Animoto – A very easy to use site for creating videos you can upload to YouTube or just save on your hard-dive. I use this site for creating videos to promote my products.

Flippa – If you’re looking to start your own business, why not buy an already established one instead? is a great place to buy and sell any type of website.

SEMRush – A great resource for doing keyword research and spying on the competition (sort of). I like SEMRush, it helps tell me what a website is ranking for and who it’s competitors are. Give it a shot.

SwiftDrops – Looking to buy a domain with some juice? I haven’t used SwiftDrops yet, but I plan to in the near future. From the looks of it, you gain access to expired domains, many which have page rank, age and even traffic. Will that juice carry over after your purchase? From my experience yes! If you’re looking for aged domains, start with SwitftDrops.

* So I just tried SwiftDrops service and I’m a little disappointed. I didn’t realize ALL the domains they have listed are auctioned off. From what I saw they you place your bid on GoDaddy with other people and hope to score the domain. I expected the domains to be available to buy right there and then but nope. The domains I found were nice and there was a vast list to say the least. Is it worth it? Yes, there are real gems to be had and you might get lucky.

AHrefs – Check backlinks and more information about a website quickly with Ahrefs. After you find a domain you want to purchase, I recommend researching it with Ahrefs.

RankChecker – Check if page rank is real or not.

SEOMoz – I haven’t really played around with SEOMoz but it’s pretty popular and used by many. I’ll give it a try and update my thoughts on it another time.

HTML Dog – CSS for beginners – Learn CSS Quickly

Microsoft AdCenter – Want your ads on Bing and Yahoo!? Similar to Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter enables you to create targeted ads and and select the keywords you want your ads to show under. From my experience you get a lot of tire kickers compared to Google but it’s getting better. It’s still worth your time to advertise with AdCenter.


Affiliate Royale is a paid plugin


Blogs I Like
  2. CopyBlogger – Want to create website that converts? I’m constantly amazed at what I learn from these guys.
  3. ShoeMoney – I’ve followed ShoeMoney (Jeremy) for years. Lately his blog posts have been more fluff then I’d like but overall he knows what he’s doing, he’s a pro.

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