I Messed UP… Live and Learn

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I have a friend who asked me to optimize his website a couple months back… he’s a general contractor that focuses on home painting, remodeling, room additions, concrete, etc. He moved to a neighboring city and needed to optimize his website for his new location. It’s not a big deal so I went ahead and completely redesigned and optimized his website and I asked him about keyword locations he wanted to target. He gave me a few suggestions and I went with it.

That’s where I messed up. 
Houston TexasWell, several months later my friend is ranking high for the keywords he wanted, the problem is NO ONE is searching for the city he target.  He targeted a small outskirt city outside of Houston, TX with a population of only 20,000 when he should have targeted either Houston itself or the city literally a mile from where he moved, League city with a population of almost 100,000 people.

It’s my fault really for not doing enough research ahead of time. I expected him to know you want to target large CITIES, rather small outskirts where there is barely enough people to call it a city. I guess the lesson would be to measure twice and cut once, right?

So, now I’m going to redo his website again and target the larger surrounding cities in his area, I might even target Houston, he wants to expand there in a few months anyhow. No more going after cities of 20,000 people and hoping for the best.

We go after large markets and leave the outskirts for the mom and pop shops.

That said, next time what I’m going to do is go to Google maps, look at all the large surrounding cities and target them. The cities and areas I should have targeted are: League CityPasadena, Pearland, Baytown, Deer ParkFriendswoodGalvestonLa PorteTexas City and that’s pretty much it… with a FOCUS on Pasadena and Pearland because their populations are over 100k.

Even better, Wiki Pages seems to have a list of cities WITH their population that can come in hand. Just know if you’re doing local SEO work… target CITIES, not counties as we’ve tried before. And don’t target SMALL cities that Google doesn’t seem to care about. LARGE cities is where it’s at.

Let’s talk about Dirty SEO

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First off what is dirty SEO? From my perspective, dirty SEO involves on-site keyword stuffing, low quality content (including duplicate content), over-optimized titles, internal link spam and direct linking same page content. This is just basic on-site dirty SEO. There are tons of other methods people use to try and game the search engines that have worked well in the past. I have tried a lot of these methods myself and for a time, it did its job. The thing is, something that works today, might not work 6 months from now.

What about dirty off-site SEO? This includes low quality link-wheels utilizing spun and duplicate content. Direct blasting your site with tools such as AMR and XRummer, etc. This is not only dirty, but ineffective with recent Google changes. Other methods include joining or creating your own link pyramids, etc.  Read more

Quick Tip on Finding .edu Blogs for Backlinks

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Simply Google this:

site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “eBay”

Your search results will come up with .edu blogs that allow you to post comments that are based on eBay. It’s good for finding those gold mine .edu backlinks us webmasters need. Use the Google toolbar to semi automate posting and to check Page Rank and you should find your self some gold mine .edu backlinks!

Change “eBay” to whatever keyword you need.

You’re welcome!

Starting a Blog From Scratch

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A daunting task I know, so how does one do it? You buy a domain, get your hosting setup, install WordPress… now what?

wordpress scheduel postFor me, I don’t have the time to start writing in a new blog everyday. I hardly have the time to write in this one. So what I do is either buy articles from the DigitalPoint forums or I find content that is free but not in the search engines already. You want to use unique content because search engines do not like duplicate content and they will penalize you for it. Then I use WordPress to schedule articles to be posted in the future. I can schedule hundreds of post to be published days, weeks, months or even years a head a time. That saves me time and I don’t have to worry about the blog for the most part.

Then I start creating backlinks. A member of the eBay Suspension forum has been working on a list of sites that give you free dofollow backlinks. Go through the list and start creating backlinks for your site using the keywords you want to rank for in search engines.

That’s all there is to it. Add unique content often, and create a lot backlinks. Easy right?

Here are my stats for a blog I started a little over two weeks ago. It’s a brand new blog with only a couple backlinks and about 20 articles so far.

New Blog

I plan to scheduel 1-2 articles a day to be posted and create more backlinks as time goes by. It seems to be going in the right direction for just being 19 days old.

