your up, what happens if you lose that leg? You need to at least have 3 legs, one for eBay, one for a personal website, which I saw you had a few days ago, and one for an entire different business or income stream. EBay especially you can’t 100% rely on them. When you have the time, I would seriously think about setting up a shopping cart on your website with all your products, make it look professional and emailing all your past customers to let them know of your new medium. Once you have your website setup, it’s not going anywhere, you’ll be more secure.

    Back to eBay, yes eBay monitors each IP logging into an account; it’s a good idea to have your friend change their IP address just in case. Jack keep calm and don’t give up, the moment you give up you’ll lose. Steve has posted some great advice about FADE and how to keep your account, the hardest part. Just remember to start small, and take your time to gain eBay’s trust.

    Dee you’ll be fine, I think you asked this about a week ago, lol, just log in already. Your Paypal account is fine too; eBay and Paypal are not connected in this way.

    Steve you could be right, I personally never read my past suspended emails; I don’t like to chance it.

    Saul I would recommend to at least keep a couple dollars in your prepaid card just so eBay can verify you card is active, also yes you can pay you eBay balance from your seller account. Select to make a one time payment and you’ll be okay.

    Good luck!!


  • jack

    Hi Guys! Aspkin, Dee, Steve, Chris.. The entire gang!

    I know all of us have different reasons for being here but I am touched at how we are all able to help one-another… As you may see in my previos posts I am quite depressed over this..But enough with my sob stories.. I won’t give up and will get this right! Question Aspkin, when you say never link the paypal ebay accounts, I enter my paypal e-mail in the seller page for customers to send payments but where is this option for linking the accounts. I want to walk through it to make sure I don’t do it again.
    Also..the reasons ebay suspended me again were 3 e-mails that came as follows:
    FPA NOTICE: Ebay suspension: abusing ebay-user agreement listings removed.
    This is also the e-mail that a rep sent, thought you guys may be interested Aspkin.. I would trust you with my first born! These guys, not so sure…

    Our eBay accounts are setup via our special techniques, to immunize them against suspensions. BUT, you cannot list forbidden items, you cannot list abusively, you cannot list risky items, you cannot go against eBay’s rules. So it also depends on your own use of the account.

    Steve & Aspkin.. I guess when people don’t know what the prob is they assume it’s my computer being traced, tracked, so when I change IPS again.. They can NEVER know I was linked with the old, unless I screw it up? I hate to ask and ask but you guys all feel like my only outlet.. Anyone need any favors? Please let me know.. whatever I may do to help.. I will..
    looking forward to everyones replies..Happy holidays as well..

    • Letisha

      Hi jack
      Ivebeen suspended I thinki had my warning
      Resisted again
      Then my item was taken off
      And I’m awaiting my account t status response to see what they wish to do

      I’m not very technical minded
      I’m upset cause i loose my feedback and I don’t know how long it will take to open a eBay sellers store again
      Do u know ????

  • jack

    HI Guys.. For those interested another reply.. I ask the same things I ask here.. About My old Ip being linked to the new one I re-set, I asked if they new how ebay tracked it. Response from Bashar Below:

    Yes they can track you via beacons, IP, MAC addresses, cookies, java, and much more, and this is why we have techniques to avoid all their tricks and we hand you our final work with a new account.

  • aspkin

    Jack, I can create a new eBay account easily and hand it off to anyone with no problems, it’s keeping your account. That’s the problem.

  • Steve

    I don’t have a problem keeping an account if I don’t piss off my buyers. If someone doesn’t get a 3 dollar item I sent and they didn’t buy insurance, I don’t refund. I didn’t lose it, the PO did. So I get a neg FB. I got 8 negs on an account I had a YEAR ago, started a new account with the same credit card, used it for over a year, and Ebay suspended the account with the neg’s, (I had not looked at in in a year), then suspended my current account for being connected to the old one. To get reinstated, I have to ‘make right’ all those neg’s and have the people post to Ebay that I took care of it. Ebay is automatically assuming that all the neg’s are my fault. To get my present account back, I did as they asked and sent a copy of my drivers licence, bank statement, and phone bill. I faxed it twice and never heard back from Ebay, of course. Why did I think I would. So thats my story.

  • Steve

    I have another person on my wireless internet connection who has 2 Ebay accounts. When they suspended me, they suspended one of their accounts, but not the other one. Weird. When I get a new IP address, this will change the IP of the other person also. Will Ebay pick up on this and make anything out of it? I mean, they can’t know its the same house, it could be an apartment building or an office, they wouldn’t know.

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    When you say start out small with listings under your new name, whats your idea of small? How many items is it safe to list without getting Ebay attention? 10? 30? More?

    I usually list 70-80 with TurboLister, but I know thats out for awhile. I know I have to change the background on my pics and how I write the listings. Any other tips?

  • jack

    Hi there.

    This week I listed the following on the new account.. 20 items day 1, 30, 2nd day three 40 day four and so on.. until day 6.. suspended.. again I sell nothing that will be veroed, or list breaking rules.. simple clothes.. I did open the e-mail once I chnged ip’s that came to the old bad e-mail.. opened it and believe that is why I was suspended.. Aspkin.. I was suspended again for abusing ebay that’s all they said.. Trying again….

  • Saul

    Just to make sure when i make another new account(for being careless). Would it matter if i bought an item from this one seller who gives automatic feedback cause ive been doing that from 3 banned accounts that received that same feedback. (easy feedback)

    and…would it matter if i recieved almost da same feedback from users who gave me feedback from before when i was banned.. but im making all the listings different this time.

  • jack

    Hi There.. Aspkin or Steve..
    Can you reccomend any other clean up issues I need to have happen on my computer to stop ebay from detecting us? Delete cookies, Change IP.. anything else you can think of? I lack in this dept so if you tell me what to do or what to get to ensure my safety.. I will get it.. I have ip blocker software just not sure how good it is..
    Thanks.. Happy Sunday all!

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    Success! Tried the ipconfig, didn’t work. Left the modem unplugged overnight, now I have a new IP.

    I have read on several sites now that reading any email from Ebay on a suspended account plants a suspension cookie on your computer, so DON’T DO IT! My brother says I should do a complete system recovery before I get a new account, that way everything is wiped off my hard drive. Too drastic?

    He says they suspended him because I paid my Ebay fee’s last summer from his PayPal account and they linked the email address to his account. Possible?

  • jacklyn

    Steve.. Great news…
    I am following your lead with the ip.. (3rd time should be a charm) Anyhow.. you seem to know some good info along with all of aspkins advice… Do you reccomend me doing anything else to completely clean up my system.. Delete all cookies.. system restores, anything!!! I am working my butt of to research how exactly I can create a clean slate on my computer to assure no probs.. I am aware of the ebay suspension cookies you mentioned and just want to double check..
    Thanks so much

  • jacklyn

    Should I worry that ebay can track our router ip, mac ip and regular ip?? Ahh.. what does all this stuff mean.. I am freaking out.. everytime I think I am on the right track, I read something new that worries me..
    Thank you

  • tony

    Hi there, i just have a few quick questions regarding the ip change. I have a dsl modem, and a linksys router. So basically if I disconnect from the internet and log back on, my ip address is different, when the modem is connected to my computer directly. But when it’s connected to the router, it says that the ip is that standard , and this never changes. So is this my ip address therefore, or is it just the router ip, and does it matter, will ebay still catch me even though when connected directly to my computer it’s different. But normally it’s connected to my router, so I’m unsure what this means. Also, once an ip address changes, and u want to change it again, is there a chance that it will go back to an old previous ip u had before?? Thank you for your time

  • Nick

    So ive been thinking about making myself a new ebay account but im not sure how I should change my info. I realize that you should change your name and address slightly, but wont putting in different info confuse both your buyers and guys you buy things from? Wouldn’t having a different address associated with ebay than paypal cause confusion for others? Exactly how much should I change? Could someone give me some tips on what i should change, and what these “slight” changes really are?

    Also, say I make a new account. Would selling something like a ps3 right off the bat be a problem? From what i’ve read it seems to be mostly quantity of items that gets people shut down. I only have one to sell, so would selling it be a problem?


  • tony

    oh and one more thing, not sure if it’s important or not, my internet is never disconnected, as in when i turn off and on my computer, the internet is already connected, I don’t need to log in or anything. Thanks

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    My understanding of IP’s is that when you release yours, that IP then becomes the next available one. Thats why you get it right back if you only wait a couple minutes before plugging the modem back in. When you leave it off for 12 hours, the chances are good somebody else got it. Thats why if you change it again in the future, the odds are astronomical that you will ever get the same IP again.

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    I have to figure this out before I get a new account. My brother and I share a wireless connection. I got kicked off Ebay because of an account I haven’t used in a year and that got connected to my present account and one of my brothers accounts, which both got suspended. Now, why haven’t they suspended my brothers other account? He has bought and sold on it in the month since the suspension with no problem. My theory is that because I paid my Ebay fee’s last summer with his PP account, and the email address for the PP and the account of his that got suspended are the same, thats how Ebay connected the 2 accounts.

    We are using the same IP address. But my theory on that is Ebay is much more cautious now about dumping every account that shares an IP address. I have a friend who’s entire 20 unit apartment building has one router and one IP address. Ebay would dump all the people in the building if the blocked that IP. There are entire floors of offices that use one IP address, same problem for Ebay there. I think they want to have more to go on than JUST an IP address, before they dump somebody. Maybe?

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    >> But when it’s connected to the router, it says that the ip is that standard>>

    Thats the router IP, mine says those numbers also. If you want you real IP, the one Ebay see’s, plug your computer directly into the modem, OR, go to Google, type in MY IP ADDRESS, and go to one of the sites that will immediately tell you your IP address. Thats what I do.

  • Cindi

    I have read this every detail on this entire site. I understand the address, credit card, bank account, etc. My question is about the phone number. I have read on other blogs that if they call and the # is disconnected, etc that raises another red flag. I don’t want to use the number that may be linked to previous accounts. What should I do? I must say that I have paid $70 each for two accounts that I could have done myself had I read this first!!! I am kicking myself right now. Oh well, you live and learn I guess. Thanks so much for this info. I’ve added you to my favorites. You’re the best…

  • tony

    that is great! thank you! do you know if ip addresses ever go back to an old one that you had before?

  • tony

    Sorry, I just read your post about that. =) Thank you again!

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    The impression I’m getting, from reading and re-reading all the posts here, is that when Ebay shuts down one of your new accounts, its mostly because you screwed up, and not some wizardry on Ebay’s part.

  • Nos

    I had been an eBay seller for about a month now. Everyday, i list around 4-5 items, and finally, i got suspended by eBay regarding “abusing ebay policy” I was wondering what that really means? and is there a chance of re-instating my account? because i worked pretty hard to earn those feedbacks. Thank you.

  • aspkin

    Geez, Okay…

    Steve, eBay has too many customers with so many problems that they don’t care who they suspend or why. You’re best bet is to try to talk to their live chat. They respond faster this way. Same for other people; if you have been suspended, ask eBay Live Chat why. Demand the reason for being suspended; this could help you with your new account.

    Also Steve with your IP address, yes since you’re using a router, if you change your IP address it will change for both computers. Though changing your IP address will help when creating a new account, once both of you guys have accounts again, and log in using the same IP, eBay will link your accounts together again. So if anything happens to one account, suspension, it will happen to the other.

    Spike I usually tell my team no more then 100 listings a day, any more then that I’ve had problems, but the more I think about it, listing 20-30 the first week or so and then up to 100 auctions per day seems safer. Think of it from eBay’s point of view. A new user signs up and immediately starts listing 100 auctions per day for weeks, this doesn’t look like the normal user. Also I have found once you’re able to list quantities, don’t list a huge amounts of them. Three to five per auction is okay. I believe it’s also to do with your the cost per item your selling. Most of my items were $50-$150. If you have higher dollar listings, you might want to take it even slower.

    Jack, ask eBay why they suspended you, contact their Live Support; they should be able to pinpoint the reason why. I hope that helps.

    Saul I don’t believe eBay keeps track of that. You should be okay.

    Jack, nothing else more then what I wrote in the article. Just make sure to never use the same information twice, change everything I mentioned within the article.

    Spike it’s because you guys shared the same IP address; this links your accounts together. Just make sure to delete your cookies/saved passwords, uninstall Turbo Lister, change your IP address, and the other things I mentioned. Also with you too, make sure never to use your same name or address etc, eBay is always searching for combinations of your information on anyone else to suspend. I’m not sure how long they keep your information, but it seems long enough.

    Jacklyn, you just have to worry about your regular IP address.

    Tony! Good questions! Is your router IP address. To see your computer IP address, visit this site. Check IP. Also about changing your IP address, I used to log each change to my IP address using notepad and I have found that my IP address almost never is the same when I direct connect. When I’m connected to a router though, sometimes if I forget to reset the router, the IP address won’t change. Just make sure to reset your router to accept the new IP address and to double check your IP address using the website I linked and you’ll be okay.

    Nick if you’re buying items as well, obviously you’ll want to keep your name and address as close to your real information as you can. Change the spelling of your name a little and add ST. or DR. at the end of your address and you should be okay this way. And yes listing a large quantity from the get go is a red flag and will get you suspended quickly. If you just have one item, and you list it as a regular auction I don’t see why eBay would suspend you for this.

    Tony, that’s high speed internet for you. How do people live without it? :)

    Spike from what other users have pointed out, eBay is looking for more then just an IP address to link accounts. If say your address is the same or last name is the same; I believe this would be enough to warrant linking the accounts. Also I believe for new accounts within weeks or months old they’ll probably link those types of accounts as well. There is more but I think you get the point.

    Thanks Cindi, I appreciate that. I’m guessing you’re not from the United States, though I tracked your IP to Lexington, KY; kind of weird. Most international eBays verify their customers by phone. When doing so its more of an inconvenience and therefore harder to get around. Only thing is to try another way to become verified or borrow a neighbor’s phone? You could also try to change your number or get a prepaid phone but that can become costly.

    Hahah Spike, that’s basically correct. I don’t believe eBay is out to get anyone. Their main interest is to their business. In order for them to stay in business they need to follow rules. Most of these rules are okay for the common user, but for the hardcore seller it could be a death sentence. What eBay thinks is helping their business, it’s probably actually killing them. They are driving away users by the thousands daily, and when people can’t get their fix from one location they’ll try somewhere else. This is why eBay competitors are increasingly doing better and will hopefully take over eBay in the coming years.

    I personally hate eBay.

    Hi Nos, “abusing eBay policy” is a standard go away message. It could mean anything. Before you create a new account, you need to contact eBay Live Chat and ask them specifically what went wrong. Only then you’ll be able to fix your mistake for any future accounts.

    Sorry for any sentence structure or spelling mistakes, I just woke up. :)


  • Cindi

    Hello. I am from the USA. The reason I asked about the phone number is because from time to time ebay calls about promotions, etc. If the number you have is not working, or someone tells them they have the wrong # this can throw up a red flag. Or at least that is what has happened in the past. I put in a different phone number, and apparently they tried calling about a promotion and could not reach me. They immediately sent a message to me through my ebay message system telling me to update my phone #. Any suggestions would be apprecaited! Thanks…

  • aspkin

    I’ve never heard of that causing a suspension, I would guess at least 1/3 or people giving eBay a phone number is a bogus one. Sure they’ll ask you to update your phone number, but I don’t think they’ll suspend you if you don’t.

  • Cindi

    One more thing… I am planning to set this new account up today. I sell authentic items of my own that sometimes are traced by Vero. Since I am needing to sell some of these things, I plan to do it on 3 seperate accounts on 3 seperate computers. In your experience is is safe to list a high priced item (only 1) immediately after signing up? I plan to make a purchase on each of these but didn’t know. I would be having a reserve price of $500-$700 on them. (They are high end handbags) for which I have receipts for and I will include a photo of the receipt in the listing. Thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    How about Yahoo internet phone? For $2.50 a month, you can get a real phone number that anybody can call and you answer it on the internet. Its a phone number and you’re paying for it, how could Ebay object.

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    I read everything you have said about PayPal and am still very nervous about using it. I have access to a PP account that has never been connected to an Ebay seller account except to make a one time payment on an Ebay account and to buy cheap FB when I opened a new account in the past. And even though I’ve used it to pay Ebay, you say they won’t connect the accounts together if I use it on the account I’m about to open? Its just so hard to believe.

  • mani

    encountered the following since today (what do we do now???……Help)
    In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts. Your eBay account has been restricted from listing this item at this time until you have verified through PayPal.

    1) To verify your PayPal account, click on your country of eBay registration below to understand how to complete that process.

    2) If you already have a verified PayPal account, and are still receiving this message, you need to link it to your eBay account.

    For instructions on how to become PayPal Verified or how to link your PayPal account to your eBay account, please click on the site of your eBay registration

  • Nos

    Thank you for your great reply, it is greatly appreciated. One of the other thing that concerns me its about ebook on ebay. Is it a smart way to buy , for example 10 ebooks and earn 10 feedback right away in order to get the privilage of the buy it now option? Cause i have read other guides and some guides do recommend that for feedbacks and i would be interested in knowing your opinion about that. Thank you.

    P.S: Your guide is extremely well-done! I really enjoy reading it and i learned alot from there. Thank you

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    I have bought ebooks and coupons about half a dozen times to get new FB and have never had a problem. Ebay even recommends this very thing for new users.

  • Saul

    Dont buy ebooks to fast, i bought 2 ebooks when i made my account and it wouldnt let me again, then I kept trying,I dont know if thats abusing ebay because u try to buy alot and it keep’s telling u. *to avoid abuse we have limit user to buy so many items per day* aspkin what do you say to that? or anyone ?>

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    Why are 3 day auctions such a bug-a-boo? I have been selling on Ebay under different ID’s since 1996, when Ebay was a pup.. I have always used 5 day auctions, always. 10’s of thousands of them. Then about 6 weeks ago, I tried 3 day and saw I got the same response. So I listed 300 3 day auctions in 4 days and got expelled for being connected to one of my old accounts that had 8 non-performance FB’s. Now I’m wondering if it was the 3 day auctions that tipped FADE into looking closely at me and thats all it took.

    Whats so bad about 3 day auctions? I mean, I had 800 positive FB’s on the account, it should have been OK. For those of you that weren’t on Ebay in the good ol days, you really missed something. Nothing was banned; guns, Nazi items, human body parts (doctors office skeletons), brand name knockoff’s, you could sell dog poop on a stick and somebody would buy it. It was heaven till about 1999, its been downhill ever since.. Sigh..

