Clickbank Update! Broke $100 today! Almost!

Quick update for you on Clickbank! Since I posted my Clickbank stats a couple days ago, the last couple days my stats have increased by almost 3X as much! I’m doing a little email marketing and tweaking and adding more ads to my websites, and it seems to be working. Out of 50+ websites I have access to; I’ve only monetized 3 with Clickbank ads! What if I do them all? I’m excited!

What steps will I take now?

  1. I want to monetize the remaining sites of mine. Using banners, and simple links as advertisements.
  2. I’ll continue working on a new auto responder I setup for affiliate commissions. So Far I’ve created 4 weekly emails with basic reviews and discounts on products. I’ll add this email sign up to all sites. So far I had 68 new signups today! Yay!
  3. I’ll create new content for more advertisement in the future. Niche content to products I’m promoting. I created a new forum today!
  4. I’ll start creating a review products page with competing products and advertise with adsense. I think this will make the big bucks.

clickbank72007That’s it for the next couple days. Once I get this done, I’ll let you know how Clickbank is doing again. I must say, I love Clickbank! This is the only affiliate network I’ve tried, it won’t be the last, and if it’s a taste of what’s to come, I’m game! I can’t wait to try other networks! Why break you back with eBay, your own store, or even creating your own products when you can sell someone else’s products and get half the profit? They do all the work, and you get paid? What’s not to love about that?

Okay that’s enough Clickbank today; I’ll update you when I break $200 a day! Hopefully soon!




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