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Old 08-21-2015
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Originally Posted by RosieTosie

"24vc works perfectly, and most importantly great customer support help if needed as well, well established service works excellently."

"Cannot rate 24vc highly enough, extremely helpful service, any questions are always answered extremely promptly, super smooth running service, never had any problems using this service and any slight hiccups are always sorted out by a quick message to them. They really are top notch as a V P N service, very very happy to see that they are now being recognised by Aspkin for the excellent level of service that they provide for many forum members."

Originally Posted by da5543

"I have more than 10 V P N from 24vc.com. Easy and great service"

Originally Posted by jeffweico

"the others are absolutely correct when they say that 24vc is the best provider for stealth. Why? They KNOW what we are trying to do and they have fresh ips that are guaranteed never to have been used with eBay before. They ARE more expensive, but if you sign up for it quarterly or annually, the price can be as low as $10 per month."

"I can tell you from experience that 24vc is an excellent company with a great service. Fresh IP's are not very common. Most V P N services recycle their IP addresses, which get used and abused, making them unsuitable for stealth. 24vc has fresh IP's and they understand what we are trying to accomplish. That makes them an excellent choice, in my opinion. No, I don't own 24vc and I am not trying to sound like a salesman for them. But if you want to create a stealth account without having to worry that the IP has been burned with eBay before, or that you are signing up with a service that goes down all the time, then you really should consider them."

"I love 24vc - their IP's always work."

Originally Posted by Trustfund

"24vc is the way to go. Only people who guarantee a 100% Fresh IP address, that hasnt been recycled."

"If you value your stealth accounts the only V P N, you should consider is 24vc, no recycled ip's. i have 3 V P N 's and intend on acquiring many more.

i got my details in little to no time. you get what you pay for!"

Originally Posted by JamesNorth101

They are the best guys for a new IP

Originally Posted by pikachu10

As for the IP, I suggest you:

1. Talk to your ISP
2. Get dedicated fresh IPs

I use option number 2 because resetting, charting, and managing IPs and everything is... to me... stupid and a big waste of time. I would go to 24vc.com and purchase IP subscriptions and use that.

Yes, I use it. It works very well. Its also a suggested service by many members on the forum.

Originally Posted by yankee

"24vc.com is awesome"

"Many of us are and it works flawlessly."

Originally Posted by novemberrain1970

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I purchased a guaranteed fresh IP, it worked so well and was so much easier than using a MiFi and trying to find/track a new IP that I have since come back to purchase several more. Can't beat the price, the customer service is great and the service itself is so good I wish I had found it when I first came here. Thank you again!"

Originally Posted by landman210

"i use 24vc for numerous accounts and they are by far the best V P N I have ever used. Customer Service is outstanding as well. Highly recommend...! If you are new to stealth they will explain any questions you have..respond to questions immediately.

I have never had any issues whatsoever with 24vc and I cannot say that about any other companies I deal with in this business."

Originally Posted by cast76

"24vc works perfectly. I have 2 of them now and no issues whatsoever."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment methods do you currently accept?
We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, as well as BitCoin, PayPal and Western Union.

2. How long have you been in business?
24vc has been in business since January of 2011.

3. Do you offer any bulk discounts?
Yes we do! Please simply contact our sales team for more information on our bulk discounts.

4. How many ip addresses do I get per fresh plan?
Each fresh plan you get comes with one static dedicated ip address that is guaranteed fresh and ready to use! This ip address doesn't change, so to get more ip addresses for more stealth accounts you would simply order more fresh plans. Keep in mind that any V P N service that offers you the ability to change between multiple ip addresses, is not giving you fresh ips, their simply giving you shared ips which are no good for ebay stealth purposes.

5. I need multiple fresh ip addresses how can I save money?
A great way to save money is to switch to annual billing, as it can lower your monthly rates to as low as about $10/mo! And there is no risk to committing long term because lets say if your ebay account gets suspended at any time you can request a fresh ip change. And there is only a one time fee of $15 for a fresh ip change.

6. Why should I use 24vc versus resetting my modem to get a new ip address?
Other methods of changing your ip addresses such as resetting your modem are extremely time consuming and inefficient, as well as put you at an increased risk of making a mistake and getting all your stealth accounts limited. If your managing multiple stealth accounts not only do you have to manually reset your modem every time you switch between accounts but you also have to note down and check each ip address as you switch between accounts to ensure you don't get any replicates and end up linking all your accounts together. This alone can be quite a headache to deal with even with just three stealth accounts to your name, now imagine doing this process with ten or more stealth accounts?!

7. Can I use 24vc with VMware?
Yes not only can you use it with vmware but it makes managing multiple stealth accounts very easy! Think of vmware like firefox except each tab is a new computer. So for example you can have five tabs open on vmware meaning you have 5 different computers running at the same time and if you combine that with 24vc you can literally have 5 different ip addresses running at the same time. So it makes multi-tasking between accounts extremely convenient and easy.

8. Can I use 24vc from anywhere in the world?
Yes you can, and that's actually another one of the great benefits of using 24vc! No matter where you go, you can still access all your fresh dedicated ips from us and thus can still manage all of your stealth accounts no matter where you decide to travel to!

9. Can I use 24vc to make an ebay stealth account in any country I wish even if I don't live there?
Of course! You can simply order a fresh ip in the country of your choice and then when you connect to our V P N it will appear to ebay as if your residing in that country and thus can make a stealth account there without any issues. No matter what country you want to make your stealth accounts in, 24vc has the fresh ips to enable you to do so!

10. This all sounds great but is 24vc easy to use?
Yes, 24vc is in fact extremely easy to use! We even have step by step picture tutorials available for all the major operating systems as well as for all major mobile devices. All of our tutorials can be found at: 24vc.com/tutorials

24vc.com/ebay ◄ ORDER YOUR FRESH IP TODAY!



Guaranteed FRESH IP Addresses for amazon, eBay, and PayPal - 24vc.com

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