Google Page Rank – What it means to you!

What is Google Page Rank? Page rank is what Google and other search engines have created to rate a website based on its popularity and worth. The higher page rank you have, the better your chances are to rank high for your specific keywords. I didn’t notice until now how true this was.

Without page rank, you’re nothing to a search engine.

  • A page rank of 0 means your either a brand new website, a banned website or a unknown website.
  • A page rank of 1 means you’re listed in the search engine, but that�s about it. You won’t reach the top keywords your after if there is competition with a higher page rank then you, which is almost always the case.
  • A page rank of 2-3 means you listed in Goggle, you have a few back links that are telling Google that your site is worth something. So when Google visits the sites that link to you, they’ll head on over to your site and start indexing any new content you have.
  • A page rank of 4-5 means you have quite of few high quality websites linking to you. You’ll find it easier to rank for the keywords you’re aiming for, meaning more traffic for your site.
  • A page rank of 6-7 means you’re almost an authority site, but not quite there yet. You have a lot of people linking to your website, including authority websites. You will have little to no problem ranking high for the keywords you�re aiming for. Search engines love your website and visit it often, at least once a day to get whatever new content you have.
  • A page rank of 8-9 means you’re doing something right. Google loves you, and will reward you with tons of traffic. Google will visit your site several times a day, aching for the newest content. Every site you link to will reap the benefits of your site and will rank high their self. You’re sitting on a gold mine if you know what you’re doing. Some 8-9 websites are authority websites.
  • A page rank of 10 means you’re an authority website. You have the attention of millions of people around the world; people look to you for their daily source of news, information, entertainment and more. You’ll have tons of emails a day from webmasters asking you to link to their site. A page rank of 10 is very hard to get, Yahoo is a page rank 9!

How important is page rank? Without page rank, your web pages will not be indexed by Google and no one will find your website. You can have the best content in the world, but it�s worthless if no one knows about it.

In order for you to rank high for the keywords you seek; you need a high enough page rank to beat a competitor for that keyword. If your competitor has a page rank of 4, and you have a page rank of 5, you’ll more then likely rank higher then them in Google. I say more then likely because its more then just page rank, there is SEO and quality of your content, but page rank is a bigger factor.

Some people might say page rank is overrated. Listen to this.

In total I have about 15 websites. Two of which I used the same content for as a test. The content used is 100% original, no other website uses it. One site is a page rank 3 and the other is a brand new website with a page rank of 0.

Day 1: I list 20 new articles per website. I add 10 new back links to each site.

Day 3: Google has started to index the new content from the page rank 3 website and nothing from the new site.

Day 4: All new articles on the page rank 3 website are indexed. I add 20 more articles per website. Still no pages indexed on the new site.

Day 9: All 40 articles are indexed by Google on the page rank 3 website. Still none from the page rank 0. Google is visiting the page rank 3 site more often. I add 20 more articles per website.

Day 15: The page rank 0 website is in Google, but only the home page. No other pages have been indexed. The page rank 3 website is doing great, its getting a ton more traffic from the indexed pages. I add 20 more articles. I add 10-20 high quality back links to each site.

Day 30: A few pages from the page rank 0 site have been indexed, but nothing else. It�s getting little to no traffic. The page rank 3 website has doubled its traffic from the newly indexed pages.

Do you see what’s happening here? The website that has a page rank of 3 is killing the page rank 0 website for traffic. Each is using the same content, and I’m doing the same techniques to each site. All I’m doing is adding the content, and it’s all up to the search engines how to treat it. The website with a history with Google is doing better then the new site.

In other words it takes time to start seeing benefits from a new website. Actually I can give you a time in which your website should be fully indexed by Google and you should start seeing a steady stream a traffic, considering you do everything you should be doing within this time. Have high quality original content, start creating back links, have a good internal linking and SEO. How often does Google update page rank? That’s it! Every two to three months right? Well, this is how long it will take a new website to start seeing hard work pay off. As I write this, the Google update is about a month in a half away. I’m continuing to update each website, and I can’t wait for the update. The new site should be a 2-4 page rank; the page rank 3 website I’m aiming for a rank of 4 or 5. Once this happens I will start to see a big jump in traffic from each website. Don’t believe me, check back in a month in a half, I’ll update you.

Until next time, never under estimate page rank again; without it you’re website doesn’t exist!



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