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Please Note: This guide is a couple years old and has been outdated with time. If you’re looking for a solid updated guide to setting up a new eBay account I recommend you read eBay Stealth – eBay Suspension Guide. It is written by me and kept up to date. Good luck everyone! – Aspkiin

It seems my eBay guide about suspended accounts has been one of my more popular posts. My random blogging about my car breaking down or me hitting a deer over the summer doesn’t seem to stimulate you people as much as eBay and their suspensions. Fine.

You guys have questions — I’ll try to answer them.

So your eBay account has been suspended and your business is drying up and about to disappear. I’m sorry. I’ve been in your shoes before many times. You spend hours setting up your account only to see it the next day Banned!

How does eBay catch me you ask? Well they track everything! Everything! You’re IP address, your email, your website URL, your credit card, your name and address. They keep track of all this information and more to identify you.

If you are banned they will use this information against you. Example: If you try to create a new account with the same credit card, you’ll receive a warning that that card has been banned and you need to try another card. Please don’t try another card, eBay already has you. They have identified you as a suspended user and if you try to sign up with another account without changing your IP address and deleting your cookies, the new card you try will be banned as well.

EBay has you. But not for Long.

Like I said, eBay tracks all your information. Your goal is to create a new account with new information.

Use a different email address. Use a widely known email provider like Gmail or Yahoo. If you use your domain email, example [email protected] it’s easier for eBay to track you and ban you. Another example. If I had an eBay account using [email protected] and they banned it. I wouldn’t want to create another eBay account using [email protected] EBay is not dumb, they will ban you. Even if eBay doesn’t find it within a couple weeks, your competitors will. Don’t risk it.

Become someone else.

You must change your name and address but keep it in your area. If you’re in San Antonio, Texas don’t make up a new address from Los Angeles, California. EBay is not dumb; it’s easy to track your location through IP address.

Don’t believe me check out this website:

This brings me to your IP Address.

You must change your IP address before creating a new eBay account. Once banned eBay has your IP address, every time you log into an account with that IP address eBay knows who you are. Sure they’ll let you create a new account with them, but their bots will auto suspend you the next day. Change your IP Address every time you create a new account.

Emm cookies. Yep eBay leaves cookies on your machine. Clean them up. Delete all your cookies before you attempt to create a new account.

Use a pre paid credit card.

Once you’re suspended, you won’t be able to use the same credit card to create a new account. You’ll have to get a pre paid credit card or use a different credit card of yours. Try not to use the same name and address when entering the credit card information for eBay. Add extra letters change the address a little. Just enough not to get caught. If you’re able, use a different name and address with the card.

If you use gallery pictures, have eBay host them. Try not to host them on you’re own server.

Try to follow eBay’s rules. I know they are picky bastards but you got to play ball if you want to stay in the game.

  1. Don’t spam them with thousands of auctions with 999 quantities of each auction. This is a red flag to eBay and they’ll probably auto ban you.
  2. Don’t list more then a 100 new auctions a day.
  3. Don’t give eBay a reason to ban you!
  4. Don’t have external links on your auctions trying to promote your website. If eBay doesn’t catch it, you’re competitors will.

Last but not least, once you are banned, let it be. Create another account and run. Never log into a banned account after you create a new account. If you do eBay will link those accounts together and the fate of the banned account will be shared. Your new account will be suspended as well. :(

A run down on how to create a new account after being suspended. IMPORTANT! In this order!

  • Delete your Cookies
  • Change your IP address
  • Register with a new email address
  • Sign up using a different credit card
  • Try not to use the same information twice
  • Never Log into banned accounts

I’ve created quite a few eBay accounts and out of trial and error I’ve figured out what I just told you, how to get around suspended eBay accounts. I’ve seen people trying to sell information like this for hundreds of dollars. I give to you for free.

A side note: I have just finished my final guide to eBay suspensions. If you would like to know more information, here is the link.

Discuss eBay suspensions in our brand new FORUMS.

Good luck!

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  • John C.

    I appreciate your articles on eBay account suspension; they have helped me overcome an unjust eBay suspension of an account that was pulling in thousands a week. Why they would want to ban such a revenue source, I’m not sure.

    Also, a quick question if you would; do you think having pictures hosted by my own domain in the html code would like the accounts together? I use eBay for gallery photos, but in-auction photos I use my own hosting. Let me know! Thanks!

  • aspkin

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, my Internet Service has been down for a couple days, bad weather here.

    As for your question hosting your own auction photos doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s the gallery hosting that seems to do it. Just make sure not to have an entire auction make from images, eBay can kill your auctions for this; other then that you should be okay.

  • aspkin

    Yep, eBay tracks your credit card by its number. If you use a new credit card it’ll work. A faster and easier way instead of canceling your current credit card and ordering a new one, would be to use prepaid credit cards; they’re cheap and work the same as a regular credit card.

    Also when setting up a new account, try not to use your exact information from the previous account. Change a few letters in your name for example. Good Luck!

  • James P.

    hi, thanks for your info, I didn’t try, but I hope it works. My question is about credit card, I have canceled my “banned” credit card and ordered a new one with different card number. should this “new” card be used ?

  • Dave B.

    Great info, I was wondering, does my paypal registration information have to match the credit card and registration I use for ebay? Specifically, does the name and address of the bank account information (in paypal) have to match the credit card used for the ebay registration…or is it just the numbers that they watch?

  • aspkin

    Good question Dave,

    The way eBay and Paypal currently work is they do not share the same information. They work separately for the time being. That being said, you can use any name and address for your eBay account(s) without Paypal being a problem.

    The only thing you must worry about from paypal is your email address. Once your email address is banned from eBay, you can no longer use it to receive payments. Meaning your paypal email address must be changed, I didn’t go through this very much in my post but it is imperative that you change your paypal email address. All you have to do is add a new email address to your paypal account and have your payments sent to it from eBay and you’ll be fine. I didn’t mention this before because once eBay / Paypal fix this, it’ll be a lot harder to create new eBay accounts.

    Also from what I’ve seen it’s mostly the credit card numbers they watch, but you still want to change your name and address a little to fool any auto detection. Trust me on this. :)

  • Jim

    Awesome information. Thanks for your assistance.

    My only question is, how do you change you IP address? I have comcast high speed and I’ve tried several times to reboot, unplug, etc. to get a new IP. It’s not working.

    This is the last step in us restoring a new ebay account.

    Please advise.


  • aspkin

    You should be able to change the IP address just by unplugging the power source to the modem for 30-60 seconds and plug it back in. If it’s connected to a router there’s a little more work then that; you must reset your router to accept the new IP from the modem. Someone asked me this question with another eBay post of mine. Here’s what I replied:

    It depends what kind of ISP you have, like dial ups are always different IP address every time you connect. Cable modems stay the same until you reset your modem. Simply unplug the power source and let it set for a couple minutes and plug it back in. DSL modems are basically the same too.

    If that doesn’t work, go to start > run and type in cmd and then type in: ipconfig /release

    Then try resetting your modem again.

    To view your current IP address type in the cmd “ipconfig” or a website I like to use

    Hope this helps.

  • aspkin

    Absolutely! They track each and every IP address that logs into your account. If you use an IP address to log into two separate accounts, eBay will link those accounts together for the same user, and if one account is banned, eBay will ban the other account too. That’s why changing your IP address is necessary and I say never log into two or more eBay accounts using the same IP address.

    I keep a log of my IP address per eBay account, just to not mix up things. I go as far as; I have business partners in China using a remote access to one of my laptops to access eBay accounts when I’m away.

    Once you have your IP address set, you don’t have to keep resetting it, but if you use more then one computer for eBay, make sure each computer has a fresh IP address per eBay account, if you have more then one. It gets a little complicated with the more eBay accounts you have, but if you just have one account, which I recommend, it’s fairly easy.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the info on the changing the IP address.

    Do you know if the only registered IP address w/ eBay is when you open a new account, or do they keep track of each IP address that you used to log into an account? (basically, do they keep each accessing IP address ever used to log into a seller account)

    Thanks for your help on this.

  • Brad

    I had an account that was banned, which I emailed time and time again to get cleared up. I finally received a response from eBay and they said I needed to pay over $300.00, which is from eBay fees and items we sold, but shipped.

    My question is, if we pay this, will they activate our account again, or are they just trying to get more money out of us?


  • aspkin


    If the initial reason for being banned is because delinquent fees, then yes paying the balance will reinstate your eBay account. If you were banned for another reason and they’re asking you for a payment promising to activate your account afterwards, then no they’re just trying to make you pay the balance.

    Good Luck!

  • Brad


    We were linked to a suspended account, which I thought was paid in full. Now they suspended our new account. Do you think they are trying to get money from the old one and won’t activate our new account?

  • aspkin

    Hi Brad,

    Yes they’re just trying to get money from you, even if you pay the balance your account will still be suspended because of the other linked account. The best thing to do is to forget those accounts, and start fresh with a new one.

    Good Luck!

  • aspkin

    That’s correct; eBay can’t grab your IP address from emails. We often forward all our emails to one email address and have been using the same one for years now with no trouble at all. Just make sure not to log into your eBay account from an email, they can grab your IP that way. If you simple reply or write to there won’t be a problem.

  • Brad

    OK, will do.

    One last question – we replied to their email from a new IP address. (have not yet created a new eBay account.) I’m assuming that they can not track an IP address from either reading an email and/or responding to it.

    Is that correct?

    We have also been accessing our previous email address, which was used soley for eBay business.

    Thanks for your help!!

  • Brad

    You say above to use a pre-paid credit card. I’d very much rather do this than give them another one of my credit card numbers. I know these cards are pre-loaded w/ cash, but how do they work when it comes to the name and address. eBay already has this information and can compare it. Also, our IP is registered in DE, but our offices are in NJ. Does that send up red flags to eBay?

  • aspkin

    Prepaid Credit Cards work the same as a regular credit card when it comes to your name and address. You should be able to enter a different name and address for the CC or if you’re unable to change a few letters and numbers from the address and name.

    And your IP address should be fine.

