I meet a deer on the road!!

IMG_1632.jpgThis would be my first experience with this species, and I felt that the moment we had together, before the incident, we really bonded. That split second as I looked up from adjusting my radio, traveling 70mph on a dark highway, I found my new friend 5 feet in front of my 5,500 pound vehicle. That 1/10th of a second, I had no choice but to become best of friends with my new buddy. I had to make the best of what time we had left. We exchanged glances, and smirks. We laughed and we cried. You can’t dwell on the past I always say… live for the moment! That’s what we did!

IMG_1636.jpgI’m sure Bob had a family of his own; we all have those people that one time or another care about us. Bob was a good guy. He didn’t want much out of life. A simple patch of grass and a swallow of his favorite drink was all he needed.

Sure he lacked the brains to know when not to cross the street, or when to run away when something is hurdling towards him with enough velocity to smash him into a hundred pieces. We all have our down falls.

IMG_1640.jpgMy vehicle met Bob that day, the day I was to travel to California.

Thanks you bastard! Fucking deer!

$500 insurance deductible

California trip delayed two days.

IMG_16391.jpg$900 for two last minute tickets to California

A life long lesson on dumb ruminant mammals having parties on the highways



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