God damn Iran!

You know what really sucks… gas prices! Unlike the 70’s the reason for the rising gas prices is due to up coming industrial countries like China and India. That means, prices will not go down like they did in the 70’s, they will keep going higher and higher until we can’t pay to drive anymore! I believe our country is not ready for this and Iran sees this as a weakness and their exploiting it.

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Ayatollah Ali Khameni, Iran’s supreme leader, has warned the United States that any “misbehavior” directed at Iran would serve to disrupt Gulf energy shipments.

khameni“In order to threaten Iran, you say that you can guarantee movements of oil through this region,” he said Sunday, referring to shipments that pass through the strategic Strait of Hormuz near Iran and other countries.

The United States “should know that the slightest misbehavior on your part would endanger the region’s energy security,” he said. “You are not capable of guaranteeing energy security in this region.”

God damn Iran! My Mustang needs your fossil fuels to run! I can’t put biodegradable starch or cellulose into my tank and hope for it to go! I’m not a member of the flex fuel club! Why did our oil have to be under your sand?



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