The Ups and Downs of Internet Marketing

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The Ups and Downs of Internet Marketing

The one thing I’ve learned and that has a huge impact for me SEO wise is that depending on only once source of traffic for your sales, traffic, clicks, affiliate revenue, sign ups or whatever you do is a bad idea. SEO is the art creating a website built for search engine ranking which is basically free targeted traffic. What happens if your SEO fails?

internet-marketing.jpgSearch Engine Optimization is the act of making changes to your on site and off site factors to promote your site well for your specific keywords in search engines. The better your on and off site factors are, including linking (off page and on page), title, content, URL structure, anchor text, simplicity, template, sitemap and other factors are, the better chances you’ll have for ranking high for your keywords. This is usually true 80% of the time. The other 20% it depends on the big Three! Google being the dominate traffic source for most websites out there is the biggest variable in SEO.

What happens when you do everything right, but out of the blue your Google traffic is down? It could be Google! If you haven’t made any major changes to your site, or tried any unethical ways to gain ranking then it might be Google. And if it’s Google, which it seems to be Google every few months, you can’t really do anything about it but wait it out. You can make minor changes that you know will help your site like creating a sitemap, increasing your inbound linkage, adding more new and original content, but nothing major! If you risk too much change at one time, you could create a back fire for your self and multiply the effects of less traffic. Too much of anything is never good!

google-dance.jpgIf your natural search engine ranking is down look for other methods of traffic. If you have a mailing list, send a newsletter every one to two weeks if you depend on that traffic. If you have Adwords, optimize your paid advertising for more targeted traffic. I can’t stress enough with targeted traffic. If you’re selling guides about SEO Marketing, but then you create Google ads for Internet eBook, Fast Guides, EZGuides, etc, and not SEO eBook, Search Engine Optimization Guide, or Internet Marketing eBook then you’re missing your traffic. Why be vague and pay for visitors that aren’t looking for your product when you have the option to target as much as you want! You’re paying for it, spend your money wisely! Another way is to start a weekly give away with an autoresponder. Autoresponders are cheap, and effective. Add your affiliate information between your free offer and you’ll see an increase of sales with little overhead. There are literally hundreds of ways you can promote your websites,

I own and operate about 75 websites my self (it’s not too much). Just recently one of my more popular websites driving a good amount of traffic to one of my selling sites lost about 50% to 75% of it’s traffic almost overnight and we lost about a quarter of our sales because of it. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it almost was. If I didn’t have other sites for backup traffic it would have been bad. This traffic site is my oldest and most established site, and thus it was giving us the most traffic at the time. Now we have other sites giving about the same amount of traffic for other genres but for the time it was our sole targeted traffic generator.

My business used to be a 100% Adwords driven website; which is okay and profitable if you know what you’re doing. It’s very easy to spend and waste a lot of money. At my peak I was spending close to $400 a day in Adwords ads and making about $1000 in profit a day. This is actually pretty good for me, but then let’s add-in cost for merchant and payment fees, and employees, and even stock. It was still good though.

I guess my point is it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, as my idol Jonathan Leger (good keyword for him here) Marketing SEO Guru would say. Spread your self out; don’t rely on one source of traffic, one source of income, one source of anything for that mater. 🙂

300 Spartans Against A Million Persians! 300 Movie Review!

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300_spartans2.jpgA war between several thousand Greek Spartans lead by their King Leonidas against three hundred thousand to a million Persians lead by Xerxes! A historic battle between good and evil, an Alamo of our time! The movie 300 captures this heroic story of valor and sacrifice in a way comparable to the great movies such as Gladiator, The Patriot, and The Last of the Mohicans. Where in sight of overwhelming odds and certain death 300 Spartan soldiers must hold their ground or die trying.

“Spartans! Tonight we dine in Hell!” – King Leonidas

300_climb2Leonidas as every Spartan at birth would be inspected for defects, weakness and poor health. Those Spartan children that failed the inspection would be exposed to the elements and left to die. Spartans figured if a child had any defects at birth, they were not up to par to the elite warriors of Sparta, and would probably die from the harsh training that one must go through to become a warrior. Leonidas of course passed the first test.

At age 7 Leonidas was torn away from his family to start his training to become a Spartan Warrior! At 18 he was giving a do or die test to prove his prowess! He was faced against a wolf four times his size with an unquenchable apatite for killing. Leonidas knowing he wouldn’t be able to face off directly against the beast lures the wolf into a narrow rock passing to trap and kill it. When he returns to Sparta he is to become King, General, and leader of Spartans finest!

Leonidas, ten years after becoming one of two kings of Sparta was asked to help defend Thermopylae from the massive Persian invasion force. At this time of the year for Spartans their law forbids any fighting. Leonidas confronts an oracle on what he should do. It’s either Sparta will be lost to the Persians or Leonidas must sacrifice his life in war to overwhelming odds of the Persian army. Leonidas chooses death and glory!

