Directory Submitter from Brad Callen

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Download your free directory submitter form Brad Callen (SEO Elite, Keyword Elite, etc.)

Here are the details:

As you probably know already, Google is constantly changing the way they rank websites. These days, it is absolutely critical to get high quality, 1-way links to your website.

Reciprocal linking just isn’t anywhere near as effective as it once was. The problem that I, and most people are running into is it’s HARD to figure out how to get 1 way links… let alone high quality ones!

One of the absolute best, and even better… “easiest” ways to get these quality, one way links is by submitting your website to website directories. By doing so, you can not only get one way links, pretty much instantly, but you can control the anchor text used in your link.

directory submitterBasically, this means that you can completely control which keywords you want to rank highly for! Up until now, there was still a problem, and that was…

1. Finding the website directories you can submit your site to AND

2. Once you find those directories, it takes quite a bit of time to actually fill in all of your website details, and submit your website to them…

But, guess what? I’ve come across a brand new program created by Brad Callen and the Bryxen Software team, called “Directory Submitter“. It allows you to quickly submit your website to thousands of website directories with a few mouse clicks! No kidding…

I’ve been using it and it’s saved me literally hours of time in both submitting AND in finding these directories.

Here’s the link to check out the software:

Directory Submitter

But, please keep this to yourself, as I’d like to keep this our secret weapon 🙂

Google’s pay-per-clicks now free

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In what is perhaps the most shocking announcement made in some time regarding the vast world of the Internet, a New York doctor has just released a very private “secret” he’s been using since the earliest days of targeted paid advertising at search engines.

He admitted without hesitation that he’s gotten over $87 million in pay-per-click advertising over the last nearly 8 years at such search engines as Google, Overture, MSN, Yahoo and others, and resulting in his having amassed a $300 million fortune!

In the past 2 years alone he’s netted over $166 million as a result of what he calls a very simple “oversight” promoters online have altogether missed.

So valuable this “oversight” has proven that he’s finally decided to share it with the rest of us.

And his timing couldn’t be better!…

– Since going public Google’s ads haven’t become any cheaper!

– Other paid-for search engine advertising at large is rising faster than inflation can keep up!

“Back in the day” even an affiliate could just go to some website, sign up free to sell some product (such as with Amazon stores or the vast ebooks at ClickBank) and then just place a small 4-line pay-per-click ad, fine tune it, and then sit back and make money on autopilot.

But with rising costs this is getting much, much harder, and has literally seen the demise of many, many affiliate businesses go completely under.

But now with the release of this New Englander’s super-secret, webmasters, promoters, both big and small business owners, as well as affiliates with shoestring budgets are back in the game!

free googleadsWhen asked why he kept this “oversight” secret, the New Yorker responded “I knew I had a good thing, quite possibly a monopoly over any market I cared to try … I made a success of 16 web businesses in less than a decade … do you honestly blame me? …”

But now he’s decided to share his know-how as he knows that doing so doesn’t take a single dollar away from his $300 million fortune, and it won’t cause widespread usage to the degree that it will even put a dent in search engine activity.

To be sure the good doctor had the sense to consult several Internet experts and “macroeconomists” just to be on the safe side.

Additionally, you should know that nothing about his secret either robs search engines (so you don’t have to fear Google coming after you!) or is anything about it illegal in any other way.

What you may even find strangely surprising about his secret is the fact that it actually “helps” search engines make even more money! (You’ll have to see it for yourself to understand how this is actually possible!)

So if you think you’re smarter than most people, then here’s your chance to prove it to everybody else! Just grab the good doctor’s secret for yourself here:

Google’s pay-per-clicks now free

But I feel it only fair to warn you that this doctor fellow from New England is a tad eccentric and self-admittedly “moody” and he’s threatened to withdraw this secret at some point soon without so much as a single day’s notice … (Northerners!)

So if I were you, I’d not take any chances because although he may keep it available for the next 2 months, he may also take it off the market just 2 days from now (and then you’ll kick yourself saying “Dad-gummit! I knew I should have grabbed that when I had the chance!” … so don’t let this happen).

Also keep this in mind…
How many times since the commercial release of the Worldwide-Web have you seen sudden “breakthroughs” of great fortune-making potential come and go where just a few people were in the right place at the right time to be able to take advantage of them? — You’re right … very, very few.

