File Troubleshooting

Mac OSX Troubleshooting

Q: I’m able to install Javelin file, but when I try and download the eBook (DRMZ File) using Safari on my Mac OSX computer I get all sorts of text over my screen.

This appears to a problem with some versions of Safari on Mac OSX, luckily there are several options around this issue.

1st Option (Best Choice)

  1. Start Safari and go to the Windows menu, Downloads option. This opens the Downloads window.
  2. Then select either download link (eBay Stealth or Amazon Ghost) (hold the left mouse button down rather than clicking the link) and drag the link to the Safari Downloads window. When you do this a green + icon will appear as the link is dragged onto the Downloads window. You can then let go of the mouse button and the file will be downloaded and appear in your Downloads folder.

2nd Option

Another option is to hold the ALT or Option key down when the link is accessed, this should result in the file being downloaded rather than displayed in the window.

3rd Option

Go to the Safari File menu, ‘Save As option‘, as save the file using Format: Page Source and Export As.. and then choose SAVE (but don’t ask for a .txt extension to be added).

4th Option

Alternatively download the zip file (WinRAR) containing both eBay Stealth and Amazon Ghost. This should bypass any browser related issues.

Once downloaded, you can open the file with the Javelin PDF reader and your activation password.

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Why can’t I print the ebook. I have back trouble & can’t sit very long.