Early Christmas Present – Sony VIAO

An early Christmas present to myself! Yes, I deserve it. 🙂

I mostly got it to use downstairs because I’m tired of running up and down stairs all day long. This way I can camp out downstairs for a few hours, do whatever and still have access to a computer, then go back up to the big computer whenever I need real work done. I also got it to travel easier, my monster 17inch VAIO isn’t people friendly, and eats batteries like crazy. I’m at Starbucks with the VAIO now. I like it. 🙂

Sony in a Box!

Nice sleek looking VAIO. I was considering a Mac Book Air, but I have too much invested in PC software that it’s hard to switch over now. I find Windows 7 to be pretty nice as well.

Vaio Closed

Laptop with the Aspkin.com blog. 🙂

Aspkins World Vaio

My office – I have a 22 inch Samsung monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Everything is connected to my old 17inch VAIO that is in a drawer somewhere. 🙂

Desk Computer / Vaio

My early Christmas present!



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Windows 7 is BY FAR the best OS Microsoft has ever came out with IMO. It is so easy to use, it seems much faster, and having the big icons on the taskbar is so much better than the small ones! Oh, I also like how you move your mouse all the way to the bottom left corner, click the box on the far right, and you see the desktop. Using the icon in the taskbar in the previous windows OS’s wasn’t as easy as it is in Windows 7 🙂 Nice laptop by the way and… mmmmm STARBUCKS!!!