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When you’re new to the internet and making money online, you first go after the easiest ways to make money. That could be Adsense, Kontera, YPN or other set and forget it programs. Sure you’ll make a couple bucks off these programs, but the real money comes from affiliate programs. Besides selling your own product online, selling other people’s products online is one of the most profitable and rewarding things to do. Think about this. You start a Google Adwords campaign targeted to a niche product you are promoting. That traffic that’s 100% targeted goes to your landing page or directly to the sales page. The person buys and you get your commission. What’s so hard about that? It actually takes a bit of fine tuned actions to make your campaigns successful, and that’s where eBooks and Internet Marketing Guru’s try to push you this knowledge for $47 – $97 a book. What I’ve found over the months were blogs of real affiliate marketers giving away all their knowledge for free! Why pay for another Guru’s eBook when you can get better more details information for free?!

Welcome to the epiphany in your affiliate marketing career. What I’m going to present here is a constantly updating mega affiliate marketing guide. It will be article links from blogs and forum posts. You will find everything you need to get you started with affiliate marketing, which means never again will you PAY FOR ANY AFFILIATE MARKETING INFORMATION. There’s too much quality free stuff out there for you to waste time and money buying something else. I’ve sifted through blogs to find the top informational posts that covers most topics of affiliate marketing. If you read every article in this guide and still go out and buy an affiliate marketing eBook without putting what you just learned to good use, you’re stupid. These articles will give you a very solid background into affiliate marketing and all the different techniques you can use. All you have to do is go out there and test what you learned. Keep what’s converting, and drop what isn’t. As I’m completely positive I haven’t covered every good article out there, make sure to contact me and hit me up with some links to add.

My CPA Networks and Tools

I’m just going to list out the affiliate networks I use, as well as the tools (paid and unpaid) I use when starting up a campaign. I recommend signing up for every affiliate network out there (even the ones I don’t mention), as each network has different offers with different payouts. You can be doing sweet on a niche, sign up with another network, and find out that they have a higher converting offer that pays out more. None of the paid tools are necessary, but each of them has their own special use to me and that’s why I use them.

My Networks

CPA Empire
Neverblue Ads
Commission Junction

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Discovery
WordTracker’s Free Tool
Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion
SEO Book Keyword Tool

Other Tools

Keyword Elite
Keyword Companion (this tool is awesome)

Complete N00bies

If you just heard from the grapevine that affiliate marketing is cool, but have no idea what it is, here are some background articles for you to gobble up.

Affiliate Marketing – Wikipedia
What Would You Do If You Were First Starting Out?
8 Beginner Questions and Answers

General Guides

Some general all around guides on affiliate marketing, and getting an affiliate campaign up and profiting as fast as possible. Good overall reads.

Make Money in 24 Hours
Launching a Campaign From 0 to Profitibility
Launching a Campaign From 0 to Profitibility – Part II
Make Money with PPC Advertising

Choosing a Niche

Thoughts on ways to select a niche that will be profitable for you.

How & What To Promote
Using Brute Force to Find Profits
Picking a Niche is Everything in Affiliate Marketing


Different affiliate marketing strategies and things to think about.

Landing Page or Redirect?

Picking a Domain Name

Picking the right domain name for your web/product site.

9 Tips For Choosing A Great Domain Name
Tips for Selection a Domain Name
Choosing a Good Domain Name

Landing Pages

What the user sees after they click on your ad. The landing page game is changing now, read up and get ahead of the crowd.

Creating an Adwords-Ready Landing Page
Landing Page Quality Score
Cloaking Affiliate Links

Keyword Research

Researching keywords is something most people complain about, hopefully you’ll get some good tips and shut your yap.

Keyword Insights
Keyword Research Secrets (I’m not the Paul in the post, lol)


Any good affiliate will tell you: track, track, and track. Testing and tracking are so important if you want to really take your campaigns to the next level.

PHP Keyword Tracking How-To
How Granular Should You Track?

Writing Ads

How to write compelling ads that users want to click on.

18 Tips For Writing Better Pay-Per Click Ads
Changing One Word in an Ad
Creating PPC Ads That Stand Out From the Crowd

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Getting that CTR up in your ads.

Synthetic Ways to Juice CTR
Most Important Factors for CTR

Conversion Rates

Getting the user to convert once they make it to the landing page.

White Websites Convert

PPC Search Advertising

How to advertise smart in search engines.

The Kama Sutra of Search
How Super Affiliate Set Their Bids

Content Networks

Content network isn’t all bad…

Google Content – Goldmine or Minefield?


Misc. tricks that may give a small boost to some of your campaigns.

Increase Landing Page Relevance with Domain Aliasing

Advanced Tactics

Once you’re a beast at your niche, some super affiliate tactics.

Why White Label?


My favorite way to learn is by reading other people’s experiences and experiments that they post to the public.

$10k PPC Experiment
$10k PPC Experiment Part II
Facebook Experiment
Pay Per Click Network Challenge
Click Bank Experiment (this is from a web archive, the site isn’t up anymore. just scroll to the middle of the page and you can find links to parts 1-8)

Information-Packed Forum Threads

Threads that are packed with good conversation about affiliate marketing. You may find one or two gems.

UKoffer Question Thread



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