A Good Message From A Victom Of A eBay Phisher

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A message from a fellow eBayer about phishing emails.

“These damn phishing scammers have become *extremely* good
in the last few years. They can produce emails that look
very authentic and are quite compelling. Their main goal
is to get you to click on a link in the email, supposedly
to log in to your account, but really it’s a link to the
scammer’s site.

Their site looks like the real thing, but all it does is
collect your login information. Then the scammers can use
that however they like (it usually involves stealing your
I fell for this recently myself. The other day I
(thought) I received an email from eBay. It included a
message from an eBay user, in the standard format that
eBay uses for their member messaging system.

Even the content of the (supposed) user’s message was
believable: it was a vague question asking about their
order and why they hadn’t heard from me. This is the kind
of thing I act on ASAP. So, I clicked on the “log in”
link in the email and tried logging into (supposedly)

After successive failures and making sure I was using the
right login info, I realized I had been taken for a ride.
I frantically brought up a new browser window and logged
into the REAL eBay and quickly changed my password.

Never, ever use a link in an email to log in to ANY
online account. Instead, bring up a brand new browser
window and type in the website by hand, and then log in.

I’ve seen so many of these emails in the past… I’ve even been tempted to almost login… but at the last second… I see something that isn’t right, mostly with the URL.

I would estimate 1/5 eBayers have had their account’s stolen. Be careful out there, there are more scammers out there then you think.

Are you pages disappearing in Search Engines?

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Have you ever had your website pages start disappearing in search engines? You pages would simply deindex? There a lot of reasons why this could happen, but if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, getting links, publishing new content often but not too much, having original content, and good SEO techniques it�s your sitemaps.

If you don’t have a sitemap, create one! Google looks for sitemaps on websites to help index your pages. If you have to click more then a couple pages deep to reach a certain page, you’re in a world of hurt by the Search engine spiders.

Search engine spiders won’t go deeper then 2-3 pages from your index, so you’ll lose your pages that are further then that.

One of my websites had this problem. WoW Gold Guides

They way it’s linking structure forced older post under multiple pages until it was 5-10 clicks away from the index! Bad move!

So I setup a static WoW Sitemap 1 and WoW Sitemap 2 which list all pages within one click of the index.

The effect is tremendous, I now have 99% of my pages index and the traffic keeps climbing with more content I create.

Before you ask, the reason for two sitemaps is because Google doesn’t like pages with more then 100 links on them, so I’m limiting links this way.

Lesson learned.

Is DMOZ Dead?!?

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It’s 12:38 AM 11/22/2006, and for the past 10 days DMOZ has been offline? You mean I can’t submit my sites to wait months to get my high PR links from them? Hopefully they’ll be live again soon. 🙁

Some News from Shoemoney, “Ok on to the last big thing I saw. The DMOZ has been down evidently for over 10 days. Down meaning no editors or anyone can log in and do anything. Some of the editors I met at pubcon say its totally F�ed up.. like AOL is telling them its a bad hardware failure. Now I do not know anything first hand but I gotta think that if AOL really cared about it they would not let it be down to its editors for 10 days. I mean how are they going to approve their friends� MFA sites? Anyway as usual when anything happens to dmoz people always wonder if this is the thing that will push Google over the edge to start their own directory or more likely buy an existing well established directory.”


My Blog and Ping List – Simple and Effective

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After many hours today of researching for the best pinging websites, I’ve come up with a surprisingly small list which is manageable, effective and with no post lag.

Bear in mind I started with a list of 50-60 websites, but after reviewing each one for their speed, relevancy and non biased opinions on the matter I came up with this list:

  • http://rpc.pingomatic.com
  • http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
  • http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc
  • http://ping.bitacoras.com
  • http://bblog.com/ping.php

This is my auto ping list after each new post like this one. If you like pinging by hand I recommend Pingoat which pings this list and a little more, only bad thing they currently only accept manual submissions. ?

Website Organization is KEY and WordPress!

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If you are ever expected to handle a huge task of creating, marketing and monetizing 40+ websites, you’re in a world of hurt if you aren’t organized!

First off using a solid FTP and website editing software is key! I personally use GlobalSCAPE – CuteFTP and Macromedia Dreamweavier to handle all my websites, which now total around 50 including this one. This website is built using WordPress, which I’ve come to love! WordPress is simply the most powerful free CMS out there with an endless supply of useful plugins!

