Wasting Time & Getting Things Done

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How to start this post… Hmmm…

I haven’t posted a Real post in such a long time; it’s hard to start up again. It’s not that I don’t want to post anymore. It’s just that whenever I have something to say, by the time I get to a computer I don’t feel like writing it out. Have you ever had that happen to you? You’re in your car, or somewhere else and then it hits you… a great post idea! You think how you would write it, what great information you have and then by the time you get back to your CPU it’s all about Digg and YouTube?

Before I started to write this post I was on YouTube for 45 minutes. Bah!

It’s gotten to the point where I finally deleted my bookmarks of time wasting sites. It forces me to type out the domain name, which makes it less impulsive at times.

I’m glad I’m not into Myspace or Facebook, or I would never get things done…

procrastinateLook at you… Instead of reading this blog you could be doing real work, making more money. We all have that attitude of we’ll do it later. It’s always later. I have a list of stuff written all over my desktop of things I have to do, each one making me possibly hundreds of dollars maybe even thousands easy.

I once read a blog post (time waste?) from a Black Hat SEO guru that still inspires me today. It’s a bit vulgar, but it’s very true. It’s titled:

Do it Fucking Now.

Basically what he says is stop wasting time and start working on building your online business. But in a Black Hat SEO tone.

Give it read, and then get some work done!

Sale Your Online Business Flat-Out

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So your online business is doing well. It’s making you money, but it comes to a point where you want to try something new. Someone offers to buy you business, what do you do?

I sold my business to a supplier/competitor a couple years back. The only thing is I didn’t flat-out sell it to the guy. Instead we worked out a salary, and I continue to work on the site. Wrong move! Now I know it’s better to flat-out sell a website and move on to something bigger and better. It’s been two years now, I’m still dealing with all the hassles that come with partnerships in this way and it’s getting to me. I can’t say much, but I don’t see it lasting too much longer. Is this a good thing or bad thing? The security of salary will be lost, but I will gain freedom to move onto bigger and better things.

stressed.jpgI guess the point of this post is, don’t rent your self to someone. If you have a business to sale just flat-out get rid of it and move on. Learn from my experience and you’ll be a happier person.

Crappy day,

Free Halo 3 Game!! (Scratched Non Working Disc)

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Well, just as the title says. Shortly after I bought Halo 3 from GameStop, I went to play some multiplayer with friends. I stupidly started the game before I moved the console to an optimal location for our multiply frenzy. When I picked up the Xbox, I reached under where the game DVD resides… and lifted the console in which I heard sounds of horror come from within the Xbox. Sounds as a game enthusiast you never want to here. I knew from that moment Halo was being viciously attacked from within the console. There was nothing I could do. Somehow when I lifted the system, it unbalances the game disc and scratches the hell out of it. I took pictures:


(Oh NOES!!)



So, instead of me throwing this disc away like I wanted to do, a friend recommended that I give it away. What kind of value does a scratched game like this have (which does not work)? Well, as a past Blockbuster employee, I know kids like to rent good games and return their scratched non working games all the time. Why? Well just for this reason! So, if you want a scratched non working version of Halo 3, leave a comment here and I’ll pick the lucky new owner! I usually don’t post often, so I don’t expect to have a lot of comments, so if you really want this game, here’s your chance!

P.S. I do not condone scamming Blockbuster for a new version of Halo. You’re free to use this game in any way you want.


Why Not Make Money Online? Get Started Today!

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Working for your self or working for someone else.

I don’t understand how people like working for someone else and never trying to better their self. Most people I know are either not doing anything at all, or just working for someone else going no where. I’ve tried to motivate friends and family members on the fine points of making money online, but for the most part it’s too much for them. The simplest of things like using an FTP program, buying a domain name or even understanding what I’ve just wrote is beyond them.

In a place where instead of making 2k a month working 40+ hours a week, a person  can literally make as much money as they want working from the comfort of their own home and even make money while they sleep! I try to tell people they can do so much better working for their self, but it seems everyone I talk to is either afraid of taking a risk or too lazy to do anything at all. Even the smart people I know, who I give step by step advice for making money online never goes through with it. (not you david)

I’m just tired of defending the worker bee!

I’ll help a person out to the point where I’ve done 90% of the work, but if they can’t do that last 10% then I’m sorry, it was never meant to be. If you’ve ever wanted to succeed with something, you have to take a risk and follow through! If you can’t follow through, you’ll never have anything in life.

