It’s hard to Blog! How do people do it?

How do people find the time to write post in their blogs two to three times a day? Unless they have nothing else to do, I don’t see how people do it. It’s hard enough for me to post a couple times a week, let along a couple times a day!

An example would be this guy, Blogging with Desi Baba; this guy talks about how to improve your blog and make money from blogging. One of his suggestions is to post something new two to three times a day. I can understand if you’re trying to make money from you blog, but for the most part I think it’s a personal thing for most people. If you’re trying to make money from blogging, you better have a huge audience waiting on you hand and foot for your content. I mean 10k or more if you want to make any money. If you have only a couple hundred a day visiting your site, you’ll be lucky if you get a few dollars a day from adsense. To me it’s not worth blogging for money. It’s better to create a business of some sort, or if you don’t like dealing with customers, become an affiliate for a business. I’ve recently started with Clickbank, and without spending money for advertising I’ve managed to make a few hundred dollars easy. I plan to expand my affiliate business as soon as I can, and I’ll talk more about my progress with other affiliate programs as time goes by.

As for blogging, I hardly blog to make money at, I do it because I like doing it. It’s mostly a place where I keep notes for what I’m doing or have done. If I figure something out, I don’t want to forget it so I either write it down somewhere or I’ll post about it. I don’t know many people who actually make big bucks from a blog; maybe these people, and but for everyone else it’s just a place to talk about whatever.

Maybe I should make some post with YouTube Videos…

Or add games to my site!

That looks like some easy posting to me! I could say, hey look at this cool video I saw on YouTube, or this super cool game! blah blah! Maybe that’s too lazy. 🙂



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