Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do You Sell Prepaid Cards?

A: No, but you can purchase virtual credit cards from approved sellers in the [Buy, Sell, Trade] area of the support forum. These cards work perfectly for verifying your account(s).

Q: I’m Having Trouble Activating or Downloading the eBook, Help!

A: Please read our [eBook Troubleshooting] page.

Q: I have an Apple MacBook Pro! Can I Still Purchase and Open the eBook on my Computer?

A: Yes, eBay Stealth and Amazon Ghost are compatible with Mac computers.

Q: I have an older file version of eBay Stealth/Amazon Ghost, how do I update?

A: You can download the latest file version for each of our eBooks on this [page]. You may need a new password activate your copy, please [contact us] with your NAME and ORDER NUMBER to obtain a new password.

Q: Do you accept other payment options?

A: Yes, we have alternative payment options for both [eBay Stealth] and [Amazon Ghost].

Q: Where can I ask general questions related to the eBook?

A: For the fastest response to your general questions related to eBay Stealth or Amazon Ghost please register on the [Support Forums] and ask away. You get six months free as a subscribed member with your purchase of either eBook.

Q: How Do I Activate My Forum Subscription?

First register on the support forums and then go to the [Forum Subscription] page and enter your eBook password to subscribe automatically.

Q: Can you reset my activation key/eBook password?

A: Sure, please submit a new request [here] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.