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Old 08-12-2011
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you need to change your internet provider, unless you are on AOL, if not change to AOL 90% of problems solved, you then need a new operating system, format your computer or use vmware to create another operating system that you can use within the operating system you already have,buy an amazon VCC from newtools on this site, get a new phone number (seller account only) use any name and address you want within 20 miles of yours.
Originally Posted by erin2010 View Post
I just finished reading the Amazon Ghost! Very informative, yet requires a lot of planning!

My Case:

I got suspended as a buyer for complaining about three items (never knew it was bad) which were really messed up upon arrival and one was even lost. They closed my account which is quite absurd that they did this cause it was really true and the others came in damaged and incomplete. Basically, they did not want to deal with me.
I never knew about these required steps from the Amazon Ghost before so I just basically created a new buyer's account right after and was able to purchase with a different address and they did not care even with my IP and MAC I believe because I was able to even have my friend create an account in the same location and PC and still got the items delivered

I used other payment methods and also new info. I was able to order, but after my second order, I guessed they linked my billing address because the card's billing address was used on my suspended account and I really forgot about it so they linked even my friend's!..Anyway, I got suspended permanently with no other options. Everytime I create an account and order, always on Hold and blocked.

My concern is that I just want to buy, when I need to. I do not want lose my privileges of buying on Amazon since they have good deals once in a while.

So my BIG question is, (which I do not know if it was answered on the Amazon Ghost ebook) How to become a buyer without having to get all those other things required for sellers. Might be a silly question but I am really having a hard time, so please bare with me.... I know I will need

new info - payment, email, billing/shipping...FRESH NEW START..
but, do I really need to buy a new PC? Or can I just do a system re install on the PC that was suspended? And just buy adapters for new mac address?

I have a dynamic IP on our router.. I just dont know if our Modem's(Comcast) mac add will need to be changed...(I have information overload so sorry if this was answered already in the ebook) . I just want one buying account or maybe even two. And I promise not to even complain on either to keep it in good standing even though I ever experience something bad with them again. I just want to be able to buy again, not sell at all. Is there a quick route?

I feel like the ebook aims more for sellers and too much of those info is not really sticking in my head. Hope you can help me out the easiest way for a buying account. Thanks so much!

so i can never have any items ship to the suspended shipping address amazon suspended (obviously. I guess)? i know it is given, but what if others live here and order amazon? Someone here has not been banned who is using a diff pc who still has an account with amazon . do they care much and would link the shipping address from the suspended's shipping address? It would suck to have to pay a mail forwarding service. and is there a way to create a stealth PO box? I dont know any mail forwarding too....

Will my mac be changed just by reinstalling windows? Or having a network adapter is needed to hide or change the mac for the amazon buying account that was said could be bought cheaply online.

I dont have dial up. I live in a place where we share the cable modem connection via wifi. do i need to mess with my cable modem (comcast)?
i know how to change my IP dynamic too so i can do that... I know i have go to the and slightly adjust it as I was thought me on the eBay Stealth...

so please guide me if i missed out any?

How much are network adapters for mac address on the pc? and is this basically all im lacking to change my mac after re installing windows? Im really computer illiterate so please bare with me.

Thanks so much! I have s many questions. I hope people will be able to just give me answers. It will mean so much to me since I need these info badly.
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