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Old 09-30-2009
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Default First Data Merchant unethical practice! Watch out!

I signed up for First Data Merchant in February. I was told at the time that my fees would be around $25 a month and I figured that was something I could afford and was planning to replace my PalPal with this in time. Never used that merchant account because stuff I am selling requires PayPal with Ebay regardless.

So now, the $25 fee became $35 fee, than it became $45.45 fee for the last 4 or 5 months, with not even one transaction going ever through it. So, I thought this is ridiculous and decided to call First Data and cancel the service.

First, they tell me yesterday "no problem", my account would be canceled the same day they receive the fax request from me, but gave me the wrong fax number, and when I checked today my email I saw fax never went through,of course. I used

So now I think it maybe a problem with, and go to Mailbox services to fax from there and fax doesn't go through again. While there, I call First Data Customer service again ad it turns out they gave me the wrong area code, so that's why it didn't go through the first time. ( I am positive of that, because I repeated the number two times over the phone when they gave it to me, jut to make sure).
With correct area code and fax confirmation, I got back home and call again just to confirm they indeed received my cancellation request and I won't be charged 44.45 on the 4th of October.
Now they tell me that I can't cancel my account because NOW they see I signed the contract for the full year and my fees are what they are every month until the end of February 2010, regardless of if I have any transactions or not.

They said it was on page two of my contract I signed with them. I vaguely remember pages and pages of small print I had to read as I signed electronically. Than I asked them how about the fees that doubled in the mean time and they said that was also in contract stated they reserved the right to raise their fees at any time for any reason, and I signed that also.

So now I call my bank and tell them about the problem, wanting to see if I can stop First Data automatic charge. They were really trying to help, so she said I had to two options:
One, I could put stop payment from First Data for the $44.45 and my bank would charge me only one time $35 fee for that. But, she also said, if they charge any other amount, it would go through. So now I remembered Mike (the manager at First Data I requested to talk to) told me that my cancellation fee would be $197, and if they tried this amount, the charge would probably go through.

My other option was to go to my branch, close this checking account and open the new one, but I am worried, because I still have the checks I wrote that have not been posted yet. I also worried on waiting for the new debit card from them for another 10 - 14 days, as this is the account I use for all of my everyday stuff. She said they could probably link my current debit card to new account, but I simply don't know what to do.

I feel cheated and cornered by unethical practices of First Data. I thought, looks like the least painful approach would be let them bill me for $44.45 every month and than cancel again in February.

Little while ago, I received a call from Mike (First Data manager) again, saying if I would chose now this option I have to fax again and ask them to cancel my cancellation request in writing, so they can keep on deducting from my account every month until February.

I was so POed, I said I am considering asking my bank to put stop payment on their charges and than he told me if their charges don't go through they would put my account to collection and this would definitely not be something I want on my credit, plus if I ever want Merchant account again I would probably be having trouble getting it approved.

What do I do? One thing I wanted to do is let everyone know who is considering them for Merchant... Read your small print and don't sign anything before you do. They hit you with 5 pages of it and you need magnifying glass to see it, reading glasses wont do it.....I guess, Live and learn! Uh, I am so mad!
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Old 10-01-2009
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Ouch, I know how that is.. at least it's not TOO expensive.

Really you have no other option then paying until your contract is up. :(
Old 10-02-2009
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Yes, that is my best option at the moment, unfortunately..Cancellation fees are terrible. :( Thanks , Aspkin!
Old 10-15-2009
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Originally Posted by Lyda View Post
Yes, that is my best option at the moment, unfortunately..Cancellation fees are terrible. :( Thanks , Aspkin!
Hey Lyda, I have a question for because I'm kind of in the same industry you are. I sell authentic designer purses that I have personally such as a Chanel purse, Louis Vuitton purse, and Hermes purse and because I'm a new user Paypal is giving me such a hard time.

I have a $1,716.00 dollars in my account that is frozen because they limited my account. They said when I had close my old account a few months ago they said that I owe them money because even when I had close my account, someone file a claim againist and they automatically debit my account and I became negative in my old account.

So now they want me to pay them $600.00 dollars for the claim I've lost and I don't even think they will allow me to transfer the money I have in my new account to cover the negative balance in my old account.

They want me to pay out of pocket first and then beg for them to release my funds. But the problem is I don't have $600.00 in my pocket until I sell a designer purse for that amount somewhere other than Ebay.

Right now I'm trying craiglist. And they also told me in a email that my old account has to be in good standing for over a month before they will ever review my new account!!! I'm trying to confirm my social sercurity with my new account, I've already fax over some documents, but I didn't want to use my real first name on my paypal account, I decided to use my first nick name and so now I don't even think they will be able to confirm my social sercurity.

I've tried to change my name where it says you can change your name on Paypal, but they told me no they would not change my first name. So I guess I'm against a wall and my $1,700.00 is gone forever. And I won't be able to sell no time soon through paypal unless I get a stealth paypal account and try to start over.

I was thinking about using which is a service you that will automatically bill your paypal account and you have to pay them for choosing a payment method with them such as western union and you may can get your money that way? Maybe that could work? But anyways, I'm trying to get a merchant account, but Lyda you are telling me that you can't get a merchant account if you sell authentic items, only paypal.

I thought I read some where even if you do sell designer authentic items that you can use paypal or a merchant account. But you can't use anyother form of payment such as western union or money order? I was also looking into ccnow, but they will not let you sell AUTHENTIC designer items. Does ccnow think that AUTHENTIC items are vero and are prohibited. I didn't really see authentic designer items on their prohibited list? Would anyone know about this?

Last edited by philly387; 10-15-2009 at 08:57 AM. Reason: I didn't know there was a such thing as 10,000 word paragraphs
Old 10-18-2009
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LOL, nice reason for editing philly!
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Old 10-19-2009
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Ashleyandru1, I never used CCNow, but I think you can sell designer items with them, why not. The problem becomes when people try to sell imitations claiming they are originals.
I never sold anything on CL, and was mostly contacted by scammers when I tried, so I don't use CL.
Why was this $600 claim? Did the buyer claim not as described?

Your best way is to open Stealth accounts and make sure your auctions prove (receipts, close ups) that your items are indeed authentic. Its a long and rocky road, so don't expect to be selling a lot from the start as you will most likely be limited on number of items you can sell in any 30 day period. Usually 2-3 per account. If you are new seller, you have to stay persistent and persevere to gain trust of Ebay and PayPal. I recommend mixing everyday simple items to sell on those accounts to gain feedback in the meantime. Once you are over 100, they don't look at you that much any more.

Also, PayPal is the only option of payment for such items on new accounts.
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