The good thing about WordPress websites are if you have the right tools, you’ll be able to set it and forget it. You can schedule new articles to post days, weeks, months or even years ahead of time. Using the right software can fully automate your CMS needs. That’s why most of my websites are WordPress blogs, if I had the choice all of my sites would be.

Well that’s it, just thought I would post something while waiting for a CuteFTP to finish uploading some files.


Final eBay Suspension / Suspended Account Guide

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Read the updated eBay Suspension guide, eBay Stealth. It is written by me and kept up to date. Good luck everyone! – Aspkin

I have posted two eBay suspension guides on how to create a new eBay account after being suspended; both have had great success, so this will be my final guide with all the details, strategies and facts I’ve gained about eBay suspensions.

What happens when you become suspended by eBay? You lose all your auctions; your eBay fees are immediately due; your IP address, credit card number, website URL, email address, physical address, phone number and any other information you have giving eBay will now and always be used to recognize you as a suspended user. If you try to create a new account with any of this information, you will immediately be flagged as a suspended user and the new account you created will be suspended. So your goal in creating a new eBay account is to become someone else, stealth as it were.

There are a few steps to take in order to create a new account. These steps are easy compared to the traps you don’t want to trip to keep your account active. The steps to create a new account must be followed exactly in this order without missing a step. If you miss a step, try to take a short cut, or feel you know a better way, you run the risk of eBay detecting who you are and losing your account. Remember this is the easy part.  Read more

Google Page Rank – What it means to you!

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What is Google Page Rank? Page rank is what Google and other search engines have created to rate a website based on its popularity and worth. The higher page rank you have, the better your chances are to rank high for your specific keywords. I didn’t notice until now how true this was.

Without page rank, you’re nothing to a search engine.

  • A page rank of 0 means your either a brand new website, a banned website or a unknown website.
  • A page rank of 1 means you’re listed in the search engine, but that�s about it. You won’t reach the top keywords your after if there is competition with a higher page rank then you, which is almost always the case.
  • A page rank of 2-3 means you listed in Goggle, you have a few back links that are telling Google that your site is worth something. So when Google visits the sites that link to you, they’ll head on over to your site and start indexing any new content you have.
  • A page rank of 4-5 means you have quite of few high quality websites linking to you. You’ll find it easier to rank for the keywords you’re aiming for, meaning more traffic for your site.
  • A page rank of 6-7 means you’re almost an authority site, but not quite there yet. You have a lot of people linking to your website, including authority websites. You will have little to no problem ranking high for the keywords you�re aiming for. Search engines love your website and visit it often, at least once a day to get whatever new content you have.
  • A page rank of 8-9 means you’re doing something right. Google loves you, and will reward you with tons of traffic. Google will visit your site several times a day, aching for the newest content. Every site you link to will reap the benefits of your site and will rank high their self. You’re sitting on a gold mine if you know what you’re doing. Some 8-9 websites are authority websites.
  • A page rank of 10 means you’re an authority website. You have the attention of millions of people around the world; people look to you for their daily source of news, information, entertainment and more. You’ll have tons of emails a day from webmasters asking you to link to their site. A page rank of 10 is very hard to get, Yahoo is a page rank 9!

How important is page rank? Without page rank, your web pages will not be indexed by Google and no one will find your website. You can have the best content in the world, but it�s worthless if no one knows about it.

In order for you to rank high for the keywords you seek; you need a high enough page rank to beat a competitor for that keyword. If your competitor has a page rank of 4, and you have a page rank of 5, you’ll more then likely rank higher then them in Google. I say more then likely because its more then just page rank, there is SEO and quality of your content, but page rank is a bigger factor.

Some people might say page rank is overrated. Listen to this.

In total I have about 15 websites. Two of which I used the same content for as a test. The content used is 100% original, no other website uses it. One site is a page rank 3 and the other is a brand new website with a page rank of 0.

Day 1: I list 20 new articles per website. I add 10 new back links to each site.

Day 3: Google has started to index the new content from the page rank 3 website and nothing from the new site.

Day 4: All new articles on the page rank 3 website are indexed. I add 20 more articles per website. Still no pages indexed on the new site.

Day 9: All 40 articles are indexed by Google on the page rank 3 website. Still none from the page rank 0. Google is visiting the page rank 3 site more often. I add 20 more articles per website.

Day 15: The page rank 0 website is in Google, but only the home page. No other pages have been indexed. The page rank 3 website is doing great, its getting a ton more traffic from the indexed pages. I add 20 more articles. I add 10-20 high quality back links to each site.