  • mrwonderful

    I don’t fully understand the solution with the CC. If we use a new CC or a prepaid one, what’s the difference. Moreso, if we get a prepaid CC, and the name is the same (address is already different) would ebay be able to detect the name? If this is the case and it’s not an issue, can we use one of the new credit cards that we have without worry?


  • aspkin

    The difference with a prepaid CC and one that you applied for and have credit with is just that. I real credit card gives you credit to use for future purchases, a prepaid card is basically the same but you have to pre pay before you use the card. I recommend using a prepaid card because they’re easier and faster to obtain then a regular credit card. You can use either or when registering an account, the main difference is the credit card number its self. That’s what eBay really monitors.

    I’ve found when using credit cards with the exact same name and address, you won’t get caught right away, but if eBay has suspicion about you, they can and will match up your information with that of your past banned account(s). That’s why I say change a few letters and numbers around when registering with a new credit card.

    The main thing is the credit card number. Once a credit card has been used and banned by eBay you may never use that credit card again. You can use either a second credit card or third etc of yours or easier use a prepaid credit card to register a new eBay account. I just mentioned the prepaid cards because that’s what I use and they work great. :)

  • mrwonderful

    What prepaid credit card do you recommend? I am looking over some of them and I don’t know which will be best. I am looking for something that does not get overdrafted, for when ebay decides to autocharge credit cards.

  • aspkin

    That’s the thing about prepaid credit cards; you and anyone else trying to take money from that card will only be able to take what the card has. If you have $10 on the card, and say eBay tries to take a $100 fee from the card, the prepaid card will not allow it, at least not the ones I’ve found. That’s why its called pre paid! If it lets you charge its not prepaid is it?

    I personally use Visa Prepaid Credit Cards from I believe they’re all basically the same, just different pricing… try looking up prepaid credit card on Google.

    Good luck,

  • melissa

    don’t you have to have a different bank account to open a new account? can’t they trace it from having the same bank account?

  • aspkin

    Hi Melissa,

    The thing about the bank account is this. EBay does not verify that the account is legitimate until they try to charge it. Therefore you can enter any bank account information and eBay will accept it. If you enter your previous bank account information, eBay will link accounts together and will ban you. Just make sure to click the option to pay using your credit card on file, it’s probably not a good idea to have eBay trying to take money out of other people’s accounts if by chance you enter a real bank account number. I don’t like to be shady but this is what eBay forces people to do. I’ve been in situations where people have scammed me; I know how it feels, please never do it to another person.


  • Jorg Schmitz

    My reply doesn’t exactly touch the above subjects, but indirectly it does. Please read the following and tell me what you would do:
    Maybe you can help or at least give advise?
    About a month ago I had two listings of ms win2000pro OEM software removed from listing by ebay.
    Fine, I was unaware I had to sell this software together with an original computer this software was intended for.
    Asking Microsoft for advise how NOT to infringe on their rights resulted in a computer-generated, generic response, which didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already.
    FOllowing the proper procedure (I thought) I relisted this OEM (DELL) software TOGETHER with an original DELL computer this software was intended for. Result:
    eBya removed it again.
    Subsequent contact with eBay Canada’s Trust & Safety Dept. resulted in an apology – Yes, we should not have removed these listings, they evidently had been in compliance with eBay policy and should not have been removed. Therefore eBay placed the listings back in my Unsold Item Folder for me to relist. I did relist them, assured as eBay was telling me it was fine AND also as eBay made these listings available to me for relisting.
    Two days later, after getting bids on these items!!, they were removed again and my account SUSPENDED for violating eBay Policy. Certain this to be a comical error I contacted the individual(?)”SKIP” at eBay Canada’s Trust & Safety Dept. I learned the suspension was CORRECT and “only temporary anyway”. He agreed haven given me the “Green Light” for relisting, yet as Microsoft demanded removal again (nobody, including Microsoft, will tell me what the actual violation was …) and he would not be able respond to further emails from me unless they contained new facts.
    I make an honest mistake, ask Microsoft, to no avail, for guidance -then ask eBay for the same and receive WRITTEN/CONFIRMED assurances they had been wrong and I had been RIGHT and suddenly I find myself SUSPENDED.
    Now what?
    I would appreciate, if possible, a comment back from you.
    Am I insane or is this simply another version of Murphy’s Law?
    Best Regards
    Jorg Schmitz, Ottawa Canada

  • aspkin

    Hi Jorg,

    The problem you’re having is with the item your selling. The producer (Microsoft) does not allow the resale of its software to unapproved 3rd parties. I would suspect this would be the number one reason an eBay account is suspended, unapproved items.

    Microsoft has teams of people searching eBay looking for their products for sale. The most concerning of which would be software, as it can be duplicated fairly easily, and Microsoft will not hesitate to have eBay suspend those auctions.

    Even though you have good intentions, eBay still has to listen to Microsoft and other companies alike in order to avoid lawsuits. If I were you, I would just try to sell the Dell computer you have with the software as an add-on; don’t mention the software in the title of the auction because Microsoft searches for those keywords, and if they find an auction, they’ll tell eBay to shut it down, and with enough warnings on your account you’ll soon have a suspended account.

    Don’t give Microsoft the tools they need to find your auctions… and you should be okay.

    As to what to do now: Create a new account and try again.

    -Delete your Cookies
    -Change your IP address
    -Register eBay with a new email address
    -Use a different credit card
    -Try not to use the same information twice
    -Never Log into banned accounts

    Good Luck,

  • Jorg Schmitz

    Is it totally irrelevant that eBay advised me they had made a mistake by removing the ad in the first place? More so, subsequently placing the listings back in my account for re listing. I wouldn’t have re listed had eBay not confirmed the ads were OK to relist.
    It doesn’t make sense!

  • aspkin

    Hi Jorg,

    I’m afraid it really is. No matter what eBay says, if they get a complaint from a producer of a product they will listen and investigate the item. They have thousands of items to look each day, probably hundreds of thousands a day and I’m sure they don’t look at each item; thus this is where you might have your problem. Obliviously Microsoft feels your item is not acceptable for resale.

    I don’t know what else to tell you, I’ve had this same issue with items I was selling. The only way I found to slow down the suspensions were to change my item titles and auction description. I tried to get rid of all the keywords that they look for to search my product.. but you still need some to get bids. I successfully slowed down my accounts from being banned. Instead of taking 2-3 days; it would take 4-6 weeks and maybe longer. Once I got banned, I simply created a new account and started again, but it’s a pain sometimes.

    I thankfully don’t mess with eBay as of a couple weeks ago. I just coach other people in my team how to. I’m rambling… eBay is not organized enough to truly help you. You must help your self.

    You might want to read this. eBay Copyright Basics

  • aspkin

    If I were you I would just start fresh; eBay won’t be able to help you, even if they reinstate your same auctions, they’ll probably shut them down again.

    As for the fees, it depends. If eBay has your paypal email address they might be able to take funds from there, it depends if you selected the option to link your eBay account to your Paypal account. If you want to stop them from taking funds, simply change your paypal email address. Go to paypal >> profile >> email and you can add and remove emails from here. You will first need to add an email address if you only have one listed. Once you add one, confirm it and make it your primary email address and delete your old email address from paypal. Now they have no way of taking funds from your Paypal account. ?

    If you have a credit card listed on your account, more then likely you do since you’re a seller, they’ll try to take the funds from there. I recommend using prepaid credit cards just for this reason. If eBay tries to take funds from a prepaid card with a limited value stored on the card, eBay will be denied and you’ll save your self eBay fees incase a suspension. If you have a regular credit card on file, they’re more then likely be able to take your funds from there. You can try to remove your credit card, but I doubt eBay will allow that.

    You can still fight for those extra fees from eBay; they should be able to credit you. If that doest work, you can always dispute the charges with your credit card company.

    As for other auction sites, there are none that I’ve seen that compares to the huge market eBay has… well maybe Craigs List.

    Good Luck!

  • Jorg Schmitz

    Thanks for the advise!
    But now what?
    Do I pay outstanding fees? They inform me I may go to the “second stage” of my appeal against the unjust suspension after Oct.11,06
    I owe them about $ 130.00, they are asking for about $ 165.00, which includes the fees for these darn removed listings. Looks like they add insult to injury.
    Do I wait and see what happens after Oct. 11 or dump the whole issue and start fresh (as you advised above)?
    If I don’t pay the fees will they not just go to PayPal and grab the money anyway?

  • Jorg Schmitz

    And I totally forgot to ask:
    Are there any good auction sites out there?
    Any recommendations.
    Mind you, I’m in Canada

  • Jorg Schmitz

    It’s a totally pleasant surprise to see someone actually cares! How do you make a living giving this free, timeconsuming advise?
    Thanks so much!!

  • aspkin

    Hi Jorg,

    I don’t make any money from this site; it’s mostly a personal blog. I’m an Internet Marketer, and it’s my job to bring traffic and business to my group’s websites. It’s more of a hobby to me, I love what I do. I have the freedom to work anytime I want, and use any method I find that will bring results. I just happen to post about how I get around eBay suspensions, because I deal with eBay as one of my side projects. I’m glad I could help you and you enjoyed my article. If you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to help you or anyone else.


  • Keasha

    Hi there, what am I doing wrong. I keep opening new accounts and change address and everything, but ebay still manage to track me and suspend me. I do everything by the books with the new account, new computer and the whole lot. What am I doing wrong?

  • aspkin

    Hi Keasha,

    It depends what eBay is suspending you for. Please post the reason they give you for the suspension, and I’ll try to help you out.


  • Lynda

    I have had 3 sites removed as they are connected to a site I had years ago that was suspended for copying photos from a cosmetics web site. Each time I get one reinstated it is closed again as its connected to one of the others, so I thought I would send all the details from all 4 in one envelope to Ebay and get them all opened at once. ebay have now informed me I have to wait 12 months to get reinstated! I am panicking as I rely on the extra income I get from Ebay to live. Since my first mistake I have run all my other sites strictly within ebay rules, but this does not seem to matter.
    I am very relieved to find this site and see other unhappy sellers like me, and am very grateful for all the information you offer. However, I am having problems re-setting my ip address. I have tried unplugging my modem, and also as this didnt work going to start > run and type in cmd and then type in: ipconfig /release, then resetting my modem. But this still didn’t work. can you think of any other way I can reset it?
    One last thing, and I apologise if I sound stupid, but if I use a made up name and address to open a new ebay account , wont anything I buy on ebay get sent to that address?