So don’t overlook this find as it may very well prove to be one of the most influential and important ones you’ve ever received…


Heres that link again

Google’s pay-per-clicks now free


Need To Redirect Old WordPress Post Using htaccess?

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I had to do this recently to one of my blog sites. Simply add this to your .htaccess file for every post your want redireceted. Easy stuff.

redirect 301 /2006/12/18/postname/

Here the old post URL,

will be redirected to new URL,

Note that in the definition, first part is the old URL without domain name and the second part is complete new URL. Keep whole definition in one line (Don’t include line brakes using Enter button). Also note where to apply spaces (There is a space between old URL and new URL).

Easy stuff I know, but this text file was taking up space on my desktop and I needed to get rid of it. Why not add it to the blog for me and you later and trash the text file. Cheers!

The Ups and Downs of Internet Marketing

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The Ups and Downs of Internet Marketing

The one thing I’ve learned and that has a huge impact for me SEO wise is that depending on only once source of traffic for your sales, traffic, clicks, affiliate revenue, sign ups or whatever you do is a bad idea. SEO is the art creating a website built for search engine ranking which is basically free targeted traffic. What happens if your SEO fails?

internet-marketing.jpgSearch Engine Optimization is the act of making changes to your on site and off site factors to promote your site well for your specific keywords in search engines. The better your on and off site factors are, including linking (off page and on page), title, content, URL structure, anchor text, simplicity, template, sitemap and other factors are, the better chances you’ll have for ranking high for your keywords. This is usually true 80% of the time. The other 20% it depends on the big Three! Google being the dominate traffic source for most websites out there is the biggest variable in SEO.

What happens when you do everything right, but out of the blue your Google traffic is down? It could be Google! If you haven’t made any major changes to your site, or tried any unethical ways to gain ranking then it might be Google. And if it’s Google, which it seems to be Google every few months, you can’t really do anything about it but wait it out. You can make minor changes that you know will help your site like creating a sitemap, increasing your inbound linkage, adding more new and original content, but nothing major! If you risk too much change at one time, you could create a back fire for your self and multiply the effects of less traffic. Too much of anything is never good!

google-dance.jpgIf your natural search engine ranking is down look for other methods of traffic. If you have a mailing list, send a newsletter every one to two weeks if you depend on that traffic. If you have Adwords, optimize your paid advertising for more targeted traffic. I can’t stress enough with targeted traffic. If you’re selling guides about SEO Marketing, but then you create Google ads for Internet eBook, Fast Guides, EZGuides, etc, and not SEO eBook, Search Engine Optimization Guide, or Internet Marketing eBook then you’re missing your traffic. Why be vague and pay for visitors that aren’t looking for your product when you have the option to target as much as you want! You’re paying for it, spend your money wisely! Another way is to start a weekly give away with an autoresponder. Autoresponders are cheap, and effective. Add your affiliate information between your free offer and you’ll see an increase of sales with little overhead. There are literally hundreds of ways you can promote your websites,

I own and operate about 75 websites my self (it’s not too much). Just recently one of my more popular websites driving a good amount of traffic to one of my selling sites lost about 50% to 75% of it’s traffic almost overnight and we lost about a quarter of our sales because of it. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it almost was. If I didn’t have other sites for backup traffic it would have been bad. This traffic site is my oldest and most established site, and thus it was giving us the most traffic at the time. Now we have other sites giving about the same amount of traffic for other genres but for the time it was our sole targeted traffic generator.

My business used to be a 100% Adwords driven website; which is okay and profitable if you know what you’re doing. It’s very easy to spend and waste a lot of money. At my peak I was spending close to $400 a day in Adwords ads and making about $1000 in profit a day. This is actually pretty good for me, but then let’s add-in cost for merchant and payment fees, and employees, and even stock. It was still good though.

I guess my point is it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, as my idol Jonathan Leger (good keyword for him here) Marketing SEO Guru would say. Spread your self out; don’t rely on one source of traffic, one source of income, one source of anything for that mater. 🙂

WordPress Permalink Structure Solution

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After hours of searching for the best permalink structure for my WordPress blogs I have come to this!


It starts with category for Search Engine keywording and usability. In the middle is the post id which is an easy way for your database to recognize which post a user wants which speeds up your blog. If you just have %postname% as you permalink structure, which blog has, over time your blog will slow down. It takes more effort for your database to search using only you�re postname instead of id or date. With more post will slow down. It’s already a little slow but with my cache enabled it’s doing okay. Last but not least is postname which will add keywords to your URL for use in search engines optimization!

