Content: Type of Content, Usage and Results!

This post is for the autobloggers out there…

Content: Type of Content, Usage and Results!

100% Original Content (You either write it yourself or someone else writes it for you. This content original with no duplicates found online, it’s keyword researched, ranks easily with a couple backlinks, and will bring you traffic depending on how saturated your niche is. This is the best type of content to have, but takes the most work to get.)

Hand Rewritten Content (This content is from an article you rewrite or you have someone else rewrite. It’s keyword researched, and unique to Google. This is similar to original content, but tad bits here and there maybe duplicate to Google, which is okay, nothing wrong with that. Hand rewritten content is usually just as good as original content as long as you have a few backlinks pointing to it.)

Plugin Rewritten Content (Plugins or software rewrites this content, depending on the software you use, it is most likely poorly rewritten, but passes Google’s duplicate content filter.. some what… Your users won’t like the content, but if you serve them up something else, like a nice video, or targeted ads with your content they’ll be okay with it. The better your tweak your rewrite plugin the better your content will be and the more traffic you’ll receive.)

Duplicate Content Unwritten (Either feed based or PLR articles, you’ll have to compete with other websites to rank for the same content. You won’t be penalized, Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content they’ll just force your website to compete with other websites using the same content. Whoever has the most backlinks and better SEO wins and will be displayed in Google search results, the website(s) that do not have enough SEO juice will show up in supplemental results and will not receive very much or any traffic for the related content.)

Content without proper SEO is hard to rank for regardless of the type of content it is, especially if you do not do any niche or keyword research beforehand. Duplicate content can rank well depending on how your SEO is; you will not get penalized for the most part, unless your blog is clearly a spam blog. You want to create useful autoblogs full of useful information not only for your visitors but to keep your website from being labeled as a spam blog.

Pros and Cons of duplicate Content…

  • Google doesn’t give penalties to websites that have duplicate content; they just won’t rank the content as unique and will force the content to compete with other duplicate content for position.
  • Easy to get duplicate content…


  • It’s harder to rank in search engines with your duplicate content without solid backlinking.
  • If your website adds no value, and is later reviewed by Google, it can be deindexed as a spam blog, but this rarely happens unless you are clearly spamming Google.

Pros and Cons of Unique Content…

  • Google loves unique content. Depending on the content, you can rank easier for researched keywords.


  • It takes effort or money to acquire unique content.
  • It takes more effort in building autoblogs with unique content.

Pros and Cons of Rewritten Content…

  • Can be automated with rewrite plugins. Or you can do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you.
  • Plugins can be tweaked for better results.
  • If rewritten properly, said content is just as good as original content.


  • Rewrite plugins sometimes leave unreadable content, which isn’t good for visitors or your Google results.
  • If reviewed your blog could be considered a spam blog and deindexed if content is poorly rewritten.

For those interested, this is a snippet from my new autoblogging eBook I’m working on. Hopefully it should be out in a couple weeks. I’ll post more details when I can.




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