And remember for long term success on the internet, having your own website is one of the best ways to go. Good luck!

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How to Generate Search Engine Traffic – SEO Tips

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I get this question all the time… How do I generate traffic for my websites?

The hardest part about creating a successful website is getting the traffic. If you don’t have traffic you won’t make any sales. Don’t worry though; it’s your lucky day! I just drank a whole cup of coffee and I’m ready to write a guide on how I generate traffic for my websites.

If you’ve read any of my older post you would know I run 50 plus websites with my latest being an IP tracking website called IP Burger. Most of these websites are content based running off wordpress and automated software – which takes a lot of the hard work out of maintaining my websites. It also gives me time to build up my network with off site SEO.

Okay to the meat! How do I generate traffic? The two most import things you should know about generating search engine traffic is that the more targeted unique content you add to your website daily and the more relative high ranking in bound links you have pointing to your website – the more traffic you’ll create.

Content and the value of that content determines your traffic. You can’t just have any old content on your website. Your content has to give real value to the visitor. You have to have something that people will want to know. If you repost something already found on the internet, Google will notice and give you crap for ranking. It’s not worth your time and effort using other people’s content. You have to use unique content and you have to add or update that content often for Google to keep your website up in the ranks.

What I mean by this is Google will continue to visit your website if there is content updated or added often. The more you add or update your content, the more Google will visit your website. And you want Google to visit your website as often as possible! The reason for this is the more Google visits your website the higher your search engine placement will be compared to less visited websites. Do you get me? Another way Google will visit your website often is in bound linkage. The more in bound links you have, the more Google will visit your website and update your web presence.

So the key is to add fresh and relevant content to your website as often as you can without spamming the search engines, and to have plenty of in bound links. The way you get in bound links is by posting your links in forums, blogs, articles, or anywhere else you can have you link counted. The higher ranking the website your link is coming from, the more weight Google places on your website for targeted keywords. This will also give you a small boost in your search engine ranking which will increase traffic.

Think about adding content this way. Every new page you create on your website is like adding a new doorway into your site. The more doorways you create, the more traffic you’ll receive. And again your content needs to be relevant and unique to your business in order to generate targeted traffic.


What are keywords? Keywords are words you’re trying to rank #1 for in Google. If the keyword you’re trying to rank for is blue widget, then any in bound links you create should have a variation of that keyword in it.

Example Keywords: Blue widgets for sale, cheap blue widgets, blue widgets information, your guide to blue widgets, etc.

Google relies on these keywords to decide what your website is about; which brings me to your webpage titles. Your webpage titles should include keywords you’re trying to target. Google will look at your in bound links for keywords, but will only act on them if these keywords are found either in your content or title.

Example: Google ‘Miserable Failure‘.

A few months ago, when you looked up this keyword in Google, the first site that would be listed would be about George W. Bush. Now Bush never used the words Miserable Failure in his website, but because of the way Google was ranking keywords at the time, he was listed in first position for that word. But now since Google has made it clear that keywords must be found in your website before being counted toward your search engine ranking, the first site ranked for Miserable Failure is a wiki site about Google Keyword Bombing. Search engine optimization is funny stuff.

Enough with keywords –

Let’s move on to crawlability. Search engine spiders scour the internet to update as many websites as fast as they can. In order to maximize the ability for a search engine spider to crawl all your web pages, you’ll need URLs that are search engine friendly. Most search engines are able to crawl some parts of dynamic URLS, but this won’t be enough if you want high rankings for your website. You need URLS that end in PHP, HTML, ASP, ASPX, etc. You need static URLS. Trust me on this!

Some more about the type of content you have –

The Experiment!

statsOkay this is what I did a few days ago to double my traffic for one of the websites I run. The website is a content based site where user rate guides submitted. What I was doing to generate around 1000 visitors a day was to simply add new guides daily which would be displayed on the index page. It’s somewhat a Digg style website. This worked okay, but I was having a hard time increasing traffic. So then one day, I noticed users responded negatively or positive based on the content posted. If there was a great guide posted one day, I would see an increase of traffic. It seemed visitors reacted to the guides differently depending on it’s quality or it was the search engines. So I tested something a few days ago. I made it where the top rated guides would be shown on the front page. The moment I did this, I saw a surge in traffic! Twice as much as the day before! Why does better content have such a big response like this? I’m not really sure. Most of the traffic is unique and coming from one place. Google. Google seems to love the good content I have.