  • aspkin

    Hi Lynda,

    If your modem is connected to a router, your IP address won’t simply change by unplugging the power source. If you are connected through a router, try to direct connect to your modem. That’s directly connect your modem to your computer and try resetting your modem again.

    If you’re using DSL, which tends to have problems resetting IPs. Use cmd prompt again, type in: “ipconfig /release” then unplug your modem, let it sit for a few minutes, then plug it back in. Then type in CMD prompt: “ipconfig /renew”. This may or might not work; I’ve always had problems with DSL, that’s why I switched to cable modem.

    With a cable modem, all you have to do is go to START > Run, type in, ‘CMD’ then on the prompt screen type, “ipconfig /release”. Then unplug your modem for a few minutes, and plug your modem back in. Your computer should automatically connect it self and find a new IP address for you. To view your IP address type “ipconfig” in CMD prompt. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. Cable modems sometimes retain their IP’s even after a few resets.

    If you’re still unable to change your IP address, try calling your Internet Service Provider, they should be able to help you.

    And yes if you do change your address when creating a new eBay account, and try to buy something with that account, you run the risk of having your item sent to the wrong location. I never had this problem before because I actually don’t buy anything that needs to be delivered, off eBay anymore. If you do, you can specify to the seller to send to your correct address before you buy. Contact them before the sale just to make sure it’s alright.

    Kind Regards,

  • aspkin

    Hi Stevie,

    It’s true. All you need to do is add the same email address you created for the eBay account to your Paypal account; confirm the email address and you’ll be able to receive funds from eBay into your Paypal account. Trust me on this, it works. If you are banned again, just delete your email address, and simply add a new one. You don’t have to make it your primary email address either.

    Good luck,

  • Stevie


    It seems to good to be true that you can use your old Paypal account with a new Ebay id if you add a new email address. Could you give any more information about this? I’m not throwing your expertise into doubt here, just wanting to be sure that I have taken you up right. I’m in the process of gathering info about how to get back on Ebay after suspension (12 months for ‘Trade Mark misuse’ – I know everyone says this, but it is totally unjustified). Ebay is a full time thing for me and I’m absolutely gutted about the ban and desperate to get back on. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  • Lynda

    thanks for that, I have managed to change my ip address.
    Everything I sell I buy from Ebay and am worried some would get lost . I am moving house soon so am wondering if it would be better to wait and then use my new address with a different name.
    Once again, thanks for your help, I have been going mad trying to find a way of opening a new site and staying on!

  • aspkin

    Hi Lynda,

    In your situation you might want to keep your address the same, but change your name a little when creating the account. I only said to change this information a little because eBay can match it up with another banned account, but its not an automated thing, they actually have to have suspicion that you’re doing something wrong in order for them to try to match you with another account. You can keep your address the same for the time being, and change it once your move. The main thing to worry about is your IP address, email address, and credit card number. Also never ever log into your old banned accounts again, if you do, your new accounts will be banned as well; other then that you shouldn’t have any problems with eBay as long as you follow their rules.

    Good lucky with eBay and your move!

  • niceguy

    so just to skew my ip could i use hide ip platinum or such similar softwares or should i use just my cell phone for the same.

  • Lynda

    for some reason my ip address keeps reverting back to the original one! I will phone my service provider to find out why.

  • aspkin

    Mr. Niceguy,

    I’ve seen some of these IP programs in action, and they seem like a good idea. I’ve never actually used one my self so don’t hold me to it, but it looks like they would work.


  • aspkin

    Hi Tamara!

    To tell you the truth I have never used such a program for my eBay accounts, but I have colleagues using proxies to connect and they’re fine. I’ll pass this information to my team and have them test it out, I’m 95% sure it will work, and I’m excited that this could solve a lot of people’s problems with their IP address. Try it! Let me know your results. I’ll post my results as soon as I can.

    AOL is a nifty ISP, they use proxies and work flawlessly with eBay, only thing is its dial up and slow. I monitor my websites traffic and current visitors all the time, and I can easily spot an AOL user. Their IP address changes with each page they view, it’s kind of crazy. It makes it hard do real business on the net when this happens, hope you’re not have that much trouble with eBay, you cookies probably keep everything okay, but its just funny watching AOL users surf my sites. Proxify looks like a great solution.

  • Tamara

    So let me ask you I am trying to change my Ip and not haveing any luck because I am on a router and need my wireless . Left it unplugged over night etc. did not work . So I found a website do you know anything about them? Like is it legit that I am hidden and my Ip is differenyt everytime I use it? I hate to pay and find it not true. In the mean time I am finding myself logging in thru aol dial up because the IP changes everytime but its of course a pain and slow…

  • Tamara

    I do not usually use aol. I am a cox user but I have been dialing on because it changes my IP so I can try to get another account open hru ebay without them tracing my cox account so I am assuming until I can change my cox ip I am safer using aol dial up?

  • niceguy

    has any body used torpark try it its free.,but even after goin by the book i am suspended i feel its due to the constant changing of ip adresses from one continent to another that ebay is alerted or do they get past the proxies too.

  • aspkin

    Tamara, yes that’s true. If you’re unable to change your Cox cable IP, and log in to your eBay account, your account will be banned. Usually when you have a router connected you must reset that also to accept the new IP address, which is a pain.

    Niceguy, users like Tamara have IP address that change with every page they visit, so I don’t think that’s a reason your account was suspended… what reason did eBay give you for the suspension?

  • Jeff Hozzy

    When you sign up and give them a fake name/address at Ebay and lets say you do the same at Paypal, if you use Paypal shipping your address is going to be whatever name you used right? I am somewhat confused about the name changing. Isn’t that going to cross reference somewhere?

  • Jeff Hozzy

    Do you have to use a pre-paid card with a name on it or not? There seems to be some disagreements about this from what I have been reading on the web. I don’t want to try my nameless card just have it throw up red flags. I already got my account up and in few days hope to add the seller information (i.e. credit card info). They don’t require a checking account at Ebay do they? Been a long time and I cant remember and I am afraid to ask them! Thanks again!

  • aspkin

    Hi Jeff,

    EBay and Paypal do not share the same information when it comes with your IP address, and personal information like your name and address. So you’re able to use different information without a problem. I’ve been using the same Paypal account for over 5 years, and I’ve created tons of eBay accounts with no problem what so ever.

    With the CC you’re going to use, all the ones I’ve used had a name and address with them. I don’t think eBay will accept one without your name. I recently found a better solution then prepaid credit cards! Simon Giftaccount. Read about the giftaccount giftcard. It’s just like a prepaid card but you can use different names and address, and no SS# is required. I believe you must be a US citizen… sorry everyone else, but there are other options for you guys. My latest account I used one of these giftaccounts which came through my email! It’s fast, cheap, and almost perfect for what we’re trying to do. I urge you to look into it.

    And yes if you are signing up for a seller account eBay does require your bank account information. Here’s what I posted a few days ago…

    “The thing about the bank account is this. EBay does not verify that the account is legitimate until they try to charge it. Therefore you can enter any bank account information and eBay will accept it. If you enter your previous bank account information, eBay will link accounts together and will ban you. Just make sure to click the option to pay using your credit card on file, it’s probably not a good idea to have eBay trying to take money out of other people’s accounts if by chance you enter a real bank account number. I don’t like to be shady but this is what eBay forces people to do. I’ve been in situations where people have scammed me; I know how it feels, please never do it to another person.”


  • Tamara

    what if I have another existing acccount that is not suspended, and is on a different credit card. If I go in to it thru a different IP will they catch it?

  • Tamara

    just to inform you that my girlfriend tried the proxify. Not so good because what it does it show IP address’ from other states like you said ebay is not dumb they know when something looks weird we are in Phoenix it was showing IP addrfess in Michigan

  • niceguy

    well i am always suspended due to sec 9 violation ., i have also now stopped using my turbo lister files., as thought the data which was from my previous id must be containing some stamp marks ., by ebay ., which are embedded in the tl files, but even after i stopped using tl files i am still experincing the same problem., now i feel they are catching me due to my selling paterns or one should never start selling more than 3 items on the first day on ebay is there some kind of rule that ebay has formed., well i took a new id on my employees name ., employees address ., his telephone no. also i got his bank account no. and made sure he had never ever priorly even been to ebay., and acessed my id on a new laptop and even changed my isp ., even then i was caught., i think i must have made some common mistake ., as this is something highly ridiculous or do you think some competitor snipes me down every time he sees one of mine product.

  • Jeff Hozzy

    Hey Niceguy, what did you use for a credit card? Just curious as you did not mention it. That’s the only way I can think of they tracked you. Also do you use the same Paypal? I am trying to get back on Ebay myself and am trying to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Tamara

    So I am almost set. However just wondering can I use a P.O. Box on ebay as an address? and also do I use a fake name? I am not a bad guy I just got booted for a patent that I did not know was patented and i have been using the same name for 6 years and I guess the Uk is stricter or whatever but the ended my auctions and booted me off. This is my income and has been for years. I have another account that I am afraid to use right now that I believe was not linked because it is so old that they did not require checking etc. when I started and the CC is a different # and has my old address. But I was curious about a fake name on ebay and a gift card ot prepaid card and also was wondering about a verizon wireless card I am told the IP is also different everytime you log on but you need a lap top. Thanks for your help

  • Tiff Moore

    Hi there, just wondering will eBay check the listing gallery photo. as well ? Coz’ i already have another new account with new ip address, hard disc, name, debit card and paypal account. But still get caught finally and the reason they banned me was “related to the suspended account”
    coz’ the photo. got my web site written on it .. and that’s the only way i could think they could track me … correct me if i’m worng

  • Perry Hill

    Is it safe to use the same paypal account on the new eBay seller account to receive paqyment ? or just change the paypal email address will do ? Let’s say, the owner of the paypal account is the same as the suspend eBay one, does it really care ?