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    Dont buy ebooks to fast,>>>

    Mix it up, buy ebooks, buy coupons, buy 1 cent items. You only need about 10 positive FB’s to look legit. Truth be told, I have started many accounts over the years with zero FB and I did just as well. Just sell cheapo items at first and get some legit FB and you’re good to go. People are generally very trusting and will give you the benefit of the doubt. But you have to be very friendly and have a nice appearance in the auction. And this is without PayPal, which I loathe. I have been on Ebay for 10 years and have never taken PayPal except in extreme cases and I have always done well. If people want what you’re selling, they will send a check or MO. Screw payPal.. The thing is, if you don’t do PP and sell worldwide, you will still make many many sales to overseas customers. And these people are excellent customers, I don’t think I’ve been screwed once by an overseas customer. Except when I’ve taken a PP payment from them. Then they have all kinds of complaints. To hell with PayPal, its not worth the hassle..

  • SB


    if that was in your email inbox it looks like a phishing email. If there are any links in the copy them to notepad and check the url’s (or simply hover over them in outlook). If they dont go to an obvious ebay URL then it is someone hoping to capture your login details through a copy of the paypal / ebay sign in page hosted on their own server. Add the sender to your junk email and ignore it if that the case.


  • chris

    thanks for the info aspkin just a couple more questions if you dont mind :-) so i can keep my old email address no problem as long as i dont open any emails from ebay yea ? im from uk so all this shud work for no problems ? i have a sign for the top of my listings if i put the sign up on my listings again will i get suspended ? as its very simlar to my banned user name , what if i choose i very similar user name accept for say a couple of these in it _ or a number would this be fine ?

  • Cindi

    On the Simon card, do I need to purchase the Simon gift account. It says this is delivered online or do I need to purchase the card that is actually delivered? I didn’t know if the gift account option could be used anywhere or just with the Simon store? Please advise…

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    This is interesting. ‘An eBay login sets 30 eBay cookies, certainly the most of any site on the web. A SEARCH sets 13 more eBay cookies plus 2 dreaded Doubleclicks. A search for completed auctions and eBay sets 23 more cookies, and 2 more Doubleclicks.’

    This what you deal with every time you log on. The experts say Ebay is the cookie king, I’m convinced they plant something on your computer if you open email from a suspended account, even years later. Scary.

  • Ga

    The situation with opening emails from ebay ,is it possible to not open your emails directly,on your outlook express ,and open them through your IP’s member section and reply that way once you have opened a new ebay account,is it okay to run a dynamic IP and not change your IP with a new account,


  • Saul

    Hey guys go to they got a virtual card you can get there too and its real easy to use also. It gives you every detail of when you make a payment or when ebay checks to see if your card is valid etc. Another benifit is that you can hook it up to a new paypal account and transfer the money to your paypal. You only lose 2 dollars out of it.

    Oh yah put any info and adres you like its like easy to use, i used simon card’s like once but it didnt proces and was a bit confusing but

    The delivery is instantly! So you got your virtual card in like one minute and then just verifiry which takes about 25 minutes to process.

    Just trying to help here since i read like everything here! lol

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    This is how nutty Ebay is. A few months ago I was listing some items and had a bunch of them pulled in violation of Ebay policy. So I uploaded pics of similar items to my website, sent the link to Ebay and they wrote back and said listing these items would be fine. So I listed them and the next day they were all pulled and I got a 7 day suspension. This was AFTER Ebay pre-approved the items.

    I wrote them and told them all of this and got the reply that the person who pre-approved the items was not the person who terminated the items. There was a difference of opinion and the items were now permanently banned. In other words, even the Ebay employee’s often don’t know how to interpret Ebay policies, yet we the public are supposed to get it right every time. Its a bad way to run a business when the business itself doesn’t know how to follow its own rules.

  • Superbness

    Aspkin–> I keep getting suspended for abuse and Im trying to figure out why. My new account was 2 weeks old and I listed 20 items for sale and 2 days later I get suspended. I did by mistake open one email from my suspended ebay account when I was logged into my new ebay account and on my new IP. I thought the email that was in my gmail account was from a member who had a question about one of my items with my bew account, but it was a ebay member from my old account. I changed my email in my paypal account also.

    Also is it safe to buy like 7 .01 cent ebooks a day. I was buying alot of 1 cent ebooks, but they said that was safe as long as I paid for it. Im feedup.

    Also I recommend Privacy Eraser for all of you . Its great and erases all cookies and all the other jun on your computer

    Does anyone have the Get back On Ebay Again ebay books?

  • Steve (aka Spike)

    DO NOT open emails from Ebay unless you are at the fricking library! Its becomimg fairly obvious that Ebay plants a cookie or an image on your ‘puter and thats how you’re getting caught. I have used only Yahoo for the 10 years I’ve been on Ebay, so their crap is never on my computer. I know the boss says to trust PayPal, but I can’t even do that. PayPal majorly sucks anyway, screw them. Only use email accounts that store info away from your conputer, and NEVER open an email from Ebay on those suspended accounts.

    What I do is store all closed auctions on Yahoo. Then when the buyer sends me an email from Ebay about an item, I do a Yahoo email search of the Ebay item number, and send the buyer a Yahoo initiated email, not one that goes thru Ebay. Get it? Wise up people..

  • Cindi

    Okay I think I understand… You mean that if we get an email with a question on our item, we can open it and reply directly through the email account? I too use Yahoo! but I am a little confused on this…

  • aspkin

    This makes sense… I’ve nevered used Outlook or whatever it’s called, I’ve either used gmail or yahoo to open eBay’s email. Good catch Steve. Either way I wound’t chance it by opening any of eBay’s emails if you have been suspended.

  • Superbness

    December 7, 2006
    Steve (aka Spike) said:

    DO NOT open emails from Ebay unless you are at the fricking library!

    Steve/Aspkin please answer my questions. My questions was not answered in lost post. Thank You:)

    (1.) So Steve what you are saying is that I shouldn’t open any emails from my new ebay account as well as my old ebay account on my computer?

    (2)Should I read and reply to emails of my new account at a library or will it be safe to reply to emails in regards to my new account at home?

    (3)Can ebay track me if I’m logged into my new ebay account and I log into GMAIL or HOTMAIL and open an email from my suspended account while logged onto my new ebay account? Also I usually use privacy eraser before I log on to ebay every time, so all my cookies is erased.

    (4)Also if Ive been an ebayer for 2 weeks , is it safe to list 20 items or will that be an red flag, and is it safe to buy alot of those .01 cent items within a few days without causing an red flag?

    (5) Ebay keeps saying Im suspended because of abuse of policy blaa blaa blaa, does that me that they got me linked to my old accounts or is it something else im doing?

    (6) Oh is it worth trying to reinstate my suspended acounts or should i move on

    I do appreciate your response. Thank You

  • Mani

    Hello SB, its not phissing or spam. Its happening on EBAY…..

    here is an email from another fellow ebayer who just got suspended…..
    Hi this is the explanation I got for my account being suspended. It
    looks like its all over for us!

    The thing is I never actually got any warnings or meesages when I
    listed the items.

    If you list it looks like they red flag and they automatically come off

    Subject: Re: IV=C11005 Ask about your blocked or suspended account [#UK
    &12621 ?00 ] (KMM3120099V9939L0KM) Received: 05-Dec-06
    From: eBay Customer Support Expires: 03-Feb-07

    You responded to this message on 05-Dec-06.

    Thank you for writing back to us regarding the suspension of your
    Account, xxtrxxeS11 . I’d like to give you more information.

    EBay’s main priority is to ensure the safety of its members by keeping
    The site a safe place to buy and sell. We are committed to keeping
    fraud And counterfeits off our site.

    Here’s an overview of the initiatives that eBay has introduced and a
    Brief explanation of why we have introduced each one. If you
    Inadvertently try to list a restricted item, an error message with
    Further information will be displayed to let you know which restriction
    Is being breached.

    1) Sellers must verify their PayPal account and link it to their eBay

    EBay members who are “PayPal Verified” have confirmed their identity by
    Completing PayPal’s verification steps

    2) Sellers must be registered for a period of time to sell certain Items.

    Requiring sellers to be registered for a period of time in order to
    sell Certain items will help eBay limit the listing of counterfeits on the Site.

    3) 1 & 3 day listings will no longer be available for certain types of Items.

    Because of the short duration time of these listings, there is little
    Time for eBay members and rights owners to detect counterfeit items and
    Have eBay remove them.

    4) Cross-border trade for certain types of items will be restricted.

    As some countries are more vulnerable to counterfeiting than others,
    EBay has restricted the trading of certain items to a number of Countries.

    5) The high volume listing of certain types of items will be restricted.

    If a seller lists a lot of items of a particular type that are often
    Subject to counterfeiting, they may be prevented from listing
    additional Items of that type for a period of time.

    I hope this information helps to clarify our position for you. We
    Appreciate your time and support in helping us to keep eBay a safe and
    Fun place to buy and sell.

    Kind regards,

    Any comments anyone??? Now EBAY wants us to link our Paypal a/c to our ebay a/c….otherwise you cant list certain items….

  • mozilla

    WOW! What a great site full of so much detailed info! My story is as follows:

    My Ebay account was suspended due to being linked to another suspended account i had not used for the past year. I emailed Ebay and told them this but of course they did not care. I was a silver powerseller with $8,000 a month sales & once i was permanently suspended all this came to a screeching hault! Now i’m sitting on tons of inventory that i cannot sell until i ran into to your site! I am going to try your steps to start a new account and i will update everyone on this. Again, keep up the great work!

  • aspkin

    Hey guys, sorry I’m not very active here, I try to, but I have around 30 other websites to tend to. I’ll try to answer your questions now.

    Cindi, with concerns over your handbag sales, you’ll probably have some problems because your items are considered a VERO product and the price of your item. If you can sell it fast, within 1-2 days you should be okay. Long auctions aren’t recommended.

    Spike, Yahoo Internet phones sound like a good deal for verification. And yes you don’t need to worry about your Paypal account. EBay has a built in feature to link your Paypal account to your eBay account, and as long as you don’t do this you’ll be okay.

    Mani, you just have to verify your Paypal account, this is another reason why using your current paypal account is recommend.

    Nos, thanks for your compliments. Buying eBooks is a great way to build feedback fast and safe. I say go for it!

    Saul, just like the abusing eBay suspension, this tells me that eBay is placing virtual limitations of buying and selling of items. Spread out your buying and selling over time.

    Spike, yeah eBay is going down hill fast. I give stuff away now instead of taking my time and trying to sell it on eBay. Personal things I mean. I gave away a laptop with a keyboard problem to a friend of mine this summer. I could have sold that thing for at least $500-$600. I hate eBay.

    Spike and it’s true about overseas customers, I wouldn’t take Paypal from them, except the ones in the UK, but I would take other forms of payment. Accepting money from Paypal is dangerous no matter who you receive it from. There are so many scammers out there, a lot of them in the U.S. believe it or not. We do phone and IP verification just to make sure a customer is legit. If we didn’t we would be out of business, it’s that bad. One out of five of our eBay customers are scammers.

    Mani!! Ohh! I didn’t realize what type of questions you were asking. Never click on a link from an email address and try logging into anything. Like I was saying in the last paragraph, scammers are everywhere. Scammers get their accounts from phishing emails to millions of eBay and Paypal users a day hoping someone will click on a link and log in. And they do! Read this post, EBay PHISHING

    Chris, you can use your same email address for other things other then eBay but you can’t use it for eBay it self. And yes don’t even bother opening the emails, there seems to be some sort of way eBay is able to track users in this way. And your auction banner may have to change, change the file name at least to put off any filters looking for that specific file name with the URL. Your user name should be okay too, try not to have it too similar. :)

    Cindi, Simon gift accounts are best, they’re delivered via email, but the only down side is they require a verified by Visa CC.

    Spike, that’s the reason to clean your computer before creating a new account. :)

    Ga, I would just use Gmail and Yahoo email providers for your eBay emails. They’re safer and you don’t have to download anything, so there shouldn’t be any cookies. But just to make sure don’t open any emails after you have been suspended. Just don’t even use that email account, create a new Gmail or Yahoo, or any major email provider and try again. Easy.

    Saul, good find. I’ll check them out the next time I need a Giftcard.

    Superbness, I would recommend asking eBay why you were suspended specifically. Demand an answer from them, so you can fix your mistake next time. Did I mention I hate eBay?

    Good stuff Steve, thanks for helping out with questions and answers.

    Cindi, reading your question again, yes you can reply directly from your email provider and it will be sent to the customers email provider. It will not show within your eBay messages or the customer’s eBay messages. I do often. Replying directly to the email is safer when it comes to IPs.


    1) Sellers must verify their Paypal account and link it to their eBay
    Account. EBay members who are “PayPal Verified” have confirmed their identity by Completing PayPal’s verification steps

    >> If this is true, and you need to link your Paypal account, there could be a problem. But I haven’t seen this notification for any of the items we sell. What items are triggering this? Anyone seeing this?

    2) Sellers must be registered for a period of time to sell certain Items.

    Requiring sellers to be registered for a period of time in order to
    sell Certain items will help eBay limit the listing of counterfeits on the Site.

    >> I’m pretty sure this has been active for awhile. Anyone effected?

    3) 1 & 3 day listings will no longer be available for certain types of Items.

    Because of the short duration time of these listings, there is little
    Time for eBay members and rights owners to detect counterfeit items and
    Have eBay remove them.

    >> Haha, damn eBay! This will probably screw bulk sellers.

    4) Cross-border trade for certain types of items will be restricted.

    As some countries are more vulnerable to counterfeiting than others,
    EBay has restricted the trading of certain items to a number of Countries.

    >> This is only related to countries listed with high rate of fraud etc.

    5) The high volume listing of certain types of items will be restricted.

    >> What I get from this is eBay is taking steps to slow down people like us. This just means, you’ll need to start off slow when listing. Gain your feedback, and trust from eBay and you should be okay.

    The common seller will be okay here. The hardcore sellers like us might find this challenging. What I recommend is to not put all your eggs in one basket; you need to diversify you business. Start an ecommerce website and list all your products and services there. With the amount of money you’re spending on eBay fees, you can easily set up a Google adwords account to lead customers to your site. With my business we receive most of our sales from our websites; eBay is secondary and is unpredictable.

    In order to have a permanent place on the internet to sale your items with or without eBay you need a website. Think about it. Your website won’t be suspended or disappear overnight. You’ll have a long lasting presence on the web which will continue to build with traffic and customers. You can even send your eBay customers to your website to continue the sale. Anything is possible. It’s not the end of the world if you’re having problems with eBay, it could be a new beginning.


  • Superbness

    Nos , with much respect to what aspkin, but I would not buy alot of ebooks to get feedback. Ebay will red flag you right away. They red flag new users who buy alot of them cheap ebooks to get feedback. Be careful. I got suspended twice for doing that.

  • Superbness

    I demanded and demanded but nothing. Customer service live chat says they dont know, and they said I have to contact trust and security bla bla which I did and still no reply.

  • Superbness

    Aspkins why wont you answer my questions ? I have unanswered questions 6 rows above that you wont answer for whatever the reason but you will answer everyone else questions. Could you please take the time to answer my question like you did Mani, or is this your way of saying your are clueless in regards to my questions?

    Also can I have the link to your other websites. I would like an example of how to set up an ecommerce website

  • Spike

    Cindi, no you CAN’T under any circumstances open an email that generated from Ebay on a suspended account. This means mail from buyers that was sent thru Ebay. If you can see the item number in question without opening the email, you can write to that buyer directly without going thru Ebay by looking at your old mail and finding the item number and hopefully the buyers email address. I save every single email for this very reason.. Or open the mail at the library so Ebay can’t ‘see’ you. The whole point is to keep Ebay’s spying techniques from infecting your home conputer.

  • aspkin

    Superbness sorry I’m not avoiding you; I just posted my last response before approving your comment and thus not seeing it to reply to. And actually I just finished replying back to you when I accidentally closed the browser. Sigh…

    Though I have to do something right now, I’ll post a reply shortly.


  • Status

    Is it safe to purchase a “buy it now” listing? Does that require linking ebay and paypal accounts?

  • aspkin

    Ok, lets try this again…


    (1.) So Steve what you are saying is that I shouldn’t open any emails from my new ebay account as well as my old ebay account on my computer?
    >> New is okay, old is a bad idea.

    (2)Should I read and reply to emails of my new account at a library or will it be safe to reply to emails in regards to my new account at home?
    >> Same thing, reading the new emails on your home computer is okay, suspended emails is best to open in the library.

    (3)Can ebay track me if I’m logged into my new ebay account and I log into GMAIL or HOTMAIL and open an email from my suspended account while logged onto my new ebay account? Also I usually use privacy eraser before I log on to ebay every time, so all my cookies is erased.
    >> From what other people are saying yes, just don’t do it.

    (4)Also if Ive been an ebayer for 2 weeks , is it safe to list 20 items or will that be an red flag, and is it safe to buy alot of those .01 cent items within a few days without causing an red flag?
    >> You should be okay, .01 items could be a no-no, I’ve always bought at $1-$2 eBooks with no problem.

    (5) Ebay keeps saying Im suspended because of abuse of policy blaa blaa blaa, does that me that they got me linked to my old accounts or is it something else im doing?
    >> No, it’s usually to do with your auctions. Either what you’re listing, how much you’re listings and other account details.

    (6) Oh is it worth trying to reinstate my suspended acounts or should i move on
    >> It’s a waste of time trying to reinstate your account, it will takes weeks to months to get it back, if you even do.


  • Saul

    hey aspkin im about to open my account now since i think i read ennough now. But i got a quick question would it be badif i opened a store like an hour later when i made my account? Then after that I put listings up I made different one\’s. To gain feedback and like end thoese after it being up for 30 minutes. Then gain the feeedback from that person i ended it too (which i know) but they dont pay for it but i mark it as payment sent. Is this okay before I go any fathur and mess up lol. Thnx in advance!!

  • Superbness

    Aspkin, ebay is saying im abusing policy bla bla bla,I got suspended 2 times within 2 days of listing my auctions. All I did was list about 15 david deangelo guides. Could that be why? If you type in his name on ebay you can see its a popular item right now.Wht do you think? Should I just list 3 at a time? Also 1 more question, how long should I wait to open an ebook bookstore on ebay and is that safe to do regarding ebooks copyrights and all?

  • Superbness

    Aspkin I heard using a PO box will put you at high risk for suspension?

    What is up with “Coveted Unsuspendable” ebay account status that let sellers get away with murder? They list all they want, keyword spam all they and never get hassled. How can one get that account status? What do you know about it?

    What do you think of this website that has the Thats gives you information on how to get back on ebay?