This tells me the better your content is, the more people will react to this and give you traffic. Same with search engines, the better content you have, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Just something interesting I found. Content is king, but the value of that content is what really matters.

The overall message I’m trying to give you is in order to increase your natural search engine traffic for the long run is to have tons of valuable content and in bound links. It’s as simple as that.

You can create a forum, which this site has (eBay Suspensions Forum) and have your users generate the content for you. You can have a blog which is what this site is founded on, and update it daily (which I don’t). You can create a simple static website and build pages from there. There are a lot of little secrets when it comes to SEO, but building content and in bound links is the basis for a successful website.

I hope you enjoyed these little tips, now get to work. 🙂

What do you know about internet marketing and SEO?

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  • Did you know half of all your online activity your checking your email?
  • Did you know simple blue and white websites dominate the internet?
  • Did you know the sooner you start an email list, the more money you’ll make in the long run?
  • Did you know pagerank is only one of 200+ ranking algorithms Google uses to judge you website?
  • Did you know the title of your webpage(s) is the most important part of that algorithm?
  • Did you know when promoting a product, the fewer clicks it takes to checkout the more likely you’ll sale that product?
  • Did you know a visitor judges your website in less then 3 seconds, and decides to trust you within 10 seconds?
  • Did you know color plays a very import role with checkout buttons? The more the stick out the better!
  • Did you know constant fresh content is a must if you want to succeed with any website?
  • Did you know you can automate most content using RSS?
  • Did you know auto responders are an Internet Marketers best friend?
  • Did you know having affiliates promote your product(s) is one of the most important strategies you can do?
  • Did you know diversification is a must if you want to survive online?
  • Did you know being top placed with Adwords is a waste of money when there is a lot of competition?
  • Did you know fresh targeted unique content with a healthy following of targeted inbound links is king?
  • Did you know static pages are favored over dynamic pages, believe it or not?
  • Did you know review websites convert like crazy?
  • Did you know Clickbank is one of the easiest affiliate networks to start out with?
  • Did you know small niche websites are better then large generic websites?
  • Did you know doing what you say you’re going to do for prospects, brings better results for leads?
  • Did you know having open affiliate links in personal websites can sometimes bring down your Google ratings?

What do you know about internet marketing and SEO?

NY Doc finds way to get Google ads free!!

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This may come as a SHOCK to you, but after all these years with Google selling pay-per-click advertising, a New York medical doctor comes forward and admits that he’s never paid for any of his now more than $87million in otherwise paid-for advertising.

In fact last year alone he got over $26.7 million in pay-per-clicks free at all the TOP search engines like Google, Yahoo, Overture, etc.

Shortly after the Net’s release of pay-per-clicks and other paid-for search engine advertising, the New Englander spotted a very simple way to eliminate ALL of his otherwise paid-for advertising expenses at search engines.

But he didn’t bother to tell a single soul!

In fact, he sat back, started a total of 16 separate web businesses, and applied his secret he maintained for all these years. The result: He’s sold over $300 million worth of products in nearly 8 years and hasn’t spent a single dime on pay-per-clicks or any other form of paid-for ads at any search engine — EVER!

In the past 2 years alone he’s really pressed his secret to the limit as he’s just now spotted several webmasters catching on to “his secret,” and wanting to exhaust it to its maximum output before too many people find out what he and maybe a year others know.

In these most recent 2 years he’s therefore made over $166 million in personal income as a result of this hard-pressing drive to make the most of this secret while he still can.

But just 2 months ago he announced the most shocking thing of all: the release of his new ebook that reveals exactly how he’s been getting free pay-per-clicks at Google and every other search engine that allows paid-for advertising.

free google ad largeHe finally figured that whether the entire world knows his secret it won’t cause him to lose his fortune, nor will so many people start doing it that it will threaten his own 16 or so niche-empires.

