Are you pages disappearing in Search Engines?

Have you ever had your website pages start disappearing in search engines? You pages would simply deindex? There a lot of reasons why this could happen, but if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, getting links, publishing new content often but not too much, having original content, and good SEO techniques it�s your sitemaps.

If you don’t have a sitemap, create one! Google looks for sitemaps on websites to help index your pages. If you have to click more then a couple pages deep to reach a certain page, you’re in a world of hurt by the Search engine spiders.

Search engine spiders won’t go deeper then 2-3 pages from your index, so you’ll lose your pages that are further then that.

One of my websites had this problem. WoW Gold Guides

They way it’s linking structure forced older post under multiple pages until it was 5-10 clicks away from the index! Bad move!

So I setup a static WoW Sitemap 1 and WoW Sitemap 2 which list all pages within one click of the index.

The effect is tremendous, I now have 99% of my pages index and the traffic keeps climbing with more content I create.

Before you ask, the reason for two sitemaps is because Google doesn’t like pages with more then 100 links on them, so I’m limiting links this way.

Lesson learned.



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