  • aspkin

    Geez, look what I started…

    Tamara: Though eBay is not dumb, they also are in a away. As long as you don’t trip their red flags, or someone tells on you, they’ll leave you alone. For the IP address, as long as you don’t give eBay a reason to look into your account further, they won’t bother you. I know this to be true because people in my group use proxies 90% of the time when connecting to eBay.

    Niceguy, I always figured eBay transferred your old information back to eBay when ever you use Turbo Lister. That’s why I always uninstall Turbo Lister and reinstalled in a different folder, so it was clean. We continue to use turbolister using this technique. The max number of items I have found to be safe per day is 100, with a max quantities of 3-5 each item. If you spam with thousands of auctions and 99 quantities… that’s a red flag… and they’ll ban you. If you are using the exact same auction, wording and all, I would change it around if I were you. Same thing with the title of the auction. What is sec 9 violation?

    And yes Jeff, if Niceguy didn’t change his paypal email address and used that to accept the payments, he would be caught. If you try to use an old credit card, found it didn’t work and tried another, you would be caught. There are a lot of factors you must consider, and you must be very careful when creating an account. To me, it’s a stressful 10 minutes to fully create a new account with all the information I told you about. If I make one mistake.. the account is gone. If I forget to change my IP address, accidentally log into an old account, forget to change my payment email address, etc etc etc. Just take your time.

    Tamara P.O. boxes are fine, tons of people use them. When signing up for eBay again, change a few letters in your name and you should be fine. Just take your time setting up the account, don’t rush it and make a mistake, its very easy to do; and yes I’ve had a verizon wireless card before and they do have dynamic IP address. Though I found the card to be slightly above dial up speed.. and in some places I had no signal.. This would be one solution for your IP address.

    Tiff as for gallery images, have eBay host the image. I found that eBay was able to link my account to other accounts when I used the same URL for both accounts. It’s safer to have eBay host them. Trust me. I read your first sentence, wrote this and read the rest… that’s exactly how they catch you, just as you said. I think I wrote something about it in my article, or one of them, but yes this is one of many ways eBay can link your accounts to old ones. As for the auction images, I found they don’t track that for some reason. I use the same auctions, but change wording and titles around and call on my images from the same host with no problem at all. It’s kind of weird.

    Perry it is safe as long as you don’t use the same email address. You must add an email address to your paypal account and use that for your eBay account. Specifically use the same email address you use for eBay and Paypal. Trust me!

    Hope this helps everyone!

    Sorry for any sentence structure mistakes, I just woke up. :)


  • aspkin

    Hi Tiff, the main reason for deleting the cookies is to avoid auto log in to eBay.

    The steps that need to be taken to create a new account after you are banned are in this order:

    Delete your browser cookies and saved passwords
    Uninstall any eBay software i.e. turbolister
    Change your IP address; make sure you never use the same IP
    Create a new email address example > Gmail / Yahoo
    Add that new email to your Paypal account
    Create a new eBay account with the Gmail / Yahoo email
    Create a seller account with your new CC/GC/PPC

    That should be the basics; I don’t think I missed anything. The main idea is to never use the same information twice. You are trying to become someone else.


  • Tiff Moore

    aspkin, thanks for the quick reply ! I used to up load those auctions photo. to eBay and let them host it. Also, i didn’t put any other photo. on the auctions article (i already change the way of listing and the auctions title) but it still get caught yesterday .. it was so annoying, coz’ in these 2 months i have been banned for 7 times … so i really wanna know how to avoid it. After i read your website, i found out that i miss out a very important point, i’ve change the whole stuff, except delete the cookies on my pc and i hope that’s the main reason that they track me.

  • aspkin

    Hi Jeff,

    Yes I’ve used prepaid cards before and they work well. My only problem with them was when the company I bought them from saw I was purchasing a lot of them, and discontinued my account with them… Sigh… I use Simon CC gift cards now, they’re great. They’re cheaper and I am able to obtain them faster. It’s not necessary to use any fake information for the card it self, only on eBay is where you need to change a few letters and numbers here and there.

    I’ve probably been banned 20-30 times, each time I gain more knowledge to pass to you guys.

    Within the last few months I was able to master creating new accounts; now we don’t get banned unless it’s for the items we sell, which is the main problem. If I were able to find a way around that, I would be set. We’ve tried everything, but it’s out of our control. That’s why we try to stick by eBay rules now, only selling what we are permitted to sell etc.


  • aspkin

    Hahah, Thanks for complement, I might just do that.. the adsense ads I have on here.. well.. Let’s just say… they’ll just be able to cover my monthly hosting bill. LOL Good times!

  • Jeff Hozzy

    I ordered a prepaid Mastercard gift card today online and assigned all of my ebay info( i.e fake id, address, phone, ect) and should be availble to try it maybe mid-next week. When they check that card for address verification though won’t it go back to the card that actually made the pre-paid card purchase? Thats what I am worried most about. You personally have dont the prepaid cards before and they have worked sucessfully? And just curious, how many times have you failed trying to get back on Ebay?

  • Jeff Hozzy

    Oh, and thanks for all your help! Set up a donation via Paypal thing and you’ll be rich!

  • Jason

    I have a question with the bank account. They need it to sell on ebay, I have tons of credit/debit cards but the bak account gives me problems, let me know if you have any thoughts!

  • Tiff Moore

    One more question, how about the name and home address ? Is there any problem to use to the previous name and address ?

  • niceguy

    well i dont require credit card to register in india., i give a new cellular no. to activate my seller id. also about turbolister aspkin i still feel that there should be some third party software too to handle bulk listing., do u advise me to change my wordings and stuff again on turbolister, as i have got around 300 unique items up there also what about the cooling period which they mark ., when sud u start proper selling and should i change my selling patterns too like i am secondhand goods reseller should i get in to arts or gift items too just to give them the slip.

  • niceguy

    and we have paisa pay over here ., which has the same address as registration address for ebay., we dont have paypal out here but paisa pay is much more better

  • niceguy

    also obviously i have changed the address, the isp , also the names and addresses , also my lappy even then was caught i think it bcoz of turbolister., or my selling patterns., now only thing left is to know when should i start selling after making my new id as i am able to register my selling account but once i start selling on that account within a day its out., i have now got a new experiment on my way i am selling something different then i usually sell on my new id lets seee if ebay can track me down. also aspkin thanks for this help i owe u one.

  • aspkin

    Hi guys,

    Most of the questions here are being asked over and over again. Please read the questions and answers that have been posted above. I know it’s a lot, but please try before posting a question.


  • free2sell

    Hey Aspkin..
    I spend days looking for all the info you had compiled here. I would like to thank you for providing this service to everybody who has been crushed by the ebay giant.
    One thing, it was kind of hard to find your blog for some reason, but I am thankfull I found it.
    I almost ended up buyin a book for 30$, which would have been a big mistake.

    Thanks alot

  • free2sell

    Oh also,
    Could you keep us posted if PayPal merges with ebay.
    I hope there will be something else besides ebay in the future, are there any other sites that have caught your eye?

  • aspkin

    HI free2sell,

    Yes this blog is fairly new, and I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it. Though I’m glad I was able to help you.

    And yes there are competitors coming along, though they are still far from really competing with eBay, in the new future eBay will have to fight to stay alive. That means less restrictive rules, new services, lower prices and more. Competition is a great thing.

  • niceguy

    google base is one to look forward to.

  • free2sell

    In your opinion what would be the site most likely to succeed over ebay?
    I have done some research, and from what I see there are a couple of competitors that are getting their gears together. But they are far away from ebay. In my opinion they lack the user friendly interface that ebay has. On ebay a monkey can sit down and click on the buttons and figure out how to sell.. but if you take Overstock or Amazon for example, you have to spend 1 week just figuring out if you listed your auction or not..

    I would like to speak with you about your blog, do you have an email address or some kind of instant messaging.. if you have a minute I would like to ask you some questions.



  • free2sell

    One more thing regarding ebay. When I add a paypal email address to my current paypal account, do I have to make it my primary one or not? If yes, do I have to delete my primary one? The primary one that I have on there now is the one that was associated with ebay when they suspended my account.

  • aspkin


    I’m not sure anything would compare to eBay at this time. The only other option I would consider would be, but that’s just me.

    You can email me at [email protected].

    And no you don’t have to make it your primary email address, it just needs to be there and no you don’t have to delete your old email address even though it was suspended, you can if you want though.

  • aspkin

    Again for new posters, most of your questions are answered already, please read the above post for the answers.

    Thank you,

  • sevcc


    I am having a hard time changing my IP address. Can you give me the instructions on how to change the IP address for DSL?


  • steve

    Thank you for the info……can I donate some womens clothes to your wife or girlfriend or donate something to you. I am a ups driver and get all kinds of stuff for free from my customers. I just want to give you something back for what you have given to thousands.

  • aspkin

    Lol Thanks Steve,

    We’re good on clothes at the moment. I do appreciate the offer though. I’m just happy my article was able to help you. This article has been my most popular one, and it says something to me.

    There is a demand for this information. So I’m thinking of putting something together with more detailed information on the subject and sale for a small profit. Anyone interested or did I give all the information out already? lol


  • aspkin

    Wow Murph707,

    Yes I believe that’s overkill. If that was possible I wouldn’t be able to create all the accounts I have and continue to do so with the same computer. Actually I use two but still.

    Totally False

  • Murph707

    I have also heard that ebay can read the user id and computer pwner name. Should anyone who needs to start a new account change the computer name and add a new user? Ir, is this overkill? Thanks

  • Johnny be Free

    Hi, I love this post, thanks so much for having it. I do have to chime in though regarding using your old paypal account. If you use your new Ebay account with your old paypal account your fine (for now) unless you link the two together to use the Paypal shipping feature. You may be grandfathered in and currently using the Paypal Shipping and no one is looking for you but I can assure you they are comparing notes now on new link ups and it will get you booted by doing this. Walk carefully among the giants…

  • Ant


    Great info. thank you so much! I’ve been selling again thanks to your advice! One quick question, can i pay my seller fees with my original paypal account (by using my balance i have in the account) or will they link it to the original ebay accounts that are suspended? I’ve made all the changes you’ve asked to make but was just wondering if that would be possible to pay with the balance in my paypal account rather than the credit card on file with ebay…Thanks in advance

  • aspkin

    HI Johnny!