The BEST part of his secret is that it’s nothing illegal, and it doesn’t steal money from the search engines.

In fact, the search engines continue to operate smoothly and actually are far better off with people applying his secret (you have to see it to understand exactly what I mean by this — but believe me, I’m not kidding!)

Today I’m using his secret for myself because I’m no dummy!

I recognize a great thing when I see one — and THIS SECRET is definitely the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

We all know that Google went public a few years back, and ever since they did we’ve seen nothing but higher and higher, and more and more competitiveness when it comes to their pay-per-clicks.

Many web businesses have literally either refused to pay for them as they claim they are just too expensive, or they are forced to search elsewhere for alternative paid advertising online.

Even affiliates have been affected (perhaps the most!) as what once used to be the “easy days” of just enrolling into someone’s affiliate program and then set up a Google ad and just make money on autopilot, has now become more and more difficult to maintain.

But with this gentleman’s NEW secret system to getting pay-per-clicks and other paid-for targeted search engine advertising for free, now webmasters, promoters and affiliates alike are now back on track to once again make the Web pay them huge incomes — even overnight riches can now successfully be realized, even reminiscent of the dot-com explosion days of the mid-90’s!

If you want the good doctor’s secret, then all you need to do is grab your own PDF copy here:


But I have to warn you that this fellow is a bit of an “unpredictable” type as he announced in a press release in both Washington, DC and New York simultaneously last Monday that he would deliberately withdraw his ebook from publication at some point with absolutely NO warning whatsoever.

So if you’re wise, and want to grab his secret before he whisks it back off the market possibly forever, then you’d best do what I did and go secure it now at:


How many times since the commercial release of the Worldwide-Web have you seen sudden “breakthroughs” of great fortune-making potential come and go where just a few people were in the right place at the right time to be able to take advantage of them? — You’re right … very, very few.

Grab your own PDF copy here:


Internet Article Wizard is a Hit!

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As a follow up to my original post about Internet Article Wizard!

Internet Article Wizard

Look at some of these comments from the Warrior Forum members about IAW 2.0:


IAW is brilliant because it makes me look brilliant…
thanks Jon

Morry Zelcovitch
This is absolutely one of the coolest software products I’ve ever seen.

John, you really hit it out of the park on this one.

Thanks for creating something so cool!

Ross Goldberg
WHOA — this thing is FAST! I can’t believe how easy it makes article writing.

This software changes everything. Definitely beats spinning.

Thanks Jonathan..

Mark Wieser
Combine a niche keyword research tool with this great software and you have got a powerhouse!

The software works just great and is VERY fast. BUM marketers rejoice!

All I Can Say Is –


This will definitely be a welcome addition to my marketing tool arsenal.

Best regards

Ultra Bum Marketing LIVE – LIFETIME Subscription – From Niche Selection through Monetization

Version 2 is great! This stands high above the original stand alone version and does as good if not better as the online pro version does. Thanks Jonathan for another great piece of software that’s usable and affordable for the “average Joe”.

I’ve already started truning out some more stuff for the blog, and I love how I can sound like an expert about things I may only know a little about.

Good tool, great service. Thanks Jonathan.

In one word…Wow!

I must be one of the pickiest software buyer out there and this software rocks!

I’ve bought it and it literally took minutes to create a short article. There was absolutely no learning curve and this is especially important if you have not bought the previous version. I’m confident that IAW 2.0 will become one of my frequently used tools.

Great job, Jon!

Tom Chuong
This new version is a great improvement. Much faster and therefore much better for rapid creation of articles.

What I like about IAW is that it doesn’t take initiative or creativity away from the user. It just saves an enormous amount of time.

Worth its weight in gold – especially at the current ?/$ conversion rate. 🙂

Hi Jonathan,

SSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone about this. Oooops… too late.

It only took about two minutes of the overview for me to be ready to hit the “Buy” button. Anyone who writes articles would be crazy to not check out Instant Article Wizard. At this price it is an absolute nobrainer.