Oh and I almost forgot! .HTML !!!!

This is a great add on which will make your pages look more static! Believe it or not search engines love static pages because they usually stay put! Your page rank will pass easier too!

Quick post for you guys and a note for any future blogs of mine!

Oh and if your wordpress blog is already established I don�t recommend you change your permalink structure. Once changed any previous inbound links to specific pages will be lost, your pagerank will decrease and you�ll lose indexed pages and ranking. That�s why I�m leaving alone; it�s too late for a change.


Are you pages disappearing in Search Engines?

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Have you ever had your website pages start disappearing in search engines? You pages would simply deindex? There a lot of reasons why this could happen, but if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, getting links, publishing new content often but not too much, having original content, and good SEO techniques it�s your sitemaps.

If you don’t have a sitemap, create one! Google looks for sitemaps on websites to help index your pages. If you have to click more then a couple pages deep to reach a certain page, you’re in a world of hurt by the Search engine spiders.

Search engine spiders won’t go deeper then 2-3 pages from your index, so you’ll lose your pages that are further then that.

One of my websites had this problem. WoW Gold Guides

They way it’s linking structure forced older post under multiple pages until it was 5-10 clicks away from the index! Bad move!

So I setup a static WoW Sitemap 1 and WoW Sitemap 2 which list all pages within one click of the index.

The effect is tremendous, I now have 99% of my pages index and the traffic keeps climbing with more content I create.

Before you ask, the reason for two sitemaps is because Google doesn’t like pages with more then 100 links on them, so I’m limiting links this way.

Lesson learned.

My Blog and Ping List – Simple and Effective

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After many hours today of researching for the best pinging websites, I’ve come up with a surprisingly small list which is manageable, effective and with no post lag.

Bear in mind I started with a list of 50-60 websites, but after reviewing each one for their speed, relevancy and non biased opinions on the matter I came up with this list:


This is my auto ping list after each new post like this one. If you like pinging by hand I recommend Pingoat which pings this list and a little more, only bad thing they currently only accept manual submissions. ?

Google Page Rank – What it means to you!

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What is Google Page Rank? Page rank is what Google and other search engines have created to rate a website based on its popularity and worth. The higher page rank you have, the better your chances are to rank high for your specific keywords. I didn’t notice until now how true this was.

Without page rank, you’re nothing to a search engine.

  • A page rank of 0 means your either a brand new website, a banned website or a unknown website.
  • A page rank of 1 means you’re listed in the search engine, but that�s about it. You won’t reach the top keywords your after if there is competition with a higher page rank then you, which is almost always the case.
  • A page rank of 2-3 means you listed in Goggle, you have a few back links that are telling Google that your site is worth something. So when Google visits the sites that link to you, they’ll head on over to your site and start indexing any new content you have.
  • A page rank of 4-5 means you have quite of few high quality websites linking to you. You’ll find it easier to rank for the keywords you’re aiming for, meaning more traffic for your site.
  • A page rank of 6-7 means you’re almost an authority site, but not quite there yet. You have a lot of people linking to your website, including authority websites. You will have little to no problem ranking high for the keywords you�re aiming for. Search engines love your website and visit it often, at least once a day to get whatever new content you have.
  • A page rank of 8-9 means you’re doing something right. Google loves you, and will reward you with tons of traffic. Google will visit your site several times a day, aching for the newest content. Every site you link to will reap the benefits of your site and will rank high their self. You’re sitting on a gold mine if you know what you’re doing. Some 8-9 websites are authority websites.
  • A page rank of 10 means you’re an authority website. You have the attention of millions of people around the world; people look to you for their daily source of news, information, entertainment and more. You’ll have tons of emails a day from webmasters asking you to link to their site. A page rank of 10 is very hard to get, Yahoo is a page rank 9!

How important is page rank? Without page rank, your web pages will not be indexed by Google and no one will find your website. You can have the best content in the world, but it�s worthless if no one knows about it.

In order for you to rank high for the keywords you seek; you need a high enough page rank to beat a competitor for that keyword. If your competitor has a page rank of 4, and you have a page rank of 5, you’ll more then likely rank higher then them in Google. I say more then likely because its more then just page rank, there is SEO and quality of your content, but page rank is a bigger factor.