If you’re having trouble getting your goals completed, the best advice I can give is to create a to-do list. Write down what your goals are, and what you need to do to reach them. Then take the time and work to reach your goals! Instead of watching TV all day, reading blog post like this or forums, take the time to get something done!

If making money online is your thing, then I recommend downloading The Ultimate Wealth Package.

The Ultimate Wealth Package is one of the greatest money making systems out there. Simple to use methods, great earnings potential and good tutorials to help you get started + get a free (limited-time) offer on a new website. Download your copy of The Ultimate Wealth Package today.

Irish Lottery Scam – Phishing and Internet Scams

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So I woke up this morning to a phone call from my sister. She left a message saying she had some really good news and to call her back! Apparently she won the Irish Lottery! Knowing I’ve won the Irish Lottery several times, I immediately called her.

My sister hasn’t had a lot of luck since moving down to Texas. She’s been in two car accidents, she lost custody of her kids for smoking pot, and now she’s living over her means, especially now since she has to pay $400 every two weeks to help take care of her kids while she takes parenting classes. Her husband is in Iraq.

But for the moment, she was happy

She went on with the disbelief she won millions! I asked her how she won, and she said she got an Email from Irish Lottery Officials.

I couldn’t believe she actually thought she won. How could she not know this was a scam? Then I remembered, she’s just experiencing new things in life. And now it’s time for internet scams.

I remember the time when I won millions online. All I had to do was give away my bank account information, and I would get two million dollars! After that I would have to transfer certain fees and what not, and I could keep the rest!

And the time when I found out I had a rich relative in Nigeria die, leaving me his fortune. Seventy-thousand isn’t like winning the lottery, but who cares, its money right!?

And what about the time I was asked to send $1500 via Western Union for a laptop I won off eBay! I can trust a guy who has 500+ positive feedback right? Why would he lie to me? It’s not like he stole someone’s account and is using it to scam people.

Oh! And what about the time, my Paypal account was going to be suspended if I didn’t update my contact information. All I had to do was login and correct a couple things. Why not follow the mysterious link with an IP address to a foreign website. It looked like Paypal to me!

Internet Scams –

My sister was so excited, I felt bad letting her know it was a scam. She told me her plans with the money, how she was going to make all the bad things in her life go away. I wanted to let her go on, but I just had to tell her. It was a scam. My sister still in disbelief, tried to let me know how it wasn’t a scam. She put all her hopes and dreams into this, and it was crashing down with every word I said.

It’s a scam. Sick people, who don’t have a lot of opportunity in the world try to make their money off gullible people, they prey on people’s desire to get rich quick, and the lack of caution when it comes to the internet. A lot of people who have money, especially in America and Europe have a sort of trust in people; they’ve never experienced a scam or fraud in their life. There are so many ways people try to scam you daily. The most popular ones are identity theft. All you have to do is log into the wrong website and scammers have all your information.

People don’t know that you can easily fake a website’s design to look like the original. People don’t know that once you send money by western union, there is nothing making the seller send your items. People don’t know winning online lotteries are fake; at least not my sister.

But then I remembered, just like driving, my sister is new to the internet. I can see how lucrative the fraud business is. Sadly I know a lot of people who’s been a victim of online fraud. I my self have lost thousands from Paypal and eBay.

Just remember never to click on a link from an email you receive asking you to update your account information. Always open a new browser, and enter the full address of the website you’re trying to reach. Many phishing emails ask you to follow a link within the email, which is a link to a fake eBay, or Paypal, or banking website that is meant to fool you. Everything about the site will look real, except the URL. You’ll notice an IP address where eBay, Paypal, or your bank name is supposed to be.

If you ever receive an email stating you won the lottery. It’s fake. I don’t see how my sister thought it was real, but most people should know this already. How do you win something you never knew existed? They’ll promise the world to you and more. It’s all lies, trying to draw you into their trap. These people are good. Just delete the email and move on.

Never send someone money through a payment system that makes it impossible to get a refund. Western Union is a very popular way scammers get their money. Once you give someone the call number to you Western Union money, it’s over. Unless you trust the person, there is nothing making the seller give you what you paid for.

