Simple life Vs OMG its a New DAY!

Remember the days of being a kid? Not a worry in sight, doing what you please? I vaguely remember that time. Actually no I do remember almost all of it. Those times were great! But everyone grows up, some slower then others.

headache.jpgI sometimes feel I grew up too fast. I miss the carefree days of running around outside, thinking of nothing but what was in front of me, but now I find my self constantly worrying about things. I have a hundred things on my mind and it just keeps building up. I have some what of a mental check list of things I have to do and everyday I check something off only to add twice as many things to my list. I have a physical whiteboard on the side of my computer I use as my to-do list. I can’t blame everything on my check list; it has helped me build my first business. Without it I wouldn�t get half the things I need to do done. The only thing is its like weight, pulling me down and keeping me in check!

Simple life.

hl.jpgMy computer is my life. I’m using either my desktop or laptop at least 10-12 hours a day. It�s that bad! I make my money online, play games online, read online, listen to music, and buy more shit I don’t need online! Everything. I’ve even ordered pizza online!

Simple Life!

My free time I really enjoy driving. I love to drive my Nissan Titan or Mustang anytime I get a chance. I’m currently having a Nitrous kit installed in my Stang. I should get it back in a couple days. I can’t wait! I’ll post pictures when I get it.


comp.jpgMy job is somewhat demanding. I would call my self a SEO-Internet Marketing Guru and Entrepreneur. I love problem solving. This past week I’ve built 3 new websites, and had to recreate a database for one of my main sites. It took about 4 hours to fully rebuild the database, not so bad.

Thank god for excel sheets, MSDE Manager, MsExport and MsImport!

I guess that�s life, as you grow up you�ll have more and more responsibility. One day I�ll be free and untethered. It�s a simple problem.

Money = Happiness (in my opinion)

A lot of Money = A lot of Work


Work smart = A lot of money = Happinesss (in my opinion)

money.jpgWorking smart, meaning doing something that requires the least amount of effort yet making you money, even while you sleep is the key. The internet can do this for you easily. But it takes time and effort to get to that point where you�re making money automatically. I guess that�s where I�m at now. There�s tons of information on how to make money online so I won�t post anything else on the subject, not in this post at least.

Oh and yesterday I bought a mini refrigerator to keep water cool so I won’t have to walk to the kitchen when I’m thirsty. Would one consider that lazy?




FU, I call that efficiency in time management.



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