Day 30: A few pages from the page rank 0 site have been indexed, but nothing else. It�s getting little to no traffic. The page rank 3 website has doubled its traffic from the newly indexed pages.

Do you see what’s happening here? The website that has a page rank of 3 is killing the page rank 0 website for traffic. Each is using the same content, and I’m doing the same techniques to each site. All I’m doing is adding the content, and it’s all up to the search engines how to treat it. The website with a history with Google is doing better then the new site.

In other words it takes time to start seeing benefits from a new website. Actually I can give you a time in which your website should be fully indexed by Google and you should start seeing a steady stream a traffic, considering you do everything you should be doing within this time. Have high quality original content, start creating back links, have a good internal linking and SEO. How often does Google update page rank? That’s it! Every two to three months right? Well, this is how long it will take a new website to start seeing hard work pay off. As I write this, the Google update is about a month in a half away. I’m continuing to update each website, and I can’t wait for the update. The new site should be a 2-4 page rank; the page rank 3 website I’m aiming for a rank of 4 or 5. Once this happens I will start to see a big jump in traffic from each website. Don’t believe me, check back in a month in a half, I’ll update you.

Until next time, never under estimate page rank again; without it you’re website doesn’t exist!

More on Ebay Suspended Accounts Suspension

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Please Note: This guide is a couple years old and has been outdated with time. If you’re looking for a solid updated guide to setting up a new eBay account I recommend you read eBay Stealth – eBay Suspension Guide. It is written by me and kept up to date. Good luck everyone! – Aspkiin

It seems my eBay guide about suspended accounts has been one of my more popular posts. My random blogging about my car breaking down or me hitting a deer over the summer doesn’t seem to stimulate you people as much as eBay and their suspensions. Fine.

You guys have questions — I’ll try to answer them.

So your eBay account has been suspended and your business is drying up and about to disappear. I’m sorry. I’ve been in your shoes before many times. You spend hours setting up your account only to see it the next day Banned!

How does eBay catch me you ask? Well they track everything! Everything! You’re IP address, your email, your website URL, your credit card, your name and address. They keep track of all this information and more to identify you.

If you are banned they will use this information against you. Example: If you try to create a new account with the same credit card, you’ll receive a warning that that card has been banned and you need to try another card. Please don’t try another card, eBay already has you. They have identified you as a suspended user and if you try to sign up with another account without changing your IP address and deleting your cookies, the new card you try will be banned as well.

EBay has you. But not for Long.

Like I said, eBay tracks all your information. Your goal is to create a new account with new information.

Use a different email address. Use a widely known email provider like Gmail or Yahoo. If you use your domain email, example ebay@aspkin.com it’s easier for eBay to track you and ban you. Another example. If I had an eBay account using ebay@aspkin.com and they banned it. I wouldn’t want to create another eBay account using ebay2@aspkin.com. EBay is not dumb, they will ban you. Even if eBay doesn’t find it within a couple weeks, your competitors will. Don’t risk it.

Become someone else.

You must change your name and address but keep it in your area. If you’re in San Antonio, Texas don’t make up a new address from Los Angeles, California. EBay is not dumb; it’s easy to track your location through IP address.

Don’t believe me check out this website: http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm?GetLocation

This brings me to your IP Address.

You must change your IP address before creating a new eBay account. Once banned eBay has your IP address, every time you log into an account with that IP address eBay knows who you are. Sure they’ll let you create a new account with them, but their bots will auto suspend you the next day. Change your IP Address every time you create a new account.

Emm cookies. Yep eBay leaves cookies on your machine. Clean them up. Delete all your cookies before you attempt to create a new account.

Use a pre paid credit card.

Once you’re suspended, you won’t be able to use the same credit card to create a new account. You’ll have to get a pre paid credit card or use a different credit card of yours. Try not to use the same name and address when entering the credit card information for eBay. Add extra letters change the address a little. Just enough not to get caught. If you’re able, use a different name and address with the card.

If you use gallery pictures, have eBay host them. Try not to host them on you’re own server.

Try to follow eBay’s rules. I know they are picky bastards but you got to play ball if you want to stay in the game.

  1. Don’t spam them with thousands of auctions with 999 quantities of each auction. This is a red flag to eBay and they’ll probably auto ban you.
  2. Don’t list more then a 100 new auctions a day.
  3. Don’t give eBay a reason to ban you!
  4. Don’t have external links on your auctions trying to promote your website. If eBay doesn’t catch it, you’re competitors will.

