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Working for your self or working for someone else.

I don’t understand how people like working for someone else and never trying to better their self. Most people I know are either not doing anything at all, or just working for someone else going no where. I’ve tried to motivate friends and family members on the fine points of making money online, but for the most part it’s too much for them. The simplest of things like using an FTP program, buying a domain name or even understanding what I’ve just wrote is beyond them.

In a place where instead of making 2k a month working 40+ hours a week, a person  can literally make as much money as they want working from the comfort of their own home and even make money while they sleep! I try to tell people they can do so much better working for their self, but it seems everyone I talk to is either afraid of taking a risk or too lazy to do anything at all. Even the smart people I know, who I give step by step advice for making money online never goes through with it. (not you david)

I’m just tired of defending the worker bee!

I’ll help a person out to the point where I’ve done 90% of the work, but if they can’t do that last 10% then I’m sorry, it was never meant to be. If you’ve ever wanted to succeed with something, you have to take a risk and follow through! If you can’t follow through, you’ll never have anything in life.

If you’re having trouble getting your goals completed, the best advice I can give is to create a to-do list. Write down what your goals are, and what you need to do to reach them. Then take the time and work to reach your goals! Instead of watching TV all day, reading blog post like this or forums, take the time to get something done!

If making money online is your thing, then I recommend downloading The Ultimate Wealth Package.

The Ultimate Wealth Package is one of the greatest money making systems out there. Simple to use methods, great earnings potential and good tutorials to help you get started + get a free (limited-time) offer on a new website. Download your copy of The Ultimate Wealth Package today.

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Donald F.

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2 Responses to Why Not Make Money Online? Get Started Today!

  1. nanosecond

    Have you tried this package (Ultimate Wealth ), it sounds so good. I am tired of Ebay and want to start new website to sell things online. Please give me a suggestion.Does it really work ???

  2. aspkin

    I haven’t tried the product yet, though I have read a lot of reviews on how it’s one of the best money making eBook out there. Here is one review on it. Also, if you don’t like it there is a money back guarantee, so you can ask for a refund. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    The review:

    Out of the 54 programs we reviewed and tested, “Ultimate Wealth Package” was the best performing program. The author provides top-notch information that cuts right through the fluff to deliver a straight forward system for making money on the internet. After going through the program the first time, we realized Mark Warren, the author of the program, has very extensive knowledge on how to make money online. His system is very streamlined as compared to the other programs we tested. The program doesn’t waste time talking about unnecessary technical stuff but goes straight into the system and guides you step-by-step to setting it all up.

    Besides the money making system that is the mainstay of the program, “Ultimate Wealth Package” also comes with a large number of bonus packages that are easily complete programs by themselves. Some of these packages are sold individually elsewhere on the internet for the same price.

    What we like most about this program is that it allowed us to start earning money without any prior knowledge or skills. It doesn’t require a website or any technical computer knowledge. Everything is provided with the program.

    Recently, they just added 2 new features that really helped beginners like us. The first is an experiment they are trying for a limited time. They are offering to build a fully functioning website for their members that is ready to start making money online immediately. This service is worth $1097 but right now they are doing it free for their members. Our guess is that they won’t provide this service for free for too long and will probably take it down very soon.

    The second feature is the 24/7 live phone support. Mark Warren and his team have set up an 800 number so that his members can call in at anytime to get help. We phoned in a few times to ask them various questions about the program and they were very friendly and helpful. Mark even answered the phone a few times himself. Overall excellent customer service.


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