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I’ve been working with eBay and Paypal professionally for 5 years now. I’ve come to understand eBay’s system and have created several guides to get around eBay suspensions. You can see my latest public guide here:

The eBay Suspensions Guide – How To Get Back On eBay!

There were over 300 comments with this guide, and they kept coming until I eventually had to disable comments and move everyone to the eBay forums. You’re not alone. People like you are losing your businesses left and right because of eBay’s faulty system. EBay doesn’t care about the little people. All they care about is the bottom line. They suspend first and never ask questions. With any other business, they wouldn’t survive. But because their brand is so dominate and their buyers are unaware, eBay gets away with it.

You’re here to learn how to create a new eBay account and start selling again. I can’t say it’ll be easy, it takes work and perseverance. But as a community we’ll do our best to give you the tools and tips you need to succeed. I’ve taught thousands of people how to start selling again. And in turn I’ve found they are helping each other in the forums. We feed off each other for knowledge and work to answer every question, and solve any problem that is presented to us. We’re experts when it comes to eBay and Paypal. Most of us do this as our main source of income.

If you’re ready to join the forums, and get back to selling with eBay we’re here for you. All you have to do now is register and subscribe. When you subscribe you will have full access to the forums and guidance from eBay and Paypal experts. We’re currently updating the eBay guide, and working on a FAQ section that’ll have all questions and definite answers available to you. We have over 800 members and we’re growing every day. For the cost of a Starbucks coffee, you can have access to forums and professional advice to help you start selling again.

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Testimonials – What other people think of the forums and guides:
Great site, tons of valuable information here. – avarshavSuperb forum, it really does help. – rifraf

Let me just start off by saying how awesome this site is!! Everyone was so helpful. My husband and I each got suspended for Shill bidding. Our accounts were linked apparently by our address and things. Long story on that one. We were not in the wrong. It has been a long couple of weeks but today we got word that both our accounts are now reinstated. I am not using my account at all any more. We will leave that one alone. I have changed our IP address and we hope to be okay now. This site was full of info and well worth looking at. I could not believe how many people get suspended for such dumb reasons. It’s a shame EBay does not have competition. It would be nice to see them go down just as fast as they are putting us down. Thanks again. – hopelessinpa

Aspkins site is the best resource for getting back on eBay. Believe me. – mozilla757

I’m currently back on with aspkins help from reading it. At first after my first suspension I didn’t know anything and got banned within 7 days I tried to sell some items it didn’t work. then I got mad at eBay for doing it to me then from reading his threads its not my fault for getting banned its eBay’s fault I should have not guilt ……blah…blah my bad for going off anyways I’m still on for the past 2 months now buying items that’s about it. – rapunzel_01

Aspkins advice helped me a lot. I mixed his things with other ideas of mine. Were crazy idea’s I did. But it all worked together in a blend! Now I can’t get banned off of eBay again! – x2ruff4u

All good and selling strong this end for a few months. If I had known about the IP address thing I would probably have succeeded with my 2nd account, instead of 4th. – Modee

YIPEEEE Just created a seller account with the information Aspkin wrote down…. – supermum340

Your site is awesome thanks do much. – itsjelly26

Aspkin, great job on the tutorial. Searched for a day till I ran across this forum. Probably the only truly worthwhile source for this info, free or sold. – temps425

Aspkin, I really appreciate your effort on writing up such a good guide. Thanks a million. – jayt

Thank you for opening up this forum. I see I am backing on for 1 month now with 50 feedbacks. – make0moneyonebay

This Site ROCKS!!! Good Job Guys!!! – craze189

What an awesome forum for us victims of eBay/paypal facism..LOL! – maris23

You guys are ROCK! (Wish I know this cool website before it happen) – diri

The suspension guide is the best thing that has ever happened to me All the frustration I accumulated during this “trial” with eBay is almost gone. I am glad to see there is someone how cares and can help eBay users. Now I know I was not crazy or alone on this situation. – Dia

After numerous attempts, I have followed Aspkin’s guide to a T and am well into the 2 month mark. Farthest I’ve made it so far. Hopefully this sticks for a while. (Fingers crossed) THANKS ASPKIN! I think the key is to check, recheck, triple check and then check again to make sure you don’t slip up and get caught! And if you just do what it says specifically, don’t worry about anything else. Just focus on those things. It seems nothing else matters…

Aspkin, thanks for your information. – BackToEbay

ASPKIN ROCKS .. ebayphobia

Glad I found this wonderful site Aspkin – paul kopmar

Hey first off I want to say thanks to the admin for starting the guide and putting up the forums.. I’ve really learned a lot in a short amount of time here.

The guide Aspkin provides is invaluable information! I highly recommend–no demand–that you read it immediately! – Jack

I just found your site on Google and thought that it would be a good place to get some thoughts and opinions from experts on what I should do next… – LongMan

Modee + Aspkin – thank you for all the advice on your forum – you have no idea how much the wisdom means to me and my well being. – billbradsky

I’ve successfully created an account over 30 days ago and have been selling well. – soujern69

Read Aspkin’s guide and follow instructions to the ‘T’ – likethemapples

Aspkin, I have to say you are the best… – tyandlayne

Hey guys, first post.
First Freebay Balling, Aspkin, Modee, Chris Hanson, quickie, leonid5000, and many others… the time that you have taken to teach myself and everyone else has saved us MONTHS of trial and error with this thing we called eBay. I myself have been following EVERYTHING that the main contributors have laid out. I have 3 accounts opened in the last week, all with different names, accounts, address, PO boxes, blah blah… Going with this thread, I rec’d a call today from eBay on the oldest account I listed my first listing with $.99 starting. I had been on eBay for almost 5 years before and had the call once in 5 years, but after at least 2-3 years.
Everyone take your time and do what the GOD LIKE mentors have taken time already trying themselves, or it will take you longer in the end.
Again, thanks for all that you do guys! – ex-eBay learner

Hi everyone! I just want to start out by saying that this forum has got to be one of the best out there! – mimi178

First I want to say thanks for Aspkin and all the contributors to have this awesome forum to helping us out on being wrongfully suspended by eBay. All the tips and advices are great! Thanks guys! – altu

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