It’s Christmas and I’m Blogging!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

Can you guys believe is about six years old! I remember starting the blog as a side project, mostly for working on my HTML skills. I never intended it to be a forum and providing a service to suspended eBay members. It just sort of happened.


I’m glad though that things have worked out the way they did. And wow I’ve come a long way from basic HTML and crappy design to something a little more professional. I’ve learned so much over the years. Internet marketing is really a passion for me and I’m glad I do it.

Well, as I said it’s Christmas and I’m blogging! Hopefully I get to the point where I have actual things to talk about. For some reason it’s just hard for this blog now. I’m sure I’ll get there though.

Merry Christmas everyone!


P.S. WOW! I just read the screenshot above of in 2003.. and I sound like a totally different person. A lot has changed in such a short amount of time. You guys are lucky I actually care about punctuation these days.




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