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Most webmasters know that the more content you have equals the more money you will make, in any business! If you sell calendars for a living, and you write an original article everyday for a month, it’s like creating 30 new doorways to your website which expands your chances for your website to be found.

MAY - SEO Pie Chart.jpgI’ve noticed that only original content with static pages are 100% guaranteed to get indexed by Google. Don’t waste your time using free content unless you really change it, or add to it. Hundreds of people before you are most likely using that content on their websites already, and Google won�t take the time to index any new pages with the same content.

The best thing to do is use untapped sources of content, here a few tips:


  • Outsourcing $3-$5 per page of original content.
  • Royalty free content
  • Writing your own content using DragonSpeak

And again, static pages have a better chance of being indexed then dynamic generated pages.

Page rank is another concern you must have when creating a website. Page rank is a system of ranking websites based on their popularity. The more high quality links you have back to your website, the higher rank you will have. Your page rank is one of many factors that determine your placement in search engines. If your page rank is 5 and a competitor of yours is 3, you will most likely rank higher in search engines for the same keywords.

Image_ChartArrow.jpgOf course there are many factors in search engine placement. Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website for search engines. The better your website is optimized, the easier it is for search engines to place your website based on the keywords you optimize for.

When you combine theses three things, original content, high page ranking and search engine optimization, and multiply this by say a hundred. You will increase your sales with higher traffic which is targeted for your business! Easy!



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