070307_300movie_hmed_1phlarge.jpgThree hundred of Spartans finest and several thousand Greek soldiers go to Thermopylae to hold against a million Persians bent on destroying Athens for their support years earlier against Persian’s army by sending soldiers to assist in the Ionian Greek cities revolt; a move that has come back to haunt the Athens.

For two days Leonidas holds the Persian’s army from passing through the cliffs of Thermopylae and kills tens of thousands of soldiers with little loses on his side. The elite Persian ‘Immortals‘ are no match for the shields, armor and elite trained soldiers of Sparta. After losing a good chunk of his army, Xerxes is lead by a Greek spy around a narrow pass behind Leonidas to flank the Spartains. But before that can happen, a scout reports Xerxes’s advance, which gives Leonidas enough time to see all but 300 of his army retreat. Three hundred Spartans stay for a last stand!

300movie.JPGSpartans are trained to never surrender and to never give up! The fighting in 300 is the best I’ve seen in a movie… ever. This is by far the best action movie I have ever seen, and I’ve seen them all. Imagine in the movie Gladiator when Russell Crowe faced off against 10 fighters at once, and mowed them down like nothing. Now replay that over and over again, but with 300 elite Spartans!

The swords play, action, special effects, gore, slow motion, drama, and valor were all there in 300! My perfect movie! The acting from Gerard Butler as Leonidas couldn’t have been better. This guy has set of lungs on him!

Madness?! THIS IS SPARTA! – King Leonidas

flicks_review2-1_44.jpgIn the end, only two survive the relentless attacks of the Persians. Aristodemus because of an eye injury and Pantites; Pantites was sent by Leonidas to attempt to raise support in Thessaly but returned to Thermopylae only after the battle’s conclusion. Pantites hanged himself in disgrace after being shunned as a “trembler”. That part wasn’t in the movie. Aristodemus however was to later fight with suicidal recklessness at the Battle of Plataea in 479 B.C. This time the sides were one Greek soldier for every three Persian.

Greeks won! Sparta won!
300 is a great movie, beyond anything I expected it to be, and I expected a lot.


Wow I’m Sore!

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I spent a couple hours with my personal trainer yesterday, and man today I’m sore! It’s an overall type of sore, mostly upper body as that’s what I was working-out yesterday. We did mostly stabilizer ball exercises, which works a lot more muscles while doing an exercise. It was tough! I wanted to go to the gym today as well, but forget that! I think I’m going to hit a movie and work on some websites.

By the way, I finally finished creating all my websites; I now have a total of 75 websites, 60 of which are blogs like this one. Fifty blogs are specifically for generating traffic for my main selling sites. The other 10 are random personal blogs and friend’s blogs I’m working on. The other 15 sites are a mix of personal projects and sites specific for my business. I’m in the works on creating two new websites, one a major forum for MMORPG’s and the other a kind of affiliate site for my business.

Right now I’m working on maintaining these recent sites I created, I have to fine tune their ads and links with their specific topics and design. They’re 75% there, I just need to another week and they’ll be perfect! And then all I have to do is maintain their content which I have software that helps me do that. 🙂 I’ll talk more about the software I use when I have more time to write reviews for them.

Other then that, I’m trying to speed as much time in the eBay Suspension forum as I can as well as thinking about the next few hectic months I’ll be having. I have to drive to California, pick up a car of mine, drive it back, fix it and then sell it. Then a week after I come back from California I have to go to Georgia to help my sister move back to Texas. And then I’m going to buy a house! All this within 2-3 months! I’m really happy I have Modee, a great Admin to the forums and other moderators to my new eBay suspension forum. You guys are great! This is the first forum I’ve created, so it’s a kind of practice one before I have to create my monster MMORPG forum in a couple weeks. Thanks guys, long live eBay?!

In about a week’s time, when my blog sites are done tweaking, I’ll start marketing overall to all my sites, mostly from back links from high ranking websites. This will increase Google spiders and pages will start to be indexed more quickly, this includes the eBay forum. Once that happens, be ready to see an increase of visitors!

That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it!


Quick Update On What I’m Doing

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I’m down to 15 more websites to create out of my goal of 35 new sites! I’m working on my 16th site now as I type. Just taking a break, and reading some forum post before I finish!

By the way, if you haven’t seen to my eBay suspension’s forum, check it out! If you’ve ever been suspended by eBay, then this is the place for you. It’s a place where like minded people can share their experience when dealing with eBay suspensions. This forum started after my 3 eBay suspension guides started to become popular with eBay fans. 😉

Anyways, I have 15 more sites to create before I head to California for business, in which I’ll be away for a few days. I leave hopefully in 1-2 weeks, or once these sites are done!

