87 Mustang GT Updates!

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Just some updates to my 1987 Mustang GT project car. I spent way too much this time around! But it looks and feels a lot better!

  • High Performance Fan Clutch
  • ALFCO Aluminum Radiator
  • High Volum Water Pump
  • Auto Meter Moster Tach
  • K-Member Kit
  • Front Runner Welds 15×3.5
  • Rear Welds 15×8 5.5 Rear Spacing
  • Front Runners Mickey Thopson
  • Rear Nitto Drag Radiales


Oh Noes! A New Reason to Work Harder!

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A new reason for me to work harder has arrived! The new 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X! That means I need to work harder with affiliate marketing, my marketing job, and other projects! I’m on it! I’m currently trying to get rid of my 94 Mustang GT and maybe my older 87 Mustang if I get the new EVO in a couple months! Zero to sixty in 3.7 seconds! Add some NOS with that and I’m flying!


My reason to work harder. A toy – LOL

What’s your reason to work hard?

Mustang Troubles, Speeding Ticket and no Dyno.

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submain_interest_image.jpgWell today I was supposed to take my mustang to have it dynoed for a good price. The problem was I didn�t make it. It’s about 20 miles from my house; I had map quest directions… and I couldn�t find it. The worst part about this trip… I got a speeding ticket on my way there. Bloody Hell!

I swear to god, the only time I sped the entire trip, and this was to pass a vehicle, was when the cop saw me. He was actually behind me in a black unmarked car. I had my radar detector going, and he wasn�t scanning anyone for speeding… until I tried to pass the car ahead of me. The second I started to go, my radar started screaming at me, I even put on my breaks trying to stop, but it was too late. That fucker… sorry… pig bastard, turned on his lights.

Of course I had to find a spot where it was difficult for him to get out of his car, I stopped on an overpass. I saw him wait for traffic to ease up a little so he could get out, and run over to me.

Anyways, I got a $190 ticket and couldn�t find the place to have my car dynoed. What a waste…

87mustangsmall.gifAlso I’m pissed off because my truck is making funny noises since the incident with the deer; Red Mccombs used aftermarket parts when fixing it. I�m thinking about taking it back to them and telling them to fix it. When I got it back the first time, the hood had chips in it. They said they didn�t do it and I was basically screwed.

My Mustang is also starting to make funny noises, it makes a rattling sound when in 4th gear, and the transmission is gets really hot and pushing hot air through the shifter into the cabin.

So today is basically a bad day for me. That’s my post.


I meet a deer on the road!!

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IMG_1632.jpgThis would be my first experience with this species, and I felt that the moment we had together, before the incident, we really bonded. That split second as I looked up from adjusting my radio, traveling 70mph on a dark highway, I found my new friend 5 feet in front of my 5,500 pound vehicle. That 1/10th of a second, I had no choice but to become best of friends with my new buddy. I had to make the best of what time we had left. We exchanged glances, and smirks. We laughed and we cried. You can’t dwell on the past I always say… live for the moment! That’s what we did!

IMG_1636.jpgI’m sure Bob had a family of his own; we all have those people that one time or another care about us. Bob was a good guy. He didn’t want much out of life. A simple patch of grass and a swallow of his favorite drink was all he needed.

Sure he lacked the brains to know when not to cross the street, or when to run away when something is hurdling towards him with enough velocity to smash him into a hundred pieces. We all have our down falls.

IMG_1640.jpgMy vehicle met Bob that day, the day I was to travel to California.

Thanks you bastard! Fucking deer!

$500 insurance deductible

California trip delayed two days.

IMG_16391.jpg$900 for two last minute tickets to California

A life long lesson on dumb ruminant mammals having parties on the highways

My 87 Mustang GT is Fixed!

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After the horrible incident with Meineke, my 87 Mustang is back!

The transmission was rebuilt, clutch swapped out for a Spec 2, door locks fixed including the hatch and a new Cobra Starter!

front viewThe change is huge! I can actually use first gear now, before it was over kill, I would spin out to easy or take off and have to shift within seconds, Spec 2 grabs and doesn�t let go, my tires grip the road more efficiently and I can launch! Switching gears is like nothing with the rebuilt transmission.

I have plans to add a 75 shot nitrous, racing seats, and some interior billet accessories. I can already hear my wallet shrink!

I hate Meineke!

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Here is my story. A couple weeks ago I took my car 87 Mustang to Meineke to have the heater core replaced. It cost $460 and took 5 days to be completed. I was told the reason for the delay was because to reach the heater core you must go through the dash. So I waited no problem. When I got the car back I first noticed the speedometer didn’t, so I took it back to Meineke that same day and they fixed it. I took it home the second time and everything seemed fine except the way the car looked. It was trashed inside and out, I wasn’t very happy about that. The thing with my mustang is it’s a weekend car, I don’t drive it a lot, so once I got it back it was parked for about 2 weeks.

When I started to drive the car again, I went looking for some ricers to trash, and this is when I find my clutch is SLIPPING!! I have no grip to power forward; well I do but not enough to accelerate hard with. I took it back to the shop and told them about the situation and they just told me right back the clutch is going bad, and they didn’t do anything to the car… yeah right! I barley drove it since I got it back from Meineke, it wasn’t even 2 miles before I noticed the problem, they fucking did it!

I was later told by a friend that each Meineke is separately owned and they drive the customer cars home. So yeah they beat the hell out of my car!

I’m having the car repaired right now, a new clutch (spec 2), rebuild of the transmission, and a few other things done, total $1200. What a waste of money, all because of Meineke lack of control with their franchises. Meineke fucking sucks; if you care anything about your car Do Not Go To Meineke! BAH!

broken car