  • Superbness

    Oh is it bad to use Firefox browser? I heard that will get you suspended? Sorry for all the questions

  • Superbness

    I think ebay does a background check on persons now behind there back. I think now they do check those bogus bank accounts to see if its a real account and your personal info

  • SB

    not sure about the meesages about email..

    Fair enough about going to the library.. use a different machine.. yes.
    But using Gmail or yahoo on you home machine is no different from Outlook. If you open an ebay email in gmail at home (or any email / webpage) all the images are downloaded to your temp folder and stored on your machine. The email is stored on Gmail, but when you view it all the data is downloaded. Its just a html page.

    try it.. open an email then look here for the images.

    C:\Documents and Settings\YOURLOGINNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

    That is the path if you are using IE 6. ie 7 is different, but i dont have that.

    If ebay is able to save cookies, and run scripts then this will also be on your machine… dont matter if you use gmail, yahoo whatever.

    Outlook actually strips some code out of emails.. you cant run javascript in an email downloaded in outlook.. whereas you can in an email viewed in your browser – gmail etc.. Its part of windows security.

    Ive still got email coming from all my suspended accounts to my outlook.. never had a problem. I never log into my suspended account or open the messages in my ebay messages as i can understand that that might be a big problem.. but one of my oldest account (that ive kept sweet) downloads to outlook along with emails from accounts that ive had suspended over the last year. No problem.

    If you use outlook you could dowload your emails – then take your machine offline (disable your conection / unplug you cable etc) then open / read then whilst offline.. then delete everything.. if you are super cautious -that way you are not online when you open the email.. but ive never had a problem

    Also im in the UK.. not sure if ebay works differently here? anyone think?
    Over here if you have an account suspended for shill bidding or your first warning on a vero item you can get it reinstated with 10 days via email.. done this several times. no problem. The next time they will ask for your driver liscense / passport / social security number.. at that point you kiss the account goodbye ;o)

    Author: Steve (aka Spike)
    DO NOT open emails from Ebay unless you are at the fricking library! Its becomimg fairly obvious that Ebay plants a cookie or an image on your ‘puter and thats how you’re getting caught. I have used only Yahoo for the 10 years I’ve been on Ebay, so their crap is never on my computer. I know the boss says to trust PayPal, but I can’t even do that. PayPal majorly sucks anyway, screw them. Only use email accounts that store info away from your conputer, and NEVER open an email from Ebay on those suspended accounts.

    What I do is store all closed auctions on Yahoo. Then when the buyer sends me an email from Ebay about an item, I do a Yahoo email search of the Ebay item number, and send the buyer a Yahoo initiated email, not one that goes thru Ebay. Get it? Wise up people..

  • Status

    Ok.. I dont’ know what happened to my previous comment. Anyway, if you want to purchase an item “buy it now”… does that require linking paypal and ebay? I’d also like to know about the firefox and the bogus bank account questions mentioned above.

  • Spike

    There is no way to verify a bank account unless they do like it they do when you open a PP account. They deposit a tiny amount in the account and you tell them how much it was. Used to be you could call a bank and ask about someone elses account, but now banks are very tight lipped about giving out private info. Too much ID theft going on these days.

  • Spike

    The impression I get is Ebay really doesn’t care if you’ve been kicked off and have a new account, as long as you abide by the rules. Its money in their pocket if you do. If you keep the same listing practices that got you kicked off to begin with, they will keep going after you. Play their game and you can list forever.

  • aspkin

    Saul, I’ve opened eBay stores within seconds of creating my account. I’ve had no problems what so ever because of that. The other things you’re talking about may cause eBay to look at your account more sternly. Take your time listings your items, don’t rush it.

    Superbness, listing more then a certain number set by eBay of the same item is bad. I’ve seen this happen. I would make one auctions, and copy it 30-50 times, and list them all. EBay doesn’t like this. I was suspended for abusing eBay. Don’t list so much at one time. You might even want to change the title of your auctions every few ones, just to make them unique. Good luck.

    Superbness, I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen these people selling the same thing as me, but never get suspended. I wish I knew their secret. The only difference I saw with their items, accounts and me were, they were in a different country, their auction titles were created to be under the Vero radar, same with their auction descriptions, no major keywords within them.

    Just by looking at, it looks like a brand new website using a pre-made template with almost nothing to offer. I don’t see eBay how-to guides either. The idea is there, but there is still a lot of work to go before you can get anything from that site.

    And PO Box address, I don’t think it will cause you to become suspended; a lot of people use them.

    You have a lot of questions. :) Firefox is a great browser, I use it sometimes, and there is no way it will increase your risk of a suspension. It’s one of the best browsers out there, and safest.

    SB, very true about the cache. Simply don’t open suspended emails and you’ll be okay. The end. :)

    Exactly Spike, I don’t know how many times I’ve said this. If you continue to repeat your same listing practices that got you suspended in the first place, there’s no hope for you. You must adapt and change your ways in order to keep your account. Try to follow eBay’s rules!!

    “Try to follow eBay’s rules. I know they are picky bastards but you got to play ball if you want to stay in the game.”


  • Superbness

    Where can I find ebay rules ?

  • Superbness

    whyh is ebay suspending people with 1 cent auctions

  • Spike

    Because 1 cent auctions cheat ebay out of listing and closing fee’s. The seller makes his money by charging 10 times what he should for shipping. Ebay is going to make this practice of over charging for shipping a dismissable offense, if they haven’t already.

  • superbness

    I was talkin as far as ebooks go spike…Also do ebay track by mac address?

  • Nos

    I have re-created a competely 100% new account account, following your guidness etc. Unfortunately, i was suspended once again for ‘abusing ebay’. I am really starting to wonder whats going on, because i realized that when i try to put up my ‘adidas’ items online for sell, it prevents me from creating a 3 day listing, instead, forced me to do a 5 day auction instead (stating something about selling authorized products online etc, In addition, that never happened to me before). After that, i decided to remove the name adidias and put up the item name directly and used a 3 day auction. A few hours later, i got suspended again for abusing ebay policy. I am wondering if thats the reason why? Please let me know if anyone has further information regarding to this situation. Thank you.

  • Nos

    By the way, all i listed was 2 adidas items. :(

  • jason

    Does Ebay just use Ip addresses alone to catch suspended users? What im saying is that I should be able to sign up with ebay again ubder my same IP but with diffrent personel information and not get caught. Ip address changes daily and how do they not know that im a new user signing up who just received the suspended user ip address?

  • Spike

    NOS: You have to avoid 3 day auctions if you have a new account. Ebay tried to block you, which sent up a red flag on their computer. Then you listed the same item that was blocked anyway. I guarantee this auction was flagged and looked at by a live person and they saw what you did when you were warned not to, and they suspended you. You HAVE to play by the rules if you want to sell on Ebay.

  • Spike (aka Steve)

    I did the same thing as you did awhile back. I tried listing an antique KKK item and it was cancelled. So I immediately relisted it but took KKK out of the title. 2 hours later I was suspended for 30 days. They aren’t stupid at ebay. They flagged my account and watched it and they caught me. Just like they caught you.

  • Tom

    I got suspended for abuse too. Ebay is getting real smart bottom line. I think something is going on that we don’t know about. I think that ebay doesnt want anymore new sellers. They just what to stick with there power sellers. Everytime I list products I always get suspended for abuse? Is ebay suspending user because they dont trust them? or is it because they broke the rules. Others sellers break the rules and get away.

    Aspkin how can a person stay out of the ebay radar? and howlong will it takes to earn ebay trust?

  • gotU

    I got one question…………If ebay suspended me because of “Abuse Of Policy”, does that mean they connected me to my previous suspended account?

  • Nos

    Regarding firebox broswer, i read from other forums that it actually increase the chance of getting suspended due to the fact that it consits of the option of erasing all cookies automatically and ebay doesnt like that since they wont be able to keep track of your actitives without the cookies. I am wondering if thats true?

  • mozilla

    I thought i should post on how to obtain a new IP address for the good people reading this blog. I know when i found this site i was estatic & found that i was not alone1 If this helps out a fellow reader then it was all worth it.

    How to change your Public Facing IP Address Permanently

    To reset your IP address simply unplug the Motorola cable modem for 15 minutes and cmd> ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew. The computer is directly connected to the cable modem.

    To verify go to: >This will display your public facing IP address that packet sniffers & web crawlers detects your machines identity. This is what Ebay uses.

    When you plug your machine directly to thecable modem the cable company assigns the machine with a new public facing IP address such is the case with my test machine.

    Machine 1 is plugged in to the D-Link wireless router and receives a private IP address of* from the router. * This IP address is ONLY seen within your internal network. The public facing address remains the same “Run”> type in “cmd”> and type ipconfig /release> hit “enter” (This will release any old public facing IP address associated with the router in scenario1)

    2nd Step: Renewing your public facing IP address from the cable modem in scenario2. Do the following-
    Click on “Start”> “Run..”> Type in “cmd”> then type in “ipconfig /renew” (This will force your ISP to assign your modem a new public facing IP address)

    Scenario2 can change your IP address at will! I have tested both scenarios and I was able to change my public facing IP address 10+ times! Good by proxy servers which can bog down your machine pemamently!


    Scenario1- I have found that when machine1 is connected to the router & the router is connected to the cable modem is thenot the most reliable way to change your IP address. If you have this configuration, its more than likely that your cable modem will recognize this device and reassign it the old public facing IP address! You are then back to square one.

  • Cindi

    Aspkin- We have not heard from you in a long time! I have a desperate question for you… We did everything by the guide you’ve posted here. We listed a set of golf clubs (used, not new & stated this in the auction). However, it was listed for a 3 day auction, and BAM – we got suspended for abusing ebay! What happened here? Do you think it was the product or the 3 day time frame? I am so aggervated… I don’t know if I was linked to another account or if it was simply the USED product we listed? Another thing… if we’re wanting to sell golf clubs, should we try to open a business account or what? I have not a clue on what to do? We have lost a significant amount of income without ebay. And not to mention my husband will probably be getting laid off from his work on Friday and we have a new baby. It is so stressful and I’m looking for some help! Any comments would be good!

  • Cindi

    Also, another question… What do you all think about the dropshipping thing… I have found a couple companies that are approved by Ebay and I see people are making a lot of $ from this. However, it seems like Ebay flags us down everytime and this probably won’t work for us either. They always look at EVERYTHING we do, no matter what. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

  • SB

    Whats ‘Dropshipping’? Can anyone explain? Cindi?


    Author: Cindi
    Also, another question… What do you all think about the dropshipping thing… I have found a couple companies that are approved by Ebay and I see people are making a lot of $ from this. However, it seems like Ebay flags us down everytime and this probably won’t work for us either. They always look at EVERYTHING we do, no matter what. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

  • Cindi

    It is where you order products from a supplier and they ship from their warehouse. It appears to come from you, etc. You have to have an account set up with the company and you basically sell the items for them. It seems to be a great avenue if you don’t get booted!

  • pete

    Hi, In the UK, where I am, when setting up an account, the Primary Telephone number you are forced to enter, has to be the one on which the current internet connection exists. I.e. if I’m trying to set up an account from home, I have to enter my home Telecom phone number. I’ve tried lots of other numbers but there must obviously be some kind of check Ebay can do to match up the telephone number to my connection. For one thing this seems like an illegal invasion of privacy, but also it suggests that even if I change my IP address, so long as I’m using the same phone line then Ebay can group any accounts I have to the one phone line and therefore to me. Is this true? And, looking at a registration form, isn’t the same thing happening in the states? Thanks

  • aspkin

    Hi guys, sorry I’ve been inactive lately. I just don’t have a lot of free time these days. As for ‘abusing eBay’ suspensions after creating a new account, it’s what you’re listing. If eBay gives you a warning not to sell an item, and they see that you try to sell it anyway, of course they’ll suspend you for abusing eBay. I’m sorry but I can’t help you there. My goal when writing this guide was to show people like you how to create a new eBay account successfully and hopefully try to help you not to get suspended again but that is the hardest part. In order for you not to be suspended again, you’ll need to follow eBay’s rules completely.

    The only thing I can say is try to follow eBay’s rules, do everything by the book once you get your account rolling and you’ll be okay. This means if eBay Vero’s your product, restricts listings for your product, limits you in anyway, you’ll need to heed their warnings or risk losing your account. Just take your time when listings, and go for the 5 day auctions listings. Once you start gaining feedback, open up your store again. It’s no biggie.

    I’m trying to break up my thoughts into manageable paragraphs, but I’m basically going to talk about the same thing. Okay and more…

    So if eBay doesn’t allow you to sell your items and keeps suspending you because of it, forget about eBay. You need to open up your own store without eBay and start advertising for it. Believe it or not that’s the best thing for you. I used to do nothing but work on eBay for the company I work for and you know what… I hated it. I hated it because the items I was trying to sell would get VERO’ed within weeks or linked to one of my past suspended accounts and suspended. I didn’t have someone to tell me what I was doing wrong. I figured everything out on my own and it took a lot of time and patience to deal with it. Now I personally don’t deal with eBay anymore (thank god!), I simply show my company employees what to do and they’re doing great.

    I hate eBay!

    Yes I hate eBay because they don’t care about their sellers. They don’t fight for their power sellers trying to earn a living in their market place. They will suspend you the second someone complains about you or with any simple mistake with your listings. They give almost no warning to what you’re doing wrong. What the hell is ‘abusing eBay’! This drives me crazy and I’m sure it’s killing you guys. Their vague excuses are pathetic. I hate eBay!

    In the long term eBay is not the answer. You can do everything by the book and have thousands of positive feedback and one day lose it all. What do you have now?

    Keep reading…

    I love eBay!

    Why would I love eBay? I will tell you why. I have websites that I’m able to sell my product without any 3rd party vampires sucking away at my profits and with little competition from eBay it makes it all the better. EBay sales are only a small boost to what we make with our companies websites. The same people complaining about my eBay auctions can’t do anything about my company’s websites and so we’re safe to sale for as long as the business is profitable. What I’m really trying to say is, once you’ve been suspended by eBay it’s very hard to get back to the state you were before the suspension. Trust me on this. You don’t need eBay anyway. You can try all you want, but selling the same product the same way you have before won’t work anymore. The only way you’ll be back on eBay is if you sell something completely different or just buy items. Of course the people who have been suspended for other reasons then VERO, its cake for you.

    Okay to get the real reason I love eBay is because eBay wipes out my competition believe it or not with suspensions. When I sell on eBay there is less competition for our auctions so we can easily do 4-5k in sales per day alone on eBay. Sure we still get suspended just like everyone else selling the same product but it takes us a lot longer and it’s not for any reasons I have talked about or anyone else has talked about. I’ll leave it at that.

    I’m not trying to brag, I’m just telling you my experience. In the short term most people won’t make it. Sorry to tell you the bad news, but unless you are extremely determined, able to learn from your mistakes, and have the patience to create new account after new account you won’t make it. It’s more then just creating a new account which is all this guide is for. It’s being able to adapt to eBay and following rules.

    Enough with eBay.

    If you’re tired of eBay and still want to continue your online business. If you don’t have a personal website already, you’ll need to create one.

    Find and buy your self a domain and hosting. Most web host allows you to buy both together. I personally use Godaddy for most of my websites. They’re easy to use for beginners and they’re cheap. Once you have you’re domain and hosting setting up, you’ll need to set up your online store.

    If you’re completely new to any of this I would recommend outsourcing to get the job done. I personally use for jobs I’m unable to do or don’t have the patience to do my self. You can easily find someone to put your store together and free you’re self from eBay. Trust me; eBay is not the only way.

  • todd

    Aspkin…..What is VEro and how can an ebayer avoid getting Vero’d?

    Also how do people selling bootleg disk(and I know there bootleg because in the ebay picture you can see that the disk is copied) and still getting away…

  • sb


    you enter a credit card number to verify. Ignore the phone number..

  • chris

    pete im from uk and i got 1 of those credit cards which aspkin talks about at the very top of this page and for the phone number i used a 3rd party who give me a 077 number and then if ebay fone it , it gets put through to my house number . this service is free . aspkin do you know how long i have to wait till i can list more than 1 item i have been back on 2bay now for just over 2 weeks and sold 2 watchs around the £300 mark but i can only sell 1 a week when i try to list another it says at the bottom were i press the button to put it on ebay = your listing will not be put on as we have a limit as your new .do i have to get a feedback of 10 + then i will be able to list more than 1 item a week ? im not selling anything dogy are anything these are 100% legit items and i play by ebay rules my current ebay feedback is 2 and i waiting for the 2 people that bought watches to leave me feedback shud i buy sum small ebay books are what ? thanks for all the help and this site chris

  • Spike

    Here’s what I’m getting from his site and others. If you have a new account, you are on Ebay’s major watch list until you get a certain number of good FB. If you violate ANY of Ebay’s rules they will suspend first and ask questions never. Put some expensive golf clubs on a 3 day auction for your first item, you get suspended because brand name golf clubs are often reproduced and 1 day & 3 day auctions are what ALL crooks use because they want a fast turnover. Obey the rules, start off small with cheapo items, wait it out. But I suspect many of you here are a little on the crooked side, selling stuff you shouldn’t be selling. So how can you blame Ebay for not wanting you on their site.

    Also, I just read an article that on Dec 1 Ebay started their new anti-conterfeiting measures and they said they will be very effective. They concern items that typically appear in 10 categories and of course, Ebay won’t say what those categories are. They also say major steps are being taken to deal with people who sell other potentially questionable goods and those go into effect in Jan. Oh boy.

  • sb

    Hi Aspkin..

    My only question is about Paypal. Buying and selling.
    You say you don’t use your account to buy in one post.. but in another you say you buy ebooks to ‘up’ your feedback when you open your account.
    Obviously you must use paypal to buy ebooks i guess.. I can see you sending cheques off for $0.99.

    If you do buy ebooks with paypal can you outline how you do this?
    If i buy something and then pay via paypal ebay links my ebay and paypal when i checkout. I can then unlink, but im not sure if this info will be left in the back of my profile somewhere or removed when i remove the link. Whats your experience on this?

    If you sell and want to take paypal, but dont want to links your accounts whats the best way to let your customer checkout easily. I can put my own paypal baner on the auction and say I accept paypal in the description. But then I have to send an invoice – and if i say it is an ebay auction and enter the item number etc then Im as good as saying ‘i sold this’ and im not sure if that links my account.
    Whats the procedure for accepting payments?

    I know your getting a lot of questions.. just wanted to ask this one as i dont have a definative answer for it, and

  • sb

    .. i dont want to take any chances. :)

    many thanks.