    I believe that’s true. I actually never linked my Paypal account to my eBay account, so that never happened to me, but I believe it.

    All I do now is add my new email address to my Paypal account and then my auctions, I don’t even mess with seller information and “link your account with Paypal”. I believe that’s what it’s called. Anyways I do this and I’m fine. Never link your account to Paypal, its unnecessary and dangerous.

    Ant, using the same email address you set up for your eBay account, and Paypal, the new one you created you can make a “One Time Payment” with Paypal without causing any problems.


    Again for new posters, most of your questions are already answered, read above for the answers!

  • aspkin

    Hi Craig,

    There are so many pitfalls that can get you banned its crazy; I’ve listed all the steps I can think of but there is so much more I can write about eBay and things to do and not to do, but I simply don’t have the time. I’m currently working on some major projects for my business and as this is just a personal blog, it comes second. I am thinking of creating a PDF of some sort with more detailed information for a small price, but as of now 95% of all the information you’ll need is within this article and comments. Read through the comments, it has a ton of information for you.

    Here is one of the more important comments of mine:

    The steps that need to be taken to create a new account after you are banned are in this order:

    • Delete your browser cookies and saved passwords
    • Uninstall any eBay software i.e. turbolister
    • Change your IP address; make sure you never use the same IP
    • Create a new email address example > Gmail / Yahoo
    • Add that new email to your Paypal account
    • Create a new eBay account with the Gmail / Yahoo email
    • Create a seller account with your new CC/GC/PPC

    There are tons of things you can accidentally do to have your account banned again, it would take me an hour to list them all. Most of which is already posted, but there a few that are hard to trip that I haven’t posted.

    For your second post Craig, that’s good if you want to buy something, but most of the people here want to sell. Good thinking though.

  • craig

    Hello, I want to make sure this is going to work. This is your instructions:
    * Delete your Cookies
    * Change your IP address
    * Register with a new email address
    * Sign up using a different credit card
    * Try not to use the same information
    * Never Log into banned accounts

    I read about traps that ebay and paypal send to try to connect you, what are they. Also, I have opened another account just to be able to buy someting, I don’t care if it gets suspended. When I set up my new account following your outline, do I have to close this temporary account, or am I ok as long as I never access it after I follow your outline. I hear people say they follow these steps and still get suspended. Is there any new information out there? Thanks.

  • craig

    I found out something that worked for me. I had a paypal account linked to a suspended ebay account. I opened another ebay and paypal account in a friends name. When I won an auction, I asked the seller to send me his paypal address. I would then pay directly through paypal with my original paypal account, not through ebay. I selected the (goods other) option. I didn’t have any problems.

  • Nikki

    Hi, I just wanted to take the time out to thank you because I pretty much thought it was the end of the world with not being able to use eBay again. They’re not very friendly when trying to reinstate an account. Numerous emails of mine had went unasnwered and no phone support sucks! Thank you so much!

  • Nicole

    Hi, would you recommend account reinstatement or should I just forget about it and open a new one? The only reason I’m asking is because I don’t want to lose my 100% feedback…Thank you so much.

  • aspkin

    Nicole I think the best thing to do is forget out your old account and simply create a new one. The reinstatement period takes months, and you’re not guaranteed your account back.

    It would be easier to simply create a new account.

  • aspkin

    Again everyone, please read the previous post for your questions and answers. Most questions that can be asked have been answered.

    If you have new questions by all means post, but please be aware because of my recent business projects I’m unable to answer you as fast as I would like. Please allow me 24/48 hours to answer you back.

    Thank you,

  • James


    I think I speak for everybody who has been reading these tips recently that they are extremely helpful to us all. it’s really appreciated that you’ve taken the time to share your experience of getting back on line.

    for me, my business has 3 powerseller accounts and paid ebay well over 5 figures in fees the last 12 months. we just got a lengthy suspension for continuing to use an account that was linked to another temporarily suspended one. this will seriously affect me and my 2 staff in the run up to xmas but we’re going to give your suggestions a try.

    my question is, and I’m asking because I don’t see another similar question already posted, should we change what we sell? ie we sold t shirts. should we switch to new designs to fool them or can we change the item title a little and description? We’ve already completely changed the item descriptions so that they look and read differently.

    This is really all we’re concerned about before we go back online next week.

    any thoughts?

    once again thanks!!!

  • aspkin

    Hi James,

    Depending on what you were suspended over, I’m guessing it’s based on trademark infringement, changing what you sell will definitely affect your future account’s outcome in a good way.

    If you are able to change your product logo etc, you’re lucky. Most people are unable to change what they sale.

    Your on the right track on changing your description and title too, making your auctions look different will definitely help you. Just make sure you follow all the other steps in setting up a new account. Once your account is set up, your main concern would be not trip any alarms to have that account suspended.


    • Making sure you don’t use the same IP for multiple accounts.
    • Never log into old eBay accounts
    • Never use the same information twice.

    Good Luck!

  • Jackie

    Hey there! Great site here! Thank god i stumbled acrossed here! lol.

    Anyways! I’m just wondering how long eBay stores your information for? I have recently moved, thought it’ll be okay to finally register a new acct, but 2 weeks later, i’m linked to a suspended account again!! I’ve done all the steps you provided above! Should I go get a PO BOX, or can i register with my old Address…? For example, say my address was 31 Baboon St, Blahblah… can i change it to 31 Baboan St, Blahblah.. You think eBay would be fool’d? lol.

    And also, Im from Australia, do you ahve any recommendations for prepaid cc’s down here??

    Thanks heaps!!

  • Jackie

    Hi again,
    Sorry also..
    Just wondering if eBay also tracks your phone number? Because now, when i register, they want to confirm my identity with either a phone (land lines) or a credit card. And, i haven’t got that prepaid credit card, and not sure if i should put my landline number..

  • Ray


    I’ve read through the procedures in creating a new account. But I still have one question. Is it necessary that the Credit Card’s address has to be the same as the ebay’s account?? Eg, I study in US but my credit card was issued in my home country.

  • aspkin


    It’s necessary to change a few numbers or letters around for your address when creating a new account and yes the way you have it should be okay.

    EBay tracks everything! Any and everything you feed them will be used against you when you try to create a new account. Your main goal is to create a new identity with eBay, just to confuse them into not knowing who you are. Australia eBay is no different.

    If you can, try to only have them verify your CC number, because unless you have extra phones laying around the place, having them verify your phone won’t work, since its already be used with your banned account.

    As for the credit card, I’m currently using Simon Giftaccount. Its nifty!

  • aspkin

    Jackie if you enter you real number, they’ll be able to link it to your old suspended account and ban you again. Try to use only the CC, look for prepaid credit cards online.

  • aspkin

    Hi Ray,

    It’s good to have your account address and CC address the same, but if you’re unable to, I’ve never had a problem with it.

  • aspkin

    New visitors please read through the questions and answers already posted. Most of your answers are there.

    I plan to create a new eBay article with more details shortly.


  • Hoang

    Hey aspkin, I have a few questions I need to clarify with you.
    First of all, I was suspended on ebay with an old debit card of mine. I requested my bank for a new card (should be arriving soon). What I am asking is that, do I enter my address, phone number, names, etc, all different than before? I’ve heard people said that eBay will call you if you list quite a few auctions when you first open an account.

    Also, will they know if my accounts are suspicious if I provide the ebay information (address) and it’s different from my card addresses.

    I’ve read through all the comments and I am guessing that eBay don’t care what information you give them other than the Debit/Credit card number. They will only care if you violate their rules and are trying to close your account. Am I right?

  • Hoang

    oh, this is not anything related but i have no idea how to handle the taxes. Do I really have to file the taxes and stuff.
    dun have to anwer if you don’t want to, as this is another post topic or something.

  • Jackie

    Hey there again!
    Just got another question for ya:
    Ive successfully made a new account with eBay and all that, different IP etc, Just won an item, could i use my old PayPal account with the same address entered on my previous eBay account which was suspended, to pay for an item ive just won? Because, it says that Paypal and eBay are the same companies?

  • Jason

    Any way to get a prepaid credit card without entering your SSN?

  • aspkin

    Hi guys, sorry for the late replys, I’ve been very busy lately working on multiple new projects. In a few weeks time I should have more time to devote to this blog.

    Hoang first question yes and you shouldn’t list more then 100 new auctions per day. Any more then this is a red flag and you’ll probably be suspended for it. Just keep it under 100 new auctions a day. ?

    From what I’ve seen having different address for your credit card and residential address has not caused any problems.

    Basically if you follow eBay’s rules, you’ll be okay. The only problem is they have a ton of rules. :)

    I have no idea about the taxes. :)

    Jackie yes you can, just make sure not to use the same email address that was banned by eBay to pay for your purchase; read through previous comments if you’re unsure what I mean.

    Jason look for gift card credit cards on Google. They require no SSN.


  • Nigel

    What great tips! Having now successfully created a new e-Bay account I am so grateful to you.

    I am currently using Torpark to disguise my IP address which works very well, only problem being is it very slow.

    My questions are now:

    a) Do e-bay cross reference IP addresses constantly or only when you sign up. i.e. can I go back to using original IP address? If so when?

    b) Would it be OK if I changed my e-bay account to a Business Account or is it best left alone? Reason being is I was running my original account as a business with proper book keeping accounts and doing tax returns etc. I know the inland revenue are hot about e-bay accounts so would like to go back to running it as a business.

    I am also in the process of trying to get my original e-bay account reinstated by filling out their forms and swearing to abbide by their rules etc.. I will let you know how I get on but do not hold out much hope.

    Keep up the good work.


  • aspkin

    Hi Nigel great job on creating your new eBay account; believe it or not that was the easy part!

    The hard part is keeping the account. Which if you go back to your same activities that got you suspended in the first place will be hard to do and yes eBay will continue to monitor for your old IP address for a very long time. I’m not sure how long they do it, but I can safely say at least 6 months. Your best bet is to change your IP address.

