My Ranting On Cows For Food

What do you think about cows as food?

grazeIt’s a weird topic I know, but I was trying to sleep right now until I started thinking about cows as food. Are you a cow eater? I used to be an almost daily cow eater until the past few months.

For some odd reason, I decided I don’t want to eat anything cow anymore. So I pretty much stopped eating it. I don’t know if it’s for animal rights, or the actually taste of it. But I just got tired of it. You know how you eat so much of a specific food you get tired of it? Or you get so sick of eating something you never want to eat it again? I remember a time when I was given around 100 Recess Pieces for some odd reason by my grandparents, and I ate them all in the same day! It was the first time I really got sick from eating candy. I was probably 10 at the time. And for years after that I couldn’t eat any Recess Pieces! Just the thought of it made me sick. Even to this day, over 10 years later, I really could go without eating Recess Pieces… forever.

Do you have a food that you can’t stand or haven’t eating after a traumatic event? Maybe when you were chomping on some tuna fish, a fish eye popped up and you’ve since put off anything tuna! Or you ate into some steak, only to find  maggots! For me I think it was just the taste. I got tired of Recess Pieces, and now I’m tired of anything Cow!

cowwaitCows aren’t a very good source of nutrients either; especially hamburgers from fast food places. Just watching the commercials of these places, the fat, disgusting, grease hamburgers make me sick. The last time I ate from a fast food place it was at Jack in the Box. I had the double meat and cheese combo with curly fries. Ewww… Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.

Oh well… I know since the dawn of time animals have been eating each other. There’s little I can do to change people’s mind about eating cows. We’re destined to dominate one another and live through this circle of life. The strong will survive!?

I can at least understand vegans now.

My rant for today…

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3 Comments on "My Ranting On Cows For Food"


8 years 11 months ago

Since we don’t actually eat cows, I can’t see what the problem is. Cows are not usually killed for food, they are dairy producers. However, their castrated brothers are often serve. My point is, once you have been castrated, you may as well be of service somehow. Why not on my table?

i love steak
i love steak
9 years 8 months ago

yum cows taste so goood. i love the blood and steaks yum!!!

10 years 1 month ago

Actually beef is a great source of complete protein, as well as a host of B vitamins. A three ounce serving contains 39% of the daily value of zinc, an important nutrient that boosts immune system function, and iron supplied in beef is more readily absorbed and used by the body than the iron found in grains in vegetables. And dude, don’t think of fast food as beef. That’s processed, frozen multiple times, and overcooked. Go to a good steak house, get a ribeye cooked medium rare, and enjoy. Mmmmmm….


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