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How goes it?

Yes, I haven’t blogged in awhile. No excuses, I know.

I haven’t been entirely lazy though; I just finished writing a new eBook called Autoblog Book!

I have been Autoblogging for several years now. It’s how I make about 50% of my income these days. I decided a couple months back that if I wanted to keep up with the times and create bigger and better Autoblogs I needed to write a guide on the subject. I find when I write about something, I learn new things I never would have learned otherwise.

I wrote another eBook about 3 months earlier called Webmaster Blueprint.

Before writing Webmaster Blueprint, I felt I knew it all about creating an online businesses. Sadly I was wrong, and in the process I learned new ways in keyword research, advertising, SEO, etc I never knew before. Its fun learning new things.

I plan on breaking Webmaster Blueprint into two parts, one on starting an online business and the second part on promoting it! Right now it’s just one large eBook packed with starting and promoting an online business, which is great, but an update is needed.

Anyway, Autoblog Book is a great book. I’m a huge critic of myself, and usually don’t like anything I do. Well with Autoblog Book, I’m actually very excited about it and so are my critics.

Here Are A Few Reviews I Got Back So Far!

I am an autoblogger. I’ve purchased WP Mass Installer, Caffeinated Content and Caffeinated World.

I’ve have over a thousand autoblogs. I’ve seen and used many ebooks, systems, software and theories.

This is by far the best book on Auto Blogging I’ve read. This manual details out exactly what you will need, how to use it and why. I consider myself and Intermediate/Advanced autoblogger. There are a few tips and tricks that I didn’t know. I will be using it to rework and upgrade my blogs definitely.

He also explains things not to do in the auto blogging world.

If you’re serious about making money online. For $37 its the only guide you will need on autoblogging.

– Rating: 9/10 MelfromBoD

This is a 38-paged autoblogging report. I won’t really call it a book, rather a report. Regardless, the wealth of information is priceless. The entire report is a no-fluff approach to auto-blogging. It covers EVERY aspect of autoblogging. From keyword research to the final promotion. Nothing has been left out. And the initial tactics discussed could easily be applied to your other non-autoblog sites.

There’s a horde of links to plugin sites, themes, optimum settings, etc for your wordpress. Everything has been discussed in detail, yet it does not get boring or prolonged.

In short, a great guide for everyone. If you’re in the autoblogging market, get it.

– lifetalk

There is no stone left unturned here and for the price, it is a steal. I have read $97 products with not even a fraction of the information provided here. THIS is what I would have expected of a $97 main ebook product. The tips and information are great! He tells you how to keyword research (not just tell you to do it, but how), where to host, how many blogs to host on an ip, what types of domains work best, what plugins to use, where to find themes, and so much more in such a small package. I’m surprised at how much information he was able to stuff in there!

I am an info freak and have read a lot of information online as is, and this is what the autoblogging wiki should look like. Literally. This guy had to put a lot of time into doing this so I think $37 is a real steal.

– 10/10 without a doubt. Jen Peoples

I just got Autoblog Book on Clickbank, so you affiliate marketers out there, you have something new to promote!

I’m still working on a logo, eBook cover and other graphics but it’s coming along.

My next update I think will be on eBay Stealth.

A few things have changed in the eBay world and you guys have been requesting an update, so that’s the next project.

Don’t get mad if I blog once a week until eBay Stealth 3.0 is out.

Check out Autoblog Book, and you affiliates get to work.

Thanks guys!



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