    I’m unsure of the difference between a business account and regular account. I’m in the US. :)


  • aspkin

    Hi James,

    As long as you didn’t log in to your new account with your laptop you’ll be okay. Downloading the images from outlook will not send any information to eBay. The only time information will be transmitted is when you actually login to your eBay account. You can reply to those emails if you wish, and you should have a problem.


  • James


    Here’s my dilema. I recently got suspended so set up a new account from an internet cafe. Reason I did it there is that my ISP won’t let me reset my IP as they do it automatically every 3 weeks they say.

    I set up new CC’s, new yahoo email and forward messages to my laptop which was previously running the banned account.

    Basically my issue is outlook express blocks the downloading of images in the forwarded emails as you will know. I’ve had an email confirming a sale sent through to me and I’ve accidentally clicked to download the image in the email.

    My question is, with my IP still being the same, will I have tripped anything with SafeHarbour’s security systems? ie will the downloading of those images send my IP back to ebay?

    Other than doing this, everything with the new account has been run from the cafe and I never log on from my laptop

    Hope this makes sense,


  • Nigel

    Does it matter if you log into PayPal usng your IP address that has been “banned” from Ebay?

    Thanks in advance

  • James

    Can I pay my ebay fees using my old paypal account?

    I’ve set up a new yahoo mail address to receive payments but I’ve just noticed that the ‘parent’ paypal account still has my name on it.

    Won’t they be able to like together who is paying the fees to my old banned account?

  • Dave B.

    Is there anything in the registry settings that ebay tracks that should be deleted?
    Also, for clearing cookies, would you recommend a third party software such as windows washer or whatever, or is it ok to just use the tools/internet options/delete cookies option in internet explorer?

  • Dawson

    Wow..!! This is a LifeSaver!!
    Thank you!!

    I have 2 questions which hasn’t been touched in previous postings.

    Q1. When you export your listings from Turbolister to .CSV file, does it matter if it is a FILE_EXCHANGE_FORMAT or a TURBOLISTER_FORMAT? Which one do you use?

    Q2. While I was creating a NEW account with a different CC and Bank Account, I have mistakenly registered the account with the IP address used for the suspended account… So, I closed the NEW account before it got suspended.

    Do you think I can still use this credit card number, bank account and the address that I used on the closed account?

    Will ebay use the information against me when i am trying to creat another account?

    Thank you

  • john w

    hello and let me first say what excellent advise you have given .
    right ive ordered my pre-paid credit card should arrive in a few days , i shall follow your procedure exactly , the only other thing i have to do is change my ip address , im on a cable modem here in the uk ive tried turning it off then back on again ( overnight as well ) but it hasnt changed still the same ip address .
    im going to contact my isp and ask them to change it for me , have you any ideas of an excuse that dosent sound dodgy ie. been kicked off a forum , kicked off a game server etc………….
    again mate keep up the good advise your a life saver after the dreaded ebay suspension email .
    regards , john .

  • aspkin

    Nigel at this time it doesn’t since eBay and Paypal are not sharing the same resources.

    James from what I’ve seen you’ll be okay. Just don’t link you Paypal account to your eBay account, only select to pay a one time payment.

    Dave Internet Explorer or any other browser you use does a fine job in eliminating your cookies. Other then that you only have to worry about turbolister, but all you have to do is uninstall and if you wish to reinstall, just create it in a new directory to install in.
    Dawson first question I don’t think it matters. Just make sure you change your file descriptions, titles and remember to replace your payment email address. When using turbolister it’s a lot easier to mess up and to tell eBay that you’re a suspended user so take your time and make sure you have everything covered before you upload!

    Second Question Dawson: I’m afraid to say they have you already. If you try to create another account with that same CC information they’ll know who you are and auto suspended you within the day. :(

    John if you’re connected to a router it’s a big pain, I’ve written a comments that may help you. If you are directly connected to your modem it’ll be easier.

    First make sure you computer releases the IP address before you disconnect the power source. Go to Start > Run > type in cmd > a black screen should appear.

    Type in ipconfig /release

    Then unplug you modem. Let it set it 1-2 minutes then plug it back up. Hopefully your computer will auto detect the new IP address.

    If that doesn’t work I recommend calling you ISP with the game server excuse!

    Good luck guys,

  • Lee


    Thanks for your tips and I have created a new account successfully.

    However, I still have one more question about paypal. Is there any problem if I add the new eBay account into the Auction Accounts section of my old paypal account so that paypal can make Automatic Logo Insertion to my ebay listing. This is also known as Auction Tools for eBay.


  • Dawson

    Exellent!!! Thanks.

    When you mentioned —> file descriptions, titles

  • Dawson

    Exellent!!! Thanks.

    When you mentioned file descriptions, titles … did you mean listing desciptions and titles? If so, do I have to change the image file names as well?

    And one more thing. I’m currently hosting the images on (eg) to display images in item desciption of my listings. however, since my account was suspended I am moving all my images to (eg) The problem is although the domain names are different, the IP address of both domain names are the same. Would this be a problem since it is hosted on the same hosting company.

    Thank you once again.

  • aspkin

    Hi Dawson,

    Yes I mean listing description and titles. You’ll want to change these around a little bit to make sure they’re not an exact copy of your previous auctions.

    You won’t need to change your hosting domains; surprisingly eBay doesn’t look for that when it comes to auctions pictures. They only thing they watch for are the Gallery Image! Make sure to have eBay host your gallery images. If you must host it your self, don’t host it on your own server. Host it from or; a well known website. Trust me on this!

  • Manny

    Thank you for this information. From reading through this it looks like I’ll need to create new IP addresses for each of the accounts I need to create. My question is – once I see or note that I have created a new IP address will this IP address always be valid & will I always be able to go back to this IP address ? For example: create new ip address 210.111.111. Create new ebay account with this information and note the IP address. Then I create a new IP address 211.222.444 and create a 2nd account. Will I then be able to go to each of the IP addresses in the future to access the ebay accounts and post listings and etc… ???? thank you.

  • Gary

    Hello, I read through all your questions and answers. My question is similar but not exactly the same as some other questions. Please excuse me if my question has been answered but I didn’t realize it. I really appreciate your help!

    I had an ebay account with a paypal account set up also. My ebay account was suspended. I kept the paypal account open in case I needed it again sometime. The paypal account has the same email address that was connected to the suspended ebay account.

    I opened a new ebay account following your rules: delete cookies,change
    ip address,open new email account, don’t use old info…. I didn’t open
    a new paypal account for the new ebay account. So I won my first
    auction to build up my feedback. I asked the seller for his paypal
    address so I could send payment. I thought I could pay with my paypal
    account. I went to my paypal account(on a friends computer). I sent payment
    by inserting the sellers paypal address. I selected goods other. I sent
    payment. I received a message from paypal to the email address that was
    connected to paypal and the suspended account stated payment was sent.

    I thought this was ok because my new email address is not connected to
    the paypal account. The seller, chose to ship using paypal shipping. So
    I got a message from paypal saying the item will be shipped. My
    question or concern is: the message from paypal was sent to my new email
    address(which isn’t connected to my paypal account)but the message was
    addressed to the name on the paypal account, not my name on my new email &
    ebay account. Did I mess up, and give them a way to connect my accounts,
    and will soon become suspended again? Or am I ok. I will try to give a
    small example because I don’t know if I confused you or wasn’t clear
    enough. So here goes….

    I will try to give you my scenario in simple terms. I will use fake names
    and emails for simplicity. I had an ebay account with paypal set up. My
    email address connected to both ebay and paypal was [email protected]. My
    ebay account got suspended, but I kept my paypal account open with the
    primary email address [email protected]. My paypal account has John Smith
    as my name. I then opened a new ebay account following the rules. The new
    ebay account does not have a paypal account set up. The email address
    connected to the new ebay account is [email protected]. The name on my new
    ebay account is Fred Smith. I bought an item. The seller gave me their
    paypal address. I went to a friends house to log onto paypal so I could
    send payment. I sent payment. I received a receipt for payment email from
    paypal to the [email protected] email. I expected this because this is the
    email address connected to the paypal account. Here’s the part that scares
    me!!!!! I received a message from paypal on my new email address
    [email protected] stating the seller shipped through paypal shipping. The
    email had my paypal name John Smith on it, instead of my new name Fred
    Smith. Have they got me!!!??? They have my paypal account name on my new
    email address? Thanks for your time.

  • Theresa

    I have register a new accoubt, new name, new credit card on the computer that I have been using for my suspended account, howver I never used the new register account. Now I foudn out that ebay trace your IP. If I continued to use this account most likely willb e suspended. Do you think I will get suspended if I was using this account at a differnt IP (my mom’s place)

    If I set up a new account at my Mom’s place, wit new IP, with a different name, different address, different credit card again, but the credit card address is the same info as the new account that i have created with the same IP as my banned account, will they be able to link this and suspend my account..

    Sorry for the confusion. Please get back with me on this.

  • Gary

    I need to know if this was my problem. I should have added my new email address to the paypal account. Is there a difference between sending payment and receiving payment with emails that are connected to suspended accounts? I have more items to pay, but haven’t yet because I think I messed up. Will adding my new email address now still work, or is it too late?

  • Robert

    I am currently using dsl, if I subscribe to cable will this provide me with a different ip? I am thinking of subscribing to cable as well as purchasing a new laptop because I dont want to be traced by ebay in anyway. Should this be enough to open a new account? I will be using my brothers name and address but we live in the same city. Would this be a factor for a red flag? Also when u say dont host the gallery image yourself what does it mean? Does it mean I cannot upload the gallery picture for my listing from my hard drive? Do I need to sign up for photo hosting site? Also has anyone every got their account reinstated by sending out the required forms? My account was suspend due to Trade Mark Misuse.
    Thank you in advance Aspkin. I know your time is valuable, I just wanted to make sure I have all the knowledge I need before I can open up a new account.

  • aspkin


    Manny, I’m not sure you understand how an IP address works. Here are a couple websites that will describe what an IP address is and how they work. Wikipedia IP address; How stuff works.

