Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Half Ass Movie Review

pirates2_b.jpgThe first Pirates of the Caribbean is great! We had action, drama, comedy, adventure and an ending! This time around, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is only part one of two with no ending?! What we have is a movie that is 30 minutes too long with too much going in circles and not knowing when to stop. There was actually a point in the movie where I could point out and say, Ok this becoming ridiculously too long.


pirates.jpgThe movie opens with Will Turner and the sexy Elizabeth Swann about to get married. When they are cut short with arrest warrants and are sentenced to death for helping, Captain Jack Sparrow.


I’m trying to think of the rest of the movie, but I’m having trouble guess that shows how much this movie stank. I mean, ok Will goes out to meet Jack Sparrow who’s on an island avoiding some sea monster’ acting as a God for some random tribe on this island.


Of course this tribe aims to eat Jack and his crew, and Will find his self in the middle of all this.


They eventually escape the island and head out back to sea where they meet Davy Jones – captain of the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman.


Actually Will meets Davy Jones first out on some wreckage where he finds his father is part of Davy�s crew!


La La La


Jack is watching this happen from ehh 1000 feet away and Davy notices and somehow transports his self to Jack’s boat to claim Jack’s life.


_11331373320.jpgDavy tells Jack his time is up, and his blood debt is due. Something like that, but Jack some how buys him 3 days to come up with 100 souls to replace his own etc etc.


I grow tired of this review..


Jack finds Davys heart hmmm I forgot.. this movie doesn’t have an ending son of a bitch!


styPIRATESforlifestyle.jpgOverall I give this movie a C+ because it’s funny, very deep, and decent action and drama.


I just wish it would end like a regular movie


I have a headache arg.



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mr skin

Pirates 2 pretty much sucked compared to the first one. It had a few good parts, but I think it was just a prelude to the 3rd one. I hope number 3 is better!