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Old 07-06-2012
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Default :rant::rant:

i have an legit account that is about 10 yrs plus and its a ps tr with no limits

alot of what i sell has many sizes and colors so i use the variations... 8 different sizes along with the 11 different colors for just one listing.
when using variations....e bay see's it as 880 items for sale for one listing
with items from $5.00-$30.00
well, if you have about 600 listings like this...it adds up quick...
lets just say its over a million...by alot

^^^^^this account is sweet^^^^^^

Now the other accounts...st ealth...15 months.......200 item limit and 2600. l.......i have to list each and every item separately without variations because of the limits..

That opens a whole new can-of-worms when all you can do is say the sizes you have available in the description section. i average about 20 messages aday per stea lth. wanting a different color or size..what a pain in the as... that is..... but its what i do,,,everyday..sighhhhh

let alone the people who buy and pay for what you have listed(small) and send you a message saying they want large, even tho you clearly say in huge red letters NOT TO PAY YET if you want a different size...all the sizes and prices are listed in the description clearly and big red letters...never fails tho...everyday its a battle...dammmm.....then i have to message them back explaining situation about the sizes and price differences....i can't adjust the invoice once they pay.....i have to refund them the money through paypal....message them that i refunded the money and to accept the cancel transaction that i have to send them because they want something different than what they paid for........ let alone the ones that dont say the color they want,,,,aaarrrggghhh
limits SUCK

^^^^^these accounts are becoming a pain in the as....^^^^^^

Having many accounts with what i sell is becoming almost undo-able for me.
i'll just have to change my game plan but i sure wish i had multiple accounts with no limits.(don't we all)

btw....with the new rules...both st ealths are top rated......one is 100% and one is 99.4%...funny thing is one of the accounts is NOT a powerseller and still got the 20% off,,,,some new rules rule..hehe

i just print the shipping label the day of the sale even if i don't ship till a couple and sometimes three days later..its working just fine for me this way.

i spend a fraction of the time with the legit account and make 50 times more money than i do with ste alth....
st ealth hasn't been an easy road for me but i'm still going..

i got a couple backups but don't even want to think about selling on them yet....

enough rant...doctor says i need to roll a fatty because it cures whatever ails me....Doctor knows best

Just rolling this around a little bit...i would never ever do anything without them letting me.....i know hundreds of people who will never use ebay for any reason....i was thinking..... all i would need is one more or even 2 or 3 more legit accounts with legit names and ssn's....dba..ein..all the crap needed....i just might get limits lifted to use the full variations.....

doctors orders again:D

i'll maybe try one and see....

i no i no its highly..hehe..highly recommended to never use anyone else's whatever.......i really don't see the problem if they know everything and i keep my word....and i will
i'd keep it under 20k per account and just pay the dam tax on it for them..

i know it'll have to be someone who can absorb the extra 20k on there own taxes but i do know alot of people....

maybe....maybe not.

another hundred messages this week and way more medicine than the doctor prescribes i might try something....if it gets hairy...i'll just drop it....

good luck out there
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