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Old 08-06-2009
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Default Supplier info & providing tracking information

Long story short, I had an online store and after being away due to some personal issues (I know, I know, who hasn't ) and I checked my account recently to find disputes/chargebacks, which were completely my fault. I'm trying to remove the limitation so I can use my account again, and so far, I have refunded all open disputes, restored my account back to $0.00, and confirmed some of the limitation removal requirements (SSN, credit check, business information etc.). I do understand stealth accounts, but I'd actually prefer to keep my current account and use it. However, I still need to do the following:

1) Resolve open cases
This is actually a weird one because I've refunded all open disputes, but PP won't let me "resolve" this part of the limitation. I have no open cases, only one closed case within the last 15 days. Is that closed case why I can't resolve this part?

2) Provide tracking information
PP wants me to provide shipping/tracking information for 5 selected transactions, of which I have not shipped any (orders placed while I was away). Two of them have been refunded/resolved, one is an international order (first class int'l, no tracking), and two are paid but unshipped. I'm trying to refund the three that were not already refunded, but since it's been more than 60 days, I don't have the option. I also can't just send them back the money since my account being limited mean that I can't send money. Any ideas on how to deal with this?

Google says to just send an empty package with delivery confirmation to the same city/state/zipcode, but these transactions are from back in May, and it doesn't seem likely that PayPal will accept delivery confirmation numbers that are shipped three months later?

3) Provide supplier information
I was NOT selling illegal goods, so I'm not worried about counterfeit items. My business was reselling beauty/makeup items. I didn't have a set supplier; rather, I purchased from a few beauty suppliers online, and repackaged and sold the makeup for slightly more than cost (private label cosmetics, basically).

I already know to take a picture of my inventory along with my PP address just to show proof of inventory, but I did read that PP will probably turn around and ask for supplier invoices anyway. I feel kind of weird providing "supplier" invoices/contact information since I don't purchase from them on a routine basis. My understanding of supplier is someone that you purchase consistently from, not a one or two time sort of deal. Will they call and check that I have actually purchased from them? Or if they do call, will it just be to confirm that they actually sell the same stuff and not really my account information with the supplier?
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