Business Opportunities – Adult Toys – And PPC Marketing! Oh MY!

So I just finished talking with a long term partner of mine. We’ve worked together for 3+ years on numerous things. I always help him out when he needs it and he does the same.

So he starts the conversation with:Lol I am thinking of making an site selling adult toys..LOL“.

And since the guy is in China, I say:Lol, you probably have good supply.

msnchatAnd so a great business partnership is born! We’ve decided it’s probably a good idea to work together. I can build the site, manage it, work will sales and make it search engine friendly. And he’ll do customer service, sales, and product supply.

Like I said I’ve worked with the guy for 3+ years now, he seems trustworthy and he started his business like mine the same time I did. He does the same thing I do now. So he’s a smart guy with the suppliers (virtual currency trader). So I think it’s a great opportunity to work with him and start something new.

SO! If you need some sex toys in the near future, you know where to get some!

I’m kidding…

Would you if you had the chance do the same? Or would you have to pass?


Also In my random blog bouncing today, I’ve stumbled upon an Affiliate Blog about Making Money Online through PPC. I’ve been working with PPC advertising for awhile now with my own products with great success, and I’ve been trying to do the same with affiliate marketing, I’ve found it to be challenging.

Only recently I’ve started to see success with a few Adwords campaigns I’ve setup. The only difference to campaigns that failed and to the ones I’m making profit from is making my keywords Phrase Match instead of Broad Match. I have narrow campaigns with limited keywords all targeting my Ad Variations, the only problem was since my keywords were broad and I didn’t have any negative keywords… I wasn’t converting at first. But now since making my keywords all Phrase Match it increased my CTR, lowered my total cost per click, and increased my targeting, which means more sales. Today with one campaign I had 3 sales making me $55.18 and it cost me $27.91, a profit of $27.27, which isn’t bad since I haven’t optimized anything yet.


What I need to do now is find out which keywords are converting, and which aren’t. Then I need to optimize my landing page, to make it convert better. Then I guess create more campaigns to bring in more traffic. Affiliate marketing is tricky, but rewarding.

Also I know this is small time stuff compared to the big affiliate marketers. To this point I’ve made most of my money from content websites. And thats fine and good, but the only problem with that is if you have a content based website with NO affiliate programs to promote, you’re left with less paying advertising like adsense. Having a high traffic content website is awesome because most of what you earn is your profit. PPC advertising you’re lucky if you break even. Even so I wanted to find a way to make money without a website or limited resources. If you’re good at PPC marketing, you can do that. And so I’m training my self. This is fun stuff.



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phatima Fitzsimons
phatima Fitzsimons

I am interested in promoting sex toy and have no products, please advice