The Girl Scouts Marketing Got To Me! But HoW?

So I’m on a Low to No Carb diet for the most part and man… up until 10 minutes ago I’ve been crazy low on energy today. I woke up around 7am, did the usual updating sites, checking the forum and affiliate sales and passed out around noon until 3pm.

Luckily! My usual route of checking mail boxes, visiting some neighbors, going to the local stores I found my self being slammed by girl scouts and their cookies. Twice I encountered these little screaming girls and sad to say I gave in the second time. *half of sleeve of my thin mints is down!

I got to thinking and in my crazy mind of marketing, the first group of girl scouts I wasn’t much interested in, but they got it in my head the idea of cookies. The second group had me sold before I walked up to them. They simply let me walk by without saying anything, but on my way out, I knew they would still be there; wanting me to buy their cookies. I know about their product, I’ve had it before. I had a demand at the time, I was low on energy and needed a quick carb pick me up. And damn the second time was a charm. I bought the cookies.



How does this tie in with Internet marketing? I’m getting there…

Email Marketing does wonders in gaining confidence in potential customers who just aren’t ready to buy from you.

Once you have someone on your list, you can email them again and again until the confidence is built and they’re sold on you. I have auto responders on a few of my sites where when someone signs up, they’re sent an email once a week for about 5 weeks. It really should be more but I haven’t had the time to write more emails yet.

Anyway, usually seven emails sales a customer if you can gain their trust. The seventh email is the proven money maker if you do things right.

A simple 7 week course on something you’re promoting is enough to gain the customer’s confidence and for you to make that sale.

I use GetResponse, it’s cheap at $19.95 per month and is easy to setup and implement. If the Girl Scouts can do it with their sidewalk Super Sales, you can do it too but on autopilot! Try it out!



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