I Like the Challenge That Comes Before Money!

My favorite topic isn’t Money! It’s different ways of making money!

People tell me all the time and now more often since I started messing around with stock trading that my favorite topic is money! I’ve had people specifically tell me it’s my favorite topic, and it’s all I talk about.

Come on!

I just find it awesome that in our day and age that there are so many opportunities to make serious amounts of money its crazy! A person can invest in today’s stock market and a couple years from now easily double, triple or quadruple their investment. I could have doubled my money at least four times in the past couple months.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy, it actually takes work to make good money in general! But if a person is motivated and works hard enough there are so many opportunities out there to take advantage.

Like what?

Okay, for one there is the stock market like I just mentioned. I’m not saying it’s the bottom but do the research people, this is the best time to invest and if you hold long for a couple years you could easily have a good return on your investment. Now some say it’s best to invest long term, but in this market ‘day trading’ is ruling right now. I buy on the dips and sell on the peaks. I average down if I need to and hold for a couple weeks then sell my positions on good gains. I haven’t mastered day trading yet, but I’m a patterns person, I find patterns easily and I’m sure after a few more months of trading I’ll become a pro. *happy face

If you’re interested in investing I recommend TD Ameritrade; seriously it’s the best I’ve used and very user friendly.

Okay what else?

I’m not going to mention eBay, because we all know how difficult they are.

If you already have a product to sell, which I’m sure most of the readers of this blog have, then start selling it in different places. If you’re just on eBay, expand to your own website and start promoting long term growth in that way.

That’s a huge topic on its own and it’s what my latest eBook is on, but I’ll promote that later on. : )

Okay, there’s another example.

If you’re an expert on something and there are people in need then write a short eBook on it. The main thing is to answer a question. Like with eBay Stealth, there are huge amounts of suspended eBay members who don’t know what to do after eBay kills their business, they want to get back to selling and I show them how in an easy step by step guide.

If you can answer a question a lot of people are asking, then there you go, write about it.

What else?

You have to provide something a person needs. If you develop a product and it solves a problem for a large niche group then you’ll have success and make money. I buy hundred dollar programs it seems once a week from different programmers. I pay people for their services all the time.

When I need articles for marketing I go to the DP forum and pay people $5 per 500 word articles. I paid this guy the other day $150 for a large order of articles I needed. He was happy I’m sure.

If you don’t care, there are some interesting threads on e-whoring in the Black Hat World forum. They’re not only humorous but educational as well. Here they are:

And no I haven’t tried e-whoring, I’m only showing it to you to point out how creative some people have become to make money online. This is pretty easy for the average person to pull off actually. I would recommend my brother or sister to do something like this, e-whoring that is, LOL…

Okay, what else can make you money online?

If you have a website with traffic you can promote different affiliate programs. Now I say a website with traffic because playing the PPC game isn’t for a novice. If you have traffic already you can find good products your visitors might go for. For example I’m promoting TD Ameritrade in this post. If someone signs up I make $50, bah. I’ll most likely get a few people to sign up initially, the good thing about affiliate marketing and having your own website is over the years I’m sure to get even more sign ups. An easy post that took 30 minutes to write, will over the years make several hundred dollars in many different ways.

If you’re brave, another solution is to setup review style squeeze pages to promote different affiliate offers. This works well for me, but then again I get a lot of my traffic for free using different traffic methods.

It’s fun.

I like a challenge and I like working hard so this making money online thing works for me.

Will it work for everyone?


I don’t know what it is. I think it takes a certain person to venture online and decide one day that nothing else matters. They’ll start a business and start making money from it. They’ll expand and diversify their income solidifying their money making abilities. Some people give up early and go back to their JOB, others don’t.

Just know there are so many ways to make money online there really isn’t an excuse not to diversify your income. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

If you want more methods to make money online, here are a couple resources I recommend.

Bah money! I like the challenge that comes before money.

Time for me to get back to work.



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