  • Saul

    Hi aspkin again im back…lol i got suspended again, I read what you said about the ebay is not the only way and its true. I just need some money to purchase a domain cause I did search and most charge the year up front which is 100 dollars and like yah….im gona do google ad’s with them too and post mystuf when I get the money T_T!

    My question is,I got passed by without geting baned with 5 feedback yay! Then I started putting a list of a game cheat i sell for a game. I sold one and I used to sell these before and its totaly different looking now. But if I make 2 listings of it at a time like after i sold one will I still get banned? Cause i did for that…..but would it be alright if I had that only one item up and then sell another after someone bought it?Would it matter if I sell the same stuff over n over? like say 2 item’sof mine. When someone buys it i put another one up of it after somoene bought it….is that ok?

    thnx in advance aspkin!

  • joan

    Hi, there is a practise which is common over here in the UK, which I’m sure must happen just as much in the US, but I have not seen it mentioned yet. It is when someone scans the auction lists and contacts bidders using Contact A Member to try to interest them in their own product which is similar or identical to the one the Buyer is bidding on, usually with a view to arranging a sale outside of an ebay auction. I have 2 questions: what is it actually called? It must have a name. And, more pointedly, do Ebay monitor how the Contact A Member is used? It seems an obvious thing for Ebay to keep an eye on but I have used the above on a few occasions and have yet to receive a caution of any kind. Anyone got any views? Am I just lucky? Or is the sword of doom dangling just over my head? Thanks.

  • Nos

    Ebay had placed a “selling limit” on my account and i was wondering whats that all about? I am no longer able to put “brand name” in my auction title. However, I ‘ve seen other users with 0 feedbacks are able to do that and i am not. Does anyone knows whats going on? Thank you

  • Spike

    NOS: Obviously ebay thinks you are a scammer because you listed items in one of their 10 most dangerous categories. You people don’t seem to understand that by doing the same things that got you kicked off to begin with, will just get you kicked off again. Ebay has limited how much you can sell and is now watching your every move. What you sell, what you serch for, who you contact. As soon as the computer connects the dots you will be suspended again.

  • James

    I’ve been following your instructions to get back online since september. so far so good and have just been invited to be a powerseller (again). is it a good idea to accept or not? does it bring any extra scutiny?

    2nd question. as I cannot reset my IP address for love nor money I’ve been running my operation from an internet cafe next door to my house. I’ve been onto my isp so many times I’m now threatening to cancel the account with them but am getting nowhere. anyway, does using an internet cafe put me at any greater risk of being linked to somebody else’s banned account? theory being that it’s a busy cafe and surely somebody using it will be suspended at some stage.

    hope this makes sense.

  • NOS

    Hey guys, i bought a giftcard awhile ago and i am wondering if i can take the money back out? maybe to another card or perhaps back into my paypal etc? Thank you

  • Spike

    NOS: You are hilarious! Is it any wonder Aspkin is avoiding this place..

  • NOS

    well, it will be great if u can help too , spike. instead of spending ur time reading my questions and leaving back a comment like that :D. I dont know much about these stuff and thats why i am here :D

  • sb

    hmmm. Well NOS…

    If you’re usnig ebay to buy stuff couldn’t you buy something with that card? (via paypal?)

    Or if you using ebay to sell then couldnt you can pay your seller fees with it?

    Else I think Aspkin mentioned donations..

  • tommy

    Dear aspkin,

    After I read all the questions, I would like to make sure that :

    + Can I add my new email address to my old paypal account that I used for suspended ebay account? OF course I will not LINK TO PAYPAL for my new ebay account. In my old paypal account, I used all my REAL information, I dont know I will be trouble with my new ebay account when I use my old paypal. I am afraid of being suspend again.

    + For ebay new account, I will use different information (credit, bank, address), and for my name I will change my first name only, not the last name. I dont know It is good. In my opinion, when I change all information like credit, bank, address, my last name will be ok because there are a lot of people have the same last name. I dont know my opinion is right or not?

    + For my new ebay account, I will use this new one forever because I love this screen name and also I would like to build my reputation too. In this new account I will not use my real information. If I dont use my real information in my ebay account, how can I recieve payment from buyers ? Also If I want to buy items, how can I pay items if the information in my ebay account is not real ? I am not not sure paypal and ebay are the same or not hic hic hic ?

    I think I am still frustrated, I hope I will ask you some more information about it in the future.
    I hope you will help me.
    Thank you very much!

  • ricky

    I’ve been trying to get my ebay back and running, so since I am waiting for Verizon to send me my DSL package ( i connect to my neighbor ) I decided to go to a local Kinko’s to use their internet services to open a new ebay account. I opened one recently with of course fradulant information. I purchased a few items that were cheap and to my suprise, EBAY SUSPENDED ME AGAIN! This time they said that I was suspended because Ebay has the right to suspend anyone that is suspicious or has the possiblity to bring ebay problems in the future.

    Do you think it is because i opened the accounts at a Kinko’s? and the Ip address is shared?

    Any info would be great..thanks!!!!!!!

  • tommy

    I just have 1 more question:
    + my old paypal account: my ebay account was suspended when I linked my ebay to my paypal account (I did not find your page yet). Now I just open a new ebay account and I would like to add my new email account in my old paypal account (the one I linked to my old ebay account and it was suspended). I dont know It is OK or not ?

  • brad


    i was suspended for shill billing. what are the chances i can get reinstated? or should i move on?

    thank you

  • Melanie

    Hi! My first time reading this and I am very happy to find such a great site! Thanks for all the great info! I do have one question – I plan on opening a new PO box for a new address, but do I have to have my name changed for this? I live in a small town and I hate to explain to them that I have to use a different name. Or, can I request payments be sent to my real name?
    Also, I had been selling on ebay for quite some time. I came across a product that sold incredibley well and started having several (i mean several) thousands dollars more coming in weekly and PayPal indefinitely closed my account. Something about a large amount of funds suddenly coming through my account. Anyways, a short time later, my ebay account was suspended. I am STILL (after several weeks) trying to get a response on why exactly it has been suspended. Anyways, can I open a new PayPal account as well without getting linked? Thanks in advance. I greatly appreciate all of your wonderful advice.

  • aspkin

    Hi fellow eBayers!

    I’m sorry to say but I can’t continue answering questions about eBay suspensions from this post, I find I’m wasting a lot of time replying to old post instead of creating new ones and also I’m just tired of talking about eBay, so this will be my last reply to this post. Very Sorry –

    If you have any further questions I’ve done a lot of Q&A with my older eBay post and most questions that could be asked has been answered.

    My first guide: eBay Suspension Suspended Accounts

    Second Guide: More On eBay Suspended Accounts Suspension

    Another reason is I hate eBay so much I can’t even stand talking about it. When your job is to create a successful eBay business only to have it suspended over and over again, you’ll start to hate eBay too. I just can’t do it anymore. That’s one of the reasons I had to have other people in my business take over it. I hated taking the time to buy a new CC, cleaning my computer cookies, losing all my previous set passwords, creating new eBay accounts, being careful not to link accounts, set up new auctions only to be VeRO’ed a week or two later. It was such a pain, and the worst thing about it was it was literally a total waste of time. I mean I could of built several websites, done SEO, created back-links, sent news letters, etc that would have lasting effects on the business instead of losing all my work in one suspension. So now I create websites, SEO and other things for the business, I’m happy doing what I do.

    I also believe since I stopped dealing with eBay, I’ve fell behind with crucial updates and information that I could have passed onto you guys if I were still active, but I can’t do it anymore. My team takes care of everything eBay and they’re self sufficient enough where they don’t require my step by step advice anymore.

    My only advice to you guys is not to count on eBay for the long term. Create your own website to sell your product(s) as a backup. Trust me on this, you’ll thank me later.

    Anyone else hate eBay as much as me?

    P.S. I plan to create a website dedicated to eBay in the coming weeks, I’ll post something about it once it’s live. Though I’ll start the website in the direction I want it, but I’ll have users take over.

  • Saul

    Nice advice aspkin and ur so right, I give up on making a new account now for ebay….its true i wasted alot of time now on it.

    I finaly realized now something new tho. Im gonna use my buddies ebay account, a while back i remember someone bought there ebay account for money cause it had alot of feedback. Now with an account like with over a 100 stars im gonna use which i got for free. Im gonna change the info on it so I can pay the fee’s etc etc. And stuff and im pretty sure I wont get banned by abusing ebay. Becase I wont be begning from scratch and get that stupid abusing ebay.

    I will report what happens by doing this here ;). Hope this works out.
    Dont worry im using a proxy and making sure everything the way it should be.wish me luck!

  • CyberDyver

    HELP FOR IP ADDRESS MASKING – I use TOR – The Onion Router – Tor aims to defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal anonymity and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security. Communications are bounced around a distributed network of servers called onion routers, protecting you from websites that build profiles of your interests, local eavesdroppers that read your data or learn what sites you visit, and even the onion routers themselves.
    Tor definitely fools eBay. I know this because I changed my password on one of my good accounts. Whenever you change your password eBay sends an email to you with
    your IP address to confirm the change. The IP address eBay sent wasn’t my real IP address. Tor works best operating under Firefox. Google Tor for more info. It’s fun to open the email from eBay and see they didn’t get your IP!

  • Lisa

    Hi aspkin;
    Thank you so much for all your information. I’ve actually read the whole page. I can’t afford to have ebay suspend me again since im in college and i have tuition to pay so I went ahead and created a new account as well as a new bank account. Now that paypal is up and running, I just need to add a bank account so I can receive payments later. but the bank account is in my real name and address that ebay had previously suspended me with. If i add the banking info to the new paypal, will they inventually find out even tho it’s not verified? n eventually i need to have it verified in order to receive more payments per month wise.I know you have said that theres no need of creating a new bank account but i jus cant afford to get suspended again. what is your take in this?

    also you mentioned to go into the old paypal account and add a new email but how can they not flag me down when the account is still in red and adding a new email wouldnt it mess it up?

  • eBay_hurts_my_head

    Brad, I was suspended for the same thing and I wrote to ebay after the mandatory suspension period (I think it was 7 days) and told them that I honestly didn’t know that shill bidding wasn’t allowed and I didn’t even know what it was until they contacted me. I then assured them that I would never, ever do it again and asked them to reinstate me. And I was! I get the impression from Headache Land ie. eBay, that you can get a 2nd chance for most “crimes”. Hope this helps!

  • megan

    I read the entire page and i don’t think i seen one question about opening a new paypal with fake name and address, what if you get a new bank account? but of course the bank acocunt cant be in fake name or address so then when i try to enter new bank account for verification, wouldn’t that link to my old suspended account? when they verify, do they really match up name for name, address for address? how else or what other way can i receive payments?

    thank you!

  • Rob

    To all of you in the know,

    After you add a different email address on profile with PayPal, does eBay recognize the new email as a complete different user or is it still tagged?

    Is it wise to make eBay payments with PayPal accounts associated with the new email address?

  • Tiff Moore

    just wanna say we back on ebay for few months and finally get kicked off a week ago (what a big surprise x’mas gift from ebay, many thanks)… yes, aspkin, you right. It is damn tired to keep on create new ebay seller account and everything need to re-start from ZERO that’s kinda hurt and waste time.
    We didn’t cheat any buyers, everyday our team worked for almost 11 hours non stop for listing, packing, posting, answering email .. etc
    I got no idea how they track on you but anyway that’s not important now, i rather spend time and effort on my own website instead.
    Folks, good luck on your ebay business and a happy new year.

  • sheba

    Saul said:

    Hey guys go to they got a virtual card you can get there too and its real easy to use also. It gives you every detail of when you make a payment or when ebay checks to see if your card is valid etc. Another benifit is that you can hook it up to a new paypal account and transfer the money to your paypal. You only lose 2 dollars out of it.

    asked Customer Support about taking money out of the gift card and putting it in a paypal account they said none of the Visa Gift Cards can be used at

  • jasom

    I think ebay is watching me. All my new messages is being marked as read? Whats going on here?

  • James

    Hi Aspkin

    My ebay account is suspended. I have a friend that opened an account in another country. I was suppose to help him with the ebay stuff..would ebay suspend her if I logged into her account here in the States? What happens if I use a laptop outside, with a different ip address, can ebay still suspend my friend’s account?

    If I am living with my friend in the same household, can we both have our own different ebay accounts?

    I read that ebay will maybe reinstate accounts after 12 months…I have received an email from them stating I can try within 6 months? What are my chances here of having my account being reinstated?


  • sjflsjksjf

    It’s never a good idea to do anything that will bring attention to an account. One thing that will quickly draw ebay’s scrutiny is logging into the same account from multiple IP addresses, particularly if these addresses are in two geographically distant locations. I would not risk doing what you suggested.

    As far as living with your friend in the same household, you can have your own accounts, but if one of you gets suspended, the other is likely to get suspended too, especially if both use the same isp.

    I’ve dealt with ebay for over six years, and they will almost *never* reinstate an account if it was a genuine violation. It doesn’t matter if the suspension is stated as being “at least 7 days” or “at least a year.” Even if you didn’t actually do anything, you’ll have to go through hell and back to even get a human at ebay to look at your situation. I’ve probably had at least 15 accounts suspended, some over five years old, and they’re ALL still suspended to this day. Once you’re shitlisted on ebay, you’re *always* shitlisted.

    The only exception I’ve ever found is for minor first-offense suspensions like the one mentioned above for shill bidding, which is something that most experienced ebayers know better than to try.

    If your account gets suspended, it’s always a good idea to let it go and start over with a new account rather than wait for a miraculous reinstatement. Aspkin’s procedure above is golden if you want to start a new account– just remember to start slow and build it back up. Don’t do anything to attract unnecessary attention, both from ebay and from competitors who may recognize and report you.

    In fact, if you sell a particular type of item, the biggest danger is being discovered by competitors who will report you as a previously suspended user. Ebay police tends to work much like the real life police, in that they don’t actively look for violations as much as they respond to reports submitted by users. If you can get past their automated security measures, they typically won’t find you unless you get snitched on by a competitor(or by some random dogooder or by VeRO).

  • Mo

    I have read all this and researched carefully and I have some definitive advice if you’ll take the time to read my post carefully.

    BACKGROUND: I had a bronze powerseller account, for six + years. Over 500 feedback, 100% positive. Over the past year I sold consistently cosmetics (my girlfriend owns a beauty salon), and anything else factory sealed new I could get my hands on in terms of overstock merchandise. A side business of mine since 1994 has been computers, and starting earlier this year I was selling very high end laptops.

    I found that I had so much computer merchandise I needed to have one auction close every single day! and my volume was pushing $20K per week. Then I suddenly got suspended with that standard boilerplate “abusing EBAY” email. Ironically, my new powerseller certificate arrived in the mail shortly after getting suspended!

    I appealed all the way up to the Office of the EBAY President, and even got some personal emails from some Trust and Safety people who seemed sympathetic and said they would “look into the matter.” I left voicemails for people, and really tried hard to see what was going on. Early on they requested copies of my driver’s license, utility bill to verify address, invoices from suppliers – all of which I submitted via FAX, but no avail.

    2 – Eventually I gave up and started creating a series of EBAY accounts all of which were eventually suspended too. Also, two old EBAY accounts I had under other names were suspended as well. A friend of mine who created his EBAY account at my house, and my mom, who registered hers at my house, also were suspended at some point. This is what I found out that may answer some questions posed here on the forum:

    A. The general “abusing EBAY” suspension notice can mean anything. Two of the accounts suspended had not bought or sold anything, and were suspended anyway – obviously because they were created on the same tainted IP address as my first suspended account. However, the notice said nothing about being “linked with a suspended account” while obviously this was the reason.
    SO do not assume that the suspension notice means anything other than you have been suspended. It is generic, and very often T & S (trust and safety) will just send you a universal notice and explain no further, ever.

    B. I am certain that I did nothing wrong on my first account to get suspended. I suspect merely that EBAY got scared when they saw my dollar volume jump and thought that I was getting ready to sting people based on my previous feedback.

    C. No amount of pleading will get you reinstated once you get one of those suspension notices. Do not waste your time. As a matter of fact, creating too much noise will only get someone in T & S to take more notice of you and your business practices and perhaps lead to someone being more inclined to have it in for you. I made that mistake by appealing so many times – don’t you!
    I even had many of my customers email specific people at EBAY T & S to plead on my behalf, to no avail. Some of my customers pointed out that I had shipped expensive computers even when they had paid with non-refundable Bank Wire, and even AFTER I had been suspended! EBAY could care less.

    C. On my latest account, I used a proxy IP address, and completely new and different email and billing address for my completely new and different credit cards, and opened a completely new PayPal account. Still suspended after about a month.
    The only way I can think that they might have found me is from the domain name at the email address – it linked to the website of a company I own that lists an address that was previously registered with the first suspended account. But, no computer system could have found that address. A human would have had to research it by physically going to the URL at the end of my email address,, and then hunted around for the address.
    Short of that, it was a CLEAN new account.
    I read somewhere that EBAY is suspicious of proxy IP addresses, and somehow figures out which are proxies, but I use COX internet on a MACintosh with an Airport router, and I have not figured out how to change my IP address yet. So maybe the proxy issue is what did it, but I doubt it.

    D. I will continue to fiddle with it, and will create another account soon. One thing I am wondering about is, with these prepaid credit cards, do they have a billing address linked to them for verification through EBAY? I have tried entering different addresses for my cards, and unless the address is linked to billing, EBAY rejects them for seller accounts.

    E. At this time, I am convinced that if you sell distinctive or high end items, EBAY will eventually find you and suspend you. But it takes them time. HOWEVER, in my opinion – the last laugh is mine. Here’s why:
    Every time the bastards suspend me, I immediately call in the credit card linked to the EBAY account lost/stolen. The T & S people are not businesspeople, so they tend to suspend you before your auction fees are paid for the last cycle. Hence, in my case, I’ve racked up close to $2K in auction fees AND SOLD THE GOOD AND GOTTEN PAID and paid EBAY nothing!
    So, worst comes to worst, I’ll keep listing stuff and selling stuff and stiffing EBAY for the auction fees. My customers still buy from me even with zero feedback, maybe because my listings are all professionally created with Dreamweaver, so even though this is a fair amount of work creating a new account every month, at least I am selling what I want to on EBAY for nothing. And, I do not believe EBAY is entitled to any fees if they suspend me and email my buyers asking them not to pay me!

    F. I also created a seller account on and this is good for high end items. UBID has a VERY stringent approval process and the fact that UBID likes me and EBAY does not proves that EBAY is a bunch of bastards with no business sense.

