9 Tips to Writing Effective Google Adwords Ads

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9 Tips to Writing Effective Google Adwords Ads
The better you follow these ad writing tips, the more successful your ad campaigns will be.

1. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
It’s very important for your click through rate that you include your main keywords in your headline, description text and display URL if you can. Google will highlight searched keywords in your ad, which will help draw attention to it. The more clicks you receive, the higher your click through rate and the lower your cost per click.

2. Sell the Benefits
Include one or more major benefits in your ad. For example, fast shipping, lowest price, instant delivery if you’re selling digital items, etc.

3. Include Attention Grabbing Words
Start your headline with attention grabbing words. For example, Fast:, New:, Sale:, Free:, etc. Keep within Google’s editorial guidelines.

Here is a list of power words I recommend using, Power Words List.

4. Link to Your Products Page
If an ad is for a specific product or service, create a landing page for that ad. Include relevant and useful information to convert the customer. Generally, a well designed landing page will almost always convert more visitors than if you simply sent visitors to your home page.

In other words, link directly to your products page. For our example with Green Widgets, we would link to http://www.ourwebsite.com/greenwidgets.html for maximum conversions.

5. Remove Common Words in Your Ad
Common words, such as “a, an, in, on, it, of,” etc. Remove every word that does not absolutely need to be in the ad. Make every word count.

6. Deter Freebie Hunters
Deter freebie hunters by including the price of the product or service at the end of the ad. This will improve your overall conversion ratio and lower your average customer acquisition cost.

This may reduce your click through ratio, but that’s OK. After all, you’re not trying to target everybody, only potential customers. In most cases, freebie hunters will never become paying customers.

7. Include a Call to Action
A clear call to action is especially important if your goal is to maximize your return on investment. Offering the user some guidance on what to do once they reach your site — such as ‘Buy Flowers for Mom!’ — may improve your campaign’s performance. The call to action should reflect the action that you consider a conversion, whether it’s a sign-up, a request for more information, or an actual sale.

8. Do not Copy the Competition, Stand Out!

I hear it all the time. You decide one day that since you competition is promoting a product a certain way; they must be doing something right, let’s copy them! I think this is the wrong approach. Instead of copying your competition, you can take a few ideas from them, but trust me when I say this, it doesn’t help your click through rate having your ad look exactly like everyone else’s. Stand out and you’ll have better results.


9. Your Display URL is part of your Ad Copy

You can put absolutely anything in your display URL, provided that the domain matches with the domain of the destination URL. No matter what your domain name is, you can include your primary keyword with a trailing slash in your display URL to ‘assure’ the searcher that they will indeed go to the right page. For instance if a searcher is looking for a white iPhone, which ad below would be more compelling?


That’s about it for creating solid Google Adword Ads. I hope this helps in your PPC ventures. If you need futhur help with PPC Advertising, SEO, Email Marketing, Direct Advertising, etc check out Webmaster Blueprint, and new eBook I wrote up on creating and marketing an online business.