California Trip Just Started – $3000 Already Spent!

Considering I live and eat for free where I’m staying… $3000 spent is ridiculous.

The list:

  • $500 insurance deductible to fix my truck
  • $600 to buy train tickets to California.
  • $300 for a new phone (I jumped in a pool with my old one.)
  • $50 Swimwear
  • $200 hotel room for one night
  • $200 loss at a Indian Casino
  • $200 odds and ends
  • $600 first class plane ticket home
  • $150 I pay for dinner night.

Equals $2800 in 10 days! SOB!

cali3.jpgI know I’m forgetting a few things, so add another $200 and we have $3000! WOW! This is not even counting the stuff I have to pay for, car payments, insurance, house, two phone payments, cable, internet and more. I estimate to spend another $1000 the last two weeks I’m here. ARG!

Was it worth it?

cali81.jpgI’ve rode a train for the first time. I’m getting ready to fly first-class airfare for the first time. I’ve seen the famous California La Brea Tar Pits, and million year old dinosaurs being prepared for display. I ran my business away from home for the first time with success. I loss and won decent amounts of money at a Indian Casino. I’ve seen such beautiful sceneries while here. I drove on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with a crazy half asleep simi-drunk person going up to 90mph while trying to watch the dolphins jump out the ocean and survived. I’ve watched a nothing fight from a five story balcony in the middle of the night. I’ve got so drunk I puked all over my self and not care. I’m getting a tan from going swimming often. I’ve made an angry cat like me. I visited a small Danish town and ate some free chocolate. I’ve learned so much about the world outside Texas.

cali4.jpgI can go on and on, but the point is money comes and goes. Living in a beautiful place rent free and with good friends is Priceless. At least that’s what my Visa card tells me.



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