Wow, I haven’t posted for awhile; Google must not like me now. 🙁

New Websites Coming Soon!

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My goal for the next couple weeks is to develop and monetize about 35 new websites. Around 30 of which will be wordpress blogs. The other 5 will be random custom sites. One of which will be a history timeline. For this site I want to create a wiki of history. I’m sure it’s been done before, but who cares. I love history and working on this site will help me learn more about it. Another of which will be my workout journal. I go to Golds Gym everyday to workout, this site will actually be a blog too, and everyday I’ll note what I did for that workout, my progress etc. I’m not doing it here because with this site I want to focus more with SEO and marketing. Though you haven’t seen much of that, I will soon start reviewing products that I’ve bought with of course my affiliate links to try to gain extra cash. As an Internet Marketer I’ve bought countless SEO guru products and have learned so much, I feel my self as a guru. The only thing stopping me from reviewing products in the past are my other business competitors. I know they read and keep an eye on this blog, so I have to be careful what to talk about. I don’t want to give out everything I do to rank higher then them! Lol

Anyways, like I said I have about 30 blogs to create and 5 random projects to work on!

I’ll be busy for awhile!

My hosting is set, I have to buy the domains soon, and then I’ll start the content.

Just an update on what I’m doing. I know you could care less but I don’t care. Lol

Another Day, Another Dollar – My Rant

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Is it me or is the human race doomed to live and die by our greed of wealth and power? I am overwhelmed with emotion to jump in my Mustang and explode down the road at 140MPH and being one with the beast! I am enraged and angry right now with how the world works, and what people unknowingly do for instant gratification. I do not see how I could love anyone for everyone to me is either an idiot or just another no one.

walmartI was at Wal-Mart today, the last place you normally see me; to buy a computer for my brother. He is trying to start his own online business and as most start up companies, he’s broke until his business starts rolling.

greeterWe travel through big business Wal-Mart to pick out a cheap but decent computer which Wal-Mart is good for. When we go to checkout, which has at least 30 checkout counters, but of course Wal-Mart trying to save a buck only has a max of 5 open counters at 7pm with hundreds of people in their store! The thing I hate more then stupid people is waiting in line for 30 minutes to buy a product! I am there to buy your product, why do you make me wait! There are at lest 20 people in each of the 5 lanes waiting patiently to buy their goods and get out of there without going crazy. I in turn wait patiently reading a magazine trying to pass the time.

I know what you’re thinking, who gives a **** about you having to wait in line, I have worst problems then that!

I know everyone has problems but I’m not done.

I my self help run a business in which we provide a service to customers and I know there are some things that are out of your hands to fix to better the customer’s experience. Our business has its problems but we strive to better our self for the customer.

lowpricesWal-Mart can open a couple more lanes for the customer and they will in turn create more customers! The better you treat your customers, the fewer negatives you give a customer to pass on to their friends, co-workers and readers, the more business you will have and the more support you’ll have. I for one have walked out of Wal-Marts before because of this same situation; I don’t like to wait 30 minutes for anything I can get somewhere else for the same or cheaper price! For my brothers sake I waited this time.

Online stores can be treated the same way. If there are obstacles in my way and my patience is low, I’ll go somewhere else. This I learned very quickly when I started my online business 3 years ago.

If for example you have an online shop or mailing list signup you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to do what they need to do to buy or sign up for your product!

If you have extra nonsense standing in there way: “check this widget for more information”, “after this verify your email, TWICE!”, “read all of this non sense and then answer questions”, “answer this, this and this”, “give us your credit card information, SS#, and your first child!”.

Do you get the point? What happen to serving your customer with a welcome at the front door and gently good bye when they leave?

And what’s with over advertising everywhere?

I hate food commercials! The one I hate the most is Taco Bell’s, ‘eat late until 1am’ commercial. I’m almost always up late, and when ever I see that commercial I can’t get it out of my head until I go to Taco Bell and order something! And you know what… that commercial is on ever show I watch… come on!! Family Guy… South Park… TBS… Why? Why must you mock me like this! I go to the gym everyday thank god!

Back to my rant on why I hate people.

walmart customersI don’t know what it was, but as I was walking through Wal-Mart today, and saw the masses of clones buying their China made goods, shuffling along with glee throwing anything they can fit in their cart and spending their weekly salary to the one company that is killing small business, the US economy and filling up the coffers of fat Chinese slave labor owners the most. I find it disgusting for even being human. I felt as everyone were mindless monkeys doing what everyone else does? Or is it just me?

Good for China I say, they will soon surpass the U.S. as the leading superpower. They have the money, they steal other’s technology, they have the man power and their government is a sleeping elephant which is slowly building up arms.

I hate how our world works, what we’re doing to each other and I wish we had a stronger leader to help turn this country around.