    I am an attorney and EBAY shareholder, so my last resort is a shareholder’s derivative lawsuit on the grounds that EBAY is depriving the company of legitimate funds from legitimate sellers. The advantage to that kind of lawsuit is that it can be filed right where the plaintiff (me) lives. EBAY’s user agreement forces us all to sue them where they are (northern California).

  • sjflsjksjf


    Considering you sell a particular type of item, I wouldn’t rule out on your auctions being ratted on by your competitors. If you use similar html and wording in your auctions listings for your new account, that’s a sure giveaway for another seller who may have it in for you.

    I’ve had this problem ever since I’ve been on ebay, since I sell a very distinctive type of item as well. Every time I create a new account, I give my listings a complete makeover. I use new words in the title, a completely new html layout, and new wording in the listing. In fact, I often transition between “professional” looking listings and more simplistic listings to throw people off the track. It also helps to take some time off between accounts to give competitors some time to forget you existed.

    One more thing– no matter what, it’s NEVER a good idea to piss off ANYONE, buyer or seller. If someone has it in for you, they *will* focus on reporting your auctions until they start to get pulled. All it takes is one rogue ebay employee interpreting your auction in the wrong way to get your account suspended forever. The more times it gets reported, the better the chance you’ll get that one douchebag employee. As a rule for me, then, the customer is ALWAYS right, and I never, ever mess with other sellers.

  • Mo

    It is possible that my first EBAY account was suspended because this potential buyer, a cop, obviously an alcoholic rageaholic type, somehow got upset at me and wrote me some veiled threat about “getting me.” – “you’ll never know where it might come from” He may then have contacted EBAY and pretended to be a cop investigating me for who knows what and thereby gotten the EBAY machine to suspend me.

    But it is just as likely that EBAY suspended me for no good reason at all. One of their later emails that was not automated used the term “high risk account” which lends support to the theory that they suspended me not because of ANYthing I HAD done, but simply because of what they feared I MIGHT do.

    The bottom line is that if the products you sell are distinctive or high end (and thereby somewhat rare), EBAY will eventually suspend you again. For example, if you sell a combination of electronics and clothing and there are few sellers out there who do exactly that, then how long will it take EBAY to figure out that this new guy is “probably” the old guy whom they suspended? With this shoot first, ask questions later mentality, all the camouflaging in the world is not going to help if what you need to sell is relatively unique or sold in a unique combination.

    Which is why I say…just ride each account as far as you can, then create a new one AS SOON AS the last one is suspended (and stiff them on the auction fees from the old one). View all that extra work as paid for by the saved auction fees! It doesn’t even phase me anymore when I get suspended – I just create a new account.

    And as far as zero feedback accounts not selling well – balderdash, I say! A friend of mine just sold $60K worth of watches off a new account with zero feedback. If people like your product and price, they will crawl over each other to bid and save money.

  • Bravo

    Hi there, I have read the whole thing here and there’s a major 1 question I’d like to ask which I have not seen peopel asked here and that concerns me and hope it can be answered

    I have opened the few accounts after the first suspensions of course with failures. However, one of them (the 3rd one), I was using it almost no problem (i was even using the same computer and IP address before i read this) and got my silver powerseller passing easily…..until one day, i think i got spoit….because i got suspended as ebay said i have violated the listing (for 1 month)……….and then guess what? The next day, i have recieved an email saying i been linked from my 2nd opened account……and i was like……….o no…..i can’t even bother to reinstate that perfect silver powerseller….

    Anyways, my question is:

    My very first ebay account have been suspended for 1 year (and it’s already 1/2 year now), by that time i can reinstate, should I then email to ebay? Or is it better NOT to do so at all? especially maybe if i have a better ebay account working pretty well at that time? The reason why i hope to be reinstate is becasue once i reinstate, I will change my address completely……and then close my account. Why? Becayse most of the payment method is by PAYPAL so there’s no point of me putting my real address as I don’t also buy thigns in ebay often, is that a good idea too?

    The answer would be appreciated

  • Bravo

    Hi there

    Sorry just another question I forgot to ask

    Since i was suspended from my last ebay account, they have been chasing the ebay fees that i was supposed to pay. Should i totally ignore that? Or it is better to pay them off better than when i really able to resinstate my 1st account and they somehow find out that i have not paid it (email didn’t say that it has linked to this account though)

    Usually they would suspend you if you didn’t pay the fees on time. But in this case, I got suspended afterwards and I don’t plan to use or touch it anymore anyways, so should I pay or not to avoid further troubles or trackings later on?

    Answer is appreciated

  • skw


    I heard that they can erase your old ebay ID evidence in some way, any ideas how to do that at all?

  • Mo

    As far as nonpayment of fees, that is a separate department from the department that suspends you for “abusing EBAY.” It’s funny, my suspended accounts eventually receive some notice that I had better pay up or I will get suspended! (which proves that one hand at EBAY has no idea what the other is doing) but if I write back at all, I simply write that I will pay when I am reinstated and of course I get no response other than boilerplate.

    Interestingly, on my latest account they just sent me a request for info – copy driver’s license, utility bill, proof of inventory, etc. – and just for the hell of it, I filled out the suspension appeal form and sent in what they requested. But I did the same for my first account with 500 positive feedback and they just wrote back and said “your suspension will continue anyway.” I suspect that the same will happen here even though the information submitted this time is entirely different and cannot be linked to the first account.

    So, I recommend NEVER paying the bastards those old fees unless the reinstate you FIRST, and of course they will not, so why pay anything?

    As far as your first question, who knows – maybe after enough time has passed they will let you back in but I doubt anything short of legal action will get any results. We’re dealing with real jerks here in T. * S. department and most of them are foreigners who can barely speak English. I called once and managed to get through to the person named NICHOLAS who signs most of those EBAY Trust and Safety letters and he is Greek or Eastern European or something and cannot even speak English too well. He wouldn’t say anything of value on the phone and when I tried to call back later his extension was disconnected or routed back to the general mailbox.

    One last comment on emails – if you write back to EBAY using a program like Microsoft Entourage or Outlook Express there is no cookie that will be planted anywhere on your system. I suppose they could examine the headers and figure out what IP address the emails are coming from, but the cookie thing being implanted from opening EBAY emails is a myth. If that were the case, people’s computers would be getting fried right and left from viruses that descended on you simply for OPENING an email – you have to download and in most cases EXECUTE the attached file to get something planted on your system.

  • spike

    My understanding is they don’t plant a cookie, they leave some kind of image only they can read. There have been way too many people suspended right after they opened an email from a suspended account for it to be a coincidence.

  • sjflsjksjf


    I’ve always paid my fees after my account got suspended, mostly because I was afraid ebay would send a collection agency after me or screw with my credit somehow. Have you experienced anything along these lines from your non-payment of fees? If they don’t actually do anything about it, I’d just as well ignore the invoices too.

  • sjflsjksjf

    To the other poster above:

    It’s NOT a good idea to get ebay looking at your previously suspended account, particularly if you have a different account active right now.

    The “minimum length” of your suspension is completely arbitrary. 99.9% of the time, they aren’t going to reinstate your account, EVER. That 0.1% of the time, the suspended user contacted ebay immediately, jumped through all their hoops, and just happened to get the one person out of a million who would actually be sympathetic to their claim.

    Again, if your account has been suspended, LET IT GO. Dealing with ebay will get you nowhere– they make their own rules as they go. The only way to get back on is to work around the rules without ebay’s knowledge.

  • Mo

    My first account was suspended about six months ago and other than a few email notices – nothing. EBAY is apparently not geared up for the collection process because they don’t even know for sure who you are anyway, especially if it is a business account.

    Although I went through the hoops and now twice submitted the information they requested for the “appeal process” I am thinking that the REAL reason they ask for that stuff is to positively ID you so they can enter all that info into the system and then make sure that you don’t EVER try to get an EBAY account again under that name or address. In other words, they have no intention of reinstating you, they just want to gather information on your suspended ass.

    One possible benefit to filling out the suspension appeal form is adding on the term, “ANY LITIGATION CONCERNING THIS SUSPENSION WILL BE FILED IN _______ , ______” and put in your home town and state. Those of you who know what I am talking about will understand why that is worth a shot.

    I’m the one who should be writing a book about this – I now know not only how to get a new EBAY account but what to do if suspended – try, try again!

  • id8989

    aspkin – i registered to your forum just so i may thank you. you are the man. words can not describe my appreciation for you. you are my hero. im 22, been doing feebay for almost 5 years. i’ve been suspended more than 20 times. i usually go a few weeks or months before they catch me, then i start all over again. it’s a pain in my ass. but since i found your site, i have read every word posted, and i now have confidance that i will no longer have to start all over every few weeks. thank you, i appreciate all the time spent helping us. you make our lives less stressful, and more enjoyable. YOUR THE MAN !!!!!

  • Robert

    Hi Aspkin

    I have created many ebay accounts in the past all suspended of course, thats before i try the comments in you Final ebay instructions. I want to know do they bann anyone living from the same adress? Like if i have been banned a few times, but try to create an account under my Dads account will they let it go?
    Also we you say to change a few letters in the name, do you write the real b-day info? What information do you need to put right in order to pass the id test!

    Best regards,

  • Jimmy

    Hi aspkin
    Thank you for your article how to open new ebay account,it’s brighten my way. well actually I have opened new ebay account successfully, as a buyer, but I wonder that do I need to change something in my paypal account or not, it’s still ok with old info that I used to tranfer money to ebay seller 2 months before. I use my ebay account as a buyer, your article mostly explained in the seller side, so I just ask if something different.
    Thank you.

  • Billy

    Hey has anyone purchased the how to get back on ebay ezguidebook by robert windsor? I purchased it about a week ago. A lot of good stuff in there however I dont know if all of that stuff is true. Like why do you really need to get that flyswatter software. And i bet a ton of people use AOL to go on ebay and hes says thats no good. Also never use yahoo or any of the free email deals. And using firefox is no good either when like everyone else tells you to use that. But I guess it sounds pretty good. I just registered a business and signed up fo ra new account so well see how it goes. I have to get a bank account and stuff now.

  • mami

    what is the difference between internet ip address and Lan ip address ?? do I change both??? The problem of setting up on website is getting an international merchant account to accepts the items that were veroed on EBAY. This is a problem…….


    I just wanted to say I read all posts here last week. Here is my story:
    As you well know I decided to get on the kick this year and sell a bunch of stuff because it was fun and making money even after paypal and ebay fees I was making good money. I been on ebay on my account I believe since 99 up to 06. I became a power seller like 4 months ago I believe I was platinum seller or something like selling like 15k within 3 month period. It was great I was selling PS3s, nintendo wiis, anything I thought would make money from buying from stores I would get my hands even if standing in the cold to get it I mean heck its just my time no biggie right. Ok one sunday morning after waiting in line at target to get my nintedo wii I come to list it right away at 8:30am and then at 9:01 I got a letter saying I was banned im like WTF. Seems they found out that my father is linked to my ebay account claimed I was bid schilling, but he never bid on my items one bit on top of of that he is MI im in NM. I used to buy things and tell sellers to send items to my alternative address since ebay lets you put in two address. Ok it took 2 more months to reinstate me, but after reading these horror stories it seems ebays computer system will bann you again no matter what. I left ebay with over 600 dollars in fees Im more than willing to pay for it knowing they will not ban me again, but it seems not the case after reading all the posts. In between those 2 months I did create one more account, but got banned within 6 days I was trying to sell my items from my previous ebay handle name. then I found this website and reading about credit card inputs so my 3rd ebay account going strong now for 2 weeks does not have a credit card attached im mostly buying. anyways I wish ebay would not ban folks who make them money why not ban those folks who keep bidding and not paying just ridiculous. anyways great website and I keep reading everyone posts. My old ebay name is: rapunzel_01 I still got good feedback folks even emailed me wishing they could give me feedback….oh well.

  • Mo

    The IP address is all that matters. POSSIBLY the MAC address on your computer (is that what you mean by the LAN address?), but there are ways to spoof this.

    Opening an email from EBAY does not leave a cookie on your machine. Cookies are left in BROWSERS and are left by navigating to websites only.

    I don’t know much about that book either by Windsor – if you have it, please let us know what you think.

  • mani will give you internet ip address and ipconfig command will give you lan ip address. Do I change both???

  • paypal logo

    I found that there is a paypal logo option in paypal account, so we can place paypal logo on ebay. I dont know if I place logo paypal on ebay, will my ebay account be suspended? (my ebay account doesn’t link to paypal BECAUSE if I link to my ebay account–> my account will be suspended)

  • jason

    Hi my ebay account got suspended because my account was linked to an account that was hot.

    My question is when i do all the steps to create a new ebay account, my question is: How do people make the payments when the auction ends? Do I just put my new paypal e-mail address typed in my add?
    So let’s say my auction ends and people need to pay me, they have to physically go to and make a manual payment?
    What about those sites that redirect you? I bought from buyers in the past, where you go to their website first and fill in your paypal informaiton and then they redirect you to paypal, Like they have some type of script would that work?


  • sjflsjksjf


    Yes, they will ban you if ANY of your information matches exactly, particularly your address. It’s only a matter of time. If you’ve read Aspkin’s tutorial, you know that putting any of the same information will get you a ban.

    About the birthday– Ebay doesn’t check your actual ID unless you decide to go through their “ID Verify” process, which you should NEVER do. You can put whatever birthday you want.

    The ONLY thing ebay checks is your credit card info, and that can be circumvented easily with a gift card. Just buy a gift card, such as the one from, and send it to someone with a made-up name and address. It’s a virtual pre-paid credit card which is emailed to you, and using the fake name and address is perfectly legal. Now just use the fake name and address info to register on ebay and you’re set!


    The same rules apply whether you’re a buyer or a seller, though your chances of getting caught are much lower as a buyer. Just add a new email address to your existing Paypal account and use that address to pay for anything you buy on ebay. If you use the email address you got banned with, ebay will eventually catch you.


    I haven’t purchased that book, but a lot of that sounds like bull. Using AOL and free email accounts shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, I would recommend you use something like yahoo mail or hotmail simply because it grants you a certain anonymity. Using ISP or company emails is what makes you stick out.

    Also, you don’t need an actual bank account to register for ebay. All you have to do is put in a real bank name and routing number– you can just make up the account number. Do a google search for routing numbers and banks. There are sites out there that will list them for you. Ebay doesn’t actually check the bank account unless they try to take money out of it, which will only happen if you use your bank account to pay seller fees.

    Also, what’s this flyswatter software you speak of? I’ve never heard of it.

  • Billy

    Yeah I dunnno if i totally agree with all of that book stuff. It is a whole big process that he says its gauranteed to not get suspended if you follow it exactly. SOme of that stuff i cant belive though cause tons of people use yahoo or hotmail or whatever as their email. He also says never to use aol or any proxies because ebay frowns on that and that will put your average in the hole. He also says to never use firefox as youll get suspended using that. He goes to say taht ebay uses like a whole average points deal and like everything you do gets positive or negative points. Seems pretty ridiculous and i have no idea how he would know about this. He says you can never use the same paypal account if its under a suspended id. New email or not. And not to use PO boxes either. like instead use the address of the PO then put the PO box number after.
    Im not really sure what this flyswatter deal is. I cannot find it on any search. You can puchase it from his ebook though. I think its like $30 a year and I guess its an email account. He says taht every single email that ebay sends you has tracking stuff in it and somehow that weighs down your average. You should never use my messages either. That to me seems absolutely ridiculous becuase you have to read your messages and everyone uses my messages. He says that flyswatter is the only thing that will protect you against the ebay emails that have this tracking stuff in it.

    By the way for all you people that have a cable modem and a router that want to change your IP address thers a really easy way. You cant do it this way if you dont hav ea router though. I have a linksys router. Not sure if you can do it with others or not. But on mine there is a tab about MAC address clone. You just have to enable that feature and change any of the numbers or letters to something else. This will act like your computer has a new mac adress and youll get a new IP address. I have a laptop with wireless and this will make both your wireless and wired computers IP the same. You have to restart both though and unplug your modem for a minute or two then restart and there you go a whole new IP. just make sure if you keep changing that and getting anew IP to write it down so you dont have the same one twice if you get suspended.

    Well i have registered a new business now and got a PO box. I just have to get a new bank account and hopefully ill be good to go. Goign to set up a new paypal account and ive already set up a ebay account. Just going to take it really slow and not sell anything for a while then only list like one thing a day. The guy also says thats very important as you cannot stay logged in for a long time or go selling a ton. Dont even sell for like a week and then only do small things and one at a time. Oh also dont buy any ebooks or anything for a penny as ebay looks at that and sees that as a fruadulent ebayer and weighs down your average. Buy something that has to be shipped for at least $2. I really wanna find out how he knows about alll this stuff. I emailed but no response. I also wanna find out how long before you can seell alot and get into full swing.

  • Mo

    How do we Macintosh users using a cable modem + router (Airport Extreme) change the MAC address in the router?

  • Ga

    I have just purchased the ezy guide as well and I was also curious about the flyswatter program,there are a lot of things,in the book that do make sense,the tracing of emails is of great concern,but ebay must have something beside IP’s for identifying suspended members ,my IP changes everytime,when you look up on the internet regarding MAC addresses some say they can be traced some say they cant,it’s a bit hard to work out who you should belive,however the MAC address is the only thing that does not change on your computer,and if you were registering new accounts and changing everything and still being found then it is possibly the MAC address that they a using to identify the computer as the same as a previously suspended user,if there are tracking emails and they can get the MAC address information,thats the unknown,any body have any clues?some other questions I have are when you google ebay tracking suspended users nothing comes up apart from the need to delete cookies and change your IP,now ebay either have a very sophisticated system that there is no information available on or they dont have one at all? otherwise you would think you would find some reference to it on the internet,there has to be more than just the IP being the same,or are they randomly suspending members that perhaps fit into a range,which is what is stated in the e book,or there are in fact tracing/tracking bugs in there emails,Has any body out there started a new account from a brand new computer with a new IP and all new information and banking info,and not been suspended? Thank’s

  • Billy

    I am not sure. You have to go into your router setup and see if theres a way to modify your MAC address. My linksys has a MAC address clone tab where its simple as pie to do.

  • Ga

    I have been able to change my MAC now,I just was interested to know any other theories on this matter,

  • Charn

    I was suspended after being a member of Ebay for 6 years with a feedback of 4000 (99.4%). After being a member of paypal for 2 years with one thousand verified buyer’s I was deemed a high risk or a liability by paypal. My accounts were linked and coincidentally the next day Ebay suspended me under section 9 of the user agreement. I have currently have 2 thousand dollars frozen in a paypal account until I can prove I have adequate stock for all items. 2 months on and I have yet to make any progress. Bottom line; paypal pisses me off!