When accepting funds from Paypal or any other payment processor, always be on the look out for things that don’t add up; this is how I lost a lot of money. Someone would pay for a product I sale. And since my items or virtual, they’re instantly transferred to the buyer with no luck of getting the item back. Most scammers take advantage of fast items like this because you can scam a website, get your item, and resale for profit within the hour. The only way to combat these types of scammers, are to verify each buyer first. Your best weapon is to do a phone call. Call the buyer to their confirmed address. If the buyers confirmed address is in Austin, Texas, but the area code for the buyer’s phone is in California, you might have a scammer. Another way to verify a buyer is to track their IP address. Every computer has an IP address. If you’re selling products from your own website, you can easily pull someone’s IP address every time they reach your website. If you can trace their ip to their confirmed address, that’s one more positive step in confirming them.

There are a bunch of little signs that tell you a buyer is legitimate or fraudulent. An email address is a sneaky way of seeing what the real person’s name is. Ask the buyer to send you an email, take notice of the name of the email address owner. Most people set this up with their real name. If their name doesn’t match up with their payment details you could have a scammer. Another way is to do a reverse phone look up. This works for most American and Canada buyers.

There are a lot of ways you can confirm a person is legit. These are just a few.

It’s a crappy world we live in. You’ll always find people trying to take advantage of other people. Stop and think before you take action next time. When in doubt, get the hell out of there! 🙂

I guess in short, when you receive an email from the Irish Lottery saying you won millions of dollars. Don’t be gullible, it’s fake.

My Ranting On Cows For Food

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What do you think about cows as food?

grazeIt’s a weird topic I know, but I was trying to sleep right now until I started thinking about cows as food. Are you a cow eater? I used to be an almost daily cow eater until the past few months.

For some odd reason, I decided I don’t want to eat anything cow anymore. So I pretty much stopped eating it. I don’t know if it’s for animal rights, or the actually taste of it. But I just got tired of it. You know how you eat so much of a specific food you get tired of it? Or you get so sick of eating something you never want to eat it again? I remember a time when I was given around 100 Recess Pieces for some odd reason by my grandparents, and I ate them all in the same day! It was the first time I really got sick from eating candy. I was probably 10 at the time. And for years after that I couldn’t eat any Recess Pieces! Just the thought of it made me sick. Even to this day, over 10 years later, I really could go without eating Recess Pieces… forever.

Do you have a food that you can’t stand or haven’t eating after a traumatic event? Maybe when you were chomping on some tuna fish, a fish eye popped up and you’ve since put off anything tuna! Or you ate into some steak, only to find  maggots! For me I think it was just the taste. I got tired of Recess Pieces, and now I’m tired of anything Cow!

cowwaitCows aren’t a very good source of nutrients either; especially hamburgers from fast food places. Just watching the commercials of these places, the fat, disgusting, grease hamburgers make me sick. The last time I ate from a fast food place it was at Jack in the Box. I had the double meat and cheese combo with curly fries. Ewww… Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.

Oh well… I know since the dawn of time animals have been eating each other. There’s little I can do to change people’s mind about eating cows. We’re destined to dominate one another and live through this circle of life. The strong will survive!?

I can at least understand vegans now.

My rant for today…

It’s hard to Blog! How do people do it?

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How do people find the time to write post in their blogs two to three times a day? Unless they have nothing else to do, I don’t see how people do it. It’s hard enough for me to post a couple times a week, let along a couple times a day!

An example would be this guy, Blogging with Desi Baba; this guy talks about how to improve your blog and make money from blogging. One of his suggestions is to post something new two to three times a day. I can understand if you’re trying to make money from you blog, but for the most part I think it’s a personal thing for most people. If you’re trying to make money from blogging, you better have a huge audience waiting on you hand and foot for your content. I mean 10k or more if you want to make any money. If you have only a couple hundred a day visiting your site, you’ll be lucky if you get a few dollars a day from adsense. To me it’s not worth blogging for money. It’s better to create a business of some sort, or if you don’t like dealing with customers, become an affiliate for a business. I’ve recently started with Clickbank, and without spending money for advertising I’ve managed to make a few hundred dollars easy. I plan to expand my affiliate business as soon as I can, and I’ll talk more about my progress with other affiliate programs as time goes by.

As for blogging, I hardly blog to make money at aspkin.com, I do it because I like doing it. It’s mostly a place where I keep notes for what I’m doing or have done. If I figure something out, I don’t want to forget it so I either write it down somewhere or I’ll post about it. I don’t know many people who actually make big bucks from a blog; maybe these people, johnchow.com and shoemoney.com but for everyone else it’s just a place to talk about whatever.

Maybe I should make some post with YouTube Videos…

Or add games to my site!