Last but not least, once you are banned, let it be. Create another account and run. Never log into a banned account after you create a new account. If you do eBay will link those accounts together and the fate of the banned account will be shared. Your new account will be suspended as well. 🙁

A run down on how to create a new account after being suspended. IMPORTANT! In this order!

  • Delete your Cookies
  • Change your IP address
  • Register with a new email address
  • Sign up using a different credit card
  • Try not to use the same information twice
  • Never Log into banned accounts

I’ve created quite a few eBay accounts and out of trial and error I’ve figured out what I just told you, how to get around suspended eBay accounts. I’ve seen people trying to sell information like this for hundreds of dollars. I give to you for free.

A side note: I have just finished my final guide to eBay suspensions. If you would like to know more information, here is the link.

Discuss eBay suspensions in our brand new FORUMS.

Good luck!

Simple life Vs OMG its a New DAY!

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Remember the days of being a kid? Not a worry in sight, doing what you please? I vaguely remember that time. Actually no I do remember almost all of it. Those times were great! But everyone grows up, some slower then others.

headache.jpgI sometimes feel I grew up too fast. I miss the carefree days of running around outside, thinking of nothing but what was in front of me, but now I find my self constantly worrying about things. I have a hundred things on my mind and it just keeps building up. I have some what of a mental check list of things I have to do and everyday I check something off only to add twice as many things to my list. I have a physical whiteboard on the side of my computer I use as my to-do list. I can’t blame everything on my check list; it has helped me build my first business. Without it I wouldn�t get half the things I need to do done. The only thing is its like weight, pulling me down and keeping me in check!

Simple life.

hl.jpgMy computer is my life. I’m using either my desktop or laptop at least 10-12 hours a day. It�s that bad! I make my money online, play games online, read online, listen to music, and buy more shit I don’t need online! Everything. I’ve even ordered pizza online!

Simple Life!

My free time I really enjoy driving. I love to drive my Nissan Titan or Mustang anytime I get a chance. I’m currently having a Nitrous kit installed in my Stang. I should get it back in a couple days. I can’t wait! I’ll post pictures when I get it.


comp.jpgMy job is somewhat demanding. I would call my self a SEO-Internet Marketing Guru and Entrepreneur. I love problem solving. This past week I’ve built 3 new websites, and had to recreate a database for one of my main sites. It took about 4 hours to fully rebuild the database, not so bad.

Thank god for excel sheets, MSDE Manager, MsExport and MsImport!

I guess that�s life, as you grow up you�ll have more and more responsibility. One day I�ll be free and untethered. It�s a simple problem.

Money = Happiness (in my opinion)

A lot of Money = A lot of Work


Work smart = A lot of money = Happinesss (in my opinion)

money.jpgWorking smart, meaning doing something that requires the least amount of effort yet making you money, even while you sleep is the key. The internet can do this for you easily. But it takes time and effort to get to that point where you�re making money automatically. I guess that�s where I�m at now. There�s tons of information on how to make money online so I won�t post anything else on the subject, not in this post at least.

Oh and yesterday I bought a mini refrigerator to keep water cool so I won’t have to walk to the kitchen when I’m thirsty. Would one consider that lazy?




FU, I call that efficiency in time management.

Bad Headache, Hot and Groggy. Tylenol

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ARG! I fell horrible today. I had to wake up early to take my uncle to his truck. He’s a truck driver. He drives all around the United States. The night before I went to sleep around 5am, and I had to wake up at 10am, so I only had 5 hours of sleep. This is bad when you’re used to 8-10 hours of sleep!


Anyways, the day started okay, took a shower, had a good breakfast, checked my email and took off with my brother to pick up my uncle.


Then my headache started and to make matters worse my ac didn’t seem to work. In Texas heat that’s no fun.


After I grabbed my uncle and dropped him off, I went to the Nissan dealership where I bought my truck and wanted them to check it out. The only thing was they were out to lunch for an hour; and it would of taken hours for them to even look at my AC, so I just left and went home.


No AC, driving for a couple hours and with 100 degrees heat doesn’t help my headache.


The second I came home I took a nap… I had a few hours before I was to meet my personal trainer, why not take a quick nap. Well my nap lasted longer then I thought and I missed my appointment with my personal trainer. ARg!


Now 4 hours later, after eating an unhealthy meal, Jack in the box, emailing my host complaining about one of my website�s speed, and working on other stuff I still have a headache and feel groggy.


I just took 3 extra strength Tylenol and about to head to the gym. I got to get away from my computer.