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Old 01-15-2017
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Default Re: Guide / Tutorial: Buying Bitcoin & Cashing out Bitcoin Anonymously

Its also not a 15 minute automatic process as implied. It takes days and weeks and even in the case of fraud a lot of the time it will not be reversed. How do I know? Because I have had a family member who was defrauded for 800 via bank transfer and no matter what we did it could not be reversed. A few of the other posters on the thread have very similar experiences. Banks have also put out statements saying that bank transfers cannot automatically be reversed (links being in the thread)
There is no limit to when a bank transfer can be reversed. I have seen bank transfer reversed within an hour and I have also seen bank transfer reversed after 6 months. It all depends on what bank the buyer uses and also what bank the sender uses. Lots of variables

Its only in the case of unauthorized transfers that reversal % is high as mentioned earlier in the thread. In this day and age with the need for banking fobs before any transfer is made with a lot of banks unauthorized transfers claims are low.
All fraud these days happen through social engineering and very rarely do the bank accounts get hacked. Some banks wont care what evidence you provide them they will still reverse the payment. Plus there are different kinds of fraud payments too which no matter what you give to any of the UK bank the payment will still get reversed.

You cannot just phone your bank and say 'I paid someone 100 for something and they didn't deliver it' and the bank will reverse the transfer. That is just not how it works. Its a very long process during which the recipient of the funds will be contacted. Even at the end of the investigation there is 0 guarantee that the funds will be returned even in the case of fraud

To claim, like it was earlier, that its very easy to automatically get a bank transferred reversed within 15 minutes is codswallop
Depends on how well you can convince your bank that you are a victim of a fraud

Now if someone can provide proof other than 'trust me I know these things' that a bank transfer can be easily reversed (such as a statement from a well know money advise website, a news paper or a statement from a bank) that would be really interesting to read and would be very informative
Don't have to give you a proof for this mate you will have to take my word for it iven I have done over 50k transactions. Payments do get reversed and if you don't have a proof of transaction it is very easy indeed

On a side note, the main point of the thread was how to 'cash out bitcoin anonymously' for what ever reason someone may need to do that. I would suggest that bank transfer is not an option if you want to cash out anonymously due to the lack of anonymity when cashing out this way making the entire thing a bit moot really
Not all anonymous transactions are dodgy. Most of my large volume buyers are buying coins to gamble etc and don't want their other half to know what they are doing lol. I get a lot of these buyers so anonymity is not always dodgy that's all I can say.

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