    I to purchased that ezy e-book you are talking about. There’s some handy info, but all in all a waste of time and money. I wish I found this place sooner!

    1. Firstly I invested $30us in to this e-book, which is an excessive amount for this kind of thing. They usually cost $5. I felt ripped off and insulted when the author blatantly advertises and promotes his crap products on his guide trying to manipulate the user into purchasing another of his products called Flyswatter for a whopping $40!!! it supposedly stops ebay tracking you. Free email accounts have more gig and features than that crappy flyswatter email. for example: It is limited to 200 outbound emails a day. It can only hold a pathetic 10mb also. Why not just combine the e-book and flyswatter account into a combo. I told him this although no reply. He appreciates your business and ideas – Sheesh.

    2. I asked him what the second best email service you would recommend out there. No response.

    3.In the concluding parts of the e-book he clearly contradicts himself regarding building feedback. When asked about this he simply condescends you and tells you to read the book closer.

    4. When asked if there was a possibility of opening a fresh flyswatter account (if i subscribed) if there was the off-chance that i was to be suspended again he simply claims you must by another ($40). If I knew about this Flyswatter business to begin with i wouldn’t have purchased it. He makes out this is the be-all-and-end-all. ‘You are playing with russian roulette if you don’t buy this Flyswatter’…so he says. Now i feel like doing a chargeback on his ass.

    5. The guide is way too americanised, and again misleading – making out it would benefit all countries listed on his site.

  • Charn

    On that ebook again; No banks in Oz accept as a primary address. They only accept residential. Also this chap makes the mistake of claiming that a DBA will fix this. Shame about us not having this luxury of having a government dep which allows this aye mate? If we did, it still wouldn’t a make a difference as the Banks still don’t accept po boxes as business address. Robert stick to your day job.

  • Mo

    My most recent EBAY account that was suspended was just reinstated today! Wow. Crazy. Interesting thing is, on my FIRST account that was suspended with hundreds of feedback I was given the opportunity to appeal too, and submit requested info (copy of ID, utility bill, invoices from suppliers or proof of inventory). I did so, and appealed all the way up the EBAY chain (as noted above in my first post here, the long one on 1/7/07), and got NOWHERE.

    This time, I didn’t think much of the process so I just sent some pictures of my inventory to prove I had it, and not much else. To my surprise, a week later they reinstated me. I guess by pretending I was some guy with stuff in his house rather than the wholesaler that I am in reality, I got some sympathy and got reinstated.

    Anyway, it appears that the formula works – all new contact information, different addresses, new email, NEW IP ADDRESS (I am using a proxy), etc. I didn’t bother to change my MAC address on my system, so assuming they don’t suspend me again later, the MAC address is not an issue. Also, to be safe, I respond to EBAY emails only within the EBAY system and while logged in via proxy. I did delete all cookies on my browser, but I didn’t notice any out of the ordinary from EBAY.

    Bottom line however is that I never deserved to be suspended in the first place. Each time I was suspended, including the first time, I shipped merchandise to customers even after I was suspended and even if they had paid me with already cashed checks, or bank wire. If I were a crook, or mean spirited, I would have held back this merchandise – after all, what could anyone do to me that EBAY had not already done?

    So, it seems, after suffering through a few suspensions this last time was the charm. At least for now – I am still worried that any morning now I’ll wake up to yet another suspension!

    Makes me mad though – why is this last account up and running and not my first one which had all the feedback?

    One last point – on one of my “trial” accounts, PayPal suspended me and then at the same time EBAY suspended me (these were entirely new EBAY and PP accounts). This time, PP had put a hold on my funds (this was a brand new PP account created with info to match the new EBAY one), and within hours of EBAY’s reinstatement, the PP hold was lifted as well. So, while these two might not be completely linked, they must be linked somewhat.

  • Charn

    ” Also, to be safe, I respond to EBAY emails only within the EBAY system and while logged in via proxy.”

    According to this guide, it is the worst thing you can do. Using a proxy is a no no as well.

  • Mo

    “Using a proxy is a no no” – well, the ONLY account of my four that was suspended but reinstated was via proxy. So much for that guide.

  • Kezman

    hi Aspkin,
    great advice mate!
    I got suspended due to being linked to an old suspended account i had from ages ago.I’m back on as a buyer,thats pretty simple like you say,was wondering as the credit card currently logged with them expires in 2 weeks and becomes “non specified” on the site when my updated credit card arrives can i add this to my new account as it has the same numbers?
    I know ebay no longer shows your card in your personal information section of the site when it expires so surely they cant link it with the new one,or can they?

  • Billy

    I have a question here. Can you log into your account with a computer that you have used before but not since being suspended? I logged in with my work computer on my old acct. then I got suspended but I havent logged in through my work computer since I got suspended so im wondering do they still track that or is it safe to log in from work?

  • Saul

    I NEED HELP! OMG!!! Ok i used someones accoutn ok it went all well, but when i use a proxy on it, it dont work. Because it things im a third party !!#@!@$#

    How can I fix tis?> Now I have to get my friend to get the call from ebay to verify the account man this sucks.

  • Mo

    Saul not sure what you are asking?

  • JohnzZ

    I have a question. You said that Paypal tracks your IP address the same as eBay? I used the new paypal with my old computer should I worry? Do I need to create a brand new paypal on my new isp/computer and the same with eBay to start selling again?


  • Mo

    I have all the info on PayPal now too! from personal experience. Eureka!

  • Billy

    I dont think paypal operates the same way as ebay. Ive had th esame paypal for years now and used it with numerous suspended ebay accounts. I only had a paypal account frozen once a few years ago probably because ebay suspended me and i also had a claim in. Paypal probably does track your ip but they dont seem to inform ebay about it or freeze your account becuase you were suspended by ebay. I could be wrong but i never had a problem. Ive logged on to paypal many times under a suspended ebay IP address.

  • Dawson

    Hello aspkin,

    I accidently tried to log into my suspended ebay accounted… but I typed in the wrong password (hugh….. !! that was close).

    Do you think ebay will still link my new account with the old account? And eventully will I get suspended again??

    Thank you…

  • Mo

    Time will tell, but someone I know made a similar mistake. He told me that he logged into his new, not suspended account on the old IP address of the account that had been suspended. But then he logged right back out. So far, nothing has happened to him from what I understand.

  • Dawson

    Maybe I didn’t explain it clearly…

    1. I’ve had my new account more than 3 months… – selling and buying
    2. Of course the new account was created under new IP address.
    3. Never logged into the old account
    4. Days ago, (out of old habit) I have tried to log into the old account… but was not able to. Technically did not log into the account.
    5. Would ebay link the two accounts?
    6. Am I paranoid?

    Thanks guys…

  • Dawson

    I was not able to log into the account since I typed in the wrong password….

  • aspkin

    Dawson I stopped commenting on this post weeks ago because I got tired of it, but since your question is a simple yes or no, I can say 99% chance it’s a no. You should be okay. :)

  • Rob


    1. What is the best free proxy in the US?

  • Rob

    Also is can ebay suspended you or track you just if you log in to your email adress that is linked to the old suspended ebay account!

    Best regards

  • Klas

    Charn, not sure what problems yer causin yerself mate. I just set up 2 bank accounts both with po addys on em with no problem. Gave my business name on both of them no problems too. Guess you pissed off your bank eh?

  • Mo

    I have gone beyond everything Aspkin (who is the Master) has written about here and have found most of the answers to EBAY reinstatement, PayPal, banks, email, proxies, EVERYTHING! Give me some time to coordinate all of it into one post or new website.

  • Terry Payton

    Mo, good! Post as soon as possible! :)

    How long have you been back online? Are you sure it’s fail proof? Because I have followed the above without failure and do not violate any other policies other than getting linked to an old suspended accont time after time.


  • Terry Payton

    Please! :)

  • Saul

    Im talking about how do i get ebay to think that i own the account that i borrowed from my friend? When they have to call me!! And I dont live in that area phone code and im not a woman thats 38 yrs old! How do I fix this problem?>~ This always happens after a week of selling for me on ebay then the third party crap comes out and thinks im doing bad stuff on her ebay account cause of a different ip…. Its simple to understand.

    What to do now?

  • aspkin

    Good stuff Mo, I’m glad you’re figuring out their system. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to continue the fight with eBay.

    I’m not trying to tear you away from eBay but when you said, “I am still worried that any morning now I’ll wake up to yet another suspension”. I just hope you have a secondary plan for selling your goods when you finally get tired of eBay. My business still uses eBay, but we have always had our main website stores to do a majority of our sales without any 3rd party interference. I know I’ve said this before but I urge you and everyone else here to at least create a simple website that has a shopping cart with all your items. You can’t point to the website on your eBay auctions, but when all else fails you can email your past eBay buyers that you’re still alive and kicking at your new site, just until you get your eBay store back up and running.

    Also I know my blog isn’t the place to truly expand and learn more from each other about eBay suspensions, so I’m going to create a simple forum soon, though I’ve never installed a forum, I’m sure it’s nothing more then a wordpress blog. It’ll be something like

    Give me a couple days and I’ll have one running… until then think about creating your own website. Hosting cost as little as $5 a month and a domain cost around $10 a year. Most hosting can install a shopping cart for you with a push of a button. Mo you seem smart enough, I’m sure you’ll see the logic of having your own website as a safe guard when selling your items. Just take your time with it if you’re new to website building.

    One last thing, Mo and a few others here I would like you guys to help me moderate the fourms if you have the time. I’ll let you know more information once everything is set. If anyone else would like to help moderate the fourms, please email me at kingbrend [at] gmail dot com


  • rapunzel_01

    that would pretty nifty if you did create a forum seems a lot of folks come to your website about ebay. i dont know if that was your intention ebay first vs yoru business first, but hey its getting hits. Im just glad to know that Im not the only only who got booted from ebay for no damn reason. does anyone know if ebay sends you old account to collections if you dont pay it off from the fees accured after the suspension? just fckin stupid they would suspend folks who are power sellers thats where their making their money they made over 3000 dollars off me from fees in 3 months on ebay and I been a good seller/buyer.

  • Terry Payton

    Has anyone been suspended due to being linked to an old suspended account multiple times…and then used the above to get back on and stayed on for more than a couple months without being suspended again?

    Take care

  • Asian dude


    Thank you very much for your helpful information. I’m the one who got suspended so many times and tried hard to set up new accounts. I did it successfully because of your article. A few question needed to be clarify though:

    1. I use the virtual credit card from I’m trying not to link Ebay and Paypal and so, to follow your recommendation, I’m paying all the ebay fees by the virtual credit card. The problem is that everytime I need to pay for Ebay fee, I would have to pay extra charge around 4% to put my money into the virtual card and let it pay through the Ebay. Is there anyway to avoid this charge? Or another word, would it be safe if I pay all the ebay fee via Paypal with my new email address?

    2. I was suspended from Half and Amazon as well. Do you have any recommendations to set up new accounts and avoiding suspension for those websites?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kot

    My new account was suspended just few days after I created it. I did everything correctly. Then I sold and bought few items for 1 cent to generate some feedback. Today I listed a digital camera for $70 and was suspended few hours later.
    Was it because of “high value” item?
    What is the strategy to start selling items like cameras, computers, etc.?

  • Charn

    Klas, which bank was this with? Are you from Oz? I assume you are an Australian registered business so maybe the banks can allow some leeway for address. For personal use, you cannot use a po box as a primary address. They only accept residential address. I’ve contacted most banks over the phone about it. It’s their policy. If the bank chose who to allow and not to allow to have an account judging on what a person is saying, i guess it is their loss. I’ll go somewhere else.

  • aspkin

    Guys, just to let you know, I just recently switched servers and there are a couple comments that I wasn’t able to save in time. Sorry for that. Though the website should run faster now and I’ll soon have the fourms installed! :)


  • Jack

    Aspkin, were my posts deleted in the server switch? I posted earlier today. Thanks

  • Jack

    In trying to create a new folder in turbo lister, do you have to move all your items one by one to this folder or can you do an import/export or drag/drop safely without fear of risking ebay linking the two accounts? I’m also not sure I have a handle on this “create a new folder” after deleting turbo lister. Is this even necessary in the latest version TL2? There is an option for a new user file, would this work just as well? Lastly I’m concerned about the fact you have to actually log in to turbo lister now, making it specific to your user id/password. As long as you’re not uploading anything just looking around your own copy at your old files, are you in risk of being detected as suspended? If so, is this why you would need to delete the old version of TL and download a new one, and again, how would you easily transfer all your old files to that new version. Sorry if all these questions seem the same, but they are interconnected. Thanks

  • saul

    Can someone answer my question up above, thnx in advance!

    my comment got deleted lol.

  • aspkin

    The Forums are installed! Please discuss any issues related to eBay suspensions there please. The forum is still in its primitive form. In the coming weeks I hope to make it look not so out of the box, but everything is running smoothly. This is my first forum as well, so please bear with me. :)

    Please contribute to the forums; I made them mostly for the people contributing to this post! You! Let’s get started!

  • Kath

    If I register again after being suspended do I have to change my name and address? If I do I won’t get the things I pay for as none of my friends or family have secure addresses. I am from Australia. Thank you :)

  • tqk

    Hello everyone,
    I don’t think ebay needs any of us anymore.We’ve all made them what they are today and together we can bring them down as well.I was suspended and they want you to start sending ur info, Id & all that crap to them.Common, with all these ID thefts going on everywhere, one has to be careful when sending delicate info like that.It can be easily breached.
    I got back on & i always delete cookies from my computer.I had DSL but i didn’t know if i will be traced so i decided to use my dial up service instead since it gives the flexibilty of diff IP.I listed products thru my dial up-although very slow & visit ebay as a guest through DSL just to see if people were bidding on my products.As long as people were bidding & no qtns from buyers, i was ok.
    Never ever link your paypal account with an ebay acct, never safe.I made that mistake & i’m paying for that after staying on successfully for 2months.I took off my middle name & used my 1st & last name, a different address, pre-paid phone,dial up service & it worked until my impulsive hands decided 2 link accts.
    I’m back on with a new acct & pp acct.I wait 4 a while & then start buying, when i get my new card, i’ll start selling.
    My mission here is to tell you all not to be depressed, there’s still another way of selling on the internet & make lots of money.WWW.UBID.COM is a good place to sell high end stuff.WWW.EBID.NET is another best thing that has ever happened on the internet.I see them taking over from ebay in a few yrs.If we all work together as a united front(cos i c a lot of people coming here & complaining about ebay & their suspension}, we can bring EBID.NET to the point where ebay is today after all we all helped to get ebay to where it is today & we can bring them down & i see them in the near future reinstating all these accounts that have been suspended to get back their traffick.Everyone should try & visit EBID.NET, the traffick there is already growing better than overstock & yahoo put together.Tell your friends & family & everybody u know & before we know it, there will be another site better than ebay that have respect for their sellers.Give it a try, what have u to lose.
    Also, if you must sell online, pls get yourself a website & secure future sales, advertize your site, print handbills & physically give it away or hire someone once a week to do that for you, u’ll be amazed at how much traffick will turn up.All u need to do is secure yourself 1st & face the future with hope.
    Ebay is very frustrating especially when it doesn’t show respect for the sellers that make them generate their income.
    I like this place & i’m happy i came across it.Good luck to everyone.

  • JC

    Hey, does anybody have a take on this for me?

    Got suspended last year for being linked to a previously blocked account.

    Been using a mates account since then and built feedback from 10 to 500+ in the last few months. In November I set up a new account and bought a few things last week to get score up to 5 so I could start selling with BIN. I wanted to get this new account moving so that I could have ready as a fall back.

    I activated my new seller account last week and listed a few things. On Sunday they mysteriously disappeared from view and when I try to log on, it’s not letting me even though I’m using correct log in info.

    When I twice request a password reminder to be sent, I get a message saying it’s been sent but nothing is coming through and it’s not sitting on my server waiting to be delivered. I’ve checked my info on the community page and I have nothing to say I’ve been blocked and have had no emails from ebay saying I’m off.

    Key points:

    • Accounts set up and run from different computers
    • The old account was already set up with my mates cc on file and seller account set up, I just started listing new info on it.
    • The new account I set up has a brand new cc I put on file with my own name spelt slightly differently (I dropped and swapped a few letters)
    • The address for this cc is my own at home but have changed the street spelling and the postcode (zip code) slightly.
    • The address for my new account has a slightly differently spelt address but enough to get purchases through to me.
    • New items I listed for sale hadn’t been listed before, new info, new images hosted by ebay

    Anybody have any suggestions why they’re not letting me on?

  • JC

    Also meant to add that the shipping address for my mates account is a po box and the new account is also the po box but has a different spelling.

    should I be concerned about the new account bringing down the good one?

  • Andy Wills

    i was suspended by ebay 5 days ago for selling a replica watch, which was more annoying because i`d purchased it myself off ebay.This was a culmination of what i would call minor things which included trying to sell a Pamela Anderson DVD Biography and having it removed for Pornographic reasons.
    Anyhow i emailed their customer services and was told that due to repeated violations and breaking the reinstatement policy i had allegedly signed previously i would not be considered for an account reinstatement for twelve months.
    This had me puzzled because i have never been suspended previously so had no need ever to sign a reinstatement form or whatever, so i emailed them again and have yet to have a response.
    To top it all , i have just recieved an email from Paypal telling me that my account has permanently limited access.
    i had 100 per cent feedback with no negs or neutrals and am absolutely disgusted at being treated like a criminal when i used ebay to sell odds and ends and buy the odd cd etc. , yet you can go on ebay right now and see the real con men with multi neg accounts and seriously ripping people off.
    The only things i have been pulled up on are items i purchased off ebay itself.
    I feel very let down and don`t have a clue what to do next.

  • GreatCube

    I am one of the unlucky guy who got suspended by paypal and ebay. I would say they suck. How they suck, I am sure most of the visitors here know.
    My ebay account was supsended about 1 year ago. Half year ago, I open a new account using new information (not sure IP), and it went smooth till last Dec. 2006. I was caught by eBay. Ok, well, I register as a new one. Maybe I used the same bank information, so this time I was catch very fast, only 1 month later.
    With the experience here, I am expecting to fool ebay again. Just want to share my experience.
    1. I don’t take paypal as my payment option, and absolutely the auction went smoothly, only a little bit delay.
    2. In case some buyers want to use paypal, told them only accept payment through linked bank account, not credit card. Ask them to send the money to one of your new email. Once they send, open a new paypal account, and transfer the money to your friend’s account, then close your paypal account immediately. Paypal has no way to catch you.
    3. About the Credit Card information. I strongly suggest to apply some credit card with virtual number function. Then you have infinitely credit card number. The next step, you know how to do.

