Affiliate ID Golden Rule

Okay so you started your affiliate marketing adventure. Say you started with Clickbank. One of the first things you do when creating your account is selecting your affiliate ID right? Now you think, it doesn’t matter what my ID is, so I’ll just use my usual handle. WRONG! You have to remember Affiliate networks like Clickbank show your ID within the URL. What would you think if you saw a URL like this:


Most people will immediately know it’s an affiliate link, and if they buy they’ll know ‘roberB’ will get credit for the sale. You’ll lose 25% of your sales just because of this. Believe it or not most people do not like giving credit to affiliates. Sadly I do the same thing and I know tons of other people who simply chop off the ‘hop’, reset their cookies and buy without the affiliate. Sometimes I don’t do it, but if it can benefit me it’s too easy not to.

Okay now what do you think about IDs like these:




These IDs are random, and some look like they even belong there. That’s what you have to do. If you’re marketing to other affiliates be prepared to lose half your sales no matter what. But if your market is dog training you’ll most likely fool most people into thinking its just part of the URL and it belongs there.

You can also cloak your links, but watch out for browsers that don’t like cloaked links. IFrame cloaking can sometimes not work in IE, and some Affiliate networks have rules about cloaking links.

That’s about it, when selecting an ID don’t use your name or usual handle, go for the random jumbled letters and numbers and you might get surprised by the increase of sales. I increased my sales by at least 25% last year by doing this.

Good luck!



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