Can’t Drive… Taking a Train

Since I hit a deer a few day’s ago, my truck is now in a body shop and I was forced to take a train for my trip to California. The train ride took a long time! Almost two whole days! Luckily I had an entertaining friend who rode along with me, who her self was stranded. She was riding with me in my truck to California when I hit the deer, I blame her for it. Lol Just kidding. 🙂

AMTRAK_009.sized.jpgThe train ride was boring, we slept most of the way and the food and service stank. I know next time to take a plane which would take only a couple hours, instead of a couple of days wasted on a train. We stayed in a small room, with a bunk bed, and a pull out bed. The person I was taking the trip with, didn’t like heights, and she like to sleep a lot… so I was basically forced to sleep too, which sucked.

The AC was out most of the trip. We stopped it seems every 30 minutes. When I did finally go to sleep, the beds were horrible! I had a back ache either way I slept!

We did have a power source though, so I got to play games on my laptop. Space Rangers 2 is a blast! It takes some time getting used to, but it’s very addicting.

Well, we finally made it to California this morning. I just took a shower, and I’m ready to start my vacation with my friends.




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