Big businesses need to take more responsibility for their actions and we as people need to be more mindful of ours.

I have more to say, but my rage is calming and I’ve run out of steam. I’m sure my rage will pop up again soon.


WordPress Permalink Structure Solution

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After hours of searching for the best permalink structure for my WordPress blogs I have come to this!


It starts with category for Search Engine keywording and usability. In the middle is the post id which is an easy way for your database to recognize which post a user wants which speeds up your blog. If you just have %postname% as you permalink structure, which blog has, over time your blog will slow down. It takes more effort for your database to search using only you�re postname instead of id or date. With more post will slow down. It’s already a little slow but with my cache enabled it’s doing okay. Last but not least is postname which will add keywords to your URL for use in search engines optimization!

Oh and I almost forgot! .HTML !!!!

This is a great add on which will make your pages look more static! Believe it or not search engines love static pages because they usually stay put! Your page rank will pass easier too!

Quick post for you guys and a note for any future blogs of mine!

Oh and if your wordpress blog is already established I don�t recommend you change your permalink structure. Once changed any previous inbound links to specific pages will be lost, your pagerank will decrease and you�ll lose indexed pages and ranking. That�s why I�m leaving alone; it�s too late for a change.


Blood Diamond Movie Review – A Must Watch

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If you’re a history buff, love action and adventure then you’re going to love Blood Diamond!

Blood Diamond is a story of the South African struggle for control of the region. There are the local rebels, government troops and everyone else. Precious diamonds which are recovered and sold at any cost to foreign companies, fuel the on going war. The diamonds are so rare that most people mining them never see one.

The story begins when a local fisherman’s village is under attack by rebels looking for workers for their diamond mines. The rebels are mostly children who have been brain washed and drugged into thinking their family hates them and has abandoned them. Rebels kill or mutilate most of the villagers and take others for the diamond mines.

The fisherman, Solomon, manages to help his family escape the rebels but is caught his self and spared to work in the diamond mines.

The South African civil war and chaos started when ‘white’ leaders left the place to have Africans govern their self. It didn’t work out so well.

blood diamondWhile in the diamond mines, Solomon finds a rare diamond worth millions. He is just able to hide it before government troops sacked the place and either killed or put most of the rebels in jail.

While in jail, Solomon is called out for having found the rare diamond by a rebel leader. Danny Archer a South African mercenary and diamond smuggler finds out about the rare diamond and seeks out Solomon to find the diamond.

With the help of Mandy Bowen an American Journalist, the two men embark on a trek through rebel territory to recover the rare pink diamond. A journey that could save Solomon’s family and transform Archer’s life.

Overall I loved every moment of this movie. It’s historically accurate to the truth of blood diamonds and the millions effected for the few to gain a buck. Companies who buy blood diamonds are the same as the murders their self. With each diamond rebel’s sale, they’re able to buy more weapons to kill more people each day. To this day there are over 200,000 child rebels in South Africa.

I urge everyone to watch Blood Diamonds to gain some knowledge of the situation behind this black market trade. I for one will only buy conflict free diamonds if any.

Went X-Mas Shopping Today – Sort Of

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paaaaacofeobkbda.jpgYeah so I noticed most people don’t care about my personal life and my random postings about this and that, I don’t care. LOl Today I post about how my second day of holiday shopping went!

I spent about 3 hours shopping today at Academy Sports + Outdoors and Circuit City, guess what I got. I got two part of shoes for me, one very neifty pair of K-Swiss Farben and a pair of running shoes, Nike Air Coos! I couldn’t find anything to get for anyone else, I was already planning to get running shoes but what the heck, why not get some real comfortable shoes too! One store down, now for Circuit City!nkanm-fv.jpg

I spend about an hour there, just looking over everything when I see a TiVO, I always wanted one and who can beat only $250 something with a $200 mail in rebate! So I grabbed that and almost got a South Park Season 8 for a friend but figured it would be wasted
because he has a TiVO and probably recorded it already. So I didn’t get it, and so my hands were full already with a TiVo so that’s all I got! 🙁

A run down..

I got my self two pair of shoes and TiVO and no gifts for anyone on my list. Sigh.. I think I’m just going to buy a whole bunch of giftcards for people and give
thoes out, I don’t know what else to give.

Oh well time to hook up me TiVO!

World of Warcraft Gold?

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Anyone know about this currency called gold from the game World of Warcraft? WoW�Gold�is bought and sold by players all over the world! People in China apparently farm the gold, grind all day, to sell to willing players who either have little time to make the gold them self or are just in a rush to level. What a great idea! For a few bucks to can get 20-3000 gold sent directly to your character almost instantly. A site I found MMORPG Exchange is selling gold for World of Warcraft and many other MMORPG games.

In game virtual currency worth real world money! Incredible!