If it were possible to make article writing any easier, someone else would have to write them for you… and do it for free. This is going to be one welcome addition to my arsenal of tools.


Jay Michael
I got IAW 1.0 few months ago,it was sitting in my hard drive because I thought that trying other tools (spinners) will save me time.

I was wrong,all the “stuff” that the spinners created was barely readable!.

I started using IAW,and my articles are of a very good quality. Ready to send to any place that I want.

Now with IAW 2.0 ,faster and easier,thanks Jonathan…

Mario Olivers
Instant Article Wizard 2.0 Rocks!!!

In a couple of words,… Thank You!

This Software is amazing…. If you have been writing articles and submitting them to article directories, or selling them and getting profits, chances are that your room is plenty of reading material. Your computer full of websites, eBooks, or any sort of information gathered in many ways.

Well, the days of huge piles of books bought with the hope of getting some information from them to write your articles is over.

Jonathan’s software brings all relevant information to write your article in minutes. It gets you started right away and you could have a complete article in a record time. (less than 10 minutes) And what is more valuable is that this excellent tool (Instant Article Wizard 2.0) helps you to write about subjects you know nothing about.

Some people are against this concept claiming that it is not a responsible writer who would write as an expert about subjects he has no experience about. I say to these people, when you are studying and you get an assignment about a subject you know nothing about, how do you tackle the task?

Of course, by doing research and putting in your own words what you learned. Now, somehow, you are an expert on what you wrote.

You can think on IAW 2.0, as a restless, efficient assistant who will give every information you require. And even more important, with sentences correctly structured for the web.

Introduction, body paragraphs based on keywords(subtopics) and conclusion. And it counts the words as you go. Its easy to plan writing about 300 words and end with 1500 without even notice it.

Now you will have extra time to do whatever you want to. You can start low writing only 5 articles a day that would take you about 3 hours with editing and all and the rest of the time, you can spend it with your family and friends.

Ask me about it if you have any doubt about it.

Paul Marin
Jonathan Leger is on my credit cards A list. 😉

Whenever he releases a new product, I usually purchase first and see what it does later. I don’t suggest this type of method to buy your products but I’m just making a point that his software and script creations are that good.

IAW version 2 is no exception…

I’ve been using the original version since it went on sale and it sits in my “daily tools” folder on my desktop.

I have also made some great money as an affiliate of Jonathans products, which is a great plus.

One of the main reasons I purchase from him is because he is a software developer and anytime you have questions or want to suggest some new features for his products, he is right back at you with an email to respond to your concerns.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this nifty tool while its at this giveaway price.

Thanks Jon and keep the great products coming. 😉

Take care,
Kenneth Fox
Professional Blog Hosting & SEO
Hello Jonathan,

This thing rocks. PERIOD! If people don’t realize what they can do in a matter of minutes with this tool then they just don’t get it. Bottome line it is UNIQUE content that is kicking right now and what is being required of the S.E.’s to gain that advantage.

Sure you can take PLR content and modify it a bit so that it is “unique” but it is not the same as having an ENTIRE article that is unique. Content spinners, although there are some better than others, can only do what you tell them to do or define for them to spin and USUALLY it is on a word by word or phrase by phrase basis and IMHO their intelligence just isn’t their yet.

YOUR tool pulls in ENTIRE sentences from various resources and allows me to put something together VERY unique and very readable that makes sense. It SERIOUSLY levels the playing field when it comes to writing unique content making me an expert in any field practically.

Can you say expert verbiage?

This thing is powerful and even though a content spinner can whip out articles by the hundreds AFTER you set it up defining all the words/phrases you want spun they are not going to be AS unique as if the ENTIRE article was put together from scratch. Plus they don’t always make sense.

The chances of two people building the same article with your tool is practically impossible because of the combinations one can choose from AND the unlimited ability to add more and more research terms to the tool adding more UNIQUE content to the mix!

I can go on and on about this tool but seriously it boils down to the end user. Either they are going spin their content, outsource their content or create their own unique content because IMHO that is more powerful. IF you create your own then this is the tool you need.

