Cold and Flu Season.. Oh man..

It’s that time of the year again!

The time of the year where everyone is sick and you get sick too. I hate it!

Usually I’m pretty good at watching germs and protecting myself. I usually don’t get sick but this time I guess I pushed my luck over the holiday weekend and now I have a bad cold. You know the one where you have a headache, you’re achy all over, you’re tired and don’t want to do anything? Yeah I got that.

I’ve been reading online on Cold and Flu remedies, and basically it says you’re screwed. Here are a few cold and flu fixes I found online:

  • Drink lots of fluids – Drink warm liquids except for stuff that has caffeine in it. You’ll want to drink liquids because if you don’t you’ll become dehydrated and you’ll get a sore throat.
  • Take vitamin C – Supposedly you should eat and drink things with vitamin C in them. Just don’t go overboard or you could add more symptoms to your list.
  • Eat chicken noodle soup. This actually helped me. It’s more with the warm liquids and keeping your throat clear from a buildup of bad stuff.

I just took an ibuprofen to deal with my aching body and hopefully it’ll kick in soon. I read that’s a bad idea if you have a sore throat, so don’t take one if that’s your deal.

Ack! Not feeling good right now…

I also heard conflicting theories on either to rest or exercise during this time. Supposedly it’s good to exercise because you can burn away the bad stuff, whatever that is. But then I hear you should rest up.

I’ve been resting up the past couple days and it isn’t helping me. I may hit the gym in a few hours just to get moving again. I wish there was sun so I could soak up some vitamin D which always seems to help me.

Oh and one last thing, the cold and flu viruses thrive in dry weather, that’s why we have them when it’s cold outside. So having a humidifier can help keep the baddies away. But you have to watch for bacteria build up in your humidifier or it could backfire on you and get you sick an entirely different way.

Ehhh… boy am I glad I have Microsoft Word. Obviously when you have a cold it’s hard to spell correctly. You guys would laugh if you saw the rough draft of this post. 🙂

Let’s just say it’s the most words I’ve had to correct EVER!

*goes and gets some orange juice…

note – a day after writing this post I’m already feeling better. I guess some rest, oj and chicken noodle soup helped out. 🙂



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