Mustang Troubles, Speeding Ticket and no Dyno.

submain_interest_image.jpgWell today I was supposed to take my mustang to have it dynoed for a good price. The problem was I didn�t make it. It’s about 20 miles from my house; I had map quest directions… and I couldn�t find it. The worst part about this trip… I got a speeding ticket on my way there. Bloody Hell!

I swear to god, the only time I sped the entire trip, and this was to pass a vehicle, was when the cop saw me. He was actually behind me in a black unmarked car. I had my radar detector going, and he wasn�t scanning anyone for speeding… until I tried to pass the car ahead of me. The second I started to go, my radar started screaming at me, I even put on my breaks trying to stop, but it was too late. That fucker… sorry… pig bastard, turned on his lights.

Of course I had to find a spot where it was difficult for him to get out of his car, I stopped on an overpass. I saw him wait for traffic to ease up a little so he could get out, and run over to me.

Anyways, I got a $190 ticket and couldn�t find the place to have my car dynoed. What a waste…

87mustangsmall.gifAlso I’m pissed off because my truck is making funny noises since the incident with the deer; Red Mccombs used aftermarket parts when fixing it. I�m thinking about taking it back to them and telling them to fix it. When I got it back the first time, the hood had chips in it. They said they didn�t do it and I was basically screwed.

My Mustang is also starting to make funny noises, it makes a rattling sound when in 4th gear, and the transmission is gets really hot and pushing hot air through the shifter into the cabin.

So today is basically a bad day for me. That’s my post.




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