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Old 01-12-2017
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Default Re: Guide / Tutorial: Buying Bitcoin & Cashing out Bitcoin Anonymously

Originally Posted by elmo View Post
Some of those links talk of payments being rejected, not reversed. That is a totally different thing. A UK bank transfer cannot be reversed when it has cleared into the receivers account.

I hate to say this but some person posting something on Reddit isn't a credit source.

These are abstracts from a UK new paper in 2016

Consumers often think it’s a simple case of notifying their bank of the error, and the bank rectifying the situation straight away,” said Damien Fahy, finance expert from Moneytothemasses.com. “But if you think this, you are in for a shock. There is no automatic process for immediately reversing payments.”
“Faster payments cannot be recalled once sent,” said a spokeswoman for Santander. “If funds are credited to another account then the authority of the accountholder needs to be obtained in order for these to be released.”
When a bank transfer has cleared into the receivers account it cannot be reversed without the consent of the receiver unless in the case of some serious fraud cases. I have first hand experience with this as a family member was once scammed for £800 that they paid via bank transfer (assuming if there was an issue it could be reversed) and it was never recovered even though it was a fraud. The only cases that I have seen that when a bank transfer has been reversed in in unauthorized transfer cases. In this day and age with all the banking fobs that is near enough unheard of.

None of your posts have been helpful to this actual topic, so I say lets move on. This thread/guide is to provide people with insight on how to buy/sell Bitcoin without trails leading back to them. If you have other methods that could help people, I think that would be relevant and helpful to this thread
When things are posted as a guide on the forum its always good for that information to be totally correct. That isn't the case in parts of the thread so I am ensuring that any slight mistakes are pointed out so you are able to correct them and members are not taking away incorrect information from the thread.

I've traded with around 20 people in real life and none of them have ever requested ID, nor have I ever seen the request for it. Even if you meet up with some John Doe, and he asks to see your ID, the transaction itself is still anonymous since its only you and the trader that are communicating.
That is interesting. A few months ago you were not sure how BTC worked so its interesting to hear that your using it so often now.

In the US, where you are based, it may well be that people do not ask for ID. Quite often in the UK they do. Not always, but as I have said a few times it is becoming more common. When posting with a UK flag it will be assumed that you are based in the UK so if most the experience comes from trading in person in the US it may be a good idea just to make that clear.

To be 100% clear not everyone meeting in person will ask for ID. Some will though. 2 years ago no one ever used to ask for ID, and now some have started to ask for ID. That means it is becoming more common to ask for ID when meeting in person in my experience. To be totally transparent though the time I was asked for ID was NOT using LBC so it may well not be common on LBC. It may well be that people will start to ask for ID on LBC but that would be guess work. I imagine it will depend totally on the transaction amount. I personally cannot see someone happy to meet to trade £3,000 in cash for BTC without wanting to see some sort of ID before hand, but that is just a personal view.

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