That looks like some easy posting to me! I could say, hey look at this cool video I saw on YouTube, or this super cool game! blah blah! Maybe that’s too lazy. 🙂

What I’m doing – Moving WordPress Sites

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We’ll I think I’ve come to the point where I can say I’ve mastered WordPress Blogs. I think I can say that because one, I have over 50 wordpress blogs now, each with their own domain and content. Most content are unique guides for MMORPG games, and others are news blogs, spitting up post based on keywords I feed them. And two, for the past week I’ve been moving most of my sites to my new server at The Planet, which I must say is awesome so far!

In order to move a blog, you must first move all files over to the new host. This it self can take 10-20 minutes depending how many files you have and the software used to move them. I highly recommend using GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP 8.0. I’m using CuteFTP to move the final 4 sites I have on my to-do list.

The PlanetOnce your files are moved you then need to create a backup of your database from your old host to import to the new host. This is pretty straight forward. Simply use phpMyAdmin which both host should have to create the backup and import. If you host doesn’t have this already installed, then you’ll have to install phpMyAdmin your self, which I found to be somewhat of pain the first time I tried to do it. Actually it wasn’t so bad, but the instructions I had were horrible! I hate when people assume you know what they’re talking about when trying to show you how to do something. It makes things so much harder to do, for me at least! Anyways, if you’re having trouble with phpMyAdmin you can use Putty if you have root access to your host. You can read my Using Putty To Import A Database post if you want to learn how to do that.

So that’s what I’m doing right now and for the past week. Moving my wordpress blogs! I only have 4 left! I’m so happy I’m almost done. You may think it’s easy, but moving a butt load of sites in less then a week isn’t. It takes my about 30 to 60 minutes to move one site. That’s only if I don’t have any problems with the files, database, DNS, ISP, Server Issues, or any other random glitches. So far it hasn’t been so bad.


Wow I’m Sore!

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I spent a couple hours with my personal trainer yesterday, and man today I’m sore! It’s an overall type of sore, mostly upper body as that’s what I was working-out yesterday. We did mostly stabilizer ball exercises, which works a lot more muscles while doing an exercise. It was tough! I wanted to go to the gym today as well, but forget that! I think I’m going to hit a movie and work on some websites.

By the way, I finally finished creating all my websites; I now have a total of 75 websites, 60 of which are blogs like this one. Fifty blogs are specifically for generating traffic for my main selling sites. The other 10 are random personal blogs and friend’s blogs I’m working on. The other 15 sites are a mix of personal projects and sites specific for my business. I’m in the works on creating two new websites, one a major forum for MMORPG’s and the other a kind of affiliate site for my business.

Right now I’m working on maintaining these recent sites I created, I have to fine tune their ads and links with their specific topics and design. They’re 75% there, I just need to another week and they’ll be perfect! And then all I have to do is maintain their content which I have software that helps me do that. 🙂 I’ll talk more about the software I use when I have more time to write reviews for them.

Other then that, I’m trying to speed as much time in the eBay Suspension forum as I can as well as thinking about the next few hectic months I’ll be having. I have to drive to California, pick up a car of mine, drive it back, fix it and then sell it. Then a week after I come back from California I have to go to Georgia to help my sister move back to Texas. And then I’m going to buy a house! All this within 2-3 months! I’m really happy I have Modee, a great Admin to the forums and other moderators to my new eBay suspension forum. You guys are great! This is the first forum I’ve created, so it’s a kind of practice one before I have to create my monster MMORPG forum in a couple weeks. Thanks guys, long live eBay?!

In about a week’s time, when my blog sites are done tweaking, I’ll start marketing overall to all my sites, mostly from back links from high ranking websites. This will increase Google spiders and pages will start to be indexed more quickly, this includes the eBay forum. Once that happens, be ready to see an increase of visitors!

That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it!


Quick Update On What I’m Doing

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I’m down to 15 more websites to create out of my goal of 35 new sites! I’m working on my 16th site now as I type. Just taking a break, and reading some forum post before I finish!

By the way, if you haven’t seen to my eBay suspension’s forum, check it out! If you’ve ever been suspended by eBay, then this is the place for you. It’s a place where like minded people can share their experience when dealing with eBay suspensions. This forum started after my 3 eBay suspension guides started to become popular with eBay fans. 😉

Anyways, I have 15 more sites to create before I head to California for business, in which I’ll be away for a few days. I leave hopefully in 1-2 weeks, or once these sites are done!

Wow, I haven’t posted for awhile; Google must not like me now. 🙁