    Gary using the same email address that was suspended by eBay to pay for your new item will link your accounts together. I’m sorry I didn’t really specify this within this current article. I’m in the process of creating a new eBay suspension article which is so far 5 pages long, but covers everything. I mentioned several times within these comments to add a new email address to your paypal account and to use this to receive and send payments for eBay. Maybe you missed it. My new eBay article will be posted hopefully within a couple days; hopefully tonight if I can get it done, there is so much to cover.

    Reading more of your message, the reason eBay was able to link your accounts is because in order to pay for your item you must log into your eBay account more then likely, and paying with your old suspended Paypal email address linked your account. I don’t see any other way eBay would have caught you. If you paid directly to the seller, without logging into your eBay account, using a different IP address, and the exact amount owed, eBay would not have known. Hope you understand.

    Hahah okay reading the last paragraph on your comment, you may have followed a payment link of some kind to pay for the eBay balance. Since eBay and Paypal are connected in this way, it would be easy for them to keep track of who you are. If you simply selected to “send a payment” from your paypal account to the email address of your seller, you would have not been caught.

    In other words you’ll need to add a second email address to your Paypal account to use with your eBay account. This way you won’t have to go through the trouble of going to a friend’s house or resetting your IP address to send or receive payments. Read through some of my past comments, I’ve made several attempts to explain this there. And again this will be in my new eBay article which will be published shortly.

    Theresa if you created your new eBay account without changing your IP address first, more then likely your new account is already suspended. Using your mother’s computer you’ll be able to create a new account with no problem. Just remember to follow the steps I provided, and try not to use the same information twice. Don’t use your same name or address.

    Gary if your eBay account is not banned already, it’s not too late. Simply add your email address to your Paypal account, confirm it and you’re good to use it with your eBay account.

    Robert that is the main reason I switched to cable from DSL. Using DSL I had a lot of trouble trying to change my IP address and I’ve very persistent. I actually have 2 cable modems now, one for the house router and one for me. :)

    “I will be using my brother’s name and address but we live in the same city. Would this be a factor for a red flag?” If your brother doesn’t have an eBay account, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You can actually use any name and address you want, just make sure it doesn’t look fake or that it’s the same as your last account. Never use your same name and address. The only thing you want to keep the same with your new account is your city and country. Everything else must change.

    You ask a lot of questions. This makes me want to be as specific as I can with my future articles and comments. :)

    “Also when u say don’t host the gallery image yourself what does it mean? Does it mean I cannot upload the gallery picture for my listing from my hard drive? Do I need to sign up for photo hosting site?” I mean upload your gallery image to eBay, let them host it. If you want you can use a photo hosting site to support your images, but if you have your own domain and try to host your images, eBay will link your account easy and suspend you. Example hosting a gallery image from more then once with the first time being suspended, will make it easy for eBay to link my accounts. Trust me. There a few post on this subject within these comments. :)

    “Also has anyone every got their account reinstated by sending out the required forms? My account was suspended due to Trade Mark Misuse.” I’ve actually heard of one eBay account that was reinstated many times only to have it suspended again for the same reason. It was said that 123 Company kept complaining to eBay to take down a certain auction for copyright material in which the auction product was original. The seller would complain to eBay and have his account reinstated only to have it suspended days later with the same complaint. It seems eBay does not have an organized system to deal with this. After a lawsuit by the seller, and many months of suspended accounts, he was finally allowed to sell his product.

    If your account was suspended for Trade Mark Misuse, you’ll more then likely be suspended again because of your product. The only way to really combat this issue is to either try to fight it with eBay or keep changing your auction’s title and descriptions around to make your item look less and less conspicuous.

    Good luck everyone,

  • aspkin

    This will be the last post for this article. My new eBay suspension article has been published. If you would like to learn more about eBay suspension, follow this link. eBay Suspensions / Suspended Account Guide

    Thank you everyone who has contributed to this article.


  • jeff

    my paypal was suspeneded or limited because they linked it to a previous account they shut down, how do i get around this???

  • aspkin

    Your best bet is to read eBay Stealth and check out the forums.

    Good luck to you!

  • Vicente


    I have read everything… But I have couple questions to ask.

    I was banned from Ebay six months ago… but I haven’t try to re-open a new account.

    Can I add the new email address from ebay to my old Paypal? (Since paypal has my old bank account.)

    The pre paid card is only for the new ebay account right?

    Hope you answer soon….. Thanks

  • Matt

    Hey Aspkin,

    Just stumbled on this page…awesome by the way.

    Just one question. Does getting suspended have any effect on paypal? Will i be able to send money to the original email address i used when i signed up for paypal? Ive head that paypal and ebay are basically the same company.

    So basically i just want to know if when i creat a new account can i keep my original paypal account since thats tied to my bank account.

    thanks matt

  • Angela

    Is there any benefit to closing all accounts associated with the suspended account and waiting awhile before signing up again to sell? Of course I would take all the above steps but with the accounts cancelled, a link to the old account would be impossible, no? Also, if your suspended accounts are closed, a new ip is made, and all cookies are deleted can they track you in any way? There would be no info to compare it to…not sure just a thought. Please advise…

  • Charlene

    Hi, I was really interested in purchasing your ebay Stealth guide but all I have is a Visa Debit Wachovia 440.00 Gift card and unfornunately I was unable to process the final submission due to a gift card. I can use another card but I have had bad experience with doing this in the past and my bank account gets charged for more fees. I bought this card at my bank just to get your guide do you have any suggestions? Thanks Charlene Johnson

  • aspkin

    Try one of the alternative payment options listed on this page:


  • Mike

    Hi and thank you for this invaluable advice. I have been able to set up a new account and so far so good. My problem is that I reached the limit of 100 items within one month and have verified my paypal account but I still have the cap in ebay. I can’t link the accounts as this will release my real address to ebay. Ebay are also requesting that I change the account to a business account as I have reached the upper limit for personal sales in the month if I do this I think it asks for linking so again the same problem. What do I do?

    The other issue is that I can’t recall which card number was associated with my banned account and when they charge to it (I am trying to avoid that by maintaining a balance in Paypal to pay fees) they might link accounts can I change the card in paypal easily?

    Last request is it possible to make my new account safe from restriction I read somewhere that this is possible if so how?

    I feel like a criminal but I did nothing wrong they miscalculated feedback but it is like talking to a brick wall. I threatened them with legal action so they banned my account. They are such nice reasonable people -not.

    You are a star this information is brilliant and I thank you so very much.

  • AMae

    Do you have any history with ?

    I is what you list items on to sell locally (ie when you list in Ebay motors). I use it for selling allot of items locally, outside of Ebay itself. You can sell through (it then posts to or you can go directly through

    My account was suspended for not apparent reason on I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING. New IP (typically through a VPN), cleaning all cookies (including Adobe), new email address, new photos. etc etc. Yet, when I post and ad it never will go through and the account gets blocked.

    Unliked the standard Ebay, they take none of your personal information no do they require that you register your account. You can simply manage your ad through email.

    Do they have the ability to place a cookie on my computer that they can track me with, that I am not able (or as easily able) to remove? I typically use CCleaner and SpyBot to clean everything out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Like so many, my business relies on


  • Isaac


    I got the ebook, it’s really usefull!

    I wanted to ask you a question regarding a Canadian eBay account.
    I registered an account in eBay Canada and I used a Canadian bank account for PayPal.

    If I add an additional (US) bank account to PayPal, will they consider me as a US account instead of a Canadian account?

    I would like to keep this account registered only with Canada and to make sure there is no indication that I sit in the US.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Abbie

    Hi, I had an account which got suspended last year so without thinking there would be a problem I just made a new one, which also got suspended after a few weeks, I’ve tried and tried to get my new one reinstated but I’m having no luck. I wanted to create a new account but didn’t want them to link it. I only used to for selling so I wanted to use the same debit card for my pay pal account, will they link it? (I have never brought anything from eBay) and also how exactly do I change my ip address? Thanks :)

  • Manpreet Singh

    Hi i just need to ask simple thing but important, first of all ebay rules suks. I once made my friend purchase a thing from ebay from his id but from my credit card, so due to same cc it got linked wid my id too, he after months as my account got suspended i came to know tht that frnd sold sumthing from his id but didnt paid to ebay on time for his ad listing,etc so both mine n his account got suspended forever as ebay dont listen, i didnt even rememberd it was his id n ebay claimed it was mine n i did something wrong on tht id and they didnt even tell anything due to policies so i did research whose id it was n talked to my frnd what u did then he told me his story. Though i bet they always talk abut section 9 with many suspeded people so anyways let it b.
    Now i was able to create new id n i mostly like to buy on ebay, so i instaed of my credit card this time purchased a cheap product from my debit card and in new id’s address details i had just changed my house # from 223 to 224 which is of my uncle’s. and last time when my id got suspended i bought two products and after 2-3 hours i got email from ebay tht my purchsed items are cancelled n id is suspended which i didnt knew why. But this time nothing bad happened till yet more than a day has gone by, i had also deleted cookies n etc stuff as told.

    Now mainly i need to ask can i change my address back to house # 223 in my new id like lilttle same as it was in my suspended account with little words left right( like in my suspended account my address was M – 223 n so on and in new it is Block M, 224 and so on) so can i do Block M, 223?! or they can still ban me?! why to take risk?! and let the items come to my uncle’s home?! though they hav no objection to it atall.

    I would highly appritiate a reply on this thank you for reading tc .

  • Robby martin

    Hi i m from california, my id got suspended so can i make a different ebay id using different credit card but same shipping address?! then i’ll not be caught or still i can be caught?!


  • Bill Hodgins

    I am very impressed with your commitment on this site, I as well was suspended for buying a satellite part and after 7 years of paying 3 to 4000.00 a month ebay suspends me because I was in business with another ebay member they deemed carrying on illegal activity. After seeing how ebay operates I doubt he was doing anything wrong either. I have 2 Questions

    1)I have a new computer and have also bought a turbo stick on a totally different network than the office computers and I am setting this up as my E-Bay listing machine. Can they track my name from a turbo stick IP or just the carrier it is with?

    2) If I open a bank account can they track my name if it is on the account or should I have someone else open an account. I need to get money from Paypal what is my best solution. do they have pre-paid cards that I can deposit too

    3) I have purchased a good paypal and E-Bay account from a friend that doesn’t use it any more and want to start listing right away what would you suggest?

  • Unit

    Hi, got a question. I am not too clever on computers so need something explained.

    I got banned from ebay and my paypal account is limited (frozen), luckly enough I have moved house so have a new address, new IP address (I think) and I have opened a new bank account with a new visa card. I have cleaned my cookies. The only concern I have is……

    I logged on my limited paypal account from my new address to release the money that was frozen. If I open a new account, ebay and paypal from this new address will they be able to link myself to that banned account now?

    any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Kris

    I am banned from Paypal due to having mulitple accounts under my name which of course I have no clue what they mean. My eBay account is fine and running. I guess Paypal didn’t ban eBay because the reason why Paypal banned me was nothing to do with eBay.

    I don’t see my question post anywhere here so I’m asking: Now my question is can I use a new Paypal account with the current eBay account? (as long as I don’t link them together I presume)

    Your answer will be must appreciated as I’ve been wanting to find that out. No one has a real answer to it.

  • Miriam

    I have been reading but am still a bit unclear on some things.
    I have been suspended from ebay twice. My current account which they left opened, is limited to selling only 6 items per month, which doesn’t really help.
    I was thinking of opening a new account at my mothers home, but she lives about 15 minutes from me. I was thinking about logging in using a hot spot thats only 1 minute from my home.
    But then after reading here, it occured to me…what if I simply use 2 difefrent routers both in my home?
    I currently subscribe to cable internet, and have set up a wireless router for the wifi in our laptops.
    Now my questions is … If I add another wireless router to the current moden I’m already using, wil this give me a totally different IP addres?
    If so, Can I register a new account with this new IP and usethe same paypal account I already use, but add a new email address to it for the new ebay account?
    I mean both emails will be in the same PP account, just the email will be different.
    And the Routers…I will be using both ebay accounts, but be sure to usethe different IP’s whenever I do switch between accounts.
    Will this work?
    Will eBay be able to link me through my PP account?

  • Marios

    Hello Aspkin,
    I had an account on ebay US which was only for buying. Then i decided to lets say “update” it and become a seller also. I changed my account to be a seller too. I found a manufacturer and i posted his product on my ebay account to be sold. The next day i saw that my account was suspended because of recent account activity has raised serious security concerns. I called them and asked them why. They said to me that one of the reasons is that because i am logged in to the US ebay and i am from Cyprus. That is the only reason. Is there a way for me to become a successful seller on ebay from Cyprus? I am asking this because u said we can not fool them with our location.
    Thanks in advance for u answer.

  • Kevin

    Hello. My paypal account is suspended, but my ebay is not which is very strange and it still remains after a week. So my problem is: will my ebay account be suspended?
    Also can i ise different paypal account on my ebay account? Will my different paypal account will be linked and suspended? Please get back to me as soon as possible. I really need an answer. Thank you

  • Jennifer

    Hi, I’ve been registered with Ebay UK since 2008 and I have 100% postive feedback. About a week ago I sold an item, the buyer says he didn’t receive it and Iam guessing his going to open a case wanting his full refund, I know I will be loosing the case as i don’t have a tracking number for the sent item. So I have nothing to prove, so I decided to delete my Ebay and Paypal acount. I was just wondering if Ebay can still get through to me when my acount is closed. Thank you 

  • Khurram


    Can I use my US based ebay and paypal accounts while I am in Pakistan?

    Can I use my other ebay and paypal accounts (because I have two of these, one registered in VA and one in Canada)on the same PC or shall I use two computers with different internet service providers?

    Can I use any US based internet service provider to provide me internet service if using it from Pakistani IP address is a trouble?

    Thank you very much and your help will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards

  • adam

    Yes they do indeed track you.

    They just suspended my account because I was logged in when I was abroad. They sent me an email stating:

    “Your account is currently restricted due to discrepancy between your account activity location and registration address.”

    They now want me to change my address to that country. What the hell? It’s been months and they keep insisting I change it. I think that account is as good as gone. Unless we can register eBay accounts to a hotel or something.

    Dumb ass eBay.

  • c


    had a banned account. I have successfully created a new account and have been selling. Running across my first issue. Buyer wants to return an item. recevied an email saying hes sending the item back, only problem is it was a fictional address (real address, just not mine) on the return address on the mailing label. I tried to message the buyer with my address but I don’t think I’ll catch him before he sends it tomorrow. I went ahead and refunded his money upfront.
    If when I print an ebay shipping label, If I put my mailing address as an address will they suspend this account?


  • LC

    Hi, If I go on ebay from a 3G network with a new account, will they trace it to the one that was banned before. How do IP Addresses wotk with 3G networks

  • Jane Edwards

    Why dont all of us that have been WRONGLY kicked off ebay FOREVER Rather Harsh I Think open a new website

  • CJ

    Hello, I would appreciate some advice.

    First I am currently a TOP-RATED POWERSELLER w/ 100% positive feedback, My original eBay account is “indefinitely restricted from selling”. This happened around 3 months ago. I called eBay several times but they would not un-restrict me account. I can still sell the remaining items, which was over 150 when restricted, down to 39 items now. I just can’t list any NEW items, but I am able to revise current auctions with new items. At this point eBay will not allow me to appeal. So I took over my girlfriends account and have started over with a new account t and things are going great. I have been doing all my listings from my iPhone (cell tower) so eBay can’t track me to the original IP I was restricted with. Since then I have purchased a new modem and still have the original Wifi router. Am I safe to list on my new modem/wifi? Since I am only restricted and not suspended am I over paranoid? I figured out what I was doing wrong that got me restricted so I shouldnt have anymore issues in the future. Would enjoy a response! Thanks!


  • Dave

    Hi, this site is an excellent resource. thanks for all the info.

    I have a question that you might be able to answer for me please.

    My account was originally suspended due to unpaid fees. Combined with negative feedback on another account, and the fact that I also tried to open an additional account ( I know I was very naive lol ) I was indefinitely suspended.

    So. I opened a new account under my mothers name, different computer, different IP address etc. Anyway I think I slipped up somewhere. I had just gotten the sales up to a decent price and WALLOP!! they closed me down.

    So now I am using totally clean comps, new browser, and new IP address. Signed up new account in gf’s name at different address and everything seems cool so far.

    But after reading your info I thought I should have a go at setting up an additional new account. I changed 1 letter of my first name, and changed the address to the house next door. Used completely new bank account email etc. New paypal account too.

    My problem and worry is, that I set up the new fake account using the same ip address that I had used to access my gf’s account ( I totally totally screwed up thought I had changed it but i found out afterwards that I hadn’t ).

    The new stealth account definitely had not been setup on the same IP address as the one used to setup my gf’s account. but I have definitely setup the new stealth account on the same IP address that I used to access my gf’s account.

    So….. essentially my gf’s account was by all rights totally squeaky clean and should be totally fine. But I am worried that I might have jeopardized the integrity of my gf’s account by setting up the new stealth account on the same ip address that I accessed the gf’s account with…… lol I totally feel like I am making this long winded.

    In your opinion do you think that I have done enough for the stealth account not to get linked to the original banned accounts. or do you think that there is a good possibility that they will link the stealth account through my limited name change and address change to the banned accounts, and then ban the stealth account and subsequently ban the gf’s account through the associated ip address?

    PHEW!!! I think I should get 10 points for making that sound totally more complicated than it actually is lol :)

  • [email protected]

    I have question about pictures. Do they can identify me by properties of pictures uploaded? Or have i change my camera?

  • rich

    I was banned for a reason which was absolutely ridiculous but they don’t want to know. I tried to set up an new account, same computer, same address, different card, different landline verification to the address but paypal linked them.

    Question: how important is it to change your name? Won’t they see it doesn’t match the bank account its registered to (I have a card that’s not been used yet and isn’t registered to the home address).

    If I register my account to a new address, on their computer with a new card, different landline verification but same name would they link me then? If not can I ever log onto my home computer or my mobile in that account or will they link me? if so how do I permanently get rid of that link? changing ip address on my computer will that permanently do it? what about my mobile phone? thanks.

  • Veritas

    Thank you for the info. I just do not understand eBay. They suspend accounts that have 3 negative feedback’s a year, but they keep the once that have over 20 negative feedback’s. That’s just not smart, not smart at all.) After eBay account was deleted for how long do they keep the seller information?

  • c crofts

    sellers should check their accounts thoroughly,it bad enough being ripped off by royal mail, paypal and the customer,
    i have gone back 4 months on my sellers account, checked it 3 times (a lot of figures to add up and deduct, they say I owe them £170.47, yet my fees total £149.20.
    Contacted them twice, first gave me a lot of bull about vat (which would have been on the invoice unless they dont pay it), then they said they will look into it and come back to me in 24/48 hours, they never did despite contacting them a further 2 times.
    I you look at your account you will notice there is no balance after each payment/refund, which makes it really time consuming trying to balance the books,
    then if you open a shop, the charges are backdated and shoved somewhere down the invoice just to confuse you further.
    Dont know if anyone has had similar problems, I guess most people would just pay up without checking

  • joe

    I’d like to point out that an even better way, though long term, is to simply stop doing business with them. There are plenty of good ebay alternatives that need only traffic to be even better than ebay. If ebay permanently lost the business of everyone whose account they suspended and let that traffic go to a rival they’d be hurting and we’d have a fair, competitive market where getting suspended by any one site isn’t a big deal. Setting up stealth accounts though, and continuing to give them a percentage is like having someone throw a rock at your head and trying to hand it back to them.

    If anything, I’d use the suspended account to screw with them instead. Ebay, somewhat insultingly, says you can still use the account to buy things. I’d add as many addresses, phone numbers and names of people you don’t like to it as possible so that they have a chance of getting linked to you and suspended too, then buy a bunch of stuff, particularly from buyers you had who caused you problems) and either don’t pay for it or return it and leave nasty feedback. Buy stuff and claim it’s counterfeit – Just generally do everything you can to keep buying privileges as long as possible while making ebay an absolute nightmare for everyone else. If everyone with a suspended account did that instead of setting up stealth accounts I guarantee traffic would move, competitors would grow and losing selling ability on Ebay would be a non-issue.

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