Some people might say page rank is overrated. Listen to this.

In total I have about 15 websites. Two of which I used the same content for as a test. The content used is 100% original, no other website uses it. One site is a page rank 3 and the other is a brand new website with a page rank of 0.

Day 1: I list 20 new articles per website. I add 10 new back links to each site.

Day 3: Google has started to index the new content from the page rank 3 website and nothing from the new site.

Day 4: All new articles on the page rank 3 website are indexed. I add 20 more articles per website. Still no pages indexed on the new site.

Day 9: All 40 articles are indexed by Google on the page rank 3 website. Still none from the page rank 0. Google is visiting the page rank 3 site more often. I add 20 more articles per website.

Day 15: The page rank 0 website is in Google, but only the home page. No other pages have been indexed. The page rank 3 website is doing great, its getting a ton more traffic from the indexed pages. I add 20 more articles. I add 10-20 high quality back links to each site.

Day 30: A few pages from the page rank 0 site have been indexed, but nothing else. It�s getting little to no traffic. The page rank 3 website has doubled its traffic from the newly indexed pages.

Do you see what’s happening here? The website that has a page rank of 3 is killing the page rank 0 website for traffic. Each is using the same content, and I’m doing the same techniques to each site. All I’m doing is adding the content, and it’s all up to the search engines how to treat it. The website with a history with Google is doing better then the new site.

In other words it takes time to start seeing benefits from a new website. Actually I can give you a time in which your website should be fully indexed by Google and you should start seeing a steady stream a traffic, considering you do everything you should be doing within this time. Have high quality original content, start creating back links, have a good internal linking and SEO. How often does Google update page rank? That’s it! Every two to three months right? Well, this is how long it will take a new website to start seeing hard work pay off. As I write this, the Google update is about a month in a half away. I’m continuing to update each website, and I can’t wait for the update. The new site should be a 2-4 page rank; the page rank 3 website I’m aiming for a rank of 4 or 5. Once this happens I will start to see a big jump in traffic from each website. Don’t believe me, check back in a month in a half, I’ll update you.

Until next time, never under estimate page rank again; without it you’re website doesn’t exist!

Linking Quest! Chinese blogs and Comments!

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I find my self and late hours of the night, surfing Chinese websites only to submit spam my link to their blogs. Actually I was doing this five minutes ago trying to increase my google awareness for my websites. I thought it was funny!

Here I am… searching through google back links, translating pages and looking for the comments section of a webpage! It’s my pot of gold, and the funny thing about it, most of my competitors are doing the same thing. Well the ones that wants to move forward at least.

The sad thing about it is… I have to guess how all these different comment forms work… and it’s like a game. Come on… come on… YES! Another link!

Things don’t always go great though and I get the error pop ups that are in Chinese…

Its fun… just thought I post something real quick! Cheers!


Increase the Doorways to Your Website!

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Most webmasters know that the more content you have equals the more money you will make, in any business! If you sell calendars for a living, and you write an original article everyday for a month, it’s like creating 30 new doorways to your website which expands your chances for your website to be found.

MAY - SEO Pie Chart.jpgI’ve noticed that only original content with static pages are 100% guaranteed to get indexed by Google. Don’t waste your time using free content unless you really change it, or add to it. Hundreds of people before you are most likely using that content on their websites already, and Google won�t take the time to index any new pages with the same content.

The best thing to do is use untapped sources of content, here a few tips:


  • Outsourcing $3-$5 per page of original content.
  • Royalty free content
  • Writing your own content using DragonSpeak

And again, static pages have a better chance of being indexed then dynamic generated pages.

Page rank is another concern you must have when creating a website. Page rank is a system of ranking websites based on their popularity. The more high quality links you have back to your website, the higher rank you will have. Your page rank is one of many factors that determine your placement in search engines. If your page rank is 5 and a competitor of yours is 3, you will most likely rank higher in search engines for the same keywords.

Image_ChartArrow.jpgOf course there are many factors in search engine placement. Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website for search engines. The better your website is optimized, the easier it is for search engines to place your website based on the keywords you optimize for.

When you combine theses three things, original content, high page ranking and search engine optimization, and multiply this by say a hundred. You will increase your sales with higher traffic which is targeted for your business! Easy!