Even if you outsource it to an article writer who is part of your staff then you want them to have this tool because it will make their job easier AND they can produce UNIQUE articles faster. If you outsource your articles at five bucks a pop then add up what you’d pay for ten articles ($5 x 10 = $50) and you can afford this tool which will allow you ro
produce UNLIMITED UNIQUE articles within minutes.

I am seriously loving this tool as you can see and NO Jonathan did not pay me for this post although he should!

Bottomline is my unique articles will outrank your modified PLR articles anytime. It takes me less me roughly 5 to 6 minutes to produce one unique article so in an hour I can produce about 10 to 12 articles. I usually spend about one hour doing that and then have my assistant take over and create more.

This thing is too easy.


Mark Ress

Check this fantastic tool out now at:

Internet Article Wizard

You can thank me later!

Jon’s Instant Article Wizard

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I think you probably know that article writing is an outstanding way to generate traffic to your site, both from article directories and from the links the articles provide which help your search engine rankings.

I’ve done case studies in the past that demonstrated how easy it was to generate hundreds of unique visitors in just a couple of weeks by writing a few articles and submitting them to just 3 of the big article sites.

The problem with writing articles isn’t the actual writing — that’s the easy part — it’s the research. It takes a long time to research articles, especially if you’re not already familiar with the subject that you’re wanting to write about. Well, it USED to take a long time to do that research, but it doesn’t anymore!

jonThe reason why is a software package created by Jon Leger called Instant Article Wizard. This software does all of the research gathering for you – FAST. I can’t explain how powerful this software is as easily as I can SHOW you how powerful it is, so I’ve created two videos that you should watch showing it in action:

(If you’re familiar with the original IAW, you have GOT to see the new version–it blows the old one away!)

A basic overview of how the software works:

Instant Article Wizard

An example of me gathering all of the research for an article (in a subject I know nothing about) in less than 8 minutes:

Instant Article Wizard

Here’s to your success!

Biggest Keyword Elite Discount Ever…

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This special has never previously been available to ANYONE else, nor will it ever be available to others in the future. So you’ll want to check this out now while it’s LIVE because it won’t ever be available to you again… and it’s only around for 3 days. After
that, it’s gone…

Here’s the link:

==> Keyword Elite

Just to give you a quick recap on how I came about to get this insane deal for you, here’s how it went down…

Basically, last week, I spent practically all of my own time helping Brad (my brother) by being one of his intensive beta testers for a new software project, and basically trying to “break his software”. So during this intense testing for him, I didn’t have any time at all to do of my own marketing, work on my own projects, or provide any extra time to help my members and subscribers.

So on Wednesday, after finishing up with helping Brad, he said to me: “Thanks man, I Owe You.”

And like any good younger brother would do, I was going to take that literally, and make sure I took full advantage of his comment: “I Owe You”. 😉

keyword eliteAfter thinking about what I could have him do “for me”, I thought that maybe he could do something for both me AND my members. So that’s where you come in!

To make a long story short, after negotiating with Brad over the weekend, and trying to talk him down, I was able to coax him into giving me… and only me, a discount for his Keyword Elite software that I can PASS on to YOU!

And better yet, this is the biggest discount he’s ever offered on Keyword Elite. He hasn’t even offered this to his own list before… EVER.

Brad has agreed to live up to his “I Owe You” comment. But this special sale will only be available for 3 days.

==> Keyword Elite

The discount is LIVE now, so you’ll be able to see just how incredible the discount is. I personally use Keyword Elite EVERY single day. And not just because it’s my brother’s software… because it works and has produced amazing results for me.

==> Keyword Elite

I hope you enjoy this one and take full advantage of it now because this sale is not available ANYWHERE else online – nor will it ever be available in the future. In fact, it’s only available for 3 days.

This is one of those times when making a decision and taking action immediately will turn out to be a huge advantage for you in the future.

Enjoy! 🙂

ps While you’re at Keyword Elite be sureto watch the videos near the top of the page… They show some pretty powerful stuff.