Chris Hanson On South Park!

The new episode of South Park: Cartman, Tourette’s, and Chris Hanson! I thought it was great!

Quote from Pocketfives:

Chris HansonI have to admit I laughed really hard at this episode. I know it wasn’t a great one by SP’s high standards and most of the humor comes from basically just swearing like Cartman’s hilarious insults right to their face, but it was still hilarious. Not much superb satire like we have come to expect.

The pedos were hilarious,
“OMG Chris Hansen” *BANG*
“What the hell Chris Hansen” *BANG*
“Oh no Chris Hansen” *BANG*
“There’s no brownies?” *BANG*

Cartman’s accidental confessions, especially the one to Butters, were gold too. The fact he wrote Donkey Boners at the end of his letter to Chris Hansen…Lol.

Overall 7/10.



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@cryptonazo Those people were nutty. :p – 4 weeks ago



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I loved the episode. It was funny. I do agree that most of the humor did come from cartman’s swearing but still it was funny. The confessions were funny to. I can’t wait to see what the season holds. I love south park.



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