    Good luck for the battle with eBay. We are good sellers with no negative feedbacks. Our buyers are satisfied with us. It is unfair to get banned!

  • GreatCube

    I am totally agree with what you have said. tqk. Actually, there is another No charge there. I am not sure whether there are enough traffic there. But it is free. So we can just take a couple of minutes to list the items there. At least it can be viewed as the advertisement. Hope we can bring another competitor to eBay. The better is to take it down.

  • Aspkin

    Just to let you guys know again, we have a forum dedicated to eBay suspensions. Check it out.

    eBay Suspensions

  • John

    I’m very paranoid with my IP address. After I got suspended from eBay I changed my ISP (not because of the suspension but because i was having problems with them). Anyways afer I got suspended my IP with the old ISP was that 192.168.–.— thats seen almost on every PC, and now that I have a new ISP its still the same, however when I got to one of those IP checking websites its totally different. Does eBay see the 192.168.–.– IP and leading me to getting caught again or the IP that those websites see??
    Thank You

  • Ebay Hater

    Thanks, this worked for me, too bad it sucks ass giving ebay my business.

    I had over 500 positive transactions and no negatives. While I was away in Afghanistan my kids bid on five Pixar Cars toys. Needless to say they weren’t paid for (since my wife doesn’t use the internet and the kids didn’t know how to pay). It is my fault for leaving my user ID logged in, but I got five strikes in short notice and was thus suspended. Ebay didn’t give a rats ass to my predicament. Ebay customer service is a farce. I think the company leaders must be related to Hitler in one way or another.

    And of course not one of the heartless sellers was willing to give me a break. All I had to do was have two remove their strikes.

    ebay sucks.

  • eddie

    How does ebay track muliple accounts and suspend me for that. How can get around running multiple accounts without ebay tracing me? Thanks eddie

  • Let’s make ebay sink

    I’ve been suspended from ebay many times and want to give you guys some ideas on what to do when you get suspended. I want to see ebay go down and never come back up again. The minute you get suspended make sure to cancel the credit card you have on file with them, this way they are out their fees. and you will have a new credit card to use with your new ID. They will try to collect their fees, but as long as you use a fake address and phone number to set up the account they are out the money. Transfer all the money in your paypal account out to your bank account ASAP. The arcticle at the top works 100%. I just want to make sure ebay gets screwed 10x’s by everyone of their customers, do not let them collect their fees when they suspend you. FYI: wamu offers nice free accounts online that are easy to set up and get going for your new ID’s. Happy screwing ebay everyone!!

    ebid is a nice alternative

  • Tye

    Has anyone tried to use ghost surf on ebay or firefox

  • doko

    I have been logging into my suspended and active accts from the same computer for YEARS without problem.I have dialup but i have logged into suspended and active accts within seconds of each other.NO PROBLEM.So i dont know if they ban you from the ip link.

    I recently got suspended (fpa) for some bs excuse like abusing ebay and spamming-i was guilty of neither.BUT i was selling with 3 day auction with new o feedback acct so that might be the reason-however i was only selling 1 item every 3 days!

    You used to be able to BUY FEEDBACK in ‘free recipe’ auctions.But they seemed to have closed those down in the last 2 months…now you have to pay a shipping fee of 99 cents it seems.

  • Gpats

    Hi , My IT buddy said to change your ip address all you have to do is to change your router . Now I have tried this and it works . I would sell my old router on ebay to recoup most of my money. Also for verification on a new ebay account you DO NOT need a credit card. Use a phone number that is not linked . Ebay will phone you and you will receive a pin number that you have to enter on your new ebay account. As long as you do that there is no credit card required.

    I have tried other auction sites because i am tired of eBay’s outrageous fees, but unfortunately those other sites are not very popular . If you want to sell something online ebay is #1 as far as I could see. I would love to dump them but makes an extra $2-3,000 amonth is pretty good.

    Hope this helps


  • Ebay and Paypal Sucks

    I have too been suspended from eBay for “abusing ebay” in the user agreement. I am too a seller just trying to sell some items. Once i was suspended i made multiple accounts which worked. Simply i took my laptop drove around the neighborhood and picked up someones IP. It worked well until paypal limited my account, where i could no longer withdraw funds. After countless efforts to reinstate my paypal account, i threatened to sue them and they are holding funds of 1500 in the account. Now i must wait 180 days for the funds to be available.

    When you make a new account on Ebay, your IP address is what attracts you to them. The moment i made an account on the same IP i was flagged down within hours. I made the account, 5 minutes later i started listing and they flagged me down. What i suggest to do is follow the steps listed above, and buy penny auctions that are all over ebay. Rack up 10-15 feedback and then start selling. Dont use the same pictures, change the description around. Your whole goal is to make eBay think you are a new user.

    Also, if you had multiple accounts linked to paypal that were suspended, i would suggest making a new paypal account. What happened to me was that all my funds were held from paypal because i had multiple accounts suspended from Ebay that were linked to my paypal account. Also i suggest when you add a new email address to your paypal, delete the previous one.

    I hope this helps


  • andrey

    situation: SUSPENDED (inked, assosiated, related etc. to a suspended account)

    what i did:

    new name, address etc.
    new credit card
    new paypal (new CC, new name, new enal)
    new router/DSL modem connected per USB
    clear cache, no cookies

    i use (the same) ISP with dynamic IP – should not be a problem

    my new account has been banned within one hour after first listing.

    question: what i did wrong?

    also interesting: they banned 4 old accounts, and 5 that i tried to open after suspention, but one account still works although i use it from the same PC… ?

    any ideas?

  • eddie

    I keep geting suspened from my laptop from ebay over and over. i got a new gift card, changed my email, changed my name. is it because of my ip address, if it is , how do I change it if im using a wireless laptop with the router card. eddie

  • gpats

    Hi , Your IP address must be changed or hidden, I tried to hide my IP address which is the way to go if you can find a software program that doesn’t slow your system down. Just google ” hide My IP address ” quite a few website come up some are free , the majority you will have to pay a small fee.

    You can also phone the manufacturer of the hardware that your computer has and tell them that you need to change your IP addresss due to hackers compromising your laptop they should help you out .

    Also DO NOT USE THE SAME PICTURES . The pictures that you previousily took for your auctions have a signature from ebay so if you use the same ones you will eventually get flagged. Change your auction around also . You must think ahead and try to be as much a different person as possible.

    When you open your new account don’t go crazy and list 100’s of items , Just list a few each day.


  • chris

    can u get suspended for using the same checking account from my last suspended ebay account. do i need a new checking account,

  • Moire

    My question is…Does anyone know how to make a new PAYPAL account Successfully?

  • David

    Okay I got suspended and everything you have written seems to be very intelligent and thought out. I do have a few questions though. I was planning on getting a completely new Bank account with a different routing # and Bank #. Obviously it will still have the same Bank account Holder name and etc. but does Ebay really look that deep into it when going after suspendees? What I am trying to basically do is become a new person having a new address which ill probably make an PO Box change my personal information. But things like my social and Bank account information that Paypal holds…will that flag me? I want to make a legtiamate account with all real information because I wanna use features like Paypal shipping which are essential to the smooth running of my business. I was unrightfully taken off and have been fair to Ebay for over 2 Years. A few bad customers killed me. Everyday im not on selling I feel like im not making money I would normally have and its killing me. Im going to get a new Paypal Account, New Ebay Account, New IP address both on my modem and on my computer, New Physical Address and New Email address to add onto my new Paypal account. I feel this should work. But im actully taking the time to make it right. I dont wanna skip a step or not know something I should. Thats why I came to you.

  • eritv

    hi , im from italy , i opened a new ebay account , but for be a seller i have the method to demodtrate my id, the first is by phone , the second by credit card , and the third by letter , the now my real phone number and address so if i put one of these choice ebay wiil suspend me . i have to make a prepaid credit card, but , i won’t a physical credit card , i want just the numbers etc etc . how can i do ??? help me.
    then if will work , i ‘ll tell you the method , to be not suspend by ebay

  • Claudia

    Hey, i want to buy this guide, how do i do that?

    I have a few questions more…if you would be so nice to help me….

    I had a site that was hosting my pictures for ebay. The site is called SellerSourceBook. I had and still have the account on that site, it didn’t get suspended with the ebay account.
    I had my first ebay account (that got suspended 3 months ago for no reason, i’ve been a powerseller for 2 years) that was using the codes from that hosting site.

    All my listings (text and pictures) are now stil saved on that site. So when i wanted to list something on ebay the site generates an HTML code that i use on my item’s description.

    Now, i have managed to open a new ebay account and my biggest question is: can i still use the code for my listings from that site or ebay will be able to track and see that my suspended account was using codes from that site???

    Do you think that if i make a new account on that site it will be better?

    I haven’t listed anything yet with the new account and i wouldn’t want to start with the left foot and get my account suspended again…..

    I am desperate as i have a lot of stock left and all my money blocked….

    Thank you so much,


  • Claudia

    While i was reading the previous posts concerning using same photos i got the answers to my questions.
    But now i have another question:
    I have managed to make a new ebay account using my parents computer (they live in Luxembourg like me, but in a different city) using their name and credit card (my mom has a different family name) so i am thinking that the IP issue is solved now.
    My questions is, while having the other account (the one that got suspended) i used to check my auctions from my parents computer everynow and then, not too often though. Is is possible to have any problems with my new account now? Can ebay see that a few months ago, for instance, i logged into my suspended account from my parents comp and see the IP??

    I know i sound paranoid, but it’s a “disease” that ebay inoculated me.

  • Claudia

    The more i read the answers and questions here more questions pop up :)))
    I see that some people here say that when they get their account suspended (again!!) they just make a new one using a different address and Credit Card.
    I live in Europe and so far i have used my boyfriend’s name, address and CC, mine and now my parent’s info. What can i do if i get suspended again? How can i get a new address, name and CC?
    I understood what i have to do to change my IP and proxy, but what about all the personal info and addresses??

    Thank you!!!!


  • aspkin

    Guys, guys please if you have any questions; I have setup a forum for Q&A specifically for eBay suspensions because of its popularity. Yay! Go there now, its

    Thank you,

  • CMGuy

    Great Stuff..

    another good one is

    Just need some traffic..

  • CMGuy

    Sorry forget other this is it,

    No Fees ..

    Great one ..just needs more traffic ..BAD

  • MIKE B






    SCREW U EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    hi aspkin,

    I am a buyer on Ebay and my original account was suspened due to several unpaid item strikes.
    I opened up a new account and used it for about 2 months and then got suspended because of the connection to the old account.
    I opened a 3rd account and that was suspended after a few days.

    in all the accounts I bought using the same paypal account (verfied), and same address.

    now I want to follow your guide opening a new account, but I have a question: is it possible using the same paypal account (with a new email address), and use the same name on Ebay (just playing with a letter or two), and using the same shipping address (again, changing some letters, so items can still get to me) ???

    do they compare name and address automatically (using bots)? I live outside US so I guess even if they check it individually (without bots), they won’t be able to recognize street name,cities etc.

    please help :)
    thank you

  • Jacob

    Hey Aspkin, this suspension guide sounds really really helpful. I’m doing everything you listed in the guide, however I’m having trouble getting my IP resetted. I called my ISP (Rogers Canada) and they told me that the dynamic IP is periodically resetted (once a month) and there’s nothing Rogers can do to manually reset it. What can I do to get my IP resetted? Thanks.

  • Tye

    Yeah, that guy is a real idiot…I don’t really think the feedback has anything to do with anything. And the reason I say this is because my girlfriend made a account 0 feedback after being suspended she watched a few items for 2-3 days and shes fine, hasn’t been suspended yet. (knock on wood) but all the talk of flyswatters accounts and whoppers is just bull shit, its a game actually, Think about it like this, He knows you want to get back on ebay so he tells people about things they need they have No! idea of what he’s talken about. But you want to get back on ebay so bad your willing to try anything, its just like being pulled over by the cops if you don’t the law then your liable to say and do anything because u don’t know any better. “word to the wise” follow the steps in this forum you should be fine.

  • Bon

    do you know how I can permanently erase my suspended ebay accounts??? I hear there are ways but I can’t seem to find any. And do you think this helps when attempting to open new accounts? Also can I keep my email address I have and just use the new one strictly for ebay and paypal?

  • MIKE








  • Krisco

    I have looked all through every post here and never saw this question. I hope you can help an honest seller. I have been selling on eBay for 7 years and do about 1 million a year on eBay. Just recently we had one account restricted due to someone not receiving a product as described which of course was resolved immediately, we have 99% feedback and 4.5-5 on all ratings on the new star system. We do have a paypal rep for but not an eBay rep. The Paypal rep cannot help us. Ok, I have opened a new eBay and paypal account and the eBay account has 10 feedback on it. I am also very familiar with all the steps needed to take in order to not be suspended or limited with a new account. The only thing I am not aware of is the sales volume that will cause my eBay and/or paypal account to be flagged. Have you been able to experiment with this or have any previous experience with this situation?

    Thank you for your time and I hope everyone with good intentions gets back on eBay and is selling again.


  • aspkin

    Hi guys, thanks for all your post. For more information on eBay Suspensions, please visit the forum I setup for it.


  • crystya

    when I am suspended, I always create a new ebay account to sell and always paypal limited my paypal account and the reclaim me any extra information. This is normal? ALWAYS PAYPAL LIMITED the paypal account to news ebay sellers users? In my case always always limted muy paypal account

  • adam

    Has anyone used this method recently? Does it still work? I too was suspended “for the safety of ebay members” was the only reason I was given. I was also a power seller over 800+ and 99.8% feedback. So odd, if the buyers are happy with me why isn’t ebay? Anyways I’m looking for a way back on there if anyone knows a sure fire way please share.

  • kevin

    Hey i have a quetion.. my brother has a good ebay acct and paypal acct already…if i buy a new computer and change my ip address can i use his acct without ebay finding out..n can i add my other bank acct i never used to his pay pal so i can get money transfered to me. Bc if you think this would work it would be a lot easier then restarting another ebay acct. and if i use new ip does that mean on my old computer i can never check my email bc my old email are linked to ebay..

    and the other question is i do a lot from my and paypal and ebay should i not use my phone with my brother email..bc eaby can track that back to my old acct.

    thanks any advice is wonderful

  • Michael

    I’m using static Ip’s. normal when you have a few static Ip’s you have the same first numbers and only ending numbers will change.. do you think eBay will put this together…or its enough that the ending number is different

  • pete

    i created an an eBAY seller account but my monthly listing limit is only 10 items per month, if i want to list more than 10 items it asks me to confirm Ebay identity address with paypal and confirm banking details same as ebay address, but if i confirm paypal address bank it wont match address with ebay, so how can i resolve this other way to increase my monthly item listing ?

    pls advise thanks

  • Boris

    nice info, i followed your instructions step by step, including deleting browser cookies, but then i downloaded the ebook ebay stealth and there they talk about deleting flash cookies, which i did not, the new account has everything different from my old one except for flash cookies, is it going to be suspended?

  • aspkin

    There is a good chance of linking.. read eBay Stealth and follow it’s steps to the letter and any new accounts you create shouldn’t have this problem. Good luck!

  • adam

    So you need to clear the cookies, get a new IP, new email address, and new checking account. What I don’t understand is why do you need a pre-paid debit card? You can’t just use the debit card you got for opening the new checking account?

  • ed

    Just wanted to say thank you for guiding me back to making money money after having several accounts suspended. I have one question? After you change your IP address and add another account, which for the most part is working successfully, can multiple accounts be made or will they all be linked to the same new IP address. Therefore, can I make more account or is it to risky?

  • Jonathan

    Dear Aspkin or Other Knowledgeable Member,

    Like many people, I had my legitimate eBay business stripped from me for being associated with another suspended account. I have read so much information about getting back on eBay, but there is just one obstacle that I can’t seem to find any clear information about.

    Is there any way whatsoever to get past eBay’s infamous SSN check? I am willing to do the leg work required to establish an account that I can actually build a long lasting reputation on, without having to worry about losing it later due to this.

    It seems like nobody has found a solution to this problem yet. I only ask because I am not interested in having multiple accounts and reopening account after account. Is there any way to just set up 1 solid account that can stand the test of time? ***This account must be able to handle THOUSANDS of dollars per month in sales and have the ability to stay active for YEARS in order to actually BUILD a REAL growing business.***

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • raf


    i really need some help here iv been restricted from ebay…. i run a good honest business but my performance was too low how to i get back on ebay pls ?

  • Cindy

    Do you accept paypal for payment of your book?

  • Cindy

    if my sister opens up a sellers account with her information I would be able to log into her account AFTER I CHANGE MY IP ADRESS here on my computer and then be able to sell items under her log in right?

  • Abbie

    Hi, I had an account which got suspended last year so without thinking there would be a problem I just made a new one, which also got suspended after a few weeks, I’ve tried and tried to get my new one reinstated but I’m having no luck. I wanted to create a new account but didn’t want them to link it. I only used to for selling so I wanted to use the same debit card for my pay pal account, will they link it? (I have never brought anything from eBay) and also how exactly do I change my ip address? Thanks :)

  • Harry

    Let’s hope that this information is helpful

  • helen

    i understand about changing IP add (haveing to change providers as cant change it with current) and i can use a diff name and add for new acc but when linking to paypal does my new acc and credit card have to match my made up name as i had to give me real details for these?

  • Hori


    one of my friend wanted to buy something on eBay with his own eBay account, but he had not enough money on his PayPal account so he used my PayPal account, but I used this account with my eBay account which is banned. Will eBay suspend my friends account?


  • richx80

    Very strange situation i have here and would like some advice, Paypal have closed me down! They in turn got eBay to close down one of my two eBay accounts, but the other one remains open.

    Whats the best way to cicumnavigate the paypal tracking systems and get another paypal account?

  • punit

    i wud like to know if my account got suspended can i open another account on my fathers name with new ip address new contact address new pc . will they check my middle name and surname with my fathers first name and sir name

  • mike

    Good day! i have an account which was suspended since 2003 recently i created a new account on using the same old information like my complete full name, but credit card number is a new number but with the same name, home address and telephone number and i.p address was different. Ebay was not able to detect and link it to my old account so i’m enjoying selling items on using my new ebay account.

    1. My question is how long does ebay store records of suspended user in their database?

    2. Does and don’t share their database?

    3. it is because my suspended account was already 9yrs and it was deleted already in their database?

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciated ty.

  • mike

    One more question i have a ecommerce website but my old paypal account was suspended already for some paypal violation.

    Can i create a new paypal account with a different name and link it to my ecommerce site again?

