Blog and Forum Updates?

Changes in the blog and forums! So I decided I wanted to change the way the eBay forums looked, and so I ventured out to good old Google to find some great skins to replace the default theme. I came across an orange, Halloween looking style which I thought was perfect for the site! None the less no one liked it and I’m back to the default theme. 🙁

I guess I’ll keep the forum the way it is, and just do a logo update; something that says eBay Suspension Forums, with some crazy font of course. Maybe I’ll make one tonight. Blue and white are usually good combos!

And so I have a new blog theme going. What do you guys think of it? Except for the Jason foggy water up top, I think it’s clean and simple! I also added a gallery, which I got the idea from another internet marketer’s blog. Shoemoney!

I like it! What do you think?



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