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Geez! I’ve been busy lately! Since I discovered Clickbank, I’ve been busy promoting products on my niche websites. Once I saw that Clickbank actually worked and made me money I’ve turned hardcore affiliate marketer. I mean I don’t leave anything unaffiliated if you’ve noticed. Every blog post, every forum signature; every email message now or sooner or later will have an affiliate link targeted to that audience. It’s a rush to see real results after running with adsense for so long and going no where.

Check out these stats with Clickbank:


I know it’s not much, but I’ve only been with Clickbank for a couple months now, I haven’t yet paid for any PPC advertising for these commissions; they’re all from a few websites of mine that have banner advertisements, nothing special. But it’s a heck of a lot better then adsense and the sky is the limit with what you can do to increase sales! I was lucky if I saw a couple dollars a day with Adsense.

I’ve been reading a lot about Clickbank and affiliate marketing the past month, and it seems all the top Clickbank gurus making $1000 or more a day are primarily using adwords to promote products.

For example, one way an affiliate marketer would promote via adwords is by creating a comparison site that would compare similar Clickbank products. This way you show what the visitor came to see, and their competition! You have a better chance of making a sale. If you’re going as far as this, you might as well capture an email and promote more products later as well.

Another way would be to create a simple website promoting a product with an affiliate link. A presale before the squeeze page? This doesn’t seem like it would work well, but people are doing it.

Then some people do direct linking into the sellers squeeze page. In adwords when you’re making your advertisement, you can use your affiliate link – and then “display” the actual URL of the website you are promoting. The only problem with this is that Google only displays one ad per website at one time. So you’ll ad will have a hard time being shown if there is competition.

There are many other ways to promote a Clickbank product. It’s best to do research on a product you are promoting, if you find that someone is continually promoting the product the same way week after week, then there’s a good chance they’re making money doing it.

If you want to do something that doesn’t have you dealing with customers or full time maintenance. You should check out affiliate marketing. I’m loving it so far!



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