    Will paypal be able to detect it and suspend my paypal account again?

  • WDN

    Hi Askpin!

    First of all, you wrote a great article! Thanks to that I know much more about eBay now.

    Here is my situation. My account which has been around for 2 years without any problems and 100% positive feedback was recently limited to sell anything. I cannot list anything at all. The reason for this restriction being that my account was linked to a suspended account.

    This suspended account in question was my boyfriend’s account. When I moved in with him, I had to change my address to his address, and I didn’t know his ebay account was suspended that time. Of course, now it is too late to know, because my account has been limited. I called eBay and the rep basically told me that I’m not welcome in eBay because my account was linked to a suspended one. My boyfriend has tried to solve this problem in vain, for 2 months now, and eBay’s final decision was not to reinstate his account. That means, mine is damned forever as well.

    Now my question is, will the name and address I used for this account be blacklisted (or has it been blacklisted), even after I log in and change name and address? I am still able to access the account and buy on eBay (just not allowed to sell). This means, I was able to change my name and address to one that is different from the time my account was limited. I have now a new account on eBay, and so far eBay has not done anything yet. That 2nd account uses my real name and real address (but different from the one in old restricted account) that is not linked to my boyfriend’s address anymore.

    Thank you very much!!!

    • veejay

      Hi WDN
      this was the situation with me, my account suspended so my wife’s as well, but she called the ebay and clearly denied she has nothing to do with her husband’s account. She argued that the address is same definatley, the internet is same, surely so she asked are you expecting me to move from the house or buy new internet connection or what ?
      and they finally allowed her to sell and when she open a new accouhnt they asked for verificaiton and she did they asked for her photos with the item on sell and she did and they allowed selling.

      so basically you have to say yes i know someone in the house may have been suspended but i have no concern and ask ebay ‘ please dissassociate my account from his/her account’ thats it..

  • iBack

    Hello Aspkin, first, thanks for all your advices.

    Please, I would know if when I´m becoming the new eBay account to a seller account, Can I select for pay the eBay commisions with my PayPal account with the new email associated and the old email deleted?. I need verify the account seller, and I have two ways for do that, choosing a PayPal account or a credit card.

    Thank you

  • Iva

    hello! I have question im suspended for first time. How long suspension take?? will the suspension be removed?

  • Mark

    I had an account suspended 6 months ago along with my pay pal account. My question is, if we open another account under a different name, and pay pal account under a different name, will they connect the bank account info (name, address) to the ebay account. Bank Account will be in my name.

  • joyce Angel

    Hi i have tried everything and my account was very good so far .. till yesterday , i think what i did wrong was to pay my fees with my paypal account.. i didn’t use my old ebay email addres , but my new one.. What do you think ?? thank you

  • Dale

    Hi, followed the guide after being suspended and everything is working fine so far.
    Essential to change your IP and browser though as you can be in the middle of listing something on your new account when your browser will try to auto log you in to an old suspended account which you really need to keep an eye on as it can happen totally randomly without you even noticing then before you know it both accounts are linked, new account becomes suspended and you have to start all over again :(
    Selling limits still bit of a pain as eBay has limited me to 10 items or £650 per month but we’ll see what happens when I get some decent feedback score??
    Problem now is I have purchased a few things using my new bogus account which obviously has my made up address registered to it, not really an issue as I have emailed the sellers and requested that they post out to my real or “work” address instead if I pay by PayPal which they are happy to do luckily.
    I don’t want to add my real address as a delivery option on eBay as I think they may link that to a suspended account?
    Anyway, heres the issue….. I now need to pay for my purchases.
    I tried to just pay with my card outside of a PayPal account but when I enter my card details in it automatically brings up my bogus registered eBay address and cannot process the payment as PayPal is “unable to verify the cardholder address”
    I have therefore set up a legit PayPal account with all real bank and personal details (one which has never been registered with any eBay account) but obviously my REAL personal details are the ones that eBay have blacklisted and suspended, if I pay for my purchases using this PayPal account through eBay will eBay find my real personal info from PayPal, link to an old suspended account and suspend my new account or start asking me to prove identity etc??
    Any ideas? All advice appreciated :)

  • J. M.

    Hello! After reading your information I have learned a lot, I knew a lot but you know a lot a lot! My situation is this, I am in dyer need of help!

    I have an ebay account active as a seller for 4 years. I have over 550 feedback. I used to be a top rated seller and power seller and I lost both of those because I had 2 buyer who were assholes, they purchased an item I had sold hundreds of all without any issues and many repeat customers all positive. These 2 buyers both bought the same item, it was under $2 each, I even sent each of them 3 times what they purchased, they both left me negative feedback all over less than $4! Because of these 2 people I lost top rated and power seller status. At that time I was selling about $3000 month. Since losing that status my business has grown big time, last month I sold over 205 items for a total of $28,700! The month before that I sold, $23,500, the month before that $18,800 and before that $17,500. I have had all positive feedbacks my number is 98.6% on 550 transactions and I had 145 items still to get feedback on. After this past month I was out of nowhere suspended. I am also one who constantly keeps in touch with PayPal and eBay to make sure my account is in good standing because about 2 months ago I was suspended for those 2 bad feedbacks, and the fact of my growth they needed me to provide them proof of inventory which I did, I sent them in tons of receipts and invoices totaling over $30,000 at that time; unfortunately the buyers would not remove them and it has cost me big time, I lost the 25% discount on my seller fees which selling over $20000 a month has added up to thousands extra, but I looked at that as a business expense and have moved on but with that said I have gotten over tons of hurdles. So out of no where I am just suspended! I have spent over 20 hours on the phone with every dept of ebay, every supervisor of every dept I have contacted and explained my story and I have had 3 of them submit appeals on my part but with their opinion I should not be suspended. To boot since I am suspended I have no access to my account and before suspended I had 100 items sold I needed to upload tracking for I have tracking numbers for everything but cannot upload them, when I was suspended ebay sent all of my byers an email making me out to be a criminal! and to open disputes, so with that said I have over $3000 in open disputes that I was told I had until jan 10th to respond, I was sent this info by ebay on jam 3rd, on jan 5th I got 12 emails stated they have decided to refund the buyers their money! I had already uploaded tracking into paypal for all of these item because I could not upload them into ebay, I also had emailed all of the buyers but ebay went ahead and refunded them and paypal says since ebay did It they cant do anything to help me on those, to boot, prior to my suspension one of my frequent buyers got suspended and every transaction he ever bought from me got reversed out of my paypal account for a total of $5,150! when this happened it overdrew my paypal to -3800! during that day and the next I sold $2500 which all that did was make my negative balance lower, so not only did I lose the $5150, I have no access to the $2500 since it came out of my negative, all of the claims ebay reversed even though I already shipped the item totaled over $2500 so in total I am losing well over $10,000 and that is just the beginning, I have no idea what to do in this situation, this is my business, this is my job, this is my livelihood and how I live and how my family lives, when a $25000 a month business goes away out of nowhere with no warning and with no reason as to why other than they claim I am high risk makes no sense when all of my buyers have received their items and are all happy, my business has been booming and everyone loves both my products and service along with my great prices! It is sickening to think about what I am losing at the hands of eBay without 1 explanation as to why and where my money is and I have no recourse to get it back and it sucks more than I can express into words!!! I am on hold as we speak, it has been 45 minutes this call, the one before that I was disconnected after 94 minutes and 33 the call before that, I never get a straight answer, I get the run around and script readers who seem paid to do just that forward you from person to person, from dept to dept to disconnect to make you want to give up, not this guy! I will not give up! EVER! I am fighting this to the end, I have contacted multiple local news stations, news papers and attorneys I am going to file a class action law suit because this is completely illegal, unethical and against everything our country stands for, ebay is run like a dictatorship in a democratic country and it is not right, something needs to be done about this now and it needs to stop! Anyone interested in joining the team is more than welcome, I know I am not the only one with this kind of situation but I am going to spear head this and take this and follow it to a resolution! based on my monthly growth, next month I was on track for $32,000, $38,000 after that and then a minimum of $40,000 every month following for a projection year end of 2013 of well over $500,000 in lost projected sales with a net loss of over $175,000! This is sickening to think about and something needs to be done! Sorry to ramble but this situation makes me sick that companies are able to operate like this and get away with it because they are so big and each of us individually are so small but if we team together we will make a difference and will make a change! If anyone if interested respond to this link or email **
    Also I am sure I am leaving a bunch of details out that just make my case even stronger but this is good for now, any help is greatly appreciated or any guidance to help me, I really want my account reinstated but don’t feel too good about that happening. I do not get it because my products are genuine and original all brand new and all of my buyers are overly happy! Why wont ebay review accounts on an individual basis and not just look from 20000 feet on the numbers from DSP ratings and feedbacks from uneducated buyers who don’t read what they are buying and think they are getting something they aren’t and it is because they didn’t read the item description and then it is the sellers fault, like really!!!

    • V


      I feel your pain. We just had a recent boom in sales similar to yours and eBay has linked and indefinitely suspended 4 accounts of ours, and limited sales to $500/month for 90 days on 2 other accounts.

      We’ve now changed our IP address with a free program called Spotflux, which changes it each time you login with the program.

      It’s disgusting how they can totally annihilate your life at a whim, and the seemingly inhumane disconnection they treat you with when you try to call them to reach a solution.

      Good luck, let us know any updates!

  • JJ

    I wanted to add to this the guide looks great, and I will be testing this as I managed to get 16 ebay accounts suspended in my history with
    Quick overview, I had a main account which was a powerseller at silver level back in 2005, over 1000 feedback 100%. I also had 4 other accounts linked to the same address at the time, one for buying, my girlfriends selling and buying accounts, Now I did brake policy on my Buying account buy listing replica items (I listed them as replica hence why ebay warned me) I supose looking back if I had been dishonest and never put replica in the listing I would have been fine.
    I know this was wrong but I only done this with 3 listings as each listing got shut down after 24 hours, so on my final warning I listed all items on buy it now auctions offered a great price and shifted £3k in 4 hours on a Sunday, emptied the paypal account straight away. Monday morning they shut down 3 of the accounts so had one of my girlfriends accounts left, tried to plead with ebay but they refused to re-instate my main account.
    This was when the fun began we sold on the last account for another 3 months then got a suspension email linking us to the other three accounts, so set up new accounts using different bank cards, accounts, (free to get a new bank account in the U.K.) set up more accounts though we never sold anything dodgy again ebay would after 2 to 6 months shut down the accounts, we always set up new paypal accounts with a new ebay account, new numbers, change address name or put flat 1 etc but they kept getting shut down, so then changed tatics registered for an ebay account in the usa put an address down for a motel that had been demolished, this stayed active for 1.5 years and was selling hundreds of pounds of items a week, then out of the blue we got suspended and linked to someone elses account in the states, (they must have used the same address of the demolished motel) when i Checked their feedback they had 50 negatives in 2 months, contacted and argued that I was 5000 miles away from the other seller in a different country how can we be the same people, they refused to re-instate the account, but this time paypal froze all our money which had £2300 approx, now the ebay account was registered to the usa but the paypal was registered in the u.k., I had to fight big time to get the money back from paypal which took nearly 1 year of threatening to take legal action and getting the FSA involded.
    I decided to leave ebay and try other auction sites or marketplaces but the amount of sells never matched ebay, so used a company address (where I was working) to register as a business ebay account which got paperwork sent through to verify I was a business sent back some fake invoices etc, this got me a new account which could start selling straight away but I had run out of bank accounts so had no paypal account to use, so logged back into one of my really old attempts of being on ebay and re-verified the account, but I never link the two together they are seperate apart from when I list an item I put in the paypal email address and pay the fees as one off payments, the account has been up for 3 years now. the account has been registered back with my name and origianl address as my main details and changed from a seller account to a personal account. so this may be another way round getting another ebay account register as a business then just slowly change it back to a personal account.
    I hope this helps some other people out.
    Just to add my original account which was the power seller one, I logged in to it by accident on a very old computer that I booted up, it logged me in and gave me an option to appeal the suspension again, I tried again but they refused even after 7 years, I sent them a shitty email back and got a reply to state that if the account had been hacked they would have re-instated it if I agreed to send copies of passport utility bills etc, but they said that because I never indicated the account had been and then attempted so many times to continue selling on ebay they did not want me on ebay as they believe I am a threat. what a joke!!

  • Elizabet

    So my account got suspend, and my other acocunt’s selling limits ere removed so I couldn’t sell on it anymore, I look back at it, and I can sell again. How come both my accounts didn’t get blocked? Why did only one?

    Also, I’m going to make a new account and start over, I’ll change EVERYTHING, but do I have to change my address? I mean, I could be a person renting out the place that I’m staying at?

  • wifusion

    surley after a certain amount of time ebay will clear the system of all older accounts and you;ll be good to go again with your name and address,if not a cyber attack might be on the cards,with lots of willing participants!!!!

  • katita

    this info is so great, wondering if this will apply as well for etsy.. anyone?? I have tryied to follow this steps, new account, new email, different adresss, same bank but with different email …. and got suspended 1 1/2 day after… I never removed the cookies from my computer, never restart .. I think my IP never change.. so I have been researching for more information and found this… should I use another computer to create a new account? provide all the info and upload the pictures?? I hear that they keep the MAC on the Database as well…

    another question as for ebay and etsy, everytime you log in they trace your IP, so this mean that if I open my account from another computer, another internet access and then try again on mine they will notice and link with my suspended account?? I got suspended for infrigment but they will not give me another chance, their policies are not that clear, Im sorry for what I have done but want to do things right this time… just need a chance… thank you for your advices…

  • ashley

    hi i have a question. i was selling on ebay and because of an old account i never used i was suspended indefinantly and the account i used got blocked and i can’t sell. I use my laptop but i was wondering if i use my computer downstairs (non-laptop) to create a new paypal account and ebay account and email account if that has a different ip address and will be ok? also i just opened a new bank account but i still have my same address and name. to open a pay pal account i have to link my bank account to it and i was wondering if i have to use my same address on the banking info because can’t ebay link that address to the suspended account?

  • Dan

    I’m not understanding what do you do about your suspended information like your first and last names?You say to apply for a new bank account and a pre-paid CC O.K…Well,in order to apply for another bank account or CC requires your real name,address and SSN#.Example,If John Doe was suspended from selling on eBay.John Doe decides to open another seller account.When he is asked for bank and CC information.Won’t eBay link the name on the card or bank account?

  • Dan

    Here is what I’m told to do,
    (1)Clean your PC out.
    (2)Apply for a Prepaid CC as example a Green Dot card.(My question here is,Your name is required to apply for a credit card.When applying for a new CC what name do you use?Can you use your suspended real name?)

  • Dan

    I got suspended because,of my brother.Yes,my brother.My brother and I live across town from one another as different addresses but,same last name.Last yr my brother got suspended because,he owed fees that he never paid.But,he was still able to buy off of eBay tho.So,he bought a item off of eBay.Since he was going out of town for a week.Without telling me,he edits his eBay shipping information to have his package shipped to my home.The dummy forgets to re-edit his shipping information back to his home address.eBay links his account to my account and suspends all my eBay accounts.I tried to fight this with eBay stating we don’t have the same address we are just family.eBay suspended my account with 100% positive feedback and over 600 transactions.Unfair it is and I’m hurting for money.I need to get back selling on eBay again but,I need help?I’m not a computer wizard or a scam artist to know how to create fake I.D.s.But,I’m willing to do what I have to do to get back selling again.I never ripped any buyer off.100% Positive transactions I had.Down the tube with a snap of a finger. I know how eBay treats their sellers and it is not fair.But,you must take the good with the bad I guess.Can anyone help me setup a new eBay/PayPal account please?I sold used vintage items on eBay.I tried Amazon.They require UPC’s in order to list any item.Vintage items don’t have UPC’s.I tried Etsy traffic is stopped at a halt.I now waiting to hear from ubid yet to try.I hear that place has no traffic as well.So,that leaves me eBay to try to get back on selling.

  • shakire

    well when i was trying to follow somebody it said your account has been suspended so what do i do about it ive been suspended 2 times in a row

  • irina

    I had excellent feed back but I got 2 bad reviews so ebay suspended my account they ddidn’t care that I had over 400 possitve feed backs. My question is how do I set up my pay pal won’t ebay know its me whwn I linl them from my tax I’d or business name? Please help.

    Thanks Irina

    Sorry had written wrong email

  • stevie

    Hello, my account got suspended, I tried to import my unsold listings on inkfrog to the library but it won’t allow me import them because the ebay account is not active. Is there a way I could retrieve these listings as I do have another account that’s not linked to the suspended account and I’m trying to relist my other items on the other active account.

  • TB

    hey, my account was suspended. I was going to use my sisters account to list stuff. shes from GA im in SC. i was gonna list and pre schedule through her auctivia account. i would never log into her ebay through my computer though. wondering if ebay can link me that way?

  • richard

    Hi im just confuse on one thing. if I create new ebay account but to pay for items or sell I use my same paypal of course with a different email removing the old one and different address. will it link the two accounts if my debit card or checking account on paypal is still on there or used? even though im not linking ebay n paypal?

  • Ralph

    What is the best and safest vitual bank account that I can use

  • don

    i have a question if i buy a new laptop do i need to change IP and clear cookies please my account suspend 3 times

  • Nathan White

    Hi, I have a quick question. My Ebay account just got the 30 day suspension but I need to keep selling. A friend of mine gave me his to use and he lives in another state. What do I need to do to make absolutely sure they do not connect the two? I would in essence be using a completely different persons account with no relationship to me and all sales on that account I will paypal the funds to my paypal account and withdraw. Would you recommend using my phone as a hotspot for a new ip address? Also I live in Texas and my friend lives in California. Since I will be listing and selling here in Texas should I change my friends location. I honestly will only use this account until my account is not suspended anymore in about 3 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated. I will be using the same laptop though I was using for my suspended account ao I assume removing all the cookies etc. would take care of that issue, let me know what else I need to do if any. Thank you so so much for your help.

  • Nathan White

    I forgot to also say that the items I will be selling on my friends account are completely different than the ones I have been selling on my suspended account so there is no connection there.

  • reneeroseholland

    Geez, just use a proxy to change your ip address, it’s modern times people. going to a lot of trouble to change an ip is ridiculous. (You can go through this site and they’ll hide your real ip through several of their fake ones). Most companies charge a small monthly fee and they should. they’re providing a great service. I highly recommend, “gotrusted”
    However and with that being said, if you’re suspended from ebay, then I’m sure they had a good reason and you’ll probably get back on there just to cause more trouble…Lol

    • aspkin

      Proxies don’t work. And many people get booted off eBay for simply being linked to a suspended user.

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