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Please Note: This guide is a couple years old and has been outdated with time. If you’re looking for a solid updated guide to setting up a new eBay account I recommend you read eBay Stealth – eBay Suspension Guide. It is written by me and kept up to date. Good luck everyone! – Aspkiin

It seems my eBay guide about suspended accounts has been one of my more popular posts. My random blogging about my car breaking down or me hitting a deer over the summer doesn’t seem to stimulate you people as much as eBay and their suspensions. Fine.

You guys have questions — I’ll try to answer them.

So your eBay account has been suspended and your business is drying up and about to disappear. I’m sorry. I’ve been in your shoes before many times. You spend hours setting up your account only to see it the next day Banned!

How does eBay catch me you ask? Well they track everything! Everything! You’re IP address, your email, your website URL, your credit card, your name and address. They keep track of all this information and more to identify you.

If you are banned they will use this information against you. Example: If you try to create a new account with the same credit card, you’ll receive a warning that that card has been banned and you need to try another card. Please don’t try another card, eBay already has you. They have identified you as a suspended user and if you try to sign up with another account without changing your IP address and deleting your cookies, the new card you try will be banned as well.

EBay has you. But not for Long.

Like I said, eBay tracks all your information. Your goal is to create a new account with new information.

Use a different email address. Use a widely known email provider like Gmail or Yahoo. If you use your domain email, example [email protected] it’s easier for eBay to track you and ban you. Another example. If I had an eBay account using [email protected] and they banned it. I wouldn’t want to create another eBay account using [email protected] EBay is not dumb, they will ban you. Even if eBay doesn’t find it within a couple weeks, your competitors will. Don’t risk it.

Become someone else.

You must change your name and address but keep it in your area. If you’re in San Antonio, Texas don’t make up a new address from Los Angeles, California. EBay is not dumb; it’s easy to track your location through IP address.

Don’t believe me check out this website:

This brings me to your IP Address.

You must change your IP address before creating a new eBay account. Once banned eBay has your IP address, every time you log into an account with that IP address eBay knows who you are. Sure they’ll let you create a new account with them, but their bots will auto suspend you the next day. Change your IP Address every time you create a new account.

Emm cookies. Yep eBay leaves cookies on your machine. Clean them up. Delete all your cookies before you attempt to create a new account.

Use a pre paid credit card.

Once you’re suspended, you won’t be able to use the same credit card to create a new account. You’ll have to get a pre paid credit card or use a different credit card of yours. Try not to use the same name and address when entering the credit card information for eBay. Add extra letters change the address a little. Just enough not to get caught. If you’re able, use a different name and address with the card.

If you use gallery pictures, have eBay host them. Try not to host them on you’re own server.

Try to follow eBay’s rules. I know they are picky bastards but you got to play ball if you want to stay in the game.

  1. Don’t spam them with thousands of auctions with 999 quantities of each auction. This is a red flag to eBay and they’ll probably auto ban you.
  2. Don’t list more then a 100 new auctions a day.
  3. Don’t give eBay a reason to ban you!
  4. Don’t have external links on your auctions trying to promote your website. If eBay doesn’t catch it, you’re competitors will.

Last but not least, once you are banned, let it be. Create another account and run. Never log into a banned account after you create a new account. If you do eBay will link those accounts together and the fate of the banned account will be shared. Your new account will be suspended as well. :(

A run down on how to create a new account after being suspended. IMPORTANT! In this order!

  • Delete your Cookies
  • Change your IP address
  • Register with a new email address
  • Sign up using a different credit card
  • Try not to use the same information twice
  • Never Log into banned accounts

I’ve created quite a few eBay accounts and out of trial and error I’ve figured out what I just told you, how to get around suspended eBay accounts. I’ve seen people trying to sell information like this for hundreds of dollars. I give to you for free.

A side note: I have just finished my final guide to eBay suspensions. If you would like to know more information, here is the link.

Discuss eBay suspensions in our brand new FORUMS.

Good luck!

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162 Responses to More on Ebay Suspended Accounts Suspension

  1. Khurram


    Can I use my US based ebay and paypal accounts while I am in Pakistan?

    Can I use my other ebay and paypal accounts (because I have two of these, one registered in VA and one in Canada)on the same PC or shall I use two computers with different internet service providers?

    Can I use any US based internet service provider to provide me internet service if using it from Pakistani IP address is a trouble?

    Thank you very much and your help will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards

  2. adam

    Yes they do indeed track you.

    They just suspended my account because I was logged in when I was abroad. They sent me an email stating:

    “Your account is currently restricted due to discrepancy between your account activity location and registration address.”

    They now want me to change my address to that country. What the hell? It’s been months and they keep insisting I change it. I think that account is as good as gone. Unless we can register eBay accounts to a hotel or something.

    Dumb ass eBay.

  3. c


    had a banned account. I have successfully created a new account and have been selling. Running across my first issue. Buyer wants to return an item. recevied an email saying hes sending the item back, only problem is it was a fictional address (real address, just not mine) on the return address on the mailing label. I tried to message the buyer with my address but I don’t think I’ll catch him before he sends it tomorrow. I went ahead and refunded his money upfront.
    If when I print an ebay shipping label, If I put my mailing address as an address will they suspend this account?


  4. LC

    Hi, If I go on ebay from a 3G network with a new account, will they trace it to the one that was banned before. How do IP Addresses wotk with 3G networks

  5. Jane Edwards

    Why dont all of us that have been WRONGLY kicked off ebay FOREVER Rather Harsh I Think open a new website

  6. CJ

    Hello, I would appreciate some advice.

    First I am currently a TOP-RATED POWERSELLER w/ 100% positive feedback, My original eBay account is “indefinitely restricted from selling”. This happened around 3 months ago. I called eBay several times but they would not un-restrict me account. I can still sell the remaining items, which was over 150 when restricted, down to 39 items now. I just can’t list any NEW items, but I am able to revise current auctions with new items. At this point eBay will not allow me to appeal. So I took over my girlfriends account and have started over with a new account t and things are going great. I have been doing all my listings from my iPhone (cell tower) so eBay can’t track me to the original IP I was restricted with. Since then I have purchased a new modem and still have the original Wifi router. Am I safe to list on my new modem/wifi? Since I am only restricted and not suspended am I over paranoid? I figured out what I was doing wrong that got me restricted so I shouldnt have anymore issues in the future. Would enjoy a response! Thanks!


  7. Dave

    Hi, this site is an excellent resource. thanks for all the info.

    I have a question that you might be able to answer for me please.

    My account was originally suspended due to unpaid fees. Combined with negative feedback on another account, and the fact that I also tried to open an additional account ( I know I was very naive lol ) I was indefinitely suspended.

    So. I opened a new account under my mothers name, different computer, different IP address etc. Anyway I think I slipped up somewhere. I had just gotten the sales up to a decent price and WALLOP!! they closed me down.

    So now I am using totally clean comps, new browser, and new IP address. Signed up new account in gf’s name at different address and everything seems cool so far.

    But after reading your info I thought I should have a go at setting up an additional new account. I changed 1 letter of my first name, and changed the address to the house next door. Used completely new bank account email etc. New paypal account too.

    My problem and worry is, that I set up the new fake account using the same ip address that I had used to access my gf’s account ( I totally totally screwed up thought I had changed it but i found out afterwards that I hadn’t ).

    The new stealth account definitely had not been setup on the same IP address as the one used to setup my gf’s account. but I have definitely setup the new stealth account on the same IP address that I used to access my gf’s account.

    So….. essentially my gf’s account was by all rights totally squeaky clean and should be totally fine. But I am worried that I might have jeopardized the integrity of my gf’s account by setting up the new stealth account on the same ip address that I accessed the gf’s account with…… lol I totally feel like I am making this long winded.

    In your opinion do you think that I have done enough for the stealth account not to get linked to the original banned accounts. or do you think that there is a good possibility that they will link the stealth account through my limited name change and address change to the banned accounts, and then ban the stealth account and subsequently ban the gf’s account through the associated ip address?

    PHEW!!! I think I should get 10 points for making that sound totally more complicated than it actually is lol :)

  8. [email protected]

    I have question about pictures. Do they can identify me by properties of pictures uploaded? Or have i change my camera?

  9. rich

    I was banned for a reason which was absolutely ridiculous but they don’t want to know. I tried to set up an new account, same computer, same address, different card, different landline verification to the address but paypal linked them.

    Question: how important is it to change your name? Won’t they see it doesn’t match the bank account its registered to (I have a card that’s not been used yet and isn’t registered to the home address).

    If I register my account to a new address, on their computer with a new card, different landline verification but same name would they link me then? If not can I ever log onto my home computer or my mobile in that account or will they link me? if so how do I permanently get rid of that link? changing ip address on my computer will that permanently do it? what about my mobile phone? thanks.

  10. Veritas

    Thank you for the info. I just do not understand eBay. They suspend accounts that have 3 negative feedback’s a year, but they keep the once that have over 20 negative feedback’s. That’s just not smart, not smart at all.) After eBay account was deleted for how long do they keep the seller information?

  11. c crofts

    sellers should check their accounts thoroughly,it bad enough being ripped off by royal mail, paypal and the customer,
    i have gone back 4 months on my sellers account, checked it 3 times (a lot of figures to add up and deduct, they say I owe them £170.47, yet my fees total £149.20.
    Contacted them twice, first gave me a lot of bull about vat (which would have been on the invoice unless they dont pay it), then they said they will look into it and come back to me in 24/48 hours, they never did despite contacting them a further 2 times.
    I you look at your account you will notice there is no balance after each payment/refund, which makes it really time consuming trying to balance the books,
    then if you open a shop, the charges are backdated and shoved somewhere down the invoice just to confuse you further.
    Dont know if anyone has had similar problems, I guess most people would just pay up without checking

  12. joe

    I’d like to point out that an even better way, though long term, is to simply stop doing business with them. There are plenty of good ebay alternatives that need only traffic to be even better than ebay. If ebay permanently lost the business of everyone whose account they suspended and let that traffic go to a rival they’d be hurting and we’d have a fair, competitive market where getting suspended by any one site isn’t a big deal. Setting up stealth accounts though, and continuing to give them a percentage is like having someone throw a rock at your head and trying to hand it back to them.

    If anything, I’d use the suspended account to screw with them instead. Ebay, somewhat insultingly, says you can still use the account to buy things. I’d add as many addresses, phone numbers and names of people you don’t like to it as possible so that they have a chance of getting linked to you and suspended too, then buy a bunch of stuff, particularly from buyers you had who caused you problems) and either don’t pay for it or return it and leave nasty feedback. Buy stuff and claim it’s counterfeit – Just generally do everything you can to keep buying privileges as long as possible while making ebay an absolute nightmare for everyone else. If everyone with a suspended account did that instead of setting up stealth accounts I guarantee traffic would move, competitors would grow and losing selling ability on Ebay would be a non-issue.


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