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Old 04-15-2017
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Default Re: Looking for input.. (IPBurger Banners)

Aspkin I am sorry I have been out of town for a week and away from my computer!

I do national advertising as my main business so I would ask you the #1 Money question......

Who is your ideal customer and why?

More often then not a business owner will have 3 - 5 different buyer personas

Let's say you have two different buyer personas

Persona A - Buyer who need the convenience of having all his ips with one backend for easy management and payment

Persona B - Buyer who wants to hide from the NSA

Now I would ask you how do the different buyers come into your selling funnel.

Here I am assuming you can dive into your Google analytics and pull the different persona search queries from your PPC and SEO panels (Hopefully you have SEO analytics set up)

Usually, you will have some cross performing keywords but for many of the keywords, you should see conversions of one persona or the other.

Here is where you earn your money in advertising and boost conversions because now you can target your advertising to that persona on those specific keywords.

IE - run different ads to people based on what they are looking for.

The more you can talk directly to your customer the higher your conversions will be.

With that said the ad itself has some structural challenges many of which have been brought out here already such as font type, credit card logos etc.

For me, the biggest thing is the red color! Yes, it pops but it also subliminally is a stop cue! When a potential customer is in our funnel the very last thing we want them to do is stop!

Green and white are the highest converting colors with blue and yellow next red and orange are the lowest!

Sorry, MM78 to much orange although I think if we A/B tested your ad with Aspkins yours would probably get more conversions.

I also think it was mentioned to ditch the credit cards and PayPal.... I absolutely agree everyone assumes you take PayPal that can be verified on the checkout page, not on your prime real estate of your ad!

I don't mean to tear your ad down because I'm sure you put a lot of time into it. It's amazing how much time the small things take.

On a positive note, I love the hamburger and the white space is perfect. You have to have white space and overall layout of the design.

Colors and messaging are key now.

Aspkin Group

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