Before we get started, let me tell you a little more about myself.

By the time I had access to the full blown Internet (without AOL – yes my parents were AOL users) I was only interested in online games and Instant Messaging between friends. I wanted to learn how I could build a website but I figured it was just too difficult to get started.

Then one day a friend showed me a little “trick”, as he called it. He opened up a notepad file, typed a few things into it and saved the file as index.HTML. After that he opened the file and, to my surprise, it launched in the web browser and displayed the text “Hello World!”

Eureka! From that moment on, I begin to understand what it took to create a website!

I never would have imagined a few years later I would have my own online business, started from scratch, making almost $100,000 in sales each month!

My friend decided to show me some basic HTML code which he memorized. From there I took the time to learn HTML and a couple other scripting languages. Soon I was experimenting with my own websites on free web hosting services.

Now I’ve come a long way from a notepad and basic HTML code. And don’t worry – you won’t need to learn HTML or any other programming languages to get started making money online. It’s recommended, as it helps to know how a website really works – but it’s not mandatory.

For me, creating websites was just a hobby. It wasn’t until a couple years later that I discovered a niche I could jump into and make serious cash with. And that’s what I did!

How I Got Started

At first I was just doing business with a few competing websites as a wholesale supplier. While working with these sites I soon figured out how their businesses worked. I decided I could build my own competing website and sell products at a much cheaper price. At the time I understood HTML well enough to be dangerous. I was also experimenting with PHP and other different scripting languages – basically learning from the ground up.

I studied the websites I did business with. I looked at their source-code and found that they used something called a ‘shopping cart’ to run their website. I saw that they were using a well-known payment processor (PayPal) to process orders. I did some test orders with them, and I sold wholesale products to them. I knew how much they paid for their products and how much they sold them for. I knew their checkout process and since they were buying from me and other suppliers, I knew the product was in HIGH demand. I had found my first business.

It’s much easier said than done, but with hard work and a lot of dedication you can have your online business up and running in just a couple weeks, making money on your own terms.

You guys are LUCKY!

I didn’t have anyone to learn from or guide me step-by-step as I will do for you. I made a lot of mistakes and for various reasons almost lost the business a couple of times. But that’s good news for you: I’m passing all my knowledge on in this guide. I’ll show you what you should and shouldn’t do and give you all the details you need to have a leg up on your competition and succeed in the long run.

A lot of hard work has gone into this guide. I recommend you read it at least twice before you get started towards your own online business.

There is one last thing I want to say before we get started. While there were a lot of things that kept me motivated to complete my website and start making money from it as soon as possible, the main factor that kept me going in the right direction—and to which I credit to the success of my online business–was my to-do list.

It’s simple really. I went out and bought a large notepad and wrote down everything I needed to do to create my online business, from beginning to end. It was a place to organize my thoughts, work on new strategies and get things done. I still have that same notepad today as a memento.

Since I went live with my first business, I’ve been self-employed ever since. I eventually sold the business and branched out to other sources of online income. What you’ll learn from this guide isn’t just information to start your own online business; it’s the foundation of every ‘make money online’ method you’ve heard of. With this knowledge you’ll have the ability to diversify and earn a full time income online.

Let’s get started!

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