I Really Hate Writing…

I don’t know what happened. I had a business in the beginning where little to no writing was required. Then all of a sudden I’m doing customer support hundreds a times a day, answering live chats, getting orders done. And then I’m writing new landing pages, making things better as I go. And you can’t just chicken scratch things along, you have to make sense for the Most part.

I could care less about this blog so bah on that. 🙂

But what happened? I can’t believe in my work now I’m constantly writing all day long. And I’m sure I’m improving on my writing skills everyday but come on… I really hate to write..

My main issue is distractions.

One meow from my selfish cat in the background and I’m screwed! I mean I feed that bastard everyday and there is almost ALWAYS food in it’s bowl but whenever it see’s me being quiet concentrating on something important here it comes… waddling in staring at me like it wants something.

I mean live your life cat, and leave me alone.

I wish it could open doors and let it self out at times. And I mean come on learn to use a can opener.

Okay and other distractions are commercials on either the radio or TV.

Commercials on the radio are the worst!

I mean I’m listening to a great song, I’m in the zone writing more crap and then bam! Blah Blah GET YOUR TAX DONE HERE >. bLAH bLAH HIT THIS CLUB TONIGHT >> bLAH bLAH.

I’m glad I discovered Pandora Radio at least, now I can listen to the music I like without interruptions.


Okay rant over… time to get